KH2FM GOA Randomizer Setup Guide

KH2FM Garden of Assemblage (GoA) Randomizer Setup Guide (updated 03-18-2021)

Update 03-18-2021: Steps shown in this guide are legacy steps. As we approach the PC release, this guide will be shifted towards setting up Randomizer using OpenKH Mod Loader (will be compatible for both PCSX2 and PC) for a heavily simplified setup process. More to come.

OpenKH Mod Loader setup guide: KH2FM Randomizer setup – OpenKH Edition



NOTE: The process in this part of the guide applies to Windows. For Mac, you might need something like Wine for it to work.

  1. Download the following items and place them all in one folder (preferably on the root directory of a drive to avoid any character limit errors):

  1. KH2FM Toolkit

  2. Translation Patch [Any of these English patches will work] (skip this step if you’re going to play in Japanese)

CrazyCatz00’s KH2FM English Translation Patch (based on KH 2.5)


Xeeynamo’s KH2FM English Translation Patch (Rev5) 

  1. GoA patches (repackaged by Num; originally by Naxshe):

  1. An unmodded KH2FM ISO, and rename it to KH2FM.ISO (dump your own, don’t bother anyone with a download link, that’s piracy.)

To determine if your copy of KH2FM is unmodded or not, to the following steps:

  • Open a command prompt on the folder where the KH2FM.iso and the Toolkit is in (Hot tip: type in cmd on the address bar of the Windows Explorer window, then press Enter. A Command Prompt window will pop up already in the directory you want.)

  • Type in KH2FM_Toolkit -verifyiso, press Enter

  • Press Enter again. The toolkit will now compute for your ISO’s SHA1 hash and compare it to determine if you actually have a good base ISO or not.

If you have a good unmodded KH2FM ISO, you should see this message.

  1. Rename the patches to identify patch priority. Just number the patches at the start of their file name to do so. The higher the number, the higher the patch priority.

Patch Priority Table (for AiO patches)

If Using Vanilla 2FM (JP)

If Using Xeeynamo’s Patch

If Using Sora6645’s Patch

If Using CrazyCatz’s Patch

AiO patch (Vanilla)




GoA AiO patch (Xeeynamo/Sora6645)

GoA AiO patch (Xeeynamo/Sora6645)

GoA AiO patch (CrazyCatz)


Your folder should look like this (if you’re using an AiO patch)

A message from the modders: It is not recommended to patch one at a time due to how the toolkit works. Patching one at a time may result in an unstable ISO, especially if a file is being rewritten multiple times by different patches.

  1. Select your patches one by one (Ctrl+Click/CMD+Click) in order of patch priority, then drag patch priority # 1 (should be the translation patch) to the KH2FM_Toolkit executable.

  2. Fast read the Toolkit Window and check if the patches are loaded in the same order that you renamed the patches into. If they are in the correct order, press Enter to start patching. If not, redo step 3. After patching has been done, the newly created ISO file (KH2FM.NEW.ISO) is your Randomizer ISO.


  1. Download PCSX2. Minimum build you should use is 1.5.0 dev-3200. However, you can use the latest stable version (1.6.0) or the latest developer build*. For Mac, get your build here.

Update 08-28-2020: The upcoming 64-bit versions of PCSX2 will (probably) not support Randomizer due to a change in the emulator’s base address, which is the starting point for mapping out the codes used for building the randomizer. For now, using the 32-bit 1.7.0 developer builds is fine. But once they drop 32-bit support and switch to 64-bit, we expect the randomizer to not work and the only solution we can give you is to fall back to 1.6.0.

    1. Set up the emulator normally. Some settings might depend on your PC’s performance.

    2. Download the Main Randomizer pnach file and save it to the cheats folder of the PCSX2 directory. You need to rename the file to match the CRC code of the Randomizer ISO. Make sure that the file name of the Main Randomizer file will not conflict with your seed cheats file (Hint: Make sure the main randomizer seed file is named as “<CRC Code> Main Rando.pnach” and your Randomizer Seed file is named as “<CRC Code>.pnach. That way, Windows won’t replace the pnachs with each other, but the emulator will still load both pnach files):

  1. F266B00B = Vanilla 2FM/Xeeynamo’s English Patch

  2. FAF99301 = CrazyCatz’s English Patch

  1. Download a randomizer seed ( and save the seed file to the cheats folder of your emulator. Read the Help tab on the website to get you sorted there.

  2. Start your game with cheats enabled.

  3. Enjoy your rando experience!


  1. Re-do SETTING UP GOA RANDOMIZER – Step 3. Overwrite the existing Main randomizer pnach file with the new one. DO NOT update the pnach file while in the middle of a playthrough.


Enhance your KH2FM Randomizer experience! Apply the following patches to improve the audio and graphic quality of your playthroughs.

NOTE: The following patches are made with the CrazyCatz00 English Patch in mind.

NOTE: You will have to reconfigure your patch priority when applying these patches. They’re mostly applied between the Translation and the GoA AiO patch, except for a couple of patches.

  • A font fix needs to be applied on the emulator for this patch. Drop this pnach file on the cheats folder of your PCSX2.

  • This is to be used alongside HDification by Vladabdf

  • This will replace the world themed and the KH1 command menu with Classic KH3 Command Menu and the Shibuya Command Menu, respectively.

  • This will replace the ability icons that are in the AiO patches. Select this AFTER the GoA AiO.

Personally, I use this patch priority:

The 8th patch can be swapped between desa’s or Naxshe’s.

NOTE: There is a file ( that both the GoA AiO, Dual Audio, and KH3 Command Menu will try to edit. Since I placed the GoA AiO on a higher priority, the GoA AiO will be granted access to that file. As a result, the Language selection screen (supposed to be changed by the Dual Audio patch via the aforementioned file) will appear wonky. In that regard, selecting Stereo will use the English language, while Pro Logic II will use the Japanese language. Likewise, for the Command Menu option, Kingdom Hearts II will utilize the KH3 Classic Command Menu, while Kindgom Hearts will utilize the Shibuya Command Menu.

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