Is Wikipedia India a fraud?

No, it’s not a scam or fraud site. It’s an open-source which anyone can edit or create pages for free of cost. I see some comments above saying it’s a scam site but how? the site is an open-source where anyone can edit and create any page just like Wikipedia so how we can say its a fraud site when they are not even asking anyone to pay money to create an account or page? I tried editing myself using my IP address and also created an account to create a page and it went through very well. I don’t see anything that I can say it’s a scam when no one asks me to pay them for a page. Also, there are similar sites like WikiAlpha and and more that work exactly the same.

So, I was studying this post and trying to understand where this question even came from? and I’m unable to understand the exact motive.

The title reads that “Is Wikipedia India a scam site?
I met a Mumbai based
Upwork freelancer claiming this site as a Wikimedia Sister Project. Is that true?” if the person who posted this question met a freelancer who claimed that this site as a Wikimedia Sister Project that freelancer must be questioned and the title should be “Is the freelancer I met a fraud?” but in this question, we are discussing a website which anyone can edit just like Wikipedia Org and not even asking to pay or but packages to create account or pages.

There are hundreds of freelancers on the internet that take money to create pages on Wikipedia so that doesn’t mean Wikipedia Org is a scam or fraud site.

I looked at the website in question and found it pretty helpful to gain knowledge in simple words as most of the pages are written in basic English which is way easier to understand then the international standard of the English language.

I also notice Google picking up pages and displaying on the first page which everyone dream of. The site works exactly like Wikipedia where you need to cite sources for your edits.

To me, this sounds like someone (a competitor) trying to defame the platform which provides free of cost services.

Thank you for reading.

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