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Itasha Commission Info





Contact Email: [email protected]mail.com

Hello! Thank you for checking out my commission post. Please read through my

Terms of Service carefully before you commission me. If you have questions that are unanswered in this document, you are welcome to send me a DM / Email about it.



Please note, I only provide the character illustrations for itasha. You will need to find a separate designer for the remainder of the itasha. (I have referenced itasha designers in my past examples (below).)

Base price: $500 per character illustration

Prices increase with complex character designs

Small animals / companions will have a separate charge 

  • I will draw original characters, fan art and I also accept commissions of real people, but they will be stylized.

    • ??Cute and sexy (limit PG-13) girls, Men, small animals

    • ? NSFW, muscular men, Gore / Violence, Heavy machinery / armor

  • These commission prices are NON-COMMERCIAL commissions, meaning they are for your personal use only. You may distribute the images for free, but not in any form that could bring income. 


  • I can design a custom outfit for your character for an extra $45 charge.

    • Please send me a theme: racequeen, swimsuit, etc.

    • Show me references of outfits you like to give me an idea of your tastes! 

Raster vs. Vector

Artwork can be provided in two formats: raster or vector. 

Raster: *preferred by me*

  • Image is hand drawn (best representation of my illustration style).

  • Image is drawn to the scale of the vehicle (so no loss in quality).

  • A .PNG file will be provided


  • Image looks “cleaner”

  • Image can be scaled up or down without loss in quality

  • An .AI file will be provided

  • Check with your designer to make sure they can work with raster files–not all of them do.

  • Maximum image length/height is 40 inches. Anything larger will need to be vectored. 

  • If you’d like vector format, there will be an extra fee. (+$100)

Past works

Artwork provided by me, 

The respective itasha designers are linked below (instagram). 

Itasha Owner: FairladyMegumin

Itasha designer: @bimyou.workshop

Hood Illustration

Side illustration 

Itasha designer and Owner: @itaantics

Side illustrations 

Itasha Owner: Superkawaii_86

Itasha designer: @studio7graphics

*does not work with raster*

Hood Illustration                              Custom outfit design 

Side illustrations

Itasha Owner: Superkawaii_86

Itasha designer: @studio7graphics

*does not work with raster*

Side Illustration

Itasha Owner: shygirl.is250

Hood Itasha designer: @bimyou.workshop

Hood Illustration

       Itasha designer: @kuma_class

side/ hood illustrations

Other itasha designers:

Artwork Pending Itasha Designs


Hood Illustration

Side Illustration


Hood Illustration

Side Illustration


Side Illustration

What I will need from you before beginning:

  • The make, model, year of your vehicle

  • Photos or blueprint of your vehicle.

  • Measurements of the vehicle.

  • A general idea of what you’re looking for (character placement). 

  • Decide on raster or vector style

(I’ll map it out for you: see below)

General Workflow

  1. Client sends me an email with the relevant info

  2. I respond with price quote and Client approves

  3. Client pays a minimum 25% deposit of the total fees. 

  4. After payment is received, a rough sketch is drawn on a photo / blueprint of the vehicle for placement / pose and sent to Client.

  5. If placement is approved, I will sketch the drawing separately and send to client for approval. 

  6. Client responds with feedback (up to 3 major revisions are allowed free of charge.)

  7. Once approved, the Client pays the remaining balance of the commission. 

  8. Flat colors are added and presented to Client

  9. Client gives feedback (1 revision (colors only) is allowed free of charge.)

  10. Final rendered drawing is sent to client

    1. Client gets to review final draft to make any minor changes 

    2. Any major revisions at this stage incur a revision fee

  11. *IF VECTOR FILE REQUESTED: image is converted to vector format – please allow minimum 2 weeks for this step.

  12. Final version is delivered to the client after approval. 

  13. Client will need to reach out to the designer separately to complete the full design. 


Terms of Service

  • I reserve the right to decline any commissions if I feel I cannot fulfill the order. 

  • Commissioned work is for non-profit personal use ONLY. Please email me if you wish to discuss commercial work. 

  • I accept payment in PayPal only. 

    • A minimum 25% deposit is required up front (non-refundable) after I accept your commission

    • The remaining balance is due upon agreement of the sketch. 

  • Commissions may take anywhere between 1 week to 2 months to complete.

    • If you have a specific deadline (for car shows / car meets / etc), please let me know ahead of time so I can schedule accordingly. 

    • There may be a rush fee for tighter deadlines.

  • Client is permitted to make 3 major changes maximum during sketch phase.

    • Client is permitted 1 color change during flat color stage.

    • Any major changes requested after flat color stage will incur a revision fee.

  • I reserve full rights of the commissioned art. I may display it in my portfolio, share it on social media. If you prefer it to stay private for certain situations, please bring it up with me.


Ready to order? 

Email me: [email protected]

Subject line: itasha commission


Thank you for your support!!

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