Is there anybody who is selling an Upwork account with 5-star ratings?

It has been only a matter of time!

After a series of questions, how to do this or that with an Upwork account, I wondered how long would we have to wait to get an Upwork “black market?”

The good news in this bad news is that at least someone wants to get a five-star ratted account. That’s me trying to be ironic, although we are so deep in the zone where you aren’t quite sure whether to life or cry.

What’s going to happen to a freelancer who’s selling his/her Upwork five-star profile? Guess, that freelancer is done working on this platform. What’s this seller supposed to do next? Open a new account? Do some farming for a change? I know it’s not easy to build a five-star profile on Upwork, so I sure hope the price is right.

What’s going to happen to a freelancer who’s buying? I have said it a million times and I have to repeat it one more time. What do you expect when you are beginning your freelance journey with the big fat lie? Let’s say Upwork support needs to verify your identity every now and then. What are you going to do? How are you going to manage the money transfers?

What’s next - rent-an-Upwork-account?

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