Kamen Rider RPG Vers. Alpha

Stats & Skills

Stats are the embodiment of what your character is capable of and represented in mechanics by the size of die used for it going from d4 to d12. Skills are the refinement of that into what you can do and are shown by the amount of dice rolled.

Below are the five stats and their corresponding skills. Each skill is also an action that can be used in and out of combat.

Power: Muscles, and force.

  • Fight (Power) – A punch that could knock out a man, a kick to send him flying, or perhaps a mighty slam with a hammer in hand. Techniques that focus on punching through defenses instead of around use this skill.

  • Endure – You can drink from a goblet full of poison and survive, or maybe your body doesn’t want to fight anymore but you do. In a fight it's last man standing, this will help you be that last man.

  • Lift – Can you climb a mountain? Can you lift one? This skill will see if you can literally pull your own weight, and maybe even throw it back.

Finesse: Speed, and skill.

  • Fight (Finesse) – Expertly stab a knife in the weak points of a monster’s thick armor to fell it, or how about slicing at such a perfect angle that you cut straight through the armor itself? This is how swift warriors use finesse.

  • Hide – Behind something, under something, or even above. Being in the shadows is a good thing to know even for a Kamen Rider.

  • Aim – Believe and your aim will strike true. Or you can actually train for years to be able to throw/shoot a weapon well.

  • Agility – The act of using your body to get around. Jump, cartwheel, do whatever you need to dodge or 

  • Trick – Ever heard the phrase the hand is faster than the eye? You definitely have if you’re trained in this skill. A hand that is fast can steal, confuse an enemy, and much more.

Spirit: A resolve that the world can't break.

  • Resist – Either by sheer bullheadedness, or by training yourself to be disciplined, you can resist most advances on your psyche.

  • Sense – You feel where undetected presences are. You don't really have a 6th sense, but you are pretty good at knowing if things are out of the ordinary.

  • Instinct – Unnatural movements fill your head. When you're doing just about anything you have a weird sense of exactly what you need to do. Though these predictions aren't always the correct thing to do in the heat of the moment.

Intel: Power of mind, to see things from other angles.

  • Seek – When anyone is hiding something from you, rolling this skill will help you determine what they're hiding. From lies to how they really feel, roll high enough and you'll know.

  • Detect – Many things in the real world are hidden, yet you have a knack for seeing them if you have this skill. Traps and other hidden things are easier to spot with your eyes.

  • Deduce – You got the smart cookies alot growing up. If things aren't too obvious to others, they can be to you. Your character can readily know most facts if they have the clues at hand.

Charm: Inspire the world with your actions, for better or for worse.

  • Convince – Move the whole world with your words. Make them love you, and trust you like a real Kamen Rider.

  • Lie – Can you blame someone else for the crimes you’ve caused? Maybe! Hopefully you won’t use your skill on something like that though you are supposed to be a hero.

  • Perform – You can command a whole crowd with a dance, a song, music, or acting. Sway their hearts or break them! You have power in your Art, use it.

  • Scare – Charm doesn't always mean you're the prettiest face. Sometimes you’re the guy everyone wants to avoid, and this skill determines how likely people are to do just that.

Way to Roll

With the Rider form, a Rider's dice pool increases greatly. An example maximum table is given below:

Base Form: + 1

Super Form: + 2

Ultimate Form: + 3

Final Form: + 4

The values will vary & depend on your Rider's format & skill. Certain skills will increase, as well as certain stats. 

Rider Form Basics:

Health: Your vitality to live. In a Rider form, this value does not become affected until your armor is completely reduced. If you run out of health, you will be knocked unconscious & become vulnerable to fully losing your life. If an attack forces your health to be reduced beyond your maximum in the reverse direction, you will die immediately.

Armor: Armor is the amount of endurance your form has to face damage. When you run out of armor, your form becomes severely weakened, possibly forcing you out of your Rider form

Energy: The resource that allows you to do many actions besides the basic kinds. Summoning weapons, using techniques or abilities, and forcing yourself to stay in Rider form are some of these actions. Every Rider starts out with 10(temp) energy.

Weapons: Certain Rider forms will allow you to use weapons to attack. Some of these weapons allow you to perform more powerful brute attacks. Others will let you perform multiple hits & help your defenses. Others will allow you to strike at a distance. Weapons are more powerful for some forms, while other forms are not as skilled with their usage. In addition, certain creatures are weaker to weapons while other creatures are stronger against it.

(Idea here is that forms specializing in weapons may get a bonus to rolls or die increase, while fists might be decreased. Inversely, if forms are better with fists, weapons might decrease. Same kind of thing goes for foes that are strong/weak to weapons.)

Rider Creation:

When creating any Rider form, a player will have access to a point system called "Rider Chips." These chips work as a sort of currency that enables features, techniques, & abilities. 


On your turn, you have two actions & 1 free action. Free actions are things that take very little time or effort to do, such as tossing an item to the side or preparing some technique. Actions, however, take effort. These actions include:




Form Change




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