Jin’s Barrows Guide

Jinjinn’s Mid-Level Budget Barrows Guide

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In this guide, I will be introducing a cost-efficient Barrows method for budget Mid-High levels that should net between 6-8 chests per inventory. Since Barrows drop rate is around 1/16, you should be getting around an item per 2-3 trips.

This guide will only explore the Freeze-Black Sally method so fuck off if you are looking for a general guide.


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Before we get into that, lets look at the absolute minimum requirements for this method:

Required Quests

  • In Search of the Myreque: Access to Canifis shortcut to Barrows. The subrequirement quests of Nature spirit and Priest in Peril allows access to Canifis and swamp.

  • Desert Treasure: Access to Ancient Magicks.

Recommended Quests:

  • In Aid of the Myreque: Burgh de Rott bank if you forgot something midway the trip and you are a  jew and want to save a House teletab.

  • Recipe for Disaster: Best gloves in game. Do I need to say more?

  • King’s Ransom: Piety

  • Lost City: DDS

Minimum Combat RequirementsRecommended Combat Requirements

  • 70 Attack80 Attack

  • 70 Strength80 Strength

  • 43 Prayer70 Prayer

  • 70 Defence80 Defence

  • 70 Magic94 Magic

  • 50 Construction55 Construction

  • 70 Ranged70 Ranged

Misc Requirements:

  • House with Altar and Kharyrll (Canifis) Portal

    • Armor Stand

Inventory Setup:

Super potions are optional but if you are lower than 90s in Attack and Strength, just take them.

There are obvious upgrades like SGS, Guthans, ect. but I am poor. So sorry for being poor.

You will need D’hide/Karils to tank damage from Ahrim and Black Salamander. Don’t forget this retard as its the entire point of this method.


Take enough runes for 50-100 casts. Barrows chest gives Barrage/ Blitz runes as reward anyway so you will be well-stocked in this area. I do recommend stocking  up on water runes as this method heavily uses water runes. I’ve gone through 20k or so.

Don’t be that one retard with Ahrims at barrows. Barrows brothers have nigh 0 magic defence and gets frozen nearly every time with negative magic bonus. I hit perfectly fine with barrage with -38 magic bonus. You are welcome to bring mage set but I personally wouldn’t bother. Waste of inventory space.

I find that super potions makes the trip much faster when killing Ahrims/ Karils so I take 8 doses. Feel free to replace super with regular.


With Guthans, this method has potential to last as much as you want to…

Gear: Gear here is not that important but should focus more towards defence bonus. You will be taking first hit from Barrows brother and maybe 2-3 more hit if you fuck up. Tunnel monsters’s damage can stack up over time too. Because of this, power armor like Bandos shouldn’t really be needed as you will only be meleeing the weak Tunnel fodders, Karil and Ahrim.

Don’t focus on prayer bonus. This method uses minimal prayer.

  • Helm: Verac’s > Barrows Helm> Neitiznot

  • Amulet: Fury>Glory

  • Body: Barrows>Verac>Bandos> Shit

  • Legs: Verac’s>Barrows> Tassets> Shit

  • Boots: Dragon>Rune>Climb

  • Weapon: Whip, Black Salamander>>>>> fuck off

  • Shield: DFS> Defender

  • Ring: Ring of Life

  • Cape: Fire Cape> Accomp Cape> Obsidian Cape

  • Arrow slot: 500+ Harralander Tars

My budget setup:

Getting There:

Teleport to Canifis via house teleport/ start then go to trapdoor behind the bar. Go through the trapdoor and out to the [former] Myreque hideout.


Cross the bridge and run to the boat as fast as you can to avoid the annoying ass Ghasts.


Take the Boat and walk to barrows. Conserving run energy is important.

Order of the Brothers

Karil -> Ahrims -> Dharoks -> Verac ->Torag -> Guthan

Honestly, other than Karil and Ahrim, order of melee brothers doesn’t matter but that rotation is used for many other methods and is most logical one as it allows utilization of remaining prayer points from run before. 

  • Why this rotation is the recommended:

It allows efficient usage of your prayer points. 

You will use most of prayer points at Karil as he is highest hitter of ranged barrows brother, use the remaining at Ahrim (who lowers stats so it would be meaningless to go with him first), and if left, use the remaining prayer point could be used to block out the first Dharok hit which can hit high and often, preventing needless supply waste.

Fighting Stragety:

1) Karil the Cunt

The most annoying of the Barrows brothers and easily the hardest of the Barrows Brothers. 

He attacks fast and frequently hits so its really annoying and supply draining when he combos. Always pray against him unless you have guthan’s/SGS. If you are tanking, make sure you have food just in case he rapes you.

Since this is the beginning of the Barrow Brother cycle, pot up with Super Attack/ Strength and drink a dose of prayer potion. 

Remember to Pray flick piety to save prayer. Barrows Area drains extra prayer per set cycle so watch your prayer. If you are any good, you should be able to finish this with little bit of prayer left. 

2) Ahrim the Blighted

Another cunt and annoying Barrows Brother. This cunt lowers your damn stats with his weaken.

Continue on with your boosted stats from super pots from Karil kill and your remaining prayer. Put on your dragonhide and put on protect from magic and piety. 

Unload your dragon dagger special on him and whip him until he dies. He shouldnt hit so often on your dragonhide if your prayer drops.

The goal is to get rid of Ahrims as fast as possible with your remaining prayer points while keeping your boosted stats for the tunnel. If you don’t kill him fast enough, he will start hitting heavily and will heavily lower your stats.

3-6) Melee Barrows Brothers


This is what correct sallying should look like

Yea, I lumped it together. Because you deal with them the same style for every one of them.

Only Brother you should deal with caution is Dharok. Don’t underestimate him and run up to him when he is on low hp without freezing him. If you are retardedly careless like that and he hits 50+ on you, its deserved and a massive waste of supplies.

First, equip the Black Salamander and set the attack style to “Blaze” then set your run on. Magic attack style is important as other style wont hit shit on melee brother and as I said before, magic bonus is not important in this method. Keep your armor on.

This will not get you defence experience.

Note that it is recommended to set aid off as there are assholes there trying to fuck you up by tele othering you. Turn that shit off.

Search the Sarcophagus and as the Melee Barrows Brother spawn, quickly cast Ice Barrage or Ice Blitz (if you suck) on the brother. If you have any prayer points left from Ahrims, put on protect from Melee to protect against the first hit.

When you confirm that he is frozen, take a step diagonally away 1 square from the brother and blast him with your Black Salamander. 

General rule of thumb is: 6 Black Salamander hits with Ice Barrage freeze for total of 7 or 

    4 Black Salamander hits with Ice Blitz freeze for total of 5 or

    3 Black Salamander hits with Ice Burst freeze for total of 4

If you fail to kill the brother within that 5/7 hits, as soon as you hit the 5th/7th damage, run to the edge of other side of the Sarcophagus and wait for his hp bar to disappear. 

Why edge of Sarcophagus? Because it allows the player to run and freeze without the risk of getting hit by the barrow brother. Waiting at the middle makes the player run into the barrow brother which I fucking hate because Dharok always hits 50+ with that single hit. Fuck him.

After it disappears, freeze him again with Blitz/Barrage and repeat.

Liking dicks is gay? News to me.


One of the 6 Barrows Brother’s crypt should lead to a tunnel and that brother should show up in the tunnel instead of appearing at the crypt.

You will end up in any of the 4 corner “ladder” rooms in the tunnel when you go down the crypt. These are labeled with “L” sign.

Your goal is to get to the chest which it has puzzle door protecting it, which is randomly assigned by the game when you enter the tunnel.

The ladder room you start in only has 1 door unlocked out of 4 possible. Other rooms do not have such restriction except the puzzle door which is all unable to be opened but 1 of the 4 possible. Just keep opening the door until you get to the puzzle door that could be opened.

Remember to note the starting ladder room. The ladder room you started in is the only room that contains way back up. Unless you are on your last trip, you reverse your progress through the tunnel to get to the ladder.

When you get to the puzzle door, it should have 4 random puzzles. If you get it wrong, the puzzle door will reset and you will have to run through the tunnels again.

Don’t bother with the puzzle and just click one of these answers below:

Tunnel Brothers

In any Barrow run, there should be 1 of the 6 brothers missing from the crypt. The one missing brothers will pop up in the tunnels to rape you out of nowhere. If you are low hp, they may 1 hit you so its advisable to always stay about 40 hp when entering tunnels.

1) Melee Brothers: Deal with them the same way you do in normal crypt except that you use the chest/torch as the obstacle used to wait for refreeze. 

If you get between the tunnel rooms, just ignore them and go for the chest brother as chest provides mean to safely avoid damage from the brother and avoid wasting supplies. If you put enough distance between the brother and yourself, he should disappear.

2) Karil: The worst case-scenario for the tunnel barrows brother.


Just use the prayer potion dose you have left over since you are taking 8 dose (since you should have full prayer at beginning of the trip) and use protect from ranged. If it runs out, just tank the damage and hope for the best or just use another prayer potion dose. I do not recommend tanking his hits without prayer regardless of your defence level. When he gets going, he hits heavily and often and will be a heavy drain to your supplies.

Don’t bother taking him or Ahrim to chest. Won’t matter

3) Ahrim: Annoying but better than Karil. Still has potential to damage.

Since magic level is 70% of magic defence instead of defence being a full factor, you should be fairly safe against him. Just put on your dragonhide/Karil’s and hope for the best. 

Its usually not worth sacrificing an extra trip (prayer potion dose) over him. He will die relatively quickly.

Kill Count

I just like to get around 14-16. Just your preference but I recommend getting 10+.

Reason: http://services.runescape.com/m=forum/forums.ws?19,20,597,64207233,goto,13

Here is the quote for the lazy from Mod Dean on maximizing your loot potential.

I believe EVERYONE thought that the creature kill count ONLY increased your chance and volumes of runes and bolt racks.

I posted last time we did a double drops weekend (and switched the D-Med for the visage) that 7/8 creature kills was the "magic" number to get the best chance for the D-Med or x2 Visage at the time 😉

Now, after one of our senior developers started digging into the code (and this code is old!), we found out that it does in fact increase your chances of Barrows items!!!

So, for the best chance at barrows items:

Kill all 6 Brothers

Leave Akrisae if possible (currently takes the longest to kill and loots are not so epic) + No increased chance for barrows item!!!!!!

Enter tunnels and kill around 8 creatures 

Loot chest                                                                                                                            

                  -Mod Dean                                                                                                                  

This was most likely coded in before Akrisae and would affect the OSRS as Mod Dean hints that this code could be part of the initial Barrows release when he emphasizes that the code is old.

This means that after clearing the chest brother and the tunnel monsters, to maximize your loot potential, you should have at least 14 kill count

Since Barrows item involves a huge chunk of the profit in Barrows activity, a little time spent each time to maximize the little chance you have is highly recommended. 



Happy scaping lads

Personal Barrows Log

Chest Count: 400

Crystal Key Parts: 17

Dragon Medium Helm: 6

Dharok’s Helm: 2 – 1680k

Dharok’s Greataxe: 1-350k

Guthan’s Helm: 1– 1250k

Guthan’s Platebody: 1– 270k

Guthan’s Chainskirt: 3– 820k

Guthan’s Warspear:1-7200k

Verac’s Helm: 3– 3800k

Verac’s Flail: 1– 175k

Verac’s Plateskirt: 1 – 1250k

Karil’s Coif: 4 – 100k

Karil’s Leathertop: 1– 1050k

Karil’s Leatherskirt: 1– 550k

Ahrim’s Hood: 1 – 75k

Torag’s Hammers: 2 – 160k

Torag’s Platebody: 1-250k

Total:                                                   -10.31m

Average Barrow Loot Value:-558.88k

Total Barrow’s Loot: 18

Barrows/Chest Ratio: 1 / 14.89

Major Loot/Chest Ratio: 1 / 7.88

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