Is Upwork a place to get started doing some freelance work?

Of course, one can start working as a Freelancer on Upwork. It is one of the most trusted freelancing platforms for both freshers/college students and experienced professionals.

Thousands of jobs are posted every day on Upwork by clients and it is due to the immense trust this platform has earned over the years. Anyone can start hunting to work on good projects. This will give you a lot of exposure, knowledge, and experience working on diverse projects at large.

One should have the skill of showcasing yourself as an individual as to how your skill/expertise/experience will help the clients get the job done.

A lot of small startups and big companies are using this platform. Also, you can even start your agency at Upwork and that’s a paid service. By the way, You can even create your gigs at Upwork now.

Effective Communication is a Key to Win Projects

Right from adding your title, real and clear profile picture to writing an awesome introduction and proposal writing skills one should invest a substantial amount of time with communication skills.

Coming back to your question, for sure Upwork is the right platform. Well, I did a couple of projects there and my entire career got a boost due to this platform.

It’s all about – Effective communication with your clients and that’s the game you all need to understand. Write an effective proposal that is short and clearly states how your skills would help the company meet its goals. Right?

Initially, it may take some time to get a response from the prospective client but gradually you will realize how Upwork will make a difference to your career.

Also, I would like to add here that it is not necessary to rely completely on Upwork. There are way better alternatives that are in my opinion are absolutely worth it.

To illustrate this point further, you can give it a read of my recently written Quora answer.

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I hope you find some value in reading this answer.

Thank you for asking this question. Start working, RISE AND SHINE.

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Poorvi Tiwari

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