Jaycee/Julia Chang TTT2 Breakdown

Julia’s frame data – http://rbnorway.org/jaycee-ttt2-frames/

This doc is to just cover how Julia played in TTT2 and works as a mini-guide for those who wants to try her out in preparation for T7 (keep in mind that she will have moveset changes)

I don’t know if T7 Julia will keep Jaycee’s wrestling moves or if she’s going to play like TTT2’s Michelle which was a homage for old school Julia or even a combination .I will talk about both though.

Like Anna, this is all completely off memory so bare with me, too lazy to turn on PS3 lol


Julia is a very well rounded character. She has great mobility with moves like FF1  which is a fast mid that moves her forward and shotgun (d,df1) which was also another fast mid so she was extremely good at interrupting the opponent’s approach and chipping them down.  It’s hard to nail down a playstyle for Julia since she is quite versatile but the closest would be a mixup/okizeme based character with a strong neutral. She could bully with ff1 and establish a meta game from it on block (being only -2) with movement, CHs and so on. 

Julia had really strong grabs, she has King’s shining wizard (fff1+2) and can also be done instantly (1+2 break) and her infamous Mad Axes (albeit Michelle has the old version of this, Julia/Jaycee has a different/weaker version of it but the concept is the same) This grab can be done via qcb f2, the amazing thing about this grab is that it was quick, really bufferable which was extremely dangerous considering Julia’s mobility with ff1 and shotguns and had a short window to break. She has a bunch of other command grabs also but these 2 are the main ones.

Her FC mixup was another cornerstone to her gameplay, bow and arrow (FC df43) was a low/mid natural knockdown low which gave extremely strong oki in previous tekkens. Her mid options to complement this were WS1 launcher or WS3 safe homing mid with a JF combo followup. Julia can establish this FC mixup when the opponent respects her due to her strong CHs.

Basically Julia controls neutral really well and she can blender you if she wants to while destroying you at the wall.


  • Strong Neutral

  • Dumb af wall game

  • Some of the best grabs 

  • High damage output and carry

  • Explosive comeback potential

  • Has to take risks for comebacks

  • No generic df1/d4

  • No strong CH launchers outside of standing 4

Key Moves

All these moves are shared between both Julia and Michelle

FF1 – this is Julia Chang in a nutshell, this move is going to be 50% of your moveset. Treat it as a generic df1.  It’s a mid that can be done in 12f, you can also delay the ff to realign with your opponent. It’s an elbow so it beats parries/reversals etc. Julia uses ff1 to halter their approach and initiate her pressure game upclose. It’s -2 on block so she has plenty of options, SS/backdash to force whiffs and whiff punish with hopkicks, moves like 111/magic 4 to CH them if they mash slower stuff. This is one of the best mids in the series imo and it’s a very oppressive move. It has a followup with ff14 to stop them mashing afterwards but it’s a high so it is risky. On CH you can do dash d,df1~4,1 combo but it is tight.

Jabs – Julia has a bunch of jab strings, it’s important to note each one

111 – Jab into mid/mid, it gave a breakable stun but she had huge frame advantage to setup her offense. It’s all natural on counterhit from the 1st jab so it was a strong move to throw out if you sensed mashing from the opponent at wrong moments.

114 – jab into mid/low, it’s basically the above string with a low ender. Can be used as a cheesy canned mixup.

121/1211 – jab into high/mid/low. The 3rd hit is very delayable so it was good to make the opponent respect Julia after her jabs. It was a natural combo on CH from the 3rd hit into the low which knocks down and gave Julia followups.

D3 – a 13f low, -12 on block and -1 on hit. It’s an extremely good low poke due to its speed, it can frame trap after ff1 on hit etc. Use it to chip the opponent down and force them to retaliate and use movement/CHs to beat it out. 

Standing 4 – 11f female magic 4, she can followup with d,df1~4,1 into combos. This move is key for Julia’s moveset with ff1/d3 to interrupt the opponent’s buttons. Or just generally as a panic move during defence. It’s unsafe by itself but the 4 has a few followups to make your opponent respect the 4 on block.

FF3 – her main whiff punisher at range, in T6 it used to launch for a full combo, in TTT2 she just gets a d1+2 followup, no idea in T7 (pls launch again). Force your opponents to whiff with Julia’s movement and pressure and nail them with this FF3. 

D,df1 – commonly called shotgun. It’s her main combo filler and an amazing 12f mid poke. It has an extremely delayable followup which was hitconfirmable on CH in d,df1,2 and wallsplats making her wall game obscenely strong with the opponent being afraid to challenge her at the wall. You can input d,df1~3 or d,df1~4 depending on what direction you want to go into and she goes into a spin stance which has a few moves out of it, most common move is spin 1+2 which was her bound move (screw in ttt2 terms) 

UF43 – her hopkick. UF4 on it’s own was -9 so it was a really good low crush safe mid poke that Julia could use to keep the opponent in check. The most cheesy setup is UF4 into Mad Axes grab. It’s a great whiff punisher upclose but be careful with it as a panic move since UF43 on its own is launch punishable, it has a followup in UF431 which can be interrupted with 13f moves  after UF43 (so a normal hopkick punish) but you lost the combo if you committed to this. 

Mad Axes/Deja Vu – qcb f2 grab. Extremely bufferable and fast with a short window to break (1+2 break). You can use this to force mixups on your opponents who are sleeping on defense due to the window to break. Jaycee’s version called Deja Vu is a weaker version of the traditional Chang’s Mad Axes which is given to Michelle in TTT2. But it is still useful in her arsenal. Thanks to the bufferability of this move, you can do stuff like d,df1~4 and input qcb during the spin, then do f2 upon exiting the spin to grab them. Be creative with this move and keep them on their toes.

Shining Wizard – same as King/AKs shining wizard. It’s a fff1+2 grab that can be done point blank with execution, good to throw out during pressure to keep them on their toes.

QCF2 – a high launcher with built in high crush and safe on block. It was good to go under jabs and other highs if you sensed it  coming, it has slightly more range than hopkicks so it was a good whiff punisher too.  

4~2,1 – aka wardrums, one of the cornerstones of her wall game. This move is a low starter at the wall if the right conditions are met. So the string is a low/high (at the same time) into a mid. It’s only NC if just the low connects and high whiffs so it must be spaced properly.  It’s easy enough in setups with “fixed spacing” such as 111 on CH into backdash, can be tricky on a moving opponent in neutral. Definitely learn how to use this move, it makes her wall game obscene. 

WR1 – a fast running high +7 on block with pushback. The pushback is a lot on block for Julia to pressure but if it hits on normal hit, she gets a juicy followup with d1+2. Vs the wall, the move becomes even deadilier with the reduced pushback on block allowing her to pressure at +7. This move is really good for nailing the opponent mistiming their approach vs Julia.

B4 – a +1 on block homing high, essential to keep the opponent’s stepping in check upclose, gave a JF combo followup or an easy mode ff2 grounded hit. 

DF1 – not a generic df1 at all. On crouching this move gives a ff3 d1+2 followup. An easy mode version is df1 into ff14 or even df1 to 2~b 2+3 on certain characters. 

SS3 – a safe mid wallsplat, good at the wall to complement 4~2’s mixup game.

SS3+4 – a normal hit mid launcher, -21 but it had a lot of pushback so some characters really struggled vs it. 

FC Game

FC DF43 – aka bow n arrow, her low in her strong FC mixup game, in TTT2 it gives obscene oki with d3 being a guaranteed hit, ff1 picking up backrolls and ff2 (or d2+3 exclusive to Julia) grounded hitting mid to catch people who fear backrolling due to ff1.

WS3 – a common mid in the FC mixup situation, it’s a safe homing mid which gave a ff2 or a JF combo followup.

WS1 – a -13 mid launcher to catch people ducking in fear of fc df43. 

Wall Game

Her wall game is essentially centered around 4~2,1, mid splats and d,df1,2 CH confirms. Keep them still with her threatening CHs and find the spacing to land her wardrums and mix it up with her midsplats such as ss3/d1+2/f2+3 etc while making them respect her with d,df1,2 CH hitconfirms and jab strings/m4 while throwing in some grabs etc.

Jaycee’s Wrestling Moves (Notable Moves)

In TTT2, Julia was under the disguise of Jaycee, this luchadora persona added some wrestling moves to the traditional Chang moveset. I don’t know if Julia in T7 will have these moves but since it’s confirmed that Jaycee is canon, we may see some of Jaycee’s exclusive moveset in T7’s Julia Chang.

DB4 – a dropkick  it knocked down on CH and was hefty frames on hit, it also did a lot of damage and was a useful addition to Julia’s low arsenal.

F2+3 – a shoulder barge for Julia, it was a safe mid wallsplat which helped the wall game a lot since the other safe mid splat came out of a sidestep making it a bit telegraphed. IT was also useful in okizeme as f2+3 hits grounded on bigger characters.

Db1+2 – it was her bridge stance, the only useful move out of it was BRG 1+2 which was useful as a tag assault filler. She could also use BRG f1+2 to throw herself on the ground to tag crash, niche use but it’s there.

D2+3 – a grounded hitting mid move, she does a booty drop. This is really strong after fc df43 because ff2 is unsafe if they stand up and block, but not only does d2+3 do more damage, it is also safe on block. An extremely useful addition for Julia in TTT2.

DF3+4 – her main wall ender, the grab portion of the move does unscaled damage so it’s huge chunks as an ender.

ROL stance

She had a stance by entering f3 and she would do a roll and she could do moves out of it.

ROL 1 – +1 on block high, knocks down on NH and gave a ff2/d2+3 grounded hit or the JF combo follow

ROL 2 – a mid CH launcher out of ROL

ROL 3 – a -12 mid launcher on normal hit with some pushback, some characters couldn’t punish this so it was abusable, the ROL stance itself also went under highs and certain mids so it was useful to chuck out sometimes

ROL 1+2 – a breakable grab out of ROL.



10f – 1,2

12f – 2~b 2+3 (2~b 1+2 as Michelle)

13f – b2,1+2

13f- FF3 launcher (at fastest speed)

15f – UF43

16f – D1+2 (for pushback moves)


10f – fc d1

11f – WS4

12f – FC DF2 (for wallsplat)

15f – UF43



D,df1~4,1,  d,df1~4,1, d,df1~4,1+2 b! iSW or dash d,df1,2 for carry.

You can do this combo off a lot of launchers 

The JF combo I’m referring to after WS3, ROL 1, (121)1 and others is 

4~2, ff1, d,df1~4,1+2 b! iSW or d,df1,2

The timing is quite strict on the ff1 pickup, it’s a JF pickup, it takes a lot of practice but it is highly recommended since it boosts the damage off these starters by a lot over just doing ff2/d2+3

Wall Combo

w! B2,1+2 b! 1+2 4 bf1+2

1+2 4 bf1+2 is her usual wall ender solo

Tag Assault 

Open Filler

Db1+2 1+2 is the most common one


Wall Filler

3~b 1+2 4 bf1+2 (tap 3~b, then tap f to go back to neutral, then 1+2 4 bf1+2)

Can do db1+2 1+2 into partner’s ufn4 to wall ender

Her ender in the open is usually just shining wizard or WR1 for oki

Wall ender is usually just df3+4 and if you can’t get that, then d,df1,2. 

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