Is architecture a good career choice in Bangladesh? How much does an architect get paid monthly?

Q-1: Is architecture a good career choice in Bangladesh?

That’s an interesting question, we should all be careful before chosing a career path. Yes! Architecture can be and still is a good career choice in Bangladesh if you’re good in arts, visual sence and enjoy being creative.

Being a developing nation Bangladesh has a huge potential specially for Architects as there many infrastructures to be built. Also, As a densely populated country, it needs many smart, sustainable, innovative and eco friendly living for millions of people around the country. We often notice poor design choices and limited constrction knowledge leads to complete waste of money, time and valuable resources. Thus indicates the opportunity of a competitive working environment.

Q-2: How much does an architect get paid monthly?

Well, Getting an architectural degree won’t guarantee a great salary though. To earn a good salary, one must have a degree from a good University with a reasonable grade.

The best thing is you can start earning from your 3rd or 4th year of your study. Good professional connection is very important to land a job. Generally a fresh graduate architect can expect between 20k-40k and in three to four years it can raise around 40k-80k or more. However, you can also work on many freelance project from home, which can get you some extra cash every month. But again these depends on your level of expertise, university you studied, references and the platform you have chosen to work on. Hope these answers your question.

Please be aware, studying Architecture isn’t cheap and you might have to spend countless nights awake before every projects and it’s a 5year graduation programme. I wish you very best with your career.


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