Kingdom Hearts Chi to KHUX Premium Guide

Kingdom Hearts Chi to KHUX Premium Guide


Disclaimer: This guide assumes you understand KHUX pretty well and its mechanics and that you can create a Kingdom hearts Chi account and go through the Tutorial and obtain the Moogle of Glory Keyblade without hassle.  If you want to know how to do these things, go to and its Chi forums. Seriously, go there!

What is Currently Happening in JP KHUX

Kingdom hearts Chi ( The Browser Game) is shutting down on September 1st because of its developers shifting its focus into KHUX, which makes more money.  After 3 years of service, the game has  of this, Chi is allowing players to transfer most costumes to only JP KHUX.  There is also the benefit that players who still want to catch up in KHUX, whom in Chi has accumulated certain cards are allowed to obtain Premiums in KHUX up to Xemnas Illustrated and 19 Mickey and Brooms.  The total cost for all the premiums is 353 Coins and I have yet to calculate the 19 M&Bs.  So JP KHUX players want to jump into Chi for some sweet premiums like Terra, and such because of the such the low pull rate when the medals initially came out.  So this guide is to help players obtain potentially 1 premium of their choice and hopefully 6 M&Bs to guilt as well.

Card Rarity Guide

Since people are having trouble with What card rarity we talk about in Chi here is how SR+ Evolves similar to a 6* in KHUX

SR+ has 6 potential Limit cuts similar to Dots.  Yen Sids can be added to a card similar to Mickey and Brooms for a medal.  When the SR+ Card has 0 Limit Cuts, then when it reaches lv 95, it becomes High Purity or HP.  Afterwards you can spend elemental orbs for the card to have a red border for it to become ultimatized.  This is where people farming for coins should stop.


Roxas Ver SP – 6 Coins

Cloud Illustrated – 13 Coins

Xion Ver SP – 13 Coins

Sephiroth 5* - 17 Coins

Pooh and Piglet 5* - 13 Coins

Sora Donald and Goofy Illustrated – 17 Coins

Sora Illustrated – 20 Coins

Aqua Illustrated (Not HD) – 13 Coins

Ansem Illustrated – 13 Coins

Marluxia Boss Ver – 17 Coins

Sephiroth Illus – 20 Coins

Riku Illustrated – 20 Coins

Ventus Illustrated – 20 Coins

Terra Illustrated – 30 Coins

Kairi Illustrated – 30 Coins

Kingdom Mickey BC Illus – 20 Coins

Sora HD – 20 Coins

Riku HD – 17 Coins

Xemnas Illus – 17 Coins

Mickey and Brooms


I wouldn’t try to aim for much unless you are willing to put in the time to play the game for the rest of the month or you get super lucky.


It is recommend for New JP KHUX Players to get BC Mickey Illus, Sora HD, Terra Illus and Kairi Illus because of their Utility and Damage, but you are free to do what you want. Here’s a list of what I think you should get.


1st - BC Mickey Illus, Sora HD, Terra Illus, and Kairi Illus

2nd - Sora and Riku Illus

3rd - Axel SP, Ventus Illus, Sephy Illus, Aqua Illus, Xemnas Illus, Riku HD, P&P, SDG

4th - The Rest.  Please don’t get these unless you want the title or love the character. 



The way that you can link Chi to your JP KHUX is through the avatar link where your avatar in Chi will take the place of your JP KHUX avatar if you so desired.  There’s an option in Chi on the bottom.


The Coins that I mentioned are the key to getting these premiums and Mickey and Brooms.  This is what you will be attempting to farm.  The method to option these coins are to get SR+ Cards and to maximize them by ultimatization giving them a red border. Afterwards you would sell the card and obtain the appropriate coin output.

There are special cards called Key Arts, which are cards Nomura himself drew for the game, that are worth 6 coins compared to other SR+ Cards which are worth 1 Coin.  However there are some cards that aren’t keyarts that are also worth 6 Coins, and there is a way to obtain them.


Key Arts can be obtained by obtaining the Black Moogle Ticket which can be used to pull cards similar to Jewels in KHUX.  Every pull gives 1 card ranging from SR+, SR or R+. There are other methods which I will discuss later, but those are mainly for players who played in the past and have obtained certain items necessary for key arts.

The other method is to get 100 to 150 SR+ Medals which are Gold Medals that players could previous trade in for SR+ Cards .  Chi has allowed players to see the whole entire album of cards and you can trade 100 to 150 SR+ Medals for Key Art cards that still allow one to trade in for 6 Coins.


All the cards must be SR+ and people from Discord can ask me (Rider43) for confirmation.

This is From Chi’s Website on the Card Album Icon and how to trade in SR+ Medals.


High Purity

So High Purity is when a Card has a Normal background into a shiny background.  I will show some steps into how that's done.


High Purity Video


Here is Vexen in his stages of Cards as a SR+ Card.


   Normal         High Purity    Ultimatized


How The Heck to Ultimate

The way to ultimate is to combine a SR+ Card with 6 SR+ Yen Sids and make the card level 95.  Then you make the card have a Red border by having the appropriate orbs that can be bought from the Moogle Trade Shop, and then that’s it!


Link to Video Guide of Ultimatizing: (Credits to xFinalLifex of Discord) 


Ultimatizing SR+ Card


Moogle Trade Shop

The moogle Trade shop is where you can trade your Moogle Coins obtained from attacking a Raid Boss and killing it, dealing enough dmg, or getting a lot of lux.  The Moogle Trade Shop sells x99 SR+ Yen Sids, All the Elemental Orbs you need, and Munny necessary to combine cards.  This Shop is the key to obtaining all your needs from the avatar boards.


Method After Running Out of Black Tickets

You WILL run out of Tickets and most likely only ended up with 1 or 2 Key Arts which is about 6 to 12 Coins.  The most grindest method is to buy 20 SR+ Medals for a total of 100 from the Trade Shop and trade them in from the album for the cards that I listed above. Then you ultimate them and sell for coins.  Picture Guide Below.­­(Soon)


Constructing a Deck for the Month

Constructing a deck for the month will be rough but thanks to Chi’s Staff things might bit a bit easier.

Deck Update

As of 8/19 in Japan, Chi has given out 3 SR Cards that are boosted 7x and are worth 0 Cost, meaning you can equip them immediately into your deck.


I recommend you High Purity them as they become around 148k in Attack and Defense.


It is possible to reroll in KH Chi, albeit very difficult. We abuse the fact that you can get 15 Black Moogle Tickets from killing 75 heartless in our efforts to get at least 1 key art.



  1. Make Another Chi Account and dont link it to your KHUX account until you are finished and satisfied with reroll.

  2. Go into game and setup your deck with all the cards possible.

  3. Go to Dwarf Woodlands,Wonderland, or Agrabah and kill everything you can.

  4. Go to the Orb Icon in the bottom in the home menu and pull your 15 Tickets.

  5. Hope for 1 or 2 Key Arts!

  6. Repeat 1-4 if you are not happy.



These Cards are Given when you login today starting from 8/19 to 8/25


These cards should do straight into your deck as a new player to ensure you are killing things at an efficient rate.  The priority is to grind to level 79 so u can equip all SR+ Cards in the Attack slot.  Assist cards should come as go as much as possible.  Equipping all SR+ cards that are High Purity is the goal, and when the month comes to a close or when you want to transfer to KHUX, you can un equip all your cards and ultimatize them and use them for coins.


The fastest way to grind is to do Story Quests.  Story Quests are super easy, give a ton of EXP, and have its story heartless only cost 1AP.  KHInsider and Everglow both have excellent story guides you could follow, and don’t be afraid to use Potions, Mega Potions, and Ethers!  The amount of items you should have is immense and do not be stingy in using them.  The Game shuts down in 1 month!


Also I would Recommend joining a Party, that is close to full E.G in the 20/30 to 29/30 range.  When the party has 30 people you get an extra 30 AP added to your gauge.  Also if you so desire, buying AP Up and Storage Up will help with the stockpiling that may occur.



You should always attack a Raid Boss at least once if possible because people will be trying to kill them left and right.  Chi has made it so all cards do x2 dmg alongside the current boosts of x1, x2, and x4 so attack away on a boss.


In your journey you may encounter the Rainbow Ticket.  The Rainbow Ticket allows a player to obtain premium costumes, hairstyles, and accessories that they missed in the 3 year life span of Chi. Majority of costumes will be transferable to JP KHUX at the end of the month.  Also, ALWAYS USE MOOGLE OF GLORY.  I cannot express this enough.  MoG is the most OP keyblade in Chi for new Players and many old players.  Just use it.


Also doing the daily quest for 600 Mog Coins helps.  Killing the 20 of each event heartless besides the lv 555 grants 600 mog medals as well.  Although you should kill ALL the event heartless and finish their missions since a new set of missions add on each week.


I also recommend this Mouse Macro, for when you get bored or want to automate things.


Its Here Guys.


Are You Guys Struggling for more Coins? Heres a way to use that Automation.


  1. You want to buy out the SR Coins that cost 50, all 99 of them.

  2. Then go into the Album and buy SR Cards with your coins.

  3. Automate the process.  You will have a TON of coins.

  4. Then combine the cards into HP cards of themselves, similar to combining medals to put dots on them.

  5. Also automate this process.

  6. Sell them all, and automate the process.

  7. Use the SR+ Coins you obtained from selling the HPed SR cards to buy Key Arts!


Are You Guys Struggling for more KHUX Coins? You want to do some more automation?


  1. So we are going a step back and HPing R+ Cards which are the Silver Cards and making SR Coins (You may see where this is going)

  2. R+ Cards cost Moogle points which you can obtain easily from attacking and killing raid bosses are doing quests that are from the scroll.

  3. So you go into the Album, choose a type of R+ card you want(It doesn’t matter)

  4. Then use the clicker to buy the card over and over again until you run out.

  5. Then combine the cards into HP cards of themselves, similar to combining medals to put dots on them.

  6. Also automate this process.

  7. Sell them all, and automate the process.

  8. Use the SR Coins you obtained from selling the HPed R+ cards to buy SR Cards!

  9. Then go into the Album and buy SR Cards with your coins.

  10. Automate the process.  You will have a TON of coins.

  11. Then combine the cards into HP cards of themselves, similar to combining medals to put dots on them.

  12. Also automate this process.

  13. Sell them all, and automate the process.

  14. Use the SR+ Coins you obtained from selling the HPed SR cards to buy Key Arts!

  15. Good Luck, people have reported to get some key arts, this is tiresome, but hopefully the macro helps out!


Are You Guys Struggling for more KHUX Coins? Here is another method!


  1. Go to the Mog Coin Shop Again!

  2. You see the Fancy Moogle Cards that are worth 250 each with 50 in stock.

  3. Buy them all out.

  4. You should have 50 Magic Moogles and 50 Assist Moogles!

  5. Combine them similar to dupes and you should have 8 HPed Magic Moogles and 8 HPed Assist Moogles

  6. Ultimatize them and sell them off!

  7. Super Easy and you get an easy 16 coins

  8. This whole thing costs 25000 coins though, so i recommend to do it after the above method and after you bought all the SR+ Yen Sids.


Want more ULT Moogles? Heres a method credit to Faction(Discord)


  1. Make sure you have SR+ cards that arent key arts to be used in this method, at least 5.

  2. There are crown orbs in the moogle shop. Go buy em out.  All 10 in total will cost 10k coins

  3. Ultimate your card and put the SR+ cards that arent key arts into them.  After wards click the 3rd red button and use the crown orbs to obtain 5 ULT Moogles.

  4. You can do this assuming you have crown orbs.

  5. In total you should turn 5 SR+ cards into SR+ Moogles!

  6. 50 is what you should get and 8 more coins for you!


Avatar Boards in KHUX With English Labels


Credits go to Daybreak Town’s Twitter(KHInsider’s Twitter)


Board A


Board B



Board C


Board D is All Mickey and Brooms!

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