Killer Bean TTRPG

Killer Bean The TTRPG

In a world filled with anthropomorphic coffee beans, a criminal group known as the Shadow Agency reigns supreme, and only the most skilled beans in the world are able to join. You are one these Shadow Beans, and you have a job to do.

Role-Playing a Shadow Bean

Shadow Beans are always snarky and rude, with little regard for those around them. In addition to carrying around a gun, they always have a sarcastic response or cheesy one-liner hanging from their belt, take this into consideration and write a few down on your character sheet, it may be important later. Shadow Beans always go for the most dangerous route they can, bursting into enemy hideouts with their guns blazing, right in the face of danger.

Character Sheet

The character sheet can be found here.

Game Rules

The game uses a 1d10 or one 10-sided die as it’s main die. The game is intended to be very streamlined and works through a series of contested rolls, a contested roll is when two characters roll against each other, with the highest being the victor, on a tied roll the attacker must reroll their check. The main type of roll players will be making is 1d10+skill. If a player is making a check that can’t be contested against another character, then the Referee determines what is called a DC or Difficulty Class, the check must meet the DC or it is considered a failure, below is a list of different DCs you can use in your game.




20-Very Hard


Additionally, there may be times when the Referee calls for advantage or disadvantage, which refers to when the die is rolled twice and the higher die is used, or the die is rolled twice and the lower die is used respectively. When a roll has both advantage and disadvantage simultaneously, they negate each other and the roll is made as normal.

Fumbles and Crits.

If a fumble or a “1” is rolled on a die, it is considered an instant failure, and could very well result in the death of your bean, or maybe they just failed to intimidate some random townsperson. Moreover, if a “10” or a critical hit is rolled, then you may roll the 1d10 an additional time and add it to your roll.

One-Liners/ Cool Stunts and Confidence Points

Up to the Referee’s discretion, if a character uses a one-liner during the session, that fits in ever so cheesily, or attempts a really creative stunt, the Referee may give the player a Confidence Point, spending a Confidence Point during the game allows you to reroll any 1d10 roll that you make during any following moments of your game.

Character Creation and Skills

When creating a character, whether a Shadow Bean, or a random mook, you must decide how many points will go into that character’s skill set. Below is a helpful list when deciding to make characters.

10 Points- Mook

15 Points- Police Officer

25 Points- Chief Detective

30 Points- Elite Guard

60 Points- Shadow Bean Recruit

90 Points- Shadow Bean

Skill List

Here is a list of skills that players can choose from, or non-player characters can choose from. All skills are equally important, and a Shadow Bean should choose which skills to put points in very carefully, as a general rule of thumb a skill cannot exceed 10 points, at character creation.

Skill Name


Acrobatics/ Dodge Bullet

The ability to maneuver your way out of gunfire, and flip around the place like a psychopath. Anytime you dodge a gun attack, during the next attack you make, whether you have/are going to prepare it, or are attacking in any following round, you gain a bonus to whatever attack roll you are going to make equal to the number of Gun attacks you dodged.


The skill Cover allows you to find cover and hide, or have the ability to interpose an object between you and a projectile, and if there are 3 or more attackers firing at you, then you gain a bonus to your roll equal to the number of attackers firing at you. Remember, cover does not provide protection against all attacks.


Your ability to drive a car, or a motorcycle. Start your engines!


With Endurance you are able to take more damage, or handle long periods of sustained muscle exertion. In addition this determines your Hit Points, just use the formula 10+Endurance Skill, and you are all set.


The Guns skill determines how accurate you are with all firearms. Fire away, bean.


Your sense to act quickly, it could mean the difference between life or death of your Shadow Bean.


With this ability, you can intimidate opponents. The situation may call for advantage/disadvantage, and that is to be determined by your Referee.

Martial Arts/ Melee

The Martial Arts and Melee skill determines how effective you are with hand to hand combat


Determines how fast you are able to run on foot. This base number is 25 meters per round, use this formula to calculate running speed ((Running Skill x5)+25) This skill is maxed out at 10.


This skill is for throwing weapons, such as grenades, shuriken, or throwing knives.

Willpower and Recognition

Your ability to not be intimidated, spot a trap, or tell if someone is lying, just your overall mental toughness and skill.

Rules for Contested Skills,

In this agency, some skills contest others, and they may not contest another skill that they are not meant for. (IMPORTANT: You only roll to defend against bullets once per round, and you use the value of that score to defend against any additional oncoming attacks from guns that you recieve.) Below is a list of which skills contest each other.

-Guns- VS -Acrobatics/ Dodge Bullet- or -Cover- 

-Martial Arts- VS -Martial Arts/ Melee-

-Throwing- VS -Martial Arts/ Melee-

-Intimidation- VS -Willpower and Recognition-

If a skill isn’t listed here that should be contested by a different skill, than it is up to the Referee to decide what skill should be used, but one very important, game-making or breaking rule, is that -Acrobatics/ Dodge Bullet- can only be used to dodge bullets, and nothing else, to dodge or evade other attacks you must use the -Martial Arts/ Melee- skill.


When a fight starts the order of participants is decided by the -Initiative- skill. All participants must roll an -Initiative- check. The order of values rolled is the order the players will act in.

Actions in Combat

 You always have one action per 5 second round. In combat you may do anything your Bean mind can think of, but some common actions include.

– Jump out of cover and shoot your gun

-Engage in hand to hand combat

-Run up to your full movement speed

-Drive a car

-Prepare an action in response to something that may happen (ex: I will shoot the Bean when he pops out of cover)

Attacking Multiple Targets

If you want to attack multiple targets at once, then you can divide your total hit number (1d10+skill) by the number of targets you wish to attack, your targets will still roll to defend as normal, but if you want to speed things up you can use (5+skill) for the baddies when attacking large groups of enemies, just so things are a bit easier to handle.

Damage and Being Knocked Unconscious

If your bean is hit by a gunshot, or brought to 0 Hit Points, they are killed instantly, and nothing can protect them. Other attacks deal various amounts of damage. Additionally, your bean will be knocked unconscious if they take half or greater damage equal to their Hit Point Maximum in damage from one attack. Your character wakes up whenever the Referee determines to be appropriate, or to spice things up they may allow you to roll an -Endurance- check equal to the total damage you have taken on your turn. All Hit Points are regained after a fight. Below is a list of different attacks and their various damages and or different effects.




On a hit, any firearm kills instantly


Ignores cover, target must make an -Acrobatics/ Dodge Bullet- check, on a hit you are killed instantly

Hand to hand combat

Deals half of your -Martial Arts/ Melee- skill damage on a hit.


Ignores cover, target must make a -Martial Arts/ Melee- check to knock it back to the person who threw it. On a hit you take 15 damage.

Non-Explosive Thrown Weapons

Deals half of your -Throwing- skill damage on a hit.

Ramming with your car.

Deals your -Driving- skill in damage on a hit.


You may attack with advantage while wielding a shotgun in melee range, if you are not in melee range you have disadvantage, shotgun blasts kill instantly.

Leveling Up

If your character has accomplished certain goals the Referee has put in place for you, like completing an arc in your story, the Referee may allow you to level up, when you level up you gain 5 skill points to spend wherever you like, and improve your character. In addition to skill points, your Referee can give you other things such as cars, new missions, rocket launchers, etc. when they believe it feels like the right time.

Rule of Cool

The Rule of Cool states that it doesn’t matter if something is impractical or stupid as long as it’s cool. For example, Killer Bean is able to shoot dozens of bullets out of his guns without reloading once, but for the sake of being cool he doesn’t have to reload unless he feels like it. Remember this rule while you play, it doesn’t matter if the game gets a little bit unrealistic, as long as everyone is having fun.

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