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How to get to editor?:2

How Do I Publish my Map?3

The Krunker Editor Menu:4

Map Config:4

Create Object (1 of 2):5

Create Object (Continued ; 2 of 2):6

Object Config (1 of 5)6

Object Config (Continued ; 2 of 5):7

Object Config (Continued ; 3 of 5):8

Object Config (Continued ; 4 of 5)9


Rotation (1of 2):10

Rotation (Continued ; 2 of 2):11


Close Controls: Hides Controls, Until you click “Open Controls”12

Outlines Colors & Their Meanings:12



Krunker MOD Textures, How They Tile, & In Which-Direction13

Measurement Conversions:14


Spawn Points & Spawn Logic:14


Useful Information While Playing Your Map:16

Player Size:16

In Game Glitches / Bugs:16

TABLE OF CONTENTS (Continued ; 2 of 2):

Limitations of Game / Map Editor:16

Jump Height:17

Community Of Map Makers:17

Who On MMOK Discord to ask for what?:17

Contributors To Guide:17

How to get to editor?:

  • On the home page of, you can find where it says “Custom Maps” in the top-right corner of your screen. ( see IMAGE-02 )

    • Click this and the map menu will open:

    • Click Map Editor

    • You will be greeted with a screen looking like this (see IMAGE-01):


How Do I Publish my Map?

You have to create an account in order to upload. Once you have created a map and exported it to a .txt file. You need to open the map, and Again go to & this time paste your Map Data in the box under Publish Map that says “Paste Map Data”
General Map Editor Videos (Map Making Primer):

The Krunker Editor Menu:

Map Config:

  • Name: The name of your map, this name will be shown as the map’s name in-game.

  • Mod URL:  Paste a Dropbox link for any mod you wish for the map to use. The players’ games will be updated with the mod’s textures.

  • Ambient Light: I suggest playing around with these colors, so you can see what each does. This one is like a color filter on the whole map.

  • Sky Color: Changes the color of the sky/void.

  • Light Color: Color of direct light, like from the sun.

  • Fog Color: The color the fog will have.]

  • Fog Distance: How far away the fog will render. I recommend just putting this at Max (2000)

    • ADVANCED: If you manually change fog level to 0 in text editor, it removes all fog.

Create Object (1 of 2):

  • Crate: This and the next 3 are the basic “props”. These cannot be changed in size, so they are always the same. The crate is a Crate with size 12,12,12.
    Size is how long something is in x,y,z. x = width, y = height, z = length.

  • Stack: A pallet with stone bricks on top of it with size 12,12,12 as well. 

  • Barrel: The only round object you can create with size 7,8,7

  • Vehicle: A White car size 51,15,20. The Hitbox is is broken.

    • ADVANCED: The Vehicles hitbox is broken, but there is a easy fix for it. You make the vehicle non collidable and then you put 3 cubes inside it, representing the body of the car, you make them not visible but collidable. And that's it, you now have a car with a fixed hitbox.

Create Object (Continued ; 2 of 2):

  • Ladder: The Ladder makes a white box which turns into a ladder when you run the map. I will go in depth in this later.

  • Cube: This is your main building block. It starts as a 10,10,10 cube, and you can scale and move it to make everything. The smallest you can do is 1,1,1 cubes.

  • Ramp: Makes a cube that you drag and it turns into a ramp from 1 side to the other, can be “boosted” to launch you.

  • Plane: 1 sided object, VERY few options where this is used, instead use Cubes. Can be used for ground detail.

  • Objective: This is for Hardpoint. The Hardpoint zone will be inside this. □ Outline Color

  • Particles: Makes falling white cubes you can use as Snow/stars. □ Outline Color

  • Billboard (1 of 2): The face you see with “Don’t hack and don't use Adblock,” or “Subscribe to Pewdiepie…”

    • ADVANCED: You can change this picture to other things via Mod URL .

    • Billboards by default are flat on the ground, even though this doesn’t make sense, you can fix it only by rotation. Changing the size has no effect.

  • Billboard (continued ; 2 of 2):

    • Rotation is in Pi-Radians. So 45° ≈ ?0.79, & 90° ≈ ?1.47

  • Score Zone: Small zones that gives +1 point, used races and most bhop/parkour maps to signal how far you are or secrets you found.□ Outline Color

  • Death Zone: Players die if they touch a death zone. Used to make areas where players aren't supposed to go. It’s invisible in the map, so if you want it to be visible you would have to make a cube showing that its there. □ Outline Color

  • Spawn Point: Your map must contain between 1 and 15 spawn points. The first spawn point will be the one you spawn at when you test the map

  • Camera Position: When you are in the “lobby” and aren't really in the game yet, the game pans around from this position. 

Object Config (1 of 5)

The Object Config is different depending on what object you selected
All objects (Not zones, particles, objectives, spawn point and camera position):

  • Visible: This toggles if the object is visible. You can have invisible objects. The green/blue outline is the outline of the object.

  • Collidable: This toggles if the object is solid. If it’s solid, the outline is green. If it's not solid, the outline is blue.

  • Penetrable: Enable to allow bullets to fire through □ Outline Color

Object Config (Continued ; 2 of 5):

  • Texture

    • Wall

    • Dirt

    • Floor

    • Grid

    • Grey

    • Default (Treat this as no texture, and only a color)

    • Roof

    • Flag (Should be at least 53 Tall, 21 wide If you are using default textures (not using mod))

    • Krunker MOD Textures, How They Tile, & In Which-Direction: (see Table of Contents.)

  • Color: When you mouse over the color (see IMAGE-08) you get a box where you can pick what color you want. The color is displayed in full Hex code with a 0x in front. What you want to do to be able to copy and paste this color is change the 0x to a #. So if you want html hex instead of 0xffffff you have to write it “#ffffff”. This will allow you to pick a color and use it on multiple objects via copy and paste. (you can’t copy and paste the full 0x code) ; Another way to get same color objects is to duplicate the object that already has the color and you want and move it to a new position).

    • You can't color ramps as of now, only change the Texture!

  • Emissive: This color effects the cube and a very strange way, see VIDEO-01 & VIDEO-02.

    • ADVANCED: You can make Color #000000 And use emissive explicitly for color but you will have no . Like wise, if you make the Color any shade of gray lighter than black while using Emissive as your main color the Texture will gradually show the white it is, but it will also be brighter.

Object Config (Continued ; 3 of 5):

  • Opacity: As you might expect this makes objects more transparent the lower the value.

    • ADVANCED: You can stack objects with the same opacity, or put them behind eachother to achieve a similiar affect. Opacity is glitchy so sometimes it just blocks everything, and other times it makes the object behind invisibke (like a Billboard)

Object Config (Continued ; 4 of 5)

  • Direction (1 of 2):  For Ramps & Ladders:

    • The (IMAGE-13) is ramps. When you make a ramp you get a cube looking object with a magenta arrow . The arrow points toward the hightest part of the ramp.

    • You do not use the rotate tool on ramps, instead you use the Direction slider. It goes from 0 to 3. You can see the Purple arrow indicating where the ramp is going. If it is pointing to the right, then the ramp will go from bottom left to top right.

      • ADVANCED: All Directions between 0 ≤ 4 are Valid up to two decimal places. You can use this to have ramps point in all directions. Ramps do no rotate well under normal Rotate field. If you have a  Turbo Ramp, this can be useful to send a player in a specific direction. Unfortunately this is not possible in the normal editor, so you must edit the text file directly for the “d” attribute for your specific object. Ramps Direction 4=360. So 45° = 0.5 RD , and 90° = 1 RD, … etc.

Object Config (Continued ; 5 of 5):

  • Direction ( Contined 2 of 2)

    • Ladder (1 of 2): (IMAGE-14)is a ladder. When you make a ladder, it will be created in the middle of the cube it's representing, with height of the cube. The arrow points in the direction that should be facing away from the wall in order to climb.

      • You can climb below a ladder, will talk about that bug below.

      • ADVANCED: You don’t need a wall for a ladder, but player will have to go back and fourth in order to climb. This is used in some Parkour maps.

      • BUG: When you make a ladder, the “hitbox” works where you can see the ladder. But it also works in the same height of the ladder, below the ladder. This mostly doesn't matter at all, but if you have a long ladder on the 2. floor of a building, it will mess with what's under that ladder.  You can't use the non-collideable to make a “fake” ladder, that is a bug that hasn't had a fix. Only “fix” you can make is make a ladder out of cubes and put a invisible ladder on it.


This is the “World” location. If you use “Local” translate, you might get objects / cubes in locations you don’t expect. If you reload your map with your current save it will always reflect the “World” position. (See NOTE-01)

Rotation (1of 2):

  • If you are a noob you should not rotate anything

  • If you are a novice all of your rotated objects should be uncheched for Colidable ?→?

  • ADVANCED (1 of 2): If you are a Pro you fix the hit box of cars with invisible cubes that are colidable while making car un-coldable, and fix the hit boxes of rotated object with multiple non-rotated smaller colidable invisible cubes.

Rotation (Continued ; 2 of 2):

  • ADVANCED (Continued ; 2 of 2)You know how to convert degrees to radians. Or 180 = 1 π Radian(s) (algebra). You know that rotating on more than two verticies breaks Krunker. You know that Billboards are sometimes backwards so you just have to rotate them another 1 π Radian(s)  ≈ 3.14 over the axis pointing toward you.

  • A Common Trick to fix a roof or rotated cube so that players can see the correct texutre and hue, is to make the ramp invisible and colidibale, but pace a rotated cube the same size ( & Rotation ) where the ramp is but make it visible, but uncolidable. This way, it looks like you are walking on the rotated cube – Even though it’s actually the ramp.

    • MATHS: To figure out object rotation, you need to know the Length from lowest part to highest part, and you need to know the Height. From L & Hei you can use the pythagorean theorem to get the Hypoteneuse :  Hyp = Squareroot(L2 + Hei2) . Then you take the ArcCosin of the two lines; so Cos?1(He ÷ Hyp)
      or Cos?1(Hyp ÷ Hei)

  • When you are rotating a object, the hitbox of the object isn't rotating precisely with the object. This is easily seen if you try to rotate the vehicle, you can see the hitbox doesn't fit the car.

  • You cant see this with cubes, even though it is the same problem. If you rotate a object, it will not always be as it looks. But you can make it not collideable and put objects inside to make the hitbox match.


This is  the size of your ladder, Cube, Ramp, Plane, Objective, Particles, Billboard, Score Zone, or Death Zone.

  • ADVANCED: Odd size Cubes do not connect well with even size Cubes. For Example if you Cube is size x=29 and you have another cube x=28 they will either overlap or have a ? Krunker unit gap in between.

Close Controls: Hides Controls, Until you click “Open Controls”

Outlines Colors & Their Meanings:

  • Red(death zone)□ Outline Color

  • Yellow(score zone) □ Outline Color

  • Green(normal /default object), □ Outline Color

  • Teal(particles), □ Outline Color

  • Blue (non colidable object), □ Outline Color

  • Magenta(Objective) □ Outline Color



Link to Hoax Video Tutorial Pt. 1 VIDEO-03

The editor will show an axis  Gizmo over your selected object. The Gizmo (see IMAGE-09 ) is used to manipulate your objects. The Gizmo is made up of 3 arrows: red, green and blue. They correspond with the x,y, and z-axis. 

The colored planes between 2 means if you drag it in there, you can move in the 2 directions. So Yellow is Green and Red, Cyan is Green and Blue, Purple is Red and Blue. There's a center one to move all of them, but that is pretty hard to control and I suggest not using it. 

If you change to the scale tool, the arrows change to boxes. Blue and red make it thicker in the direction your dragging, from the center of the object. The Green makes it taller from the “floor” of the object.

With Decimals: In the editor, if you edit the numbers in the size or position with decimals, like 10.5 instead of 10 or 11. It will look fine in the editor, but the engine/real-game will load it as whole numbers/integers. So the cube wont look like it does in the editor. You might see that if you rotated something, or made it with decimals, and try to duplicate it, it won't be in the same place. That's because it places it where then game engine thinks it is. Reloading an aleady saved map will show youn truer object sizes, positions, and sometimes rotations.

Krunker MOD Textures, How They Tile, & In Which-Direction


  • Texture tile locally to object, and not per world positions.

  •  “Texture” can be made to have lower contrast if you adjust the Color on-left-most-side from white to black, where White is full Contrast of original texture, and Black is no contrast (as if default prefab were chosen where there is no texture). After contrast is adjusted the color is adjusted only with the emissive property.

    • I.e White = #FFFFFF,

    • Gray = #808080,

    • & Black = #000000 

  • In Krunker Size Units(KSU):  60KSU ×60KSU=1 ImageTexture

    • This is regardless of image size 32×32, or 2048×2048

Surface Facing Y+

  • Image textures start at highest Z value. And Tile toward lowest Z value.

  • Image textures are centered on X-position and tile away.

  • Top of Image texture is oriented toward Z.

Surface Facing Y

  • Image textures start at lowest Z value. And Tile toward highest Z value.

  • Image textures are centered on X-position and tile away.

  • Top of Image texture is oriented toward Z+.

Surface Facing Z+ & Z

  • Image textures start at lowest Y value. And Tile upward.

  • Image textures are centered on X-position and tile away.

  • Top of Image texture is oriented toward Y+.

Surface Facing X+ & X

  • Image textures start at lowest Y value. And Tile upward.

  • Image textures are centered on Z-position and tile away.

  • Top of Image texture is oriented toward Y+.

Measurement Conversions:

  • 60.000 KSU2     = 1 Texture


Spawn Points & Spawn Logic:

Make sure spawn points aren't stuck in the floor, as you might fall though the floor/object. 

You can have between 1 and 15 spawn points in a map total.

Spawn Logic: Krunker always chooses the furthest spawn point from most enemies to spawn unless at least one enemy directly enters a spawn zone, then it will choose the next furthest spawn zone from all enemies. The unfortunately makes spawning predictable, and when making a map you should provide cover for players who are just spawning, so they are not “camped.”


W / up= fly forward

S / back= fly backward

A / left= fly left

D / right= fly right

Q= fly down

E= fly up

Shift= hold to fly faster

1= translate

2= rotate

3= scale

Delete / backspace= delete element

`= toggle world/local (see NOTE-01) space

Control= hold to toggle snapping ( see NOTE-02)

Useful Information While Playing Your Map:

Player Size:

  • The Player Size is 11 Krunker Units Tall & ~6 Units Wide. (See IMAGE-10)

  • When You are crouched in game you are 8.5 Krunker Units Tall. (See IMAGE-11)

In Game Glitches / Bugs:

  • You Can Glitch through floor in game if you spam jump and crouching in air – banging your head on the roof. You can jump through the floor if you have something to land on. So if there is a gap of 10 between 2 cubes, you can crouch in and then stand up, and you will have your head inside the top object. This can make it easy to bug though maps. If you have a map and want help to test if there's any spots where you can bug though, ask in the MMOK Discord.

  • Ramps:

    • In some maps you can glitch through side of ramp into wall.

    • If you have a ramp that is going below a cube, you can walk on the ramp and walk right though the cube. ( see IMAGE-17 ) If you have a ramp with boost on it, and the boost is strong/long enough, you can have so much speed that you can bug though objects as well. A tip for this is to make the object it is bugging though thicker.

  • At this point it is a Feature rather than a glitch, but you can wall surf if you have to cubes of the same dimensions on top of eachother. I.E. if the wall is flush but in reallity is two cubes a player can walk along the top of the bottom cube.

  • Crash Game, via Object Height, via ramp (see: NOTE-03)

Limitations of Game / Map Editor:

When you go below Y: -100 you die. So you cant build anything walkable under Y:-100. 

If you dont know if you are gonna make something below your map, you should start it at Y:1000. 

There is “no” (see NOTE-03) upper limit, so you can build as high as you want.

Jump Height:

If you didn't know, there are different jump heights depending on how heavy the weapon your holding is. LMG and Rocketlauncher are the heavies and pistol and no weapon (parkour or social mode) are the lightest. (If you have no weapon, you can jump the furthest. Keep in mind on infected mode Zombies can jump even further than normal players who have no weapon) So if you make a map where you have to jump to get somewhere, remember to test with different weapons. 

Community Of Map Makers:

MMOK = Map Makers Of Krunker .

There are quite a few map makers in there. And if you ever need feedback, want to collab with others, need help with anything or just want to chat and see what other mappers are doing to get inspiration.

Who On MMOK Discord to ask for what?:

  • Texures, Billboard, Sounds @Bill#3459

Contributors To Guide:

  • DjDankMeister

  • Justprobs

  • Bill

  • Xzila

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