Is it worth it to work as a freelancer? How can one work as a freelancer?

I think it all depends on how you perceive things.

As a freelancer you’ll no longer have to answer to your boss. You’ll have the freedom to accept only the jobs you like and do work that you’ll enjoy doing. If you ask me, that makes being a freelancer “totally worth it”.

Besides, freelancers also tend to make more money than regular employees.

But, freelancing does come with a lot of work and responsibility. You’ll have to find your own work, manage projects, and deal with clients yourself. Basically, it’ll be like running your own small business.

So, if you prefer not to deal with all that responsibility and just go to the office to work 9-5 for a steady paycheck at the end of the month, switching to freelancing won’t make you feel like it’s “worth it”.

Freelancing is not something everyone can do. You’ll need to develop a certain mindset to achieve success as a freelancer.

In my experience, I enjoy being a freelancer and I would give up a job at Apple HQ any day to have the freedom of freelancing.

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