Introduction to the folly of the world

The Continent that was once called, The golden Isles, quickly and rapidly descended into chaos as cults started to appear across the continent. It soon earned the name: Fools Isles. At first few believed that the cults would gain power, then, a city fell and people got worried, then another and another. Soon, war between cities, forts turned cities, many died, many joined the cults or forcibly made to join. Soon, city states formed, leaders of cults emerged to rule over the cities. Many fled the continent, the poor were not as lucky, Now, many wander the countryside, avoiding groups. Few have tried to set up their own towns or cities, but those too fell. Now only a few stalwart races remain in control of their city, even that though, is up for debate by many. Some, have turned feral, regressing to nothing more than animals, to be killed or tamed. 


There are rumors of a couple of cities having been destroyed, lands sucked of all like, and other travistes that have befallen regular folk. Some have taken to boats and left for better lands, few return save for the brave and the bold ship captains. There are also rumors of different continents clashing and making bridges to allow new and strange people to come and go with new and magical items and wonders. However danger stalks these paths and tends to ere toward bandits and tribes roaming them looking for anything of value to support them. Few cross the desert that recently formed to the north and the ones that do face wealth and power few have seen in years.

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