Is People Per Hour a good site to look for freelance work?

As far as the big generalist freelancing platforms go (Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, and PeoplePerHour), I’ve always preferred PeoplePerHour over the others because:

  1. It feels more British/European (I’m pretending that Brexit isn’t happening) than the other sites, which seem very American. For example, Upwork publicises freelancers’ earnings, which biases customers into thinking only those with high earnings are worth hiring. This was the main reason I chose PPH over its competitors.
  2. It enables you to offer “hourlies” rather than just pitching for jobs that are advertised. You can set up a service offering and wait for buyers to come to you, which saves a lot of time. When I used the site as my primary freelance income source, I never pitched for jobs and just let customers buy my services.
  3. The user interface is relatively intuitive. It’s easy to see your workstream of messages, your rating on the site, and so on. It could be smoother in places, but generally it’s really easy to use and the dashboard covers almost everything you need to see.
  4. There are plenty of high-paying clients on there (contrary to what most people assume about freelancing platforms). For the most part, the clients I’ve worked with have been reliable and legitimate, paying on time and being reasonable in their expectations. It’s not all bargain basement clients looking for the cheapest job.

That said, there are a few things that really let the site down:

  1. The major issue is a lack of options when you need to speak to the support team. The only option is email and they’re incredibly slow to resolve problems and fairly rigid in their responses. There’s no live chat or phone support, so if you need to get an issue solved fast, good luck with that.
  2. Their fees have steadily crept up over the years. I joined them back in 2010 when their fees were cheaper. While I appreciate that they offer decent services to warrant their fees (escrow accounts, file-sharing, etc.), their fee system is based on the amount you earn with a client, which makes it very expensive to work with new clients or on smaller projects (less than £250). As such, I tend to only work with long-term or high-paying clients on there.

(Don’t get me wrong, these issues may also be present on other major freelancing platforms, but I thought I’d offer a balanced view of my experiences.)

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