Is GoLance a good site for freelancers?


Here are ten reasons why goLance is a good site for freelancers:

Reason #1 - A Flat 7.95% Freelance Service Fee

It used to be 10%, but it dropped to 7.95%. We’re already examining the possibility of lowering our freelance service fees even further. Our approach during the COVID-19 pandemic can be summarized in one line:

Don’t Cut Freelancers - Cut The Fees!

Reason #2 - You Don’t Have To Pay To Play

There are NO membership fees or plans for freelancers on goLance. Also, it’s FREE to submit proposals. You don’t have to pay to place your bids on projects.

Reason #3 - There’s No Bidding Limit

On goLance, you can bid as many times as you want without any limitations. So, no worries, you won’t get banned if you submit too many proposals.

Reason #4 - All Payment Withdrawal Options, Crypto Included

GoLance is one of the very few, arguably the only platform where you can get paid in cryptocurrency.

Reason #5 - Show Me My Freelance Money, Like Right Now

You can get paid right away as soon as you submit your work. How? Well, thanks to our unique Payday Advance option. There’s a small fee you’ll pay if you want to get paid without waiting. It gets even better. When you establish a trustworthy working relationship with your long term clients, you can agree that your clients turn off the review period completely. Meaning, you’ll get your money as soon as possible without the small Payday Advance fee, we’ve already mentioned.

Reason #6 - There’s No goLance Police And Our Terms Are Freelance-Friendly

We don’t waste our resources and time to breathe down the neck of our freelancers. Meaning, you can work with peace of mind because your account won’t get suspended if you blink more than once. It’s recommended that you keep your communication on our platform, but it’s not a mortal freelance sin if you use Skype and similar. You don’t have to be afraid of the so-called “revenge reviews” because neither a client or freelancer can’t leave negative reviews after a potential dispute is resolved on goLance.

Reason #7 - There’s No Forbidden Fruit On goLance Thanks To Digital Credibility

On goLance, you are free to associate any third-party link you like and want to your profile. We are talking about your social media accounts, including a link to your own website. In Digital Credibility we trust because we want to work with real people who have nothing to hide on social media. We all know all too well that using these links on other platforms can get you suspended in a blink of an eye. That’s not the case on goLance. There’s no better freelance account verification than Digital Credibility authentication. Right?

Reason #8 - There Are No “Sheriff” Badges In Our Freelance Town

What’s this supposed to mean? There are no special statuses, privileged jobs, or “special” badges on goLance. All freelancers are equal on goLance. All freelancers are talented, rated accordingly, and as such stand the equal and unbiased chances of being hired, period.

Reason #9 - We Don’t Know The Meaning Of The Word “Downtime”

There are no “we will be right back” messages on goLance.

Reason #10 - We’re A Privately-Owned Company

Our freelancers are our shareholders. The fate of our freelancers isn’t determined on stock markets. We aren’t interested in going public because we want to keep our business and financial independence.

We’ve never said that goLance is the best site for freelancers. We just keep repeating this because it can be easily verified:

GoLance Has All Of Our Competitors’ Strengths

And None of Their Weaknesses

Fair enough? It’s fair to compare, so compare us to any freelance site you’re currently working on.

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