Killua’s Complete Guild Raid Teambuilding Guide

Killua’s Complete Guild Raid Teambuilding Guide

v2.0 (9/17/2019)

Hey everyone, Kιllυa here ! 😀

9/17/19 EDIT: Mostly updated with newer units and synergies

As you may know, Guild Raid bosses have been buffed significantly in the recent seasons, increasing not only the boss’ survivability but also its damage by a lot.

Those changes make proper teambuilding even more important than before, in order to optimize scoring.

The guide works for everyone who is unsure how to build and sphere their team, from F2P newcomers to veteran pingus, but it is more built towards “midgame” players who have at least a half decent roster of units and spheres.

I’ll cover every possible aspect of Guild Raid teambuilding, so it’ll be a long guide but there will be everything you need to know to make your team (and your score) the best it can be! 

Most concepts and explanations are also valid for teambuilding in other content, but some might be Guild Raid specific.

The guide will be broken down in different parts with detailed explanation on everything. It’s a long guide so here is a table on contents if you want to see specific parts. There should be one on the left of the sheet too if I didn’t fuck things up.



Good to have



Good to have



Good to have




Support (5th slot)

Leader choice













Here are all the important things that help you survive the bosses. If the effect/buff isn’t in the list below, it’s not an important feat and prioritize getting the effects listed.

  • Necessary

All the effects below are pretty self explanatory. You 100% need those to survive.

  • Damage Reduction (Mitigation)

Long gone are the times where you could afford to run no mitigator ever and get away with it.

  • Ailment removal and/or protection

Bosses (at least most elements) have innate ailment inflictions and the enemy can pick a skill that adds more inflictions. Having a way to deal with that is necessary in order to not get para/cursed-locked which at the very least will hurt your damage a ton, and in the worst case scenario could just get you killed.

Recommended: If you dont have a unit with innate team ailment null on SBB or ES (auto friendly) use Reraise elgif (Fairy Tail collab) either on your mitigator or your second lowest damage unit will do the trick. If you don’t have it, go for cleanse with Masked Steerwheel or Raise elgif. To want to maximize damage, you’ll have to manually swipe the cleanse first. If you don’t have any of those options you’d have to use a unit who has null or cleanse.

  • Any form of healing

You have different options for healing and you only really “need” one of them.

  • Burst Heal (Wondrous Aegis or Sacred World – Elgifs)

  • Heal on Turn (Sakura Medal – Sphere)

  • HC drops (Malevolent Charm – Sphere)

  • Heal on Spark (less prefered)

Recommended: Wondrous or Sakura on your mitigator take care of your healing needs and you don’t lose damage on the other high damage units.

  • (Light/Dark only) Elemental Damage Negation

For Light and Dark elements, you will need EWD null to safely survive past turn 5. If you dont have it, the turn 5 buffwipe can kill units even through guard if you’re unlucky, and the turn 10 is almost guaranteed death.

It is prefered to get it from LS since LS can’t be removed in Guild Raid while Elgif/ES can and getting it on spheres sacrifices a lot of damage.

  • Good to have

All the effects below are not “mandatory” but if you can get it without sacrificing much damage and you feel like you want to be safer, those will be your best bet.

Those buffs are not mandatory because we kill bosses quickly enough as a guild that we usually won’t get to the part where you need them to survive.

  • Critical Damage Negation

Bosses now get additional Crit rate and Crit damage if the enemy picked this guardian skill (it’s the best in that category so it will be common) and crits hurt. A lot. Paired with the innate boss ATK buffs and scaling, as well as potential DEF Ignore or Hitcount buff, even Crit normal attacks can be deadly.

  • Ailment Inflictions (Injury) and ATK down debuff

Inflictions are very underrated. In fact they’re the most effective way to reduce damage after mitigation, especially if you stack them (Injury + ATK down + Added to attacks ATK down all stack). Inflictions even protect you against buffwipe damage since they’re debuffs on the enemy, so they obviously don’t get buffwiped.

Random Target (RT) units with added injury and/or ATK down to attacks are ideal for this, since each RT hit gets a chance to proc the effect(s).

I wouldn’t go out of the way to get them since we kill bosses fast but some units that are already top tier have inflictions like: Sae, Persenet, Ensa. Honorable mentions to Tsuyu and Ebony who aren’t part of “ideal” teams but still solid units and have inflictions.

  • DEF and DEF conversion

Most good mitigators have those in their kit nowadays. It’s nice to have but not really mandatory because other options will increase your survivability more, especially now that bosses have common DEF Ignore applied to their attacks.

  • ELAINA and friends

She deserves a special mention here, along with Osiris. She’s not necessary if you guild is relatively active, but if you often end up solo/duo/trio ‘ing the boss and have to go 30, 40+ turns you definitely want to slot her regardless of the element along with 1-2 OD fillers.

She’s an immortality easymode button and your best friend if you’re in a casual guild.

However she’s unnecessary for any somewhat active guild, I would pick a nuker over her.

Note: Kielazar isn’t really comparable due to not being as easily spammable (no recast). I wouldn’t recommend him outside of Dark team unless you don’t have Elaina and really want the extra safety net. Unlike hers, his safety net can definitely still end up in death.

However, if you have recast (Master of the Hunt) elgif and a unit that does 20% recast chance on BB or SBB, it turns Kielazar into a really solid UBB which also brings damage buffs if enhanced.


As you probably already know, killing the boss faster is the best way to not run into trouble, as well as be able to get the final boss of the match in time, so it’s a crucial part of Guild Raid.

The better your damage will be, the better personal score you will get, and the faster we kill the boss.

Some of the buffs below will be super obvious, but some are usually overlooked and increase your damage by a noticeable amount if you can get them.

  • Necessary

The buffs below (Crit/EWD/Spark) are damage multiplier that multiply each other to increase your damage. The more you have, the better (with the exception of Crit damage due to cap).

You can get those effects through spheres/elgifs/ES/SP/LS as well as team buffs for your nukers.

  • Critical Hit Rate

If you don’t actually get critical hits, you don’t use all the critical damage you stack…

Crit rate is capped at 70% and all units start with 10% innate crit rate, so any +60% standard Crit rate buff will do the trick. Most units who do that also do Critical Hit Damage.

Recommended: If you don’t have a crit rate buffer in the team, you can use Gilded Aegis elgif instead. Use it on your weakest nuker, since it still gives damage (ewd) but not the best damage elgif either.

  • Critical Hit Damage

Critical damage is the first damage multiplier you want to prioritize, because unlike the others it is capped at 700% total and since everything multiplies together, having low Crit in favor of Spark/EWD is detrimental.

Innately, Crits deal +50% damage than your “normal damage” (so 100% damage) which means you start with 150% Crit damage.

You want to add +550% (or as close to it as possible) to your nukers through different means (LS/Spheres/Elgif/SP/Buffs) but no need to go over that. It’s best to try and find a good balance and get to crit cap while still getting as much Spark/EWD as possible.

It all comes down to sphere/elgif/LS combinations, more on that later.

It is assumed that Guild Raid bosses have no immunity or resistance to Crit damage whatsoever.

  • Elemental Weakness Damage

Guild Raid is all about using a mono team of the opposite element of the boss, which makes EWD damage extremely potent in this game mode. There is no hard cap to it, and whatever you heard about “diminishing returns” (for EWD and Spark) is true BUT you still will gain more damage from stacking more EWD/Spark so no need to confuse everyone with an explanation LOL.

It is assumed that Guild Raid bosses have no immunity or resistance to EWD whatsoever.

Note: EWD only applies to the base element, so you won’t get anything from EWD buffs if you “add elements” to a unit of the wrong element. You’ll get the base 1.5x multiplier and nothing more.

  • Spark Damage

Another multiplier with no hard cap and unresisted by the boss as far as I know. Same as EWD with the difference being that you need your team to have high spark rates (In game training simulator is your best friend. Don’t use Hamzabot/Sparkle, only trial and error and finding what looks the most consistent to you will help you for single target fights.


  • Goal/Summary

Ideally you want to have a Crit rate buff, reach the Crit damage cap (700%) and have very high values for both Spark & EWD, close to each other. For example, having 1000% Spark & 1000% EWD is better than having 1300% EWD and 700% Spark providing your team sparks well. Why?

Because they multiply each other, so you effectively multiply your damage by 10 x 10 = 100 instead of 13 x 7 = 91.

  • Good to have

These buffs will improve your damage by a noticeable amount and if you can’t get them without sacrificing a nuker slot, I would say get them.

  • BB% Mod

BB% mod is the next best damage buff after Crit/Spark/EWD. To make it simple it increases the ATK stat that is used in the damage formula calculation when you use BB/SBB/UBB. This ATK stat is kinda like the base of the formula and the different multipliers and reductions will be applied to that number, so the higher it is, the better it is.

Think of it as boosting the power of your Lamborghini (high ATK value) exponentially versus boosting your old car from the 80’s. If the base material is better, you’ll benefit a lot more from multiplying its power!

BB% mod common buffs have much much higher value than regular ATK% buffs (roughly 600% vs 200% being the best for each)  which makes it a lot more valuable.

It could be in the “necessary” list because not having it is quite a big loss most of the time, especially for non-HP scaled attacks, but since it’s not as massive as missing Crit/EWD/Spark I separated it from those.

  • Elemental Spark 

It stacks with a regular Spark buff and meta buffs have relatively high values, so it’s a pretty noticeable damage increase if you can get it.

Recommended: Use Shining Sun Medal on one of your lower damage units. The sphere itself is bad for damage, but giving the team buffs to your nukers is a noticeable improvement. Not necessary if you already have a unit who gives elemental spark (like Savei, Izuku, Senbon..etc…)

  • Elemental Critical Damage

Same as elemental Spark, it stacks with regular Crit. But in this case it’s not always beneficial, for example if you have a high Crit LS you usually will reach crit cap without trouble and without the need for Elemental Crit.

However, for some teams it allows to use a Spark+EWD lead while still reaching Crit cap to increase your damage even further.

Recommended: Add up all the Crit damage sources your nukers get (simple addition) and if you don’t get to 675-700%, use Crusader Medal in the team. You can give it to a nuker since unlike Sun Medal, it has decent/good damage on it, but prioritize your weakest nuker while the better ones get your strongest raw damage spheres.

  • Spark Vulnerability & Sparkcrit

Now we’re getting into “underrated buffs” territory.

Spark Vuln and Sparcrit are nice to have. For some reason a lot of people still think those are shit, but the thing is, they used to be considered shit because in the past they weren’t on very good units and you had to sacrifice way too much to get those. 

Don’t go out of your way to get it, but it's a noticeable damage boost if you actually have those on a good unit (like Savei for example).

For the record a 30% chance to inflict 50% debuff is the same as having +15% team spark.

  • ATK% & ATK Conversion

ATK% and ATK conversion are also good to have since they're pretty noticeable damage increase for non HP scaled attacks, especially now that high ATK cap breaks are common.

Same reasoning as BB% mod, but ATK% and ATK conversion increase your ATK stat a bit less. 

All ATK sources are good to take tho, so if no unit in your team has it on the base SBB kit, I would consider getting it for example if a unit in your team has that option on SP (Zeis).

  • DEF Ignore

Last underrated buff, DEF Ignore. You’ve probably heard since the day it was first released (ages ago) that this buff was trash. Let’s be real, it used to be and it still is for basically everything… but Guild Raid.

DEF stat reduces incoming base damage by 1 for every 3 DEF points. It reduces the “ATK value used in the damage formula calculation” that I mentioned earlier.

Most enemies in the game have absurdly low amounts of base DEF, making DEF ignore negligible, however Guild Raid bosses have not only high base stats (ATK/DEF) but they have a “double scaling”. Each new boss spawning will have stronger stats. And in battle, the longer you fight the more the boss scales too.

Not only that but since Season 13, bosses now have more ways to increase their ATK/DEF including huge 80% ATK/DEF permanent buff as well as a massive 100% ATK to DEF conversion which converts a huge amount of ATK.

Bosses will have about 25.000 DEF at the very least (Boss level 1, early turns) and while it isn’t exactly known how hard they scale, I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets VERY high later on.

As a comparison, if “scaling” affects base stats and scales up to match the stats of pre-S13 bosses, we’re already talking about over 60.000 DEF.

TLDR: I’ll spare you the math, but you’ll lose at the very least 5% total damage due to the boss’ DEF and it’ll easily go up to 10% maybe more for later bosses.

Recommended: If you have the option to get DEF Ignore via SP (Keres, Zeis) get it over selfish SP it will be more valuable to the team. If not, you have the option to use Yata no Kagami on your team. However, don’t equip it to a nuker, and if you don’t have a slot for it due to using other “team support” spheres (like some mentioned earlier) then it’s whatever.


Remember when I said Guild Raid was all about damage? well if you can’t spam SBB you won’t deal much damage, it’s as simple as that.

You need at least some form of reliable BC gen in order to maintain full SBB gauges all the time, with the only exception being teams with 3+ units having insta-refill SBB.

  • Necessary

  • BC on Spark

BC on Spark is the only necessary BC gen buff for Guild Raid just like for the huge majority of the game in general. 

As long as your units spark half decently, it will refill your entire SBB consistently every turn.

It also happens to be available on many units who also do Spark damage buff and are slot efficient so it’s perfect.

Recommended: Test your team’s sparking with a few repetitions in the training simulator just to make sure no unit is getting inconsistent 0-5 Sparks (against 1 target) only. If that’s the case, I suggest using an instafill sphere on that unit (Ignis Wing, Wyola’s Honor, Transmuting Tome) or high BC at start of turn (Daltisk Phenomenon, Insidious Lash, Diamond Key)

  • Good to have

These effects aren’t necessary if your team refills from BC on spark, but if you have them… why not?

  • BC when Attacked (BC “on hit”)

  • BC each turn & BC at start of turn

  • BC instafill

In general, you don’t need any of these 3 effects above as long as BC on Spark fills your gauges. However, if you combine 2 or all 3 of these, you can counteract BB drain from the boss (chance to happen every 3 turns) and be able to use SBB again the next turn.

It is not really a great investment in my opinion, because only one of those 3 buffs (regardless of which) won’t be enough to refill your SBB gauge after drain, and you will only use BB on the next turn regardless. So you need at least 2 of those effects and it’s imo generally not worth sacrificing (likely a lot of) damage just for a situational benefit.

  • BC drop rate

If you fill from BC on Spark it doesn’t matter, but if one of your units has BC+HC drop rate (or Malevolent Charm) then that’s something.


Now that we got all the useful effects covered, let’s see which units are the most valuable to bring as many of the important buffs as you can to the team, increasing both survivability and damage.

I’ll go through different roles for each elements being: mitigator, nukers, support.

It’s not so much of a unit ranking list, it’s more of a list of which units are good for the role in general so I will write it like this:

X & Y units > A & B & C & D units for the role, rather than rankings each unit from “the best” to “the worst”.

The list will also assume you’re building a team with a strong leader + mitigator + your 2-3 best mono element nukers + a “support” unit to cover the buffs your miti/nukers don’t bring for that element.

It may sound weird to some, but it’s the most efficient way to maximize your scoring. You want to get the minimum you need to safely survive for a little while and dish out as much damage as possible in that time. You’ll get a lot more doing that rather than surviving a little bit longer but dealing no damage. It’s true for every guild, competitive or casual. If you die and boss is still healthy, you can revive for a lot more points once again or be happy with all the points you got / damage you dealt. In active guilds boss will be dead before he gets too strong.

So don’t expect “support” to be a whole bunch of BC gen units, it’ll be more specific to what each element needs based on what their best nukers bring to the table and what is left lacking.

  • Mitigators

  • Fire

Aesys: Best fire mitigator due to having a little more damage than the counterparts.

Annette: Good miti with some support buffs. You never go wrong with her.

Yamori: Good free miti with access to crit damage if you don’t have Inoko/Bakugo for that.

Amus: Functions on her own without any external ailment protection or heal support.

Rain: Access to Crit null, which is rare in Fire element. Requires external ailment support.

Valen: BC instafill to deal with BB drain. Requires external heal support..

Recommended: No particular “always best” mitigator in this element, the damage difference between them is relatively small and it depends on the spheres/elgifs you have (mostly for ailments, wondrous for healing). Amus will work in every team, others are more situational.

  • Water

Vail & Vidrion: Very high personal damage (triple attack), only proper nuking mitigator in the game. ATK conversion to boost team damage further. Requires external ailment support.

Sennie: Great miti with OD fill and BB instafill.

Saerenthis: Very good free miti, only downside is she deals low damage.

Gazolina: Extremely good against BB drain. Access to Crit null. No need for external support

Tsuyu: Requires to alternate BB/SBB manually. EWD buff if you don’t have one (via Snowound usually). Great inflictions. Requires external heal support.

Stein: Just like Amus in Fire, old unit and he functions very well on his own with no external support.

Xenon/QiuTong/Ptah: Off Element so sacrifices paradigm lv.3. Access to some top tier effects and good to use in some teams for synergy purposes if missing the top mitigator of the element. Indirect damage boost via OD fill.

Ilm: If you really have nothing else. DoT is a bit detrimental and he doesn’t bring much to the table anyway.

Recommended: Vail is ideal if you have ailment null in the team or from elgif, due to his damage. If you don’t have him, then Gazolina if you can unlock Para3, otherwise Xenon off element will bring the most. If you dont have Snowbound and no EWD buff unit in the team (like sample squad, see later) use Tsuyu and manual. Stein for F2P or unlucky players.

  • Earth

Senbonzakura Miku: Requires manual. Extremely slot efficient and her UBB is bonkers. Need external ailment & heal support.

Osiris: Great mitigator, deals pretty good damage, has OD fill and some support stuff. Senbon is generally prefered for synergy purposes with Arumat, but Osiris goes well with Tarok.

Mordlim: Good at sparking Dranoel or Baiken. Requires external heal support.

Nagid: Functions on his own with no external support. Good BC gen buffs.

Edea: Functions on her own with no external support.

Recommended: Senbonzakura Miku is god tier for Earth team. Use her if you have her and deal with ailments and healing another way. If you don’t have her, Mordlim is nearly always the better option.

  • Thunder

Sheriff: Go-to Thunder mitigator for most teams if you have him. Crit buff on mitigator pairs particularly well with Izuku(s) LS if you have multiple of him.

Mikael: Highest damage Thunder mitigator and always the best choice if you’re using another crit buffer (Vrana, Wang, Durumn) due to not having enough Izuku/Fennia dupes.

Erza: Super tanky with the right spheres but doesnt really bring much to the team.

Chryssa: Does the same job as Sheriff. However, she has DoT which is a problem for short fights. I would still recommend her if you’re not in a top guild to replace a Sheriff you dont have.

Xenon/QiuTong/Ptah: Off Element so sacrifices paradigm lv.3. Access to some top tier effects and good to use in some teams for synergy purposes if missing the top mitigator of the element. Indirect damage boost via OD fill. If you have Cerise(s) and/or Izuku(s) for your nuker slots but you are lacking Wang/Vrana for crit buff, Ptah is great for example.

Khepratum: Functions on her own with no external support. Access to Crit null.

Eleanor: F2P friendly option. Requires external ailment support.

Recommended: Sheriff (or Chryssa) if you have 3 nuker dupes and no space to waste for Vrana/Durumn/Wang’s crit buff. Otherwise Mikael. 

If missing both of them, honestly you will get better value out of Ptah/Xenon even if he isn’t Thunder and even over Erza. 

  • Light

Sero-Anya: Best overall light mitigator by a large margin for Guild Raid. Brings spark/ewd, BC support, high damage and an insanely strong UBB if paired with the recast elgif, while being able to go 0 cost if you own Ragnarok Edict or have multiple cost reduction ES in the team (eg Ken Kaneki dupes).

Chloe: Very slot efficient due to her LS but not the top pick anymore due to how strong recent Spark+Ewd leads are. Still a very serviceable lead if you dont have Hakuzo/Kaneki. Requires external ailment & heal support.

QiuTong/Ptah: Solid mitigatord with OD fill. Qiutong UBB can be maintained permanently and provide an amazing buff set.

Jack-O: Access to BB% mod.Requires external ailment & heal support.

Estia: Decent. Requires external ailment support.

Solos: F2P friendly option. Requires external ailment & heal support.

Recommended: Chloe lead for sure if you have her. If you don’t have her, it depends what your team lacks. About QiuTong, you can use her with Chloe but don’t replace Chloe it’s not worth the loss. Chloe lead and Raquiel sub bring everything you need, so you can either slot your best 3 nukers OR 2 nukers and QiuTong for her UBB spam. It’s impossible to know for sure which is best in practise, but I recommend a 3rd nuker for top guilds because we can’t really see the value of UBB spamming in such short fights.

  • Dark

Keres: LS and slot efficiency allows for 3x Savei. EWD null but can be buffwiped. Requires external ailment & heal support.

Saskya: Good mitigator with a nice buffset but sadly clashes with the strongest dark unit and much less slot efficient than Keres.

Xenon: Access to Crit null and a lot of other top tier effects. Indirect damage boost via OD fill. Requires external ailment & heal support.

Cardes: Free unit (finally one in this list lol). Functions on his own with no external heal or ailment support. Auto friendly for ailment support (nullification) compared to using another miti with Steerwheel.

Recommended: General consensus is that Keres is a better choice as lead and miti. But depends on what team/lead you’re going for and if you have reraise elgif or not.

  • Nukers

For nukers I won’t be listing what things they do good and bad like mitigators, or like I said earlier I won’t rank them from 1st to 10th. I’ll list them based on relative damage “power level”. Each “power level” is separated with a “ > “ sign.

Even if there will obviously be one who is slightly stronger, units in the same power level are somewhat comparable in terms of personal damage and choosing one usually depends more on the rest of their kit or synergy with the team rather than raw personal damage.

The “Support” category will add precisions on which 5th unit works best with which nuker(s).

Example: A & B & C >> D & E > F > G, means that A B C are a lot stronger than everyone else, and relatively on par with each other, although A is more optimal if paired with the right units.

  • Fire

Inoko & Bakugo & Cayenna  >  Blaze  >  Juzo & Zeis > Yan > Zegstia & Natsu

  • Water

Thoth & Charlie & Galene & Tsovinar > Sae  >  Vail  >  Ravea > Utheria & Giselle > Kawab & Twinkle Miku  >  Ravea & Haile & Isniel

  • Earth

Ulagan & Bayley & Arumat  >  Dranoel & Honoka > Tarok & Osiris  >  Baiken & Nyala & Gandrei  

  • Thunder

Izuku  >  Fennia > Cerise  > Vrana & Tevarius > Silvie & Durumn & Zelion & Tate  >  Wang >  Razak & Jireid & Long & Rize

  • Light

Chizuru > Vanilla > Ken Kaneki > Fionna >  Hakuzo & Sero-Anya & Quentin > Ezra  >  Enile & Persenet & Lukroar  >  Sefia

Ken Kaneki is only stronger than Chizuru/Vanilla with Ihsir’s Wiles which is only obtainable once.

  • Dark

Acnologia & Orochi & Savei*  >  Ciardha  >  Iori & RR > Ebony & Ensa & Nyami & Ramlethal & Kielazar  >  Hadaron & Ihsir & Neviro & Mizo & Roglizer

*Savei may still be the best nuker inside Guild Raid if using an ATK cap sphere (Hachiman) but impossible to test. Regardless, Acnologia has better team synergy (regular spark buff) currently, at least until the release of a Thoth/Juzo/Hakuzo type lead.

  • Support (5th slot) — MOSTLY OUTDATED

9/17/19 EDIT: Now the best leaders, mitigators and nukers for all elements basically have all the required buffs and the top teams don’t need to include weaker units to bring a missing buff anymore. You can still use this section as a reference if you’re missing many of the top units and need to fill in the gaps for a mandatory missing buff. But it hasnt been updated with newer “filler units” since most of the recent units are… good, not fillers.

As said earlier this section will assume you’re building a team with a strong leader + mitigator + your 3 best mono element nukers + a “support” unit to cover the buffs your miti/nukers don’t bring for that element, since that’s the most efficient way to maximize your scoring. 

So don’t expect “support” to be a whole bunch of BC gen units, it’ll be more specific to what each element needs based on what their best nukers bring to the table and what is left lacking.

  • Fire

Fire using Bakugo(s) or Blaze(s) or Yan(s) as nukers tend to lack a Spark buffer and BC on Spark.

If no Bakugo, it also lacks a BBmod buff and EWD buff.

Laresa: Great BB% mod buffer if you lack Bakugo.

Zeis: Always worth a slot in a fire team. She’s the most useful fire Spark buffer and also has EWD if you lack Bakugo/Snowbound. Her LS is still ideal over Bakugo for top teams due to having BC on spark making her super slot efficient.

Morgana: If you’re using Bakugo lead over Zeis and have BC on spark already, you could consider her instead of Zeis sub. She has inflictions and Fire spark no need for Sun Medal.

Azurai: Laresa replacement. No EWD ES or double attack but he’ll do.

Afla Dilith: F2P friendly option.

Recommended: Most teams will want Zeis either as a leader or sub. If you don’t have Bakugo, Laresa is very valuable and worth a slot as well. The others are weaker/more situational options that involve sacrificing a nuker slot (because bad slot efficiency).

  • Water

Water using Tsovinar(s) or Sae(s) as main nukers tend to lack BC on Spark, as well as EWD if you don’t have Snowbound, and that’s about it.

Kawab: Highest damage of the bunch and has BC on spark.

Haile: Less damage than Kawab but more BC gen. More often than not unnecessary.

Galea: Has EWD buff if you lack Snowbound, and a good conversion.

Tsuyu: Has EWD buff and inflictions. 

Recommended: It’s pretty straight forward. If you have Snowbound you nearly always want Kawab (prefered) or Haile on your team. Only teams where you dont want him would be Galea lead + miti + 3 Saes since Galea covers BC on Spark. If you have Tsovinar OR if you dont have 3 Saes, Kawab is always an instapick. If you don’t have snowbound, then Tsuyu or Galea (sub or lead if no Tsovinar) are your best bet for water element.

  • Earth

Earth using Arumat or Dranoel(s) or Honoka(s) as main nukers tend to lack BC on Spark, as well as EWD buff if you don’t have Snowbound or Arumat. 

If you have a Dranoel specced for colo without Spark buff, or if you only have weaker nukers (Nyala) you would also want a spark buff.

Senbonzakura Miku: Like I said earlier, Senbon is just perfect for Earth teams in every aspect. She brings all the buffs you could possibly miss as well as mitigation on BB and her OP UBB

Baiken: Solid nuker with BC on Spark and Spark buff.

Ochaco: Very good support with BC on Spark. Not as much damage as the previous two options but has OD fill on BB so at least she indirectly helps.

Felice: F2P option and still honestly very solid for that slot.

Recommended: Senbon if you have her, no questions asked. If not, then Baiken is usually preferred over Ochaco for damage optimization but it’s a matter personal of preference.

  • Thunder

Thunder using Izuku(s) or Cerise(s) or Zelion as main nukers tend to lack Crit and BB% mod.

If you’re lacking both Cerise and Izuku, you also need Spark + BC on Spark.

Make sure you have an EWD buff too, either through Snowbound, or Zelion, or one of the units below.

Nan-Wang Mu: Always worth a slot no matter what your team is. Crit + EWD + BB mod as well as good personal damage and Crit null ES is perfect for any thunder team.

Durumn: Similar to Wang but without BB mod and less personal damage. Still the next best option for Crit+EWD.

Silvie: Spark + BC on Spark

Rhoa: F2P option for Spark + BC on Spark + EWD and also a decent F2P Thunder nuker.

Jireid: BB% mod buffer and decent F2P nuker if you don’t have better nukers. Inflictions.

Razak: Same as Jireid with OD fill instead of inflictions.

Recommended: If you have Wang, use her for sure. If not I strongly recommend buying Durumn since good Crit damage options for Thunder are very rare.

  • Light

Light teams with Fionna(s) or Quentin(s) as nukers tend to lack Spark and BC on Spark and that’s about it.

Raquiel: Preferred option for BC on Spark + Spark. Also has Light spark, more BC gen and a strong UBB.

Persenet: BC and Spark and inflictions. Bonus UBB revive.

Mora: Basically the old prefered option before Raquiel, or if you don’t have her.

Maxwell: F2P option for weaker teams lacking Chloe/Fionna for Crit and EWD. Also can get both spark and BC on spark via SP so she’s very slot efficient for F2P.

Ionia: Very good unit if you alternate BB/SBB and still solid if you only use BB. Alternative to Mora with extra survivability at the cost of being less convenient.

Gabriela: Good BC gen unit with double attack, but usually unnecessary.

Recommended: Raquiel always has a slot in Light teams if you have her. Despite the small buff clash with other units above, Persenet is a very good addition if you only have 2 great nukers instead of 3.

  • Dark

Dark teams with Savei are actually lacking only BB% mod and Spark buff, which are on a lot of dark units.

Ensa: Preferred option. Has both BB% and Spark, good personal damage and RT inflictions on BB. Even has EWD for those lacking Snowbound/Ihsir/Keres.

Ramlethal: Solid nuker with both BB% and Spark.

Roglizer: Lower damage than the previous two but not LE.

Ihsir: Can get EWD. Fits in a safer team comp as a lead (for his nulls).

Hadaron: Has Spark

Xenon: Has BB% mod which pairs well with teams using Hadaron instead of the other options since he only has Spark.

Recommended: It highly depends on if you’re going for a safer team or a highest possible damage team. More on that later, but Ensa is ideal in both versions. However she’s easily replaceable in both as well if you don’t have her.

  • Leader choice

This section will give a short explanation on who and why you should pick as a lead for each element. 

Some leads don’t have any defensive capabilities but they’re better than leads with defense and less/no offense because you’ll get more points if you survive less but deal a lot more damage rather than surviving longer and dealing low damage.

Sometimes choosing the better leader depend on how much Crit you can stack without counting LS, in which case it can be pretty hard to figure out your best option if you’re not familiar with damage optimization. 

Because of that, if you have multiple units in the list below in your team (most of them are the best at what they do even if you don’t use them as leader, as explained in the previous section) would recommend testing damage in the training simulator with your team sphered (more on sphereing later) with both leaders. It only takes a minute or two and will be less trouble than doing maths LOL.

  • Arumat

Let’s get this guy out of the way since we all know he’s OP and he recently became very F2P friendly after tons of insignas were given through the Exalted Bazaar.

Arumat is still the best LS in the game overall, and he can be used off element to fill the leader slot to great effect in all elements.

If you’re lacking the top options, I would strongly recommend considering him since his damage contribution through LS far outweights the downside of his ES.

However, he isn’t “the best/optimal” lead for most elements anymore, as newer top leads were released for all elements except Dark since the last guild raid, and being the correct element makes them better.

  • Fire

Juzo/Zeis: If you crit cap (or very close) without requiring a Crit LS she is better as a lead than Bakugo. That’s mainly due to having both EWD+Spark which is more optimal if you don’t need the Crit from Bakugo, but also her LS has BC on Spark which frees up a nuker slot.

In order to cap you’ll need paradigm, as well as Crusader and good crit spheres/elgifs (more on that in the sphere/elgif section).

Juzo > Zeis if you have him obviously.

Bakugo/Annette: Better leader for most people who don’t have all they need to reach/approach crit cap with a Zeis lead.

Czorag: Same LS as Bakugo/Annette but meh unit himself. Don’t use if you have the above.

Natsu: Weaker version of Bakugo’s LS if you dont have him. Also has BC on Spark so nice for slot efficiency.

Kurewa&Kurawinn: Strong F2P option for veterans who lack the other options.

Lyonesse: F2P option if you’re missing all of the above.

Maxwell: Off element F2P option with good slot efficiency if you’re lacking everyone else.

  • Water

Thoth: Best water lead by a good margin. Recent upgrade of Tsovinar with added crit LS and Ewd SBB. Better UBB (with recast elgif only). Comparable damage.

Tsovinar: Always the prefered lead. She’s insanely strong. You want a lot of Crit in the team to optimize damage because she doesn’t have any on LS though.

Galea: Similar to Tsovinar but with lower numbers and not an amazing nuker herself.

Galene: Good option if you need crit to compensate for lack of spheres.

Giselle / Utheria / Sennie: Good LS but not the best (only Spark or Ewd not both and no crit). Still solid and better than the ones below because they’re very good units themselves.

Signas: Prefered over Galea if you lack the tools to rich high/cap crit without a Crit LS.

Maxwell: Off element F2P option with good slot efficiency if you’re lacking everyone else.

  • Earth

Arumat: Strongest damage LS and still as stupid as ever. His benefits far outweigh the downside of his ES. Use him if you have him.

Tarok: Prefered lead if you don’t have Arumat. Requires external crit sources for the whole team.

Senbonzakura Miku: Same as Tarok with weaker numbers and cost reduction instead of miti LS.

Dion: Good F2P option if you’re lacking the LE/premium leaders.

Wannahon: About on the same level as Dion. He has miti LS in Guild Raid but trades BB% mod buff for it, which isn’t that common in Earth. You’ll usually prefer Dion’s LS.

Nyala: Decent F2P option if you’re missing all of the above.

Maxwell: Off element F2P option with good slot efficiency if you’re lacking everyone else.

  • Thunder

Izuku: If you can get a lot of Crit from other sources, Izuku’s LS is easily stronger than the next options.

Sheriff: If you lack the better Crit tools, or simply if you don’t have Izuku.

Vrana: If you lack the better Crit tools, or simply if you don’t have Izuku and Sheriff.

Nan-Wang Mu: If you lack the better Crit tools, or simply if you don’t have Izuku and Sheriff.

Durumn: Same as Wang, just a bit worse.

Crash Belt: Underrated unit but has an extremely solid nuke LS. If you’re not allergic to small recast chance on SBB and don’t have any of the other options, try him out.

Maxwell: Off element F2P option with good slot efficiency if you’re lacking everyone else.

  • Light

Ken Kaneki: Best LS, highest Spark and Ewd, and very strong unit himself. 

Hakuzo: Weaker version of Kaneki’s LS but feels bad actually using the word “weaker” because it’s still a god tier LS and unit. Better UBB.

Chizuru: Pure crit LS with ewd/crit null to be safe. Alternative worth considering if you don’t have the top crit tools to go with Kaneki/Hakuzo LS and just want to use multiple copies of Hachiman / Victory Chant on everyone while being safe in the long run.

Chloe: Good lead if missing the best ones and crit spheres. Built-in EWD+Crit null on LS which is extremely valuable for Light element unlike others. And she still has Crit+EWD to increase your own damage while also being a mitigator, making her slot efficient and allowing more pure nukers.

Lucy: Crit + EWD + Miti LS. Not as good as Chloe or Chizuru LS but your next best bet for a good defense/offense balance.

Mankai Sakura Miku: Same as Lucy. Choosing between them depends on what SBB buffs your team is missing.

Snow Priestess Miku: More damage than all other options, but no defensive capabilities at all and she has recast on SBB. If you’re not allergic to recast SBB or have good BC gen (Fionna(s) and Raquiel are more than enough imo) you can give her a shot if your guild kills relatively quickly.

Maxwell: F2P option with good slot efficiency and similar damage to the first three. Can consider her over them if your guild kills fast or if you need the slot efficiency to add another Fionna/Quentin.

Karna Masta: F2P option too. No Crit LS and not all the Light nukers have Crit SP passive. Also requires manual every turn if you plan to ever spark him decently. 

Fun fact he actually works very well with Chizuru dupes and actually spark decently for the first time since release if used with her. Otherwise I’d use Maxwell.

  • Dark

Keres: Best lead if you’re looking for highest damage. His slot efficiency allows for a 3rd nuker (aka yet another Savei). However if you don’t have 3 Saveis, you might as well use Ihsir LS even if Keres is a sub since you can’t take advantage of Keres’ slot efficiency.  

Arumat: Seriously worth considering because of how garbage the leaders in this element are compared to others. However, only recommended with a very strong nuke roster (Acnologias, Orochis, Saveis dupes) to dish out maximum damage in low amount of turns, because you’ll get killed from buffwipe eventually for sure with no form of defense and even a debuff against an element that deals extra damage to you. 

Ihsir: Safer alternative to Keres. LS itself is just as good for damage but also brings extremely valuable ewd+crit nullifications. It won’t be buffwipe since it’s on LS, unlike Keres’ buff and Xenon’s ES. Only allows for 2 Saveis however, since he doesn’t have a perfect partner to cover all needed buffs like Keres does.

Hadaron: If you don’t have the previous two, Hadaron will be your best bet for damage. No noticeable survivability however so you want EWD null from somewhere else or kill the boss before he kills you.

Nyami: Similar to Hadaron but very slightly weaker damage.

Shida: Great LS for damage and survivability. Requires your team to have a lot of crit from other sources. Still need EWD null from another source.

Mard Geer: If for some reason you don’t have any of the free or legacy units above…


Now you have a good team but you’re wondering what spheres to use and how to optimize your damage? I’ll list the spheres and elgifs based on their power level and indicate the damage effects they bring (crit/spark/ewd/mod/cap). ATK will be written as Mod since like I said earlier it works the same way in the damage formula.

Remember to add the crit sources you have together to see if a unit is lacking Crit and if so, you’d want to prioritize a sphere with Crit + another multiplier.

If multiple units lack Crit (usually the case if not using a Crit lead) make sure to pair the spheres and elgifs in a way that all your nukers get what they need rather than putting all the crit on one unit.

If you’re not missing crit, prioritize equipment with spark+ewd or the god tier equipment with either spark or ewd.

Note: Most recent nukers have innate ATK cap break, but make sure all your nukers with HP scaling have ATK cap break through spheres or elgif if they can’t get it via SP. So adapt your sphere combos accordingly so everyone gets ATK cap in some form.

9/17/19 EDIT: This section might be missing a couple of recent spheres but on top of my head they’re all here.

  • Spheres

  • God Tier

Heaven’s Edge (Crit, Spark, Ewd, Mod) 

Give it to your strongest nuker, especially if he’s missing a bit of Crit. High values for everything. OP.

Hachiman’s Song / Victory Chant

Strongest damage sphere in the game, free and farmable. Has high ATK cap for older units who don’t have it innately. Craft 3 of it for max benefits in all content. OP

Annihilator Blade (Crit, Ewd, Mod, Cap)

200k cap, high crit, tons of BB% mod and ewd. OP.

Omniscient Blaster (Spark, Ewd, Mod)

High value for both Spark and EWD. OP.

Ragnarok Edict (Spark, Mod, Cap)

 A ton of spark, BB%mod and high ATK cap. OP.

Snowbound Victory (Ewd, Cap, Mod)

High EWD and its team buff remains the strongest and worth replacing 200-225% unit buff. 

Crusader Medal (Crit, Ewd, Team buff)

Good damage sphere inside Guild Raid but the real value comes from the team buff. If you’re not using a Crit LS you always want this sphere on your team.

  • Good

Sage’s Mercy (Spark, Ewd, Cap)

150k ATK cap, good for old units lacking innate high ATK cap but Hachiman is a better version. Mercy is a spark-type tho.

Blight Arisen (Crit, Spark, Ewd, Mod) 

Good F2P farmable option if you’re missing some crit and lacking the god tier spheres from the categories below. If you don’t have many of the spheres I will list, those will be your friends.

Dark Axe (Crit, Spark, Ewd, Mod)

Only use it if you’re pairing it with an ATK boost type sphere, otherwise Blight Arisen is better and free.

Excelsior Chip MK3 (Spark, Ewd)

Spark and Ewd albeit lower value than the top spheres.

Deku’s Facemask (Spark) (Izuku only)

ONLY on Izuku Midoriya (200% spark for himself) if you don’t have another god tier combo or if it’s a dupe Izuku.

(Karzn’s Excruciation) (Ewd)

Same EWD as Snowound but no ATK cap. Might not work properly in Guild Raid. I would avoid it in Guild Raid personally since last time I checked (a very long time ago and no way to fully confirm), it still didn’t seem to work.

Kronax (Crit, Spark)

Good option for a unit missing crit and BC gen (unreliable BC gen from sparking)

Grenadier Bracers (Crit, Ewd) (Fire only)

Terra Wing (Spark, Cap)

Great for units missing ATKcap if you don’t have the better options. Spark+Ewd prefered if you already have ATKcap.

Tempest of Akachi (Spark, Mod, Cap)

Great if missing ATK cap, otherwise prioritize a higher spark/ewd sphere.

Jubilee Orb (Spark)

High spark and gives the team elemental mitigation for a little bit of added survivability.

Cursed Photon Rod (Spark)

Extra BC gen.

Elemental Essence Orbs

Craftable guild spheres giving both survivability and some damage. Good if you don’t have many top/godtier damage spheres or if you’re pairing it with Arisen to make up for the low tankiness.

Sacred Rod (Ewd)

Slightly weaker than Excruciation but guaranteed to work. Good on units that have high ATKcap already.

Diamond Key (Ewd): Slightly less EWD than the above but has useful BC generation against BB drain

Ima (Crit, Spark, Mod)

Same as Blight Arisen but trades a bit of damage for a bit of survivability.

  • Usable

Death Chakram (Spark)

Unyielding Device (Crit, Ewd)

F2P sphere for units missing crit. Sadly only brings 50 ewd but worth using if you have no better option for Crit.

Sacred Axe (Spark

Extra BC gen

Dark Age Bow (Spark)

Survivability instead of BC gen.

Altiste Talisman (Spark)


Scarlet Eventide (Spark, Mod)

  • Ihsir’s Wiles

Unconventional damage sphere since it doesnt give any of the multipliers above but it adds one attack to your SBB. This attack inherits most of the damage distribution of both innate SBB attacks (full distribution for the first attack and lose the distribution of the first hit for other attacks) which means it’ll deal around 80% extra damage (based on the unit’s second attack distribution) which is almost like adding 2 attacks instead of 1. Not only that but it also perfect sparks with every extra attack from ES/SP (VA units, Ihsir, Izuku, Bakugo) since the frames are calculated the same way! 

Best option for double attack nukers and Ken Kaneki by far due to how its distribution works.

For triple attackerswith one of their attacks coming from ES or SP (almost all of them), Hachiman Song is prefered but Ihsir remains a very solid pick if you lack the top spheres listed.

  • Team Support Spheres/Elgif

These spheres are all team support, and can be worth using in your team for what they bring. Usually you use team support spheres on a mitigator or a lower damage unit since they don’t bring a lot/any damage to the unit itself. Team buff spheres/elgif already listed in the other categories (like Crusader or Gilded) won’t be listed again here.

Wondrous Aegis / Sacred World (Elgif): Easy option for healing. Slap it on your mitigator if you dont have healing in the team.

Sakura Medal: Adds HoT. Useful if you don’t have any source of healing, or if you want extra HP when you guard before a buffwipe. Wondrous is usually enough for all healing needs however.

Malevolent Charm: Another healing option if you don’t have Wondrous. HC drops are enough to heal you. It’s imo the least prefered option for healing.

Shining Sun Medal: Additional 100% elemental spark buff that stacks with regular spark buff. Quite a noticeable team damage increase. Good on mitigator or support unit.

Vesper Argentum / Chrysalis Zeta / Vrana’s Calling: 10% OD fill will indirectly increase your damage by allowing you to UBB earlier for damage. Or for survivability if you have survival issue and need an AI/Revive/ATKdown UBB in later turns.

Forbidden Apple: Same reasoning as Vesper Argentum. More UBB means more damage and/or more survivability.

Cunei of Athum: Good sphere but only usable on your leader. Worth it if you still have a slot for it and if your leader is not a triple attack nuker unit.

Yata no Kagami: DEF Ignore has some noticeable value for late bosses. However prioritize other damage support spheres if you don’t have enough non-nuker slots for everything, since DEF ignore is the weakest of them all.

  • Elgifs

  • God tier

Brave Elemental Level. 2 (Crit, Spark, Ewd, Mod, Cap)

Universal best elgif and obtainable in multiple copies. Gives everything (including high ATKcap for older nukers). Equip it to your strongest nuker. Those are NOT Aeternos, they’re the Brave Combustion/Aquarius…etc… batch

Final Judgment (Crit, Spark, Ewd) 

Slight uprade to Brave Lv.2 that is only obtainable as a one-time FH reward. Use it on your strongest nuker.

Beach Spike (Spark, Ewd)

Situationally slightly better than Brave Lv. 2 if already overcapped on crit but honestly if you’re unsure, go with Brave Lv. 2.

Heroic Spirit’s Glory (Crit, Ewd)

Highest Crit and Ewd elgif. Best used either on the unit who lacks the most crit OR if needed to cap crit when paired with no crit spheres.

Brave Elemental Level. 1 (Spark, Ewd, Mod)

Best elgifs providing you cap crit already.

Extermination Cut (Spark, Ewd)

Basically the same as the above but works for any element.

  • Good

Brave Autumn

Brave Spring

Anything that has over 80% of spark + ewd added

Hymn of Truth and Ruin (Crit, Spark)

Shining Blade Bond (Crit, Spark)

Record of Smash (Crit, Ewd)

Marvelous Aegis (Spark)

Miracle Aegis

Destructive Trial

Legendary Calamity Lv. 4

Gilded Aegis (Ewd, Team buff)

Add Crit rate buff to SBB if you don’t have it in your team already. High EWD.

  • Usable

Record of Speed (Spark)

Joyous Song (Spark)

Inspiring Guidance (Spark)


Now that we went through the best units and spheres to use, here are some sample squads and sphere combinations for both pingus and F2P. 

Most people will be able to build something in between, so I’ll add some reasoning to help build your own team without blindly copy pasting and be like “I’m missing this unit or sphere what do I do”.

Those aren’t necessarily always the absolutely optimal sphere/elgifs combinations due to other factors but combinations below would usually be the go-to combos and at the very least very close to optimal.

  • Fire

  • Pingu

Juzo (Lead) Inoko Inoko Inoko Aesys

Inoko can be swapped for Bakugo. Any mitigator works.

Sorry about that, but I won’t be giving fully detailed sphere/elgif combos for pingu setups in the name of competition. If you can build the top teams, chances are you don’t need my help anyway. But honestly you can easily figure out a top setup yourself with all the advice in guide and F2P teambuilding below or with a bit of trial and error in simulator.

  • F2P friendly (very old)

Zeis (L): Heaven’s Edge / Snowbound / Heroic Spirit Glory

Azurai: Diamond Key / Blight Arisen / Extermination Cut

Rugahr: Sage Mercy / Blight Arisen / Hymn

Rugahr: Crusader / Blight Arisen / Brave Combustion Lv. 1
Amus: Vesper / Sun Medal / Any defensive elgif

Your best spheres and elgif on your best nuker, being Zeis here since she is HP scaled. It’s a “put all your eggs in one basket” situation since you’re using your best 2 crit tools on her, but she needs it more than Rugahr who has Crit SP.

Blight Arisen is your best friend for a secondary damage sphere when you’re lacking Crit. Same goes for the Crit+something elgifs.

Adding all sources of Crit, you’re at 575% on Zeis, and 595% on one Rugahr (other caps) at paradigm 0. I strongly suggest getting paradigm level 2 since it’s relatively cheap and teams lacking crit benefit from it even more.

Next I picked the strongest F2P spheres to pair with it, but if you have something better than Diamond Key in the list, make sure to use it.

If you’re missing support spheres, replace them with another support sphere you have or survivability.

Sphere setup and reasoning is similar for all the “F2P friendly” builds. Best damage spheres/elgif on your best nuker.

  • Water

  • Pingu

Thoth (L) Thoth Thoth Utheria Vail

Multiple other versions are available, some with Charlie(s) or Galene(s) so pick your poison.

If you’re lacking Snowbound, you’d want to use Saer/Tsuyu over Vail for her EWD buff.

  • F2P friendly (very old)

Signas (L): Vesper / Sun Medal / Any damage or support elgif

Haile: Sage Mercy / Ihsir / Heroic Spirit Glory

Ravea: Crusader Medal / Diamond Key / Brave Aquarius lv. 1

Your best nuker: Heaven’s Edge / Snowbound / Extermination Cut

Cardes: Yggdrasil / Daltisk / Wondrous

Compared to the Fire team, you have Crit from LS this time so you can afford to run a bit less crit via spheres/elgif and still cap.

Same reasoning, make sure every nuker gets as close as possible or reaches crit cap and when you do, maximize other multipliers (spark/ewd).

  • Earth

  • Pingu

Arumat (L) Senbon Ulagan Ulagan Ulagan

Tarok + Osiris can replace Arumat/Senbon with recast elgif, but for Guild Raid, the extra defensive stuff isn’t needed unless you’re in a not-so-active guild.

  • F2P friendly (very old)

Dion (L)





This team looks very ghetto and that’s because it is. If you don’t have any LE at all tho this could be your best bet with your best damage spheres on Nyala. 

Elaina can be incorporated if you want the extra safety of her UBB.

If you’re able to spam her UBB every 3 turns constantly (need Vesper + another OD filler) you can remove Felice for her (no need for BC on Spark if Elaina’s UBB BC on turn is always up) otherwise you need to replace Nyala and swap your best spheres to the next nuker in line (here Fei&Fang but if you have better, make sure to use better)

  • Thunder

  • Pingu

Izuku (L) Izuku Izuku Mordred Sheriff

Cerise(s) or Zelion can replace Izukus you don’t have. Sheriff lead if you don’t have any Izukus.

  • F2P friendly (very old)

Durumn (L)





Your best damage spheres on Zelion. Abuse OD fill to spam Durumn’s UBB.

Durumn lead enhanced brings a ton of Crit so prioritize spark and/or ewd when you pick spheres that aren’t “god tier”.

  • Light

  • Pingu

Kaneki (L) Chizuru Chizuru Chizuru Sero

Hakuzo can be used instead of Kaneki for a better UBB but weaker baseline damage.

  • F2P friendly (very old)

Maxwell (L)





Steerwheel can be used if you don’t have Persenet. Cardes can also be used as the mitigator. Best damage spheres on Ezra.

  • Dark

For this element there is barely any difference in units for “pingu” and “F2P” since Savei OP.

These teams are pretty flexible if you’re missing a unit and Hadaron can be a good free substitute too. Just make sure you have all the damage buffs including BB mod and fill the rest with Saveis or your best nukers.

  • Pingu

Keres (L) Zeref Acno Acno Acno

Not as stupidly strong as other elements because of the lack of Spark+Ewd lead and UBB.

  • F2P Highest damage (still crazy strong)

Keres (L)





Any of the 3 units can be used for the “support” slot to bring spark and mod buffs. Ensa is prefered for access to ailments.

This team has EWD damage null via Keres’ SP buff. However it is vulnerable to buffwipe. Buffwipe and crits can kill a unit turn 10 frequently, and as early as turn 5 if you’re unlucky and don’t have Ensa.

I would only recommend it if your guild kills fast or if you know you can afford to revive and come back for massive amounts of points in total.

  • F2P Safer (still crazy strong)

Ihsir (L)





This team has EWD/CRIT nulls on LS which makes it a lot safer against buffwipes and can more reliably survive past turn 10.

Still, don’t forget to guard every 5 turns.

You lose a bit of damage compared to the other team, but the damage is still massive and it likely is just more valuable in the long run since Ihsir’s LS could very well be the difference between fighting 5 turns or fighting 15 turns sometimes.


Thanks to /u/raregold3 and /u/xjewels for reviewing the guide as well as other Skylords members for proofreading and Katsu for being the grammar nazi reviewer =P

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