Is PeoplePerHour a good freelancing site?

PeoplePerHour is a quality and trustworthy freelance website. According to its website, PeoplePerHour is "the longest-running freelance service in the UK."

The pros of PeoplePerHour

    • You can choose the rate yourself
    • The job is much safer than freelance freelancing as buyers have to make a deposit
    • Billing is automatic
    • Everyone is a certified professional
    • The job posting is free for buyers
    • Secure file sharing
    • Buyers can view the history and ratings of freelancers


    • Big competition
    • The platform fees are high.
    • Benefits are not included for freelancers.
    • Poor customer support
    • Many Spam Accounts

I always use a different jobs aggregator, in my opinion, it is more convenient and better quality. This is Periodix . You can find freelance jobs and remote jobs here. Periodix is ??a great choice for freelancers and job seekers in all industries. It helps to save a lot of time searching for suitable vacancies. It is absolutely free!

Hire Quality Freelancers — Get Freelance Jobs Online | Periodix
【Periodix】 lets you spend less time searching and more time working ? The service aggregates freelance jobs posted online ? Shows the jobs with the high chance to get hired.

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