Items Master List

Please read the disclaimer before you recommend new items for the list.

Disclaimer: This list is designed to provide items that would otherwise not occur to players when shopping. When your Druid has his Wild armor and his Druid’s Vestment, and you don’t know what else to buy for him, you can look here. This list is NOT meant to be a repository for every useful item in the game, because virtually anything can be made useful under certain circumstances. Please do not whine and moan about “Why isn’t Headband of Vast Intelligence under Wizard?” because every wizard already has one. For the same reason, you will not find Belts of Physical Stat; basic weapon enhancements like Bane, Flaming, or Keen; basic armor enhancements like Fortification or Ghost Touch; Cloaks of Resistance; and so on.

This list also does not contain: 

  1. Mythic items, unless they are useful to non-Mythic characters.

  2. Cursed Items,

  3.  Artifacts,

  4. wands/potions,

  5. Mundane, non-magical items, including alchemical items,

  6. Technological items,

  7. Anything craftable with Craft Construct or Grow Plant Creature.

Items with a price of "Varies" have multiple types with different costs, or have scaling prices depending on the player's level; see Scaling Magic Items.

Items on this list are useful to the most common build under which they are listed; some items are listed more than once. 

If at any point you ask yourself, "But Patrick; why isn't X item on this list?" The answer is most likely one of the following:

  1. I decided it was too narrow or specific to be useful to an average character for whom it would have been made

  2. It doesn't support the spirit of the game (For example; a Flying Sled is a boat that flies, but can only carry one occupant, in a game where multiple players is the norm)

  3. That item doesn't actually benefit that specific class (For example, the Samisen of Oracular Vision isn't particularly useful for Oracles)

  4. It may be at the bottom under "Cool, Random Stuff"

  5. I didn't know it existed

  6. I might have thought it was stupid

I encourage you to send me a message regardless; if I agree with you that whatever item you tell me about is useful enough that it should go on the list, I'll add it. I’m on Reddit at BrotherPatrick.

If your build is less like the traditional class it plays (for example, if you're playing a Ranger who uses Firearms, or a Vivisectionist Alchemist), it is possible that you will find more useful items under the entry for the class you are most approximating. I recommend you check classes and builds that might be closer to what you’re playing.

As Paizo is no longer publishing first-party content for Pathfinder First Edition, I consider this list to be completed. Regardless, I will continue to take recommendations.


Aid Another Builds

Benevolent Armor EnhancementArmor2000

Benevolent Weapon EnhancementWeapons+1 bonus

Gloves of Arcane StrikingHands5000

Alchemist (+Anything Extract-, Mutagen, or Potion-Related)

Admixture VialNone5000

Alchemist’s AspergillumWeapons2805

Alchemist's AtlatlNone1500


Blackwick CauldronNone8850

Boro BeadNoneVaries

Caduceus RodRods142000

Explosion PocketNone3000

Focusing FlaskNone700

Formula AlembicNone200

Homunculus ClayNone4100

Hybridization FunnelNone200

Monstrification StaffStaves12000

Poisoner’s GlovesHands5000

Preserving Flask NoneVaries

Sipping JacketChest5000

Vest of Stable MutationChest20000

Volatile VaporizerNoneVaries

Antipaladin (+"Good For Evil" Items)

Bastard's StingWeapons123035

Choker of the Rough BeastNeck100000

Conductive Weapon EnhancementWeapons+1 bonus

Dastard Armor EnhancementArmor+1 bonus

Deceiving Armor EnhancementArmor5000

Grayflame Weapon EnhancementWeapons+1 bonus

Mail of MalevolenceArmor61300

Pallid CrystalNeck3300

Phylactery of Negative ChannelingHeadband11000

Righteous Fist AmuletNeck4000

Rod of the DeadlordRodsVaries

Void ScytheWeapons95318

Warding Armor EnhancementArmor+1 bonus



Blessed BookNone12500

Bookplate of RecallNone1000

Archery/Crossbow Builds (+General Ranged)

Blightburn ArrowWeapons3000

Bracers of ArcheryWristsVaries

Conserving Weapon EnhancementWeapons+1 bonus

Driving Weapon EnhancementWeapons+1 bonus

Efficient QuiverNone1800

Legacy ArrowWeaponsVaries

Nightbane QuiverNone16000

Nimble Shot Weapon EnhancementWeapons+4 bonus

Silver Nocking PointNone3150


Barbarian (+Anything "rage"-y)

Amulet of Uncanny DefenseNeck5000

Bloodthirsty Armor EnhancementArmor+2 bonus

Cord of Stubborn ResolveBelts15000

Earth Breaker of Righted JusticeWeapons61340

Flame of BakrakhanHead10000

Furious Weapon EnhancementWeapons+1 bonus

Hamatula HideArmor44215

Headband of HavocHeadband8000

Helm of Fearsome MeinHead5000

Horn of Battle ClarityNone6000

Invigorating Weapon EnhancementWeapons+2 bonus

Mark of the Grinning SkullHeadbandVaries


Spear of the Honored AncestorsWeapons15302

Torc of Bloody RageNeck8000

Torc of EnmityNeck9500

Torc of Lionheart FuryNeck8000


Bard (Most "perform"-related things)

Banner of the Ancient KingsNone18000

Book of the LoremasterNone15000

Bracers of the Glib EntertainerWrists7900

Daring DancersFeet16000

Dervish SikkeHead10000


Glorious GorgetNeckVaries

Harmonizing Armor EnhancementArmor15000

Hero's HauberkArmor16600

Lute of DiscordNone37900

Luthier's RapierWeapons25020

Musical StaffStaves32000

Player's PrizeNone3000

Poet's CloakShoulders9750

Rallying Armor EnhancementArmor5000

Resplendant Robe of the ThespianBody75000

Ring of Spell KnowledgeRingsVaries

Rod of BeguilingRods18000

Soothing LyreNone45000

Staff of AccompanimentStaves14800

Three Reasons to LiveNone9000

Tuned BowstringNone18000


Invigorating Weapon EnhancementWeapons+2 bonus

Flame of BakrakhanHead10000

Ring of Ancestral Blood MagicRings4000

Ring of Lingering Blood MagicRings2000

Ring of Powerful Blood MagicRings3000

Ring of Vengeful Blood MagicRings5400

Ring of Spell KnowledgeRingsVaries


Belt of Superior Maneuvers BeltsVaries

Brawling Armor EnhancementArmor+1 bonus

Monk’s RobeBody13000

Sash of Flowing WaterBelts25000

Serpentine TattooNone2000

Skullcrusher GauntletsHands15302

Casters (Items listed here are valuable to more than one type of caster, but not necessarily all types)

Amulet of Reverse IncantationHead20000

Armband of the Golden SerpentWrists20000

Caster's TattooNoneVaries

Centering Jewel (Psychic)Headband1000

Cookbook of Arcane AugmentationNone21500

Diminishing SashBelt5000

Efficient QuiverNone1800

Glorious TabardBodyVaries

Goblet of Liquified CognitionNone18000

Headband of Arcane EnergyHeadband20000

Incense of Meditation (Divine)None4900

Mage's CrossbowWeapons18335

Magician's HatHead20000

Mask of Conflicting EnergiesHead4000

Mnemonic VestmentBody5000

Page of Spell KnowledgeNoneVaries

Pearl of PowerNoneVaries

Pearl of PuissanceNoneVaries

Prophet's Pectoral (Divine)Chest6000

Recondite Rod (Psychic)RodsVaries

Reservoir TattooNone10000

Ring of ContinuationRings50000

Ring of CounterspellsRings4000

Ring of Mysticism (Psychic)RingsVaries

Ring of Psychic Mastery (Psychic)Rings50000

Ring of Spell StoringRings50000

Ring of SustenanceRings2500

Ring of Wizardry (Arcane)RingsVaries

Robe of the Archmagi (Arcane)Body75000

Robe of the Overmind (Psychic)Body75000

Robe of ComponentsBody5000

Robe of RunesBody44000

Runestone of PowerNoneVaries

Shard of Psychic Power (Psychic)NoneVaries

Shield of the MageShields14500

Spellguard BracersWrists5000

Spell LatticeNoneVaries

Spell Storing Armor EnhancementArmor+1 bonus

Spell Storing Weapon EnhancementWeapons+1 bonus

Talons of LengHands67000

Unicorn's Blackened Horn (Divine)None50000

Wizard HookWeapons4310

Cavalier (+Anything Mount-Related)

Caparison of ResistanceShouldersVaries

Cavalryman's BowWeapons10330

Challening ShieldShields5170

Champion Armor EnhancementArmor+1 bonus

Champion's BannerNone8000

Clandestine HorseshoesFeet6000

Cloak of the CrusaderShoulders2700

Commander's BannerNone10000

Crown of ChallengeHead21000

Dastard Armor EnhancementArmor+1 bonus

Emissary's BreastplateArmor11350

Equestrian BeltBelts3200

Equestrian PlateArmor10650

Heroic SaddleBeltsVaries

Horsemaster's SaddleNone12000

Horseshoes of a ZephyrFeet6000

Horseshoes of Crushing BlowsFeetVaries

Horseshoes of GloryFeet39600

Horseshoes of Sacred SilverFeet20000

Imperial Army GreathelmHead29000

Jousting Armor EnhancementArmor3750

Knight-Captain's LanceWeapons22710

Knight-Inheritor's RingRings3000

Mammoth LanceWeapons32310

Rallying Armor EnhancementArmor5000

Resplendent Uniform CoatChest7000

Shield of Countless CausesShields11157

Valiant Weapon EnhancementWeapons+1 bonus

Valor's MinionWeapons41335

Vambraces of the TacticianWrists8000

War LanceWeapons10310

War SaddleBelts5000

Cleric (+Anything Channel-Related)

Blessed KeepsakeNeck8000

Candle of InvocationNone8400

Channeler's AspergillumWeapons36305

Channeling Shield EnhancementShields18000

Conductive Weapon EnhancementWeapons+1 bonus

Construct Channel BrickNone10000

Daylight DiademHead20000

Death Warden's BandolierChest15000

Ghostvision GlovesHands4000

Glory MedallionNone5000

Gloves of Stolen UnlifeHands3040

Grayflame Weapon EnhancementWeapons+1 bonus

Guided Weapon EnhancementWeapons+1 bonus

Guiding VellumNoneVaries

Icon of AspectsNone5500

Inheritor's GauntletHands2700

Key of the Second VaultNeck3000

Malleable SymbolNone10000

Mantle of the Faithful VesselChest10000

Pallid CrystalNeck3300

Phylactery of FaithfulnessHeadband1000

Phylactery of [Pos/Neg] ChannelingHeadband11000

Pyxes of Redirected FocusNone1000

Regalia of HeavenSeveralVaries

Righteous Fist AmuletNeck4000

Ring of CuringRings10000

Ring of Protected LifeRings9000

Ring of the TricksterRingsVaries

Sacrosanct Weapon EnhancementWeapons5000

Scepter of Divine ProvidenceNone17312

Symbol of LuckNone6000

Uplifting BootsFeet11000

Critical builds

Gloves of MarkingHands7200

Keen Weapon EnhancementWeapons+1 bonus

Pendant of the Blood ScarabNeck1000

Thirsting BladeWeaponsVaries


Animal Totem TattooNone12000

Beast TalismanNeck18900

Druid's VestmentsBody3750

Evergreen Seed PouchNone16000

Guided Weapon EnhancementWeapons+1 bonus

Goreclaw of ThercerrodHands23305

Hollywreath BandHeadband5700

Mask of GiantsHeadVaries

Midsummer SickleWeapons7806

Polymorphic PouchNone5000

Ring of Natural AttunementRingsVaries

Ring of Sacred MistletoeRings6000

Rod of Giant SummoningRodsVaries

Scarab BreastplateArmor32350

Vermin MaskHead10080

Wild Armor EnhancementArmor+3 bonus

Zenj Totem StaffStaves24800

Fighter (+Armor and Weapon Training)

Band of the Stalwart WarriorHeadband14000

Gloves of DuelingHands15000

Manual of WarNone7500

Sash of the War ChampionChest4000

Feint builds (Note: Things that boost Bluff are not listed; only items specifically beneficial to Feinting)

Deceptive Weapon EnhancementWeapons+1 bonus

Eyes of the LiarEyes16000

Headband of NinjitsuHeadband15000

Mask of Stony DemeanorHead8000

Grapple builds

Anaconda’s Coils BeltBelts18500

Beast Wrestler's GlovesHands7500

Demonspike PauldronsShoulders14350

Form-Fixing GauntletsHands8000

Mantis EmbraceHands50000

Quicksand CloakShoulders15000

Ratcheting GauntletsHands12000

Gunslinger (+Anything Gun-related)

Beneficial BandolierBelt1000

Burrowing BulletWeaponsVaries

Deadshot VestChest6000

Driving Weapon EnhancementWeapons+1 bonus

Dry Load Powder HornNone2000

Endless BandolierChest1500

Far-Reaching SightNone4000

Gunman's DusterBody36000

Guns of the Twin DrakesWeapons18600

Holdout RingRings11000

Lucky Weapon EnhancementWeaponsVaries

Oil of SilenceNone250

Penetrating Ammunition EnhancementWeapons+2 bonus

Phantom Ammunition EnhancementWeapons2000

Pistol of the Infinite SkyWeapons73300

Reliable Weapon EnhancementWeaponsVaries

Reporting/Scouting CartridgeWeapons566

Ring of Grit MasteryRings6840

Ring of ResilienceRings15000

Sea Banshee's CoatArmor3605

See Invisibility SightNone12000

Seraphic PistolWeapons37550

Sharpshooter's BladeWeapons7305

Shieldmarshal's PistolWeapons20050

Slate Spider FigurineNone10000

Sonic Boom Weapon EnhancementWeapons+3 bonus

Hunter (See Also: Pet builds)

Guided Weapon EnhancementWeapons+1 bonus

Menacing Weapon EnhancementWeapons+1 bonus

Headband of the WolfHeadband5000

Inquisitor (May also benefit from items under Casters)

Bane BaldricChest10000

Death MaskHead16000

Deceiving Armor EnhancementArmor5000

Exorcist's AspergillumNone8000

Guided Weapon EnhancementWeapons+1 bonus

Inquisitor's Bastion VambracesWrist4000

Jurist Weapon EnhancementWeapons+1 bonus

Righteous Fist AmuletNeck4000

Stole of JusticeShoulders18000

Torc of EnmityNeck9500

Intimidate Builds

Diplomat's Traveling StickWeapons9345

Glorious GorgetNeckVaries

Gory Weapon EnhancementWeapons+3 bonus

Mark of the Grinning SkullHeadbandVaries

Ominous Weapon EnhancementWeapons+1 bonus

Investigator (See Alchemist for Extract-based equipment)

Inspired Weapon EnhancementWeapons+1 bonus

Investigator's PipeNone9000

Lepidstadt Investigator's HatHead7000

Scoundrel's Sword CaneWeapons20925


Hollow RodRods121500

Kineticist's DiademHeadbandVaries

Overflowing RodRods25000

Skyspirit StoneNone2000

Vril StaffStaves200000

Leadership Builds

Breastplate of CommandArmor25400

Crown of ConquestHead24600

Diadem of Inspiring RuleHead4500

Imperial Army GreathelmHead29000

Ring of the EcclesiarchRings28500

Suzerain ScepterNone20000

Magus (+Arcane Strike-related items)

Gloves of Arcane StrikingHands5000

Ring of Arcane MasteryRings20000

Signifer's FistWeapons10305

Spell Hurling Weapon EnhancementWeapons+1 bonus

Spellstrike GlovesHands8000


Melee Builds (In General; Reach and Two-Weapon builds are here too)

Amulet of Quaking StrikesNeck28000

Belt of Thunderous ChargingBelts10000

Bonebreaker GauntletsWrists6000

Duelist's VambracesWrists8000

Effortless LaceWeapons2500

Growing Weapon EnhancementWeapons+1 bonus

Impact Weapon EnhancementWeapons+2 bonus

Irongrip GauntletsHands4000

Juggernaut's PauldronsShoulders40000

Multimetal MaceWeaponsVaries

Rod of RazorsWeapons65000

Rust Monster Antenna WhipHands56000

Shield CloakShoulders1000


Mask of the MesmeristHead25000

Monk (+Anything Unarmed Strike-related)

Amulet of Hidden StrengthNeck9000

Amulet of Mighty FistsNeckVaries

Blade of the Sword-SaintWeapons75350

Deliquescent GlovesHands8000

Extractor's GlovesHands5000

Guided Weapon EnhancementWeapons+1 bonus

Hamatalatsu RobeBody14000

Hand Wraps of Blinding KiHands10000

Headband of Ki FocusHeadband5400

Hurricane QuarterstaffWeapons7840

Husk DartWeapons19301

Ki Focus Weapon EnhancementWeapons+1 bonus

Ki Intensifying Weapon EnhancementWeapons+2 bonus

Ki MatNone10000

Monk's RobeBody13000

Necklace of Ki SerenityNeck16000

Necklace of Spectral StrikesNeck35500

Prayer Wheel of Ethical StrengthNone10000

Quarterstaff of ContemplationWeapons34800

Ring of Adept ManeuversRings15000

Ring of Ki MasteryRings10000

Sandals of the Lightest StepFeet5000

Sandstorm SandalsFeet15000

Sash of Flowing WaterBelt25000

Serpentine TattooNone2000

The Master's NameNone25000

Natural Weapon Builds

Belt of the Snake KingBelts2600

Cloak of FangsShoulders2800

Fleshwarped Scorpion's TailWeapons18505

Pelt of the BeastShoulders15600

Rending Claw BladeWeapons10305

Ninja (Anything Ki-Related is also under Monk)

Amulet of Hidden StrengthNeck9000

Armor of the Shadow LordArmor117160

Cloak of DaggersShoulders18000

Headband of Ki FocusHeadband5400

Headband of NinjitsuHeadband