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Infinite UBB Squad (Written by Hamza from the F2Pingus)

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Team Setup

Here is a more detailed look at my infinite UBB miti team. The different features are listed below, along with commentary and alternative setups that can give similar results. The team used was:

Benimaru Nikaido (Lead)

    – Bond of Rih'alnase + Beiorg's Armor


    – Meirith Pearl + Four Bonds


    – Dragon Eye + Beiorg's Armor


    – Projection Device + Beiorg's Armor


    – Growth Device + Beiorg's Armor

Benimaru Nikaido (Friend)

    – Growth Device + Beiorg's Armor

Basically, the team uses numerous instant OD fillers to fill up the OD gauge completely quickly enough that a new UBB can be recast before the old UBB runs out (effectively giving infinite UBB mitigation). As a bonus, this specific version of the team also gives Juno 0 BC cost, making her no longer susceptible to BB drain or any BB issues (her BB can never run out).


The dual Benimaru Nikaido leads make up a big part of this team, because of their 25% reduction in BB cost. This is what is necessary to give Juno a 0-cost SBB (as explained later in the spheres section). The only proper alternative to this is Carrol, whose LS gives even better BB fill but gives no stat boosts.

If you have neither Carrol nor Benimaru, then any lead will work but will not get as good results BB-wise (especially since Juno/Krantz cannot have 0 BB cost then).


This team requires four instant OD fillers (units who slightly fill the OD gauge on SBB). Some of these units are Benimaru, Allanon, Carrol, Eclise, Lilith, Arus, Pamela, Zephyr and the free unit Karl.

Besides these, you will want both a mitigator and a unit who gives 4-turn UBB miti (3 turn is possible to use also but is definitely much more difficult to pull off). If you use Krantz, you can fulfill both of these criteria with one unit and can use a fifth OD filler as the last sub. BUT Sirius is a much better option for the UBB because his UBB gives 50 BC a turn as well!

Note also that you will want someone who can deal with statuses. If your mitigator or UBB unit does not do so, then some instant OD fillers like Allanon, Carrol, or Eclise can do so also. If you can’t do that either, then just give units status null spheres.

Note: There is one added bonus of using Krantz instead of Juno. If you use Krantz and make him have 0 cost as explained in the next section, then he will be able to OD and UBB instantly (because his UBB will have 0 cost). But as mentioned before, Sirius is still preferable over Krantz for his 50 BC/turn.


The spheres aren’t too important with this team for most content. The 75% miti with the normal 50% miti will be plenty to survive, and Sirius UBB will take care of the BB fill also. The two exceptions to this are:

  • If you are using Krantz or Juno as your miti and want them to have 0 BC cost (thereby giving them infinite SBB, as in the video), then give them any two of the following spheres: Summoner Key, Meirith Pearl, Four Bonds, and Projection Device.

  • Also, one more thing that can make the team even more safe against BB drain is that, with the proper spheres, your UBB unit can be filled with JUST Allanon’s BB. This makes it possible to OD and UBB in the same turn without any fujins (which is a good just-in-case measure to have). To do so, give your UBB unit any one of the four spheres mentioned in the last paragraph. For me, Sirius had Projection Device.

SP Options

If you use Juno as your miti and want to give her 0 BC cost, make sure she has the SP option that reduces her BC cost.

Your UBB miti unit does NOT need 4-turn miti, even though I did think earlier it did. This team can fill up UBB in 3 turns!

Limitations of this Team

This team works great for most content in the game. But there are a few situations where this team won’t work so well:

  • Anywhere there is constant buff wipe. If your UBB is wiped, it won’t really help much  (since UBB is cast once every 2-3 turns).

  • Any content that specifically punishes UBB use (such as Tilith trial stage 2, above 50% HP).

  • Any content with BB limits. For example, in Breaking Barriers Stage 2, Grah punishes you for using too many BBs by either strong BB drain or LS lock and BB fill rate debuff. With those, you won’t be able to keep up UBB well at all.

  • Anything with ridiculously strong BB drain. If you can’t keep up SBB, then you won’t get the instant OD fill (since it’s only on SBB, not BB).

So in short, much of later content such as Tilith’’s trial and Noel’s trial can’t be cheesed with this infinite UBB team. But a majority of content (over 90% of it) can be easily beaten with this team.

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