Is there any way to get bitcoins easily?

If you are new to Bitcoin acquiring it for the first time can seem daunting. However, once you learn more about Bitcoin you will see that acquiring Bitcoin can be easy and as relaxing as catnap.

Bitcoin Mining

This is not the way to acquire Bitcoin if you are new to cryptocurrency. It requires knowledge, special computer hardware, and a willingness to spend money on electricity. If you don’t live somewhere that electricity is cheap this is not the way to acquire Bitcoin.

Buy Bitcoin

Buying Bitcoin is the easiest way to acquire Bitcoin. The rest of my article will explore how to buy Bitcoin.

Option 1 Buy Bitcoin From a Friend or Family Member

In theory, this is the best way to buy Bitcoin. There is no middleman, no fees, and no registration. The only problem is finding that trusted person to buy Bitcoin from; if you don’t know anyone who wants to sell their Bitcoin this probably won’t work out.

Option 2 Buy Bitcoin from a Bitcoin ATM

A Bitcoin ATM allows you to buy Bitcoin with cash. It’s also available as long as the location of the ATM is open. However, the fees are substantial and not everywhere in the world has very many Bitcoin ATM’s. For instance, there is only one Bitcoin ATM in the whole country of Nigeria. Depending on where you live a Bitcoin ATM may not be an option.

Option 3 Buy Bitcoin On a Cryptocurrency Exchange

My recommended Bitcoin exchange is OKEx because it’s well established and offers many different ways to buy, sell and trade Bitcoin.

  • You can buy Bitcoin with credit card.
  • You can buy Bitcoin anytime you want.
  • You can buy Bitcoin with a variety of different currencies including: Dollars, Euro’s, Rupees, Rubles and more.
  • The fees are much lower than a Bitcoin ATM.

You will have to take extra time to register on OKE’x site but once you do buying Bitcoin will be very easy.

If you want to learn more about OKEx check out their Quora Space: OKEx: Crypto Exchange.

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