Into The Odd Syllabus

What is Into The Odd/Electric Bastionland, and where do I get it?

?? Electric Bastionland Website

?? Electric Bastionland PDF on

?? Electric Bastionland Print on Bastionland Press

?? Into The Odd on DTRPG 

?? Odditional Materials

?? Actual Play with Tuesday Knight Games

Essential Reading For Referees (also found in EB)

?? How I Run Into The Odd

?? Three Step Dungeons

?? Bastion’s Triple Rule

?? The Referee is a Game Designer

?? Bastion is People

?? Decisive Combat

?? A Procedure for Play

?? The ICI Doctrine

?? Foreground Growth and Becoming Odd

?? Dilemmas: Pick or Push

Player Guides

?? A Player’s Handbook

Monster Resources

?? D&D 5e to Into the Odd Conversion Guide

?? Bastionland (non) Conversion Guide

How to convert monsters by Norbert G. Matausch

Published Adventures 

Bastion Ein Sof by Joe Banner

Oddpool by Nathan Ryder
Silent Titans by Patrick Stuart

Goddess of the Crypt by @Vagabundork

?? Odditional Materials by Chris McDowall, et al

?? Oddvent Oddpendium by Chris McDowall, et al

Super Blood Harvest by Dirk With a Vengeance

?? Wrecked on the Goragath by Chris McDowall

?? Prison of the Worm Queen by Chris McDowall


TotSK by Vladar

The Sky-Blind Spire  by Jason Tocci

Character Sheets

Half Sheet by Tegan Gibson

Single Sheet (fillable) by Tegan Gibson

Single Sheet by Tegan Gibson

ItO Character Sheet (x2 small) by David Northcutt

ItO Character Sheet (x4 small) by David Northcutt

Character Keeper by Shane Liebling

Live Character Sheet by WizardLizard

Oddsheet by Levi Kornelsen

Oddsheet (classic) by Levi Kornelsen

Electric Bastionland Sheet by Curio

Electric Bastionland Character Sheet by Simon Moon

Electric Bastionland Player Handouts by Jericho Fletcher

Electric Bastionland Player Handouts (Google Sheets) by Jericho Fletcher

Electric Bastionland Character Sheet (Google Sheets) by Tuffghost

Bastion ID by GOAL

Bastion Resident Card by jbfh

?? Electric Bastionland Character Sheet (and online version)

Community Oddities, Careers, Monsters and Hacks

The Big List of Into The Odd Content  ??????? Click this right here!


D&D Spell List

A Simple Resource Management System

Converting Troika! backgrounds to Into The Odd

Oddity Generator

The Bastion Gazette Character Generator

Finders Keepers character generator

Corporate Warfare: how to simulate warring organizations with ItO

Into The Odd/Electric Bastionland on Chartopia

Social Events in Bastion Boroughs on Chartopia

Curio's guide to prepping Electric Bastionland

EB Character creation (for Discord markdown)

Into The Odd/EB Discord Server Template

Collaborative Bastionland

?? 34 Good Traps

?? Hired Guns

New Arcana for Into The Odd

Enhanced Magic Items Generator Norbert G. Matausch

?? Flailsnails Characters and Into the Odd

Community Content (not found elsewhere)

The Vevela Catalyst

The Cider War

Bermuda: Faded Opulence

Blogs with ItO Content

?? Bastionland

…and the sky full of dust…

BugBear Slug

ersatz esoterica

Dreaming Dragonslayer

The Scones Alone

Buildings Are People

False Machine

Underground Adventures

Hamhocks’ Game Rant

Darkworm Colt

Papier Und Spiele

Boots High And Soft

Throne of Salt

Two Goblins In A Trenchcoat

Wandering Boundless and Free

World Building and Woolgathering


OSR General

What is the OSR?

Free Beginner Dungeon

Principia Apocrypha

Simple and (hopefully) Universal Referee Advice

Other Resources

Discord Server


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