Is it advisable to invest in Bitcoin, and how much will the returns be processed?

First of all you should understand the concept of Bitcoin

You can’t expect what will be the returns if you invest in bitcoin because it is totally depends on Demand and Supply if people’s demand for bitcoin is over then it will fall

But today’s scenario is everybody wants bitcoin cause everyone understand it’s power and potential, the demand for bitcoin is high but supply is very less that’s why it’s price is increasing

If i talk about ROI (return on investment) in bitcoin then i can’t really tell cause nobody owns market but i am sure that price of bitcoin will cross $10k by the end of December

And it may cross $15k or $20k or even $25k in next year

It might be risky but you can earn exponential returns on your investment

My suggestion is you should invest in it

Do your own research study it amd then invest

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