Kasumi Nakano Bloodline (Kakumei First Cour)


All Uchiha who awakened the First Tomoe become tetrachromatic and have an optimal vision range of 20m — awakened by intense emotions.

By the Second Tomoe, all Uchiha perceive the world around them in slowmo, milliseconds — allowing them to effectively emulate information in its applied form and an optimal vision range of 40m.

The Final Tomoe displaces the perception of time to microseconds to intercept even the slightest muscle tension, releasing hypnotic pheromones which affect the visual stimulus & pineal gland of the living, an optimal vision range of 70m.

The Kaleidoscope Edition

Those who awakened these eyes will have access to various energy disciplines & vibrate at said frequencies to become that energy. The Kaleidoscope Sharingan is no longer an imitation of True Magic for it's able to harness various magic disciplines. (This benefit is not only limited to the Uchiha for crossover purposes). Only one MS ability per user.

The Mangekyō flexes a kaleidoscope pattern and an optimal vision range of 700m, an exclusive Ocular Jutsu is awakened to be used — awakened by grief & although it doesn't blind the user, they have the specific risk of losing the power of the Mangekyō and their Sharingan abilities altogether, hence the craving to put themselves in dangerous situations to forcefully unlock the EMS, this also means that the potency of the MS degrades the more it's used.

Abilities granted:

  • Armored Susanoo: A spectral chakra armor that can be broken by few things, among which are chakra-disrupting attacks like the Gentle Fist. Being broken doesn’t have any particular backlash, but resummoning the Susanoo is slightly more expensive chakra-wise than simply maintaining it. Given its pure chakra and selectively tangible nature, a skilled user can puppet their own body in the case of incapacitation or create temporary replacement limbs. The armor comes with a drastically strengthened weapon.

  • Perhaps it is an expression of her oddities, or perhaps her passions, but Kasumi’s Susanoo doesn’t conform to the normal “Samurai” aesthetic typically inherent to the power. Instead, she is swathed in blue spectral bones and a hooded shroud with strips of “bandages” drawing over gaps in the ensemble and seemingly holding everything together. A human skull acts as a helmet, and rib-bones act as armor plating for the majority of her form. In short, she seems reminiscent of a hooded skeletal hoarder of lore. Her weapon is, thus, also a scythe, something she has learned to wield in her free-form combat style to massively aid her mobility.

If the Mangekyō is unlocked by grief, the Choku Tomoe is awakened by overcoming death together between intimate Mangekyō-wielders. Not all the time, you can still awaken it even if your special one is dead as long as they got the Mangekyō. Once acquired, it reflects overlapping kaleidoscopes of each other as Akasha's energy courses through their being. With an optimal vision of 5km, the Choku Tomoe includes the process of metamorphosis, turning the user to an ageless mortal thriving with a mortality of hundreds. By Mage Society standards, it's a Mystic Eye equivalent to the rainbow rank because of its distinct energy generator core apart from the wielder.


Uchiha Madara

Uchiha Sasuke

The Rinne Sharingan is temporarily unlocked through enlightenment & detachment from earthly tether, thereby becoming a bonafide immortal Counter Guardian that is beloved by the Counter Force


Uchiha Sasuke


1. Gaia & Alaya temporarily contracted Sasuke through Rikudō's blessing during the Fourth Great Ninja War as Madara threatened to enslave the world by rewriting reality with the Infinite Tsukuyomi.

2. To prevent mankind from causing Elentir with abnormal energy surge including its destruction, the Counter Force once again used Sasuke to oppose Naruto at the Final Valley and although he lost in the battle of ideals, Sasuke ultimately severed the connection of the Nine Bijū from the world, imprisoning them in the Reversed Side of The World.

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