League of Legends Champion Descriptions

    1. Aatrox is a mid-range juggernaut with a lot of self healing, wide areas of effect and several short knockups. He has a skillshot slow that pulls the target back to the location they were hit if they don't leave its indicator, and a dash that can be used during his slashes to reorient himself. His ultimate grants him bonus damage and increased healing.
    2. Ahri is a mid-range burst mage with two skillshots, one of which boomerangs and deals partial true damage, the other charms the target. She has an ability that auto-targets nearby enemies with projectiles, and three dashes that also fire auto-targeted projectiles.
    3. Akali is a highly mobile close-range assassin who gains stealth while in her smoke cloud, whose synergy with Gunblade gives her a lot of self healing. She has a close-range cone-shaped slow, and a skillshot that makes her dash backwards that can be re-activated to dash to the target or her smoke cloud if it was thrown there. Her ultimate is first a targeted dash, then a free dash with damage that scales with missing HP.
    4. Alistar is a tanky frontliner who can dash in and knock you up, or knock you away, with a stun that requires him to stand next to you for a couple seconds. Passively, nearby minion deaths or landing his CC grants him stacks, at max stacks he heals nearby allies. His ultimate very heavily reduces his damage taken and cleanses him of all active CC.
    5. Amumu, despite his size, is a tanky frontliner who needs to land his only skillshot in order to pull himself into range for his wide AoE ultimate stun entangle, a type of CC unique to him that only roots and disarms but allows non-movement ability use. He can deal constant DoT around himself, and damage in bursts with a cooldown that reduces when he's auto-attacked. His passive causes enemies he attacks to take part of all magic damage as true damage instead.
    6. Anivia is a mid-range mage who can create a wall of terrain. If she hits you with her skillshot, exploding stun or you stand in her DoT slowing Blizzard when it’s reached its max size, her other, targeted ability will deal more damage. She will become an egg if brought to 0 HP, and will revive if the egg isn't killed; this has a cooldown.
    7. Annie is a mid-low range mage who can stun you with any of her three abilities if the resource under her health bar shows a purple rectangle, most often her ultimate which is a ground-target, mid-range, instant AoE that summons a pet that can auto-attack and deals damage around itself passively. 
    8. Aphelios is a marksman who sometimes may or may not have a lot of self healing, a lot of range, roots enough for everyone, a lot of AoE damage, high burst, or a mini turret. Depends on the gun, but he can’t continue to use the same gun indefinitely. You can see which gun he has equipped and which he has on standby next to his health bar.
    9. Ashe is a marksman who slows with every auto-attack as well as her cone of arrows. She has an attack speed steroid that grants her bonus damage, and a slow-moving-but-global-range skillshot stun that will stun longer if she hits from further away. 
    10. Aurelion Sol shows his range with his stars, which deal the majority of his damage. Their range can be expanded momentarily, but not contracted. He has an AoE stun, which he can increase the range and AoE of by walking next to it, and a knockback, both of which help him get you into position for his stars. 
    11. Azir summons untargetable soldiers that auto-attack in his place. He has one ability that moves them and damages enemies, and one ability to move himself to them. His ultimate is a knockback that leaves a wall of terrain after casting. He can revive fallen turrets-- both enemy and ally turrets-- for a duration. 
    12. Bard has a slow that becomes a stun if it passes through two enemies OR if it hits an enemy and a wall behind them, a healing pad that can be destroyed by walking on it, and he can create tunnels that make it possible for both enemies and allies to travel through walls. His ultimate makes both enemies and allies untargetable, and his passive is a stacking mechanic that makes his auto-attacks stronger throughout the game.
    13. Blitzcrank has a long-range pull skillshot that brings you directly to him and a targeted knock-up to follow it, with a movespeed boost to get in position for the skillshot an AoE burst of damage to help secure kills. He also has a shield that activates automatically at low health.
    14. Brand’s abilities light you on fire for DoT and being on fire grants his abilities bonus effect: His skillshot will stun, his ground-target will deal bonus damage, his targeted burn will spread, and his ultimate which bounces between enemies 5 times will prioritize enemies who are on fire. Getting hit with three abilities will make you take a large burst of %HP damage.  
    15. Braum’s main strength is his passive, which marks you when he auto-attacks or lands his slowing skillshot. The mark increases when he lands more of either, or when his ally auto-attacks you, and at 4 stacks will stun you. He can also create a shield of ice that completely negates projectiles from the direction he’s facing, and his ultimate is a knock-up that leaves a trail of slow. 
    16. Caitlyn is a longer-than-average range marksman who deals bonus damage periodically, or if she catches you in her traps, which she may place on the ground but are visible, or her net, which slows and also knocks her back a ways. Her ultimate is a massive range targeted ability that an ally can body block, unlike most targeted abilities.
    17. Camille is a mobile fighter dashes to and then off of a wall, which will stun you. Most of her damage comes from auto-attacks, and her first will grant her a shield for a time,. She also has a cone ability that heals her. Her ultimate locks you in a ring for a time, giving her bonus damage. You cannot leave this ring by any means. 
    18. Cassiopeia is essentially an AP marksman who uses a fast-casting targeted ability in place of auto-attacks, which deals more damage if she poisons you with either her purple or green spew. Her purple spew remains in place on the ground and prevents movement abilities while her green spew just pops. Her ultimate is a cone of damage that stuns anyone facing her. 
    19. Cho'Gath is a juggernaut who leans more on the tank side than damage, but gains scaling health throughout the game that also powers up his ultimate. He has a delayed ground-target AoE knockup, a cone that silences enemies, and can cause his auto-attacks to become AoE and slow. His ultimate is extremely short range, but deals a massive amount of true damage and makes him larger if he kills with it. He can also use it on minions and monsters. 
    20. Corki is a hybrid damage ability-focused marksman who deals mostly magic damage despite building mostly physical thanks to his passive that converts 80% of his auto-attack damage to magic. He has a ground-target bomb that he lobs, a dash that leaves behind a trail of fire, and a close-range cone that deals constant damage and reduces defences. His ultimate fires a rocket, with every third one being more powerful. If he is carrying something, it means he has an extra, one-use longer dash that will knock aside enemies.
    21. Darius is a low-range juggernaut who makes enemies bleed for damage over time with his auto-attacks and damaging abilities and gains a massive AD boost if he lands 5. His Q, which deals damage in a delayed circle, only applies his bleed if it hits with the outer rim. He has a short-range pull that ignores minions and a true-damage targeted execute that resets cooldown on kill. 
    22. Diana is an mobile AP fighter, with a third-hit bonus damage passive, and a skillshot that passes through enemies and applies a mark that refunds the cooldown of her enemy-targeted dash if used on targets with the mark, as well as a shield that gains in strength if she’s near an enemy. Her ultimate pulls nearby enemies towards her and deals damage around her after a delay.
    23. Dr. Mundo is a juggernaut with an ult that grants him a ton of health regeneration, a slowing skillshot that deals %HP damage, a DoT around himself that stacks with Sunfire, and an auto-attack reset that grants him a lot of AD (though that only affects his auto-attacks). 
    24. Draven is a mid-range marksman who gains bonus damage if his weapons are literally spinning in his hands. They bounce off enemies if they are, and will continue to spin if he catches them after auto-attacking. He has an attack speed steroid and a skillshot that displaces enemies. His ultimate is a global-range damage-only ability that boomerangs back to him. 
    25. Ekko is a mobile AP assassin with a third-hit passive (which counts his abilities), a skillshot boomerang that slows, an AoE slow that stuns if he steps in it with you, a dash and a blink that grants his next auto bonus damage, and his ultimate returns him to where the hologram following his movements is located, healing him and dealing damage in an area around him. 
    26. Elise is a transforming champion with a skillshot stun and both %current and %missing max HP damage abilities, one ranged and one melee-range. In human form she can send out a spider that will try to walk to someone and explode for damage. She also summons pet spiders when she’s in spider form and can become untargetable while gaining the ability to drop down onto enemies in a fairly wide area. 
    27. Evelynn is a low-mid range assassin who, past level 6, is invisible all the time unless she’s in striking range. The heart she can put above your head without revealing herself means her next attack will either slow or charm you, depending on whether or not the heart filled up. Her ultimate is a magic damage execute that sends her backwards a distance.
    28. Ezreal is a marksman in the truest sense, with mostly skillshots. One is just damage but applies both on-hit effects and spell effects, one applies a mark that makes his next ability or auto-attack deal bonus damage, and his ultimate is a fairly wide global skillshot that passes through every unit.. He has a blink that fires an attack, which prioritizes anyone with his mark on them. 
    29. Fiddlesticks is a mid range mage who places scarecrows instead of being able to purchase wards. The scarecrows look like him and will pretend to cast his abilities, which include a targeted fear that deals damage, a channeled DoT that heals him, a fairly long range slash that can silence, and his ultimate which causes him to blink after a delay and deal DoT around himself for a time. Any ability can also fear if he has been standing still for a few seconds or casts from out of sight.
    30. Fiora is a mobile melee skirmisher with a lot of lane sustain. She has a short range dash that also stabs and an both a slowing on-hit and guaranteed mini-crit. Highlights are her passive, which marks a direction from which any attack she does will deal bonus %HP true damage and heal her, her ultimate which causes all four directions to become available at once and heals her a lot if she hits all four, and her riposte which makes her immune to damage and CC for 0.75s, and stabs forward, stunning if someone attempted to CC her. 
    31. Fizz is a mobile magic-damage assassin with a targeted dash, magic damage on-hit, an ability that makes him untargetable when he jumps up on his trident followed by a splash of AoE damage when he lands, and a fish that he throws which slows until a shark appears to deal damage in an AoE around the target. The hitbox of the fish is insanely misleading and expands, being up to five times larger than the model at max range. 
    32. Galio is a mid-range magic-counter tank/mage. His passive grants him an AoE on-hit periodically. He has a double-projectile skillshot that converges at a ground location to become a DoT tornado and reduces his passive’s cooldown, an AoE self-targeted taunt that increases duration the longer he charges it before casting and passively grants him a magic damage only shield, a dash punch that knocks up, and an extremely long range ally-targeted jump that knocks up in a wide area upon landing, with a fairly large warning symbol. 
    33. Gangplank is a mid to mid-long range fighter with a periodic true damage burn on-hit, a targeted damage ability that applies on-hits (but not his passive) and grants him bonus gold on unit kills, a self-cleansing heal, barrels which he can explode for damage and a slow in an AoE around them, which you can also attack to destroy, and a global ground-target ultimate that slows and deals damage in waves in a wide AoE. 
    34. Garen is a low-range juggernaut with passive out of combat health regeneration, a speed boost that cleanses him of slows and empowers his next basic attack for bonus damage and a silence, a damage reduction that grants him a very short duration shield and reduces incoming CC for the same duration, a spinning attack that deals DoT, and a true damage execute that scales with your missing health. 
    35. Gnar is a marksman who transforms into a tank when his secondary bar is filled by attacking. Unlike other transformers, he cannot switch freely. As both, he has a skillshot that deals damage and slows. In mini form it boomerangs but can only hit once. He has a %HP damage third-hit ability, a jump that can double its distance in mini by jumping on an ally or enemy, and in mega he has a square area stun as well as an AoE that throws enemies around him also stuns if they hit a wall. 
    36. Gragas is a mid range mage with an AoE ground-target slow, passive healing on ability casts, a damage reduction that empowers his next auto-attack, a dash with an AoE knockback, and his ultimate which is a lobbed barrel that damages and knocks enemies away from its landing position. 
    37. Graves is a jungling marksman with a shotgun, his auto-attacks deal high damage and uniquely fire in a cone of pellets that stop on the first unit in their path and require him to reload after two shots. He has a damaging skillshot that boomerangs for bonus damage, but can’t go past walls and instead will boomerang sooner, an AoE smoke canister that applies nearsighted to enemies within (you can’t see past your champion), a dash that reloads one shot, and an ultimate skillshot that explodes in a cone after its initial target or max range.
  • Gwen is a magic-damage melee on-hit skirmisher with bonus max%HP damage on her auto attacks. She can snip her scissors in a cone, dealing true damage in the center and increasing the number of hits if she autos beforehand. She can create a circular area that makes her invulnerable to any damage coming from outside of its radius, which follows her the first time she leaves it. Her dash is short range but grants bonus AS. Her ultimate shoots needles in a line, can be cast 3 times in quick succession if she autos anything in between casts, and deals more damage each cast. 
    1. Hecarim is a fighter jungler who gains bonus AD based on his movement speed. He has an AoE self-targeted damage ability, an AoE self-targeted aura that heals him for enemies being damaged within, and a movement speed increase that makes him charge at and displace his next auto-attack target. His ultimate is an unstoppable charge that damages and fears enemies. 
    2. Heimerdinger places targetable turrets that fire automatically, prioritizing his attack target and periodically firing a higher-damage beam that fires sooner if he lands his other abilities, his lobbed grenade that stuns or his rockets that can be fired in a cone, a point, or an hourglass. His ultimate empowers his next cast of a basic ability, granting him a larger, stronger turret, a line of grenades, or five waves of rockets.
    3. Illaoi is a mid-range juggernaut who slams a tentacle down in a line and passively spawns tentacles against walls that will also slam if she uses her auto-reset. She also has a skillshot that pulls a ghost of you towards her, transferring damage she deals to it to you and counting as a champion for her ultimate, which spawns more tentacles based on the number of enemies near her. Tentacle slams also heal her. 
    4. Irelia is a highly mobile skirmisher who passively gains attack speed and magic damage on-hit as she fights. She has an enemy targeted dash that applies on-hits and resets its cooldown on kill or if she has first marked you with either her stun or ultimate. Her stun requires her to first place a blade on the ground, then another, which fly to each other in a line to stun. She also has a channeled physical-damage-reducing ability. Her ultimate is a line skillshot that explodes into an arrow-shaped arena that slows anyone who crosses its boundaries. 
    5. Ivern is a jungler who does not fight camps, but instead marks them and can wait to kill them instantly after a duration or kill them immediately with smite after finishing the mark animation. After level 5 he can give red or blue to an ally while also getting it himself. Has a skillshot root that allows allies to dash to the target including himself. He also creates bushes, and standing in a bush grants him bonus damage on-hit. He has an ally-targeted shield that explodes for damage after a delay and an ultimate that’s a pet who knocks up enemies in a line every third attack.
    6. Janna is an enchanter support with a knockup skillshot with a long wind-up, which gains range and duration based on how long she holds it before firing from the location she started it (not from her body). Has a targeted slow and a shield that grants allies AD. Her ultimate knocks back enemies and heals allies around her while she channels it. Passively, allies gain movespeed near her.
    7. Jarvan IV is a diver fighter jungler who throws out a flag and then stabs his lance forward. The stab deals damage but also drags him to the flag, knocking up anyone in his path. He passively reduces armor and deals bonus damage on his first auto-attack and has a small AoE slow that shields him per enemy slowed. His ultimate is a targeted high-damage leap that leaves a circle of terrain around the location. 
    8. Jax is a hybrid damage on-hit fighter who gains attack speed passively and can empower his next auto-attack or his targeted leap. His leap can also be used on wards or allies to escape. He may also dodge all incoming auto-attacks for a duration, which ends in an AoE stun that he can activate sooner. His ultimate grants him defenses based on his offensive stats and passively grants him magic damage every third basic attack. 
    9. Jayce is a transforming champion who switches between long-range poke and close-range damage. In ranged form he has a skillshot that explodes, and its range and damage can be increased by firing it through his line of lightning, which also grants allies movespeed who pass through. He can increase his AS for three autos, with reduced damage. In melee form he has a targeted leap that damages in an AoE, a low-damage aura, and a knockback. Switching forms empowers his next auto-attack. 
    10. Jhin is a long range marksman with an ammo system that grants him bonus damage every fourth attack, but also requires him to reload after four. He converts attack speed into AD instead of attacking quicker. He has a targeted ability that bounces to three additional targets, gaining damage each time it kills one. A trap that slows and damages but gives you enough time to leave. A super long range skillshot that roots if he’s attacked you or you’ve stepped on a trap recently. And his ultimate makes him stationary while he fires four extremely long range shots that slow, while the fourth deals bonus damage like his autos. 
    11. Jinx is a mid to long range marksman who switches between gaining AS every attack or dealing damage in an AoE on the target at the cost of mana. She also has a slowing, damaging skillshot and ground-targeted traps that root but disappear after a short time. Her ultimate is a global-rang skillshot that explodes for damage based on missing health. On kill or assist, she gains a massive boost of AS and MS, and breaks the attack speed cap if possible.
    12. Kai'Sa is a hybrid damage marksman who deals large amounts of %HP damage. Her passive makes her autos deal bonus magic damage and stacks up to 5 times, with the 5th dealing a larger chunk. She has an auto-targeting ability that deals more damage if you’re alone, a long-range skillshot that stacks her passive, and an AS steroid that makes her invisible for a moment later in the game. Her ultimate is a long-range dash that shields her upon arrival. 
    13. Kalista is an extremely mobile marksman who dashes with every single auto-attack. She has a fairly low damage skillshot and can spawn a ward that sees only in one direction and disappears after screaming at you. She passively leaves spears inside the opponent with every auto or skillshot, and can rip them out for massive damage based on the number of spears and a slow. She also binds to an ally, who deals a chunk of damage if they attack the same target and can be called to her, becoming untargetable until they are sent out in a line and knock up enemies they slam into.
    14. Karma is a cross between mage and enchanter. She has her ultimate, which empowers her other abilities, from level 1. She has a damaging skillshot that explodes and slows, which leaves a circle that explodes again if empowered. Has a tether that roots the target if they stay in range, and heals her if empowered. And an ally-target shield that grants MS, which grants more and additionally shields allies near the target if empowered. 
    15. Karthus is a mid-high range mage with an extremely short cooldown ground-target that explodes after a short delay, a wall that can be walked through but heavily slows and reduces the MR of enemies, and an AoE DoT around himself. His ultimate is a 3 second channel that hits all enemy champions on the map. All his abilities can be cast during his passive, which keeps him stationary but able to cast spells for a duration after dying. 
    16. Kassadin is a high-scaling, hyper-mobile mage-like assassin who takes reduced magic damage passively. He has a targeted damage ability that grants him a shield, an empowered auto-attack that refunds mana, and a damaging, slowing cone. His ultimate is a short cooldown blink that damages enemies in a small area at his arrival location, gaining damage and doubling its cost each time he uses it in quick succession. 
    17. Katarina is a costless hyper mobile magic damage assassin who synergizes well with self-healing items/runes. Passively, she deals damage in an AoE whenever she walks onto one of her daggers. She has a targeted, bouncing ability that leaves a dagger a set distance behind the initial target, a MS increase that drops a delayed dagger at the cast location, a blink that can target enemies or daggers, and her ultimate is a channeled DoT that deals massive damage to up to 3 targets. Takedowns refresh her non-ultimate cooldowns.
    18. Kayle is a hybrid damage pseudo-ADC who’s melee until level 6, when she becomes ranged. Passively she gains AS, but past level 11 additionally fires waves of magic damage along with autos after five autos. At 16 this becomes permanent. She has a skillshot that reduces defenses, an ally heal that grants MS, an empowered auto that deals damage based on missing HP, and her ultimate makes herself or an ally invulnerable for a short duration before dealing damage in an AoE around the target. 
    19. Kayn is a skirmisher jungler who transforms early-mid game, choosing either blue or red form, changing his abilities slightly. Blue form grants him a large amount of bonus magic damage on all attacks when he first engages, while red grants him self-healing. He has a dash that deals damage and then spins in a circle for the same damage, and a line-target slash that slows. Blue allows him to move while a shadow clone casts the ability, red causes it to knock-up instead of slow. He can also move through walls, which heals him. His ultimate allows him to go inside an enemy, becoming untargetable and damaging them when he leaves. Red form causes this ability to heal him based on the target’s max HP. 
    20. Kennen is a mid-low-range dive mage. Passively, he marks targets with abilities and every fourth auto-attack, stunning them at three marks. He has a skillshot damage ability, one that damages any marked enemies near him, and one that makes him unable to auto-attack while gaining movement speed and damaging/marking anyone he passes through. His ultimate is a wide AoE lightning storm that deals damage in ticks, applying a mark each time. 
    21. Kha'Zix is a melee stealth assassin who upgrades his abilities as he ranks up his ult and deals bonus damage to targets who are alone. Whenever he leaves brush or stealth, his next basic attack deals bonus damage. He has a targeted melee-range ability that reduces its cooldown on isolated targets if he upgrades it, a skillshot that explodes for damage and heals him if fired point-blank, which fires a cone and slows if upgraded, and a leap that deals damage in an AoE on landing and refreshes cooldown on takedown if upgraded. His ultimate grants stealth for a short duration, up to twice in quick succession or three times if upgraded. I know this makes it longer, but each upgrade has a visual indicator-- his claws will glow if the targeted ability is upgraded, he’ll gain spikes on his shoulders for the skillshot, wings for the leap, and change color for his ultimate.
    22. Kindred is a short-range jungling marksman who gains stacks for killing specific jungle mobs or enemies they mark. They have a short dash that fires arrows and grants AS increased by passive stacks, with a reduced cooldown if cast within the range of their W. Their W causes Wolf to attack enemies in an area, with its damage increased with passive stacks. And they may mark a target to make their next third auto against them deal missing-health scaling damage, increased with passive stacks. Their ultimate makes enemies and allies within an area immune to death but not damage for a duration, healing all within at the end. 
    23. Kled is a melee fighter whose health is split up into his and his lizard’s. When his lizard’s health depletes, she runs away, leaving him slower and changing his skillshot into a cone. His skillshot passes through minions and tethers the target, pulling them back if the tether doesn’t break. He also has a periodic ability that grants his next four autos bonus MS and the last one bonus damage. His dash can be re-cast if it passed through a champion or large monster, causing him to dash through them, targeted, again. His ultimate charges towards the chosen ground-target, but redirects him into any enemy that crosses his path, knocking them back and leaving a trail that grants allies movement speed in the same direction he came from.
    24. Kog'Maw is a mid-to-high range marksman who deals bonus %HP magic damage on hit for a duration with his main ability. He has a skillshot that reduces defenses and another that leaves a slowing trail of splooge. His ultimate is a ground-target small AoE damage ability that can be used in quick succession and deals bonus damage to low health enemies. His passive allows him to walk around after death and explode for true damage in an area. 
  • LeBlanc is a mobile AP assassin who can dash to a location and blink back to the teleport pad she leaves at her original location. She has a targeted projectile that marks you, causing the next ability to deal bonus damage, and a skillshot chain that deals damage when it hits and after a delay if the tether isn’t broken, as well as roots. Her ultimate copies her last used ability. Her passive cloaks her and creates a clone when she’s brought to low health, for escape. 
  • Lee Sin is a mobile fighter whose basic abilities have two casts each. If he lands his skillshot, he can dash to the target for missing HP scaling damage. His other dash targets an ally or ward, shielding himself and the ally and the second cast grants him healing on damage. His third ability deals damage around him, then can slow anyone caught in the explosion. His ultimate kicks an enemy away from him, dealing damage to and knocking up enemies they collide with. 
  • Leona is a tanky engage support who’ll start with her skillshot, which roots the last enemy champion hit and pulls her to them. She has an empowered auto-attack that stuns her target and can decrease her own damage taken for a duration, after which she deals damage around herself. Her ultimate is a ground-target circle that stuns enemies in the center while slowing those on the outer edge. Passively, she marks anyone she hits with abilities; ally attacks cause the mark to deal damage. 
  • Lillia, despite her flowery appearance, is a mobile mid-range fighter with a long-range engage tool. Passively her abilities deal magic damage over time. She has a circular swing that deals bonus true damage in its outer half, a ground-target slam that deals bonus damage in its center, and can throw a seed that explodes on impact with people or walls. Her ultimate will put to sleep anyone currently being damaged by her passive, after a short delay.
  • Lissandra is a mid range mage with a skillshot that slows the first enemy hit and damages enemies behind them. Her other skillshot travels through enemies and allows her to blink to its location. She can also root enemies in an area around herself. Her ultimate can either stun an enemy or put herself in stasis, healing her. Either cast causes ice to spread in a circle, damaging and slowing enemies. 
  • Lucian is a low-to-mid range marksman whose passive causes his next basic attack after an ability to fire two shots. He has a targeted pseudo-skillshot, which targets the enemy and then fires a beam. His other skillshot fires a projectile that explodes in a cross, giving him MS towards anyone hit. His dash reduces its cooldown every time he uses his passive. And his ultimate fires a continuous volley of bullets in the direction he chooses; he can move and dash but can’t change its direction.
  • Lulu is an enchanter support with a slowing skillshot that fires from her and Pix. Pix fires along with Lulu’s autos or those of the ally he’s attached to with bolts that can be body-blocked. Her skillshot slow also fires from her and Pix, but only one applies. She can transform enemies into squirrels, disabling their attacks and spells or target an ally with the ability, granting them AS and MS. She can send Pix to an ally to shield them or to an enemy for damage and sight. Her ultimate causes herself or an ally to grow, gaining HP and knocking up enemies nearby. 
  • Lux marks enemies with light with her abilities, with basic attacks or her ultimate popping the mark for damage. Her skillshot can hit up to two enemies, rooting them. Her shield is a boomeranging skillshot, shielding herself and allies up to twice. She has a ground-target orb of light that slows while it persists and when it explodes. Her ultimate is a long-range beam that fires after a delay.
  • Malphite is an engage tank with relatively high AP scaling, so he sometimes builds damage. He has a targeted projectile that steals MS, a ground slam that reduces AS, and can empower his auto-attacks for a duration, causing them to strike in a cone behind the target. His ultimate dashes unstoppable to a ground location, knocking up enemies at impact. He passively gains a shield and bonus % armor, which is tripled while the shield is up. 
  • Malzahar is a mid-low range mage who gains a passive pseudo-spellshield, which can be broken with auto-attacks. He has a ground-target silence in the shape of a wall, can summon pets that attack his target, and has a targeted DoT that resets and spreads if it kills the target. His ultimate suppresses the target, also dealing damage in an area around them. 
  • Maokai is a self-healing engage tank. His auto-attacks periodically heal him, with the cooldown reduced when hit by or casting abilities. He can slam the ground to displace enemies around him and slow in a short line. His dash is enemy-targeted and makes him untargetable. He can throw untargetable pets that will walk towards enemies and explode, that deal bonus damage if they were thrown in a bush. His ultimate is an extremely slow but lane-wide progression of five roots, that each stop on the first enemy hit. 
  • Master Yi is a hybrid damage on-hit fighter/assassin who attacks twice every third attack. He can blink to an enemy, becoming untargetable and striking four times if they’re alone or up to three other enemies, returning to the original target, with the cooldown reduced via auto-attacks. He has a channeled heal that also reduces incoming damage, and can make himself deal true damage on-hit for a duration. His ultimate grants him AS and MS while making him immune to both AS and MS slows. 
  • Miss Fortune is a mid-high range marksman who deals bonus damage when she switches to a new target and gains movespeed as she walks. She has a targeted projectile that bounces to an additional enemy behind the target, which will crit if it kills the first. She can increase her attack speed for a duration while fully stacking her movespeed buff. Her ground-target slows and applies grievous wounds. Her ultimate is a channeled cone that deals damage in waves. 
  • Mordekaiser is a magic-damage juggernaut who deals DoT around himself after attacking enemies 3 times (including hitting 3 enemies with 1 ability) and has passive magic penetration. He can slam his mace into the ground, dealing damage in a rectangular area but bonus damage if it hits only one enemy. His shield is activated, but the amount is based on his resource bar which fills when he deals or takes damage; the shield can be canceled to heal for up to half its remaining amount. His pull moves everyone caught in it, and can be used to “pull” closer enemies behind him. His ultimate forces the target onto a different plain with him, taking a portion of their stats for the forced 1v1 and making them both untargetable by anyone outside of it. It is considered CC for the purpose of cleanses.
  • Morgana is a mid-long range mage support with passive spellvamp against champions and monsters/large minions. Her skillshot is a very long root. Her ground-target deals DoT and reduces its cooldown every time she heals from her passive. Her purple shield can be self or ally cast, making them immune to CC and blocking only magic damage. Her ultimate tethers her to nearby enemies while granting her MS, and stuns them if the tether is unbroken. 
  • Nami is a mid-long range enchanter support who passively speeds up allies she hits with abilities. Her bubble is a ground-target that renders those hit airborn (functionally a long knockup). Her heal is a splash of water that can bounce between unique allies and enemies twice, damaging enemies. She can empower her own or an ally’s next three spells or autos, applying a slow. Her ultimate is a tidal wave that knocks up enemies hit while speeding up allies via her passive. 
  • Nasus is a slowly-ramping juggernaut with passive lifesteal. His empowered attack gains damage every time he kills a unit with it, getting extremely powerful as the game drags on. His targeted slow is both long and powerful and also slows AS. His ground-target deals some DoT and reduces armor. His ultimate causes him to grow in size, gain HP and resistances, reduces his empowered attack’s cooldown, and DoT around himself. 
  • Nautilus is an engage tank, sometimes support, tied for the most CC in the game. His first auto-attack against a unique target roots it periodically. His anchor pulls both himself and the target to meet halfway, or pulls him all the way and reduces cooldown if it hits terrain. He gains a shield and empowers his auto-attacks to deal splash damage with the same ability, and can deal damage around himself in three waves, slowing enemies within. His ultimate targets an enemy, knocking up enemies in between them and him before knocking up and stunning them.
  • Neeko is a mid range mage who can disguise herself as an ally until she attacks or is attacked. She has a third-hit magic damage passive on auto-attacks. Her skillshot roots all targets it passes through, gaining duration if it passes through more enemies. Her ground-target explodes up to three times if a champion is hit with the previous pop. She can cloak for a short time and send out a clone of herself that runs in a line. Her ultimate shields her as she rises into the air, before slamming down to damage and stun enemies around her. 
  • Nidalee is a ranged-to-melee transforming AP jungler. Landing her spear skillshot or having an enemy step on one of her visible traps grants her leap double range and reduced cooldown. Her heal grants bonus attack speed, and in cougar form she has a missing-HP scaling empowered melee auto-attack as well as a cone claw sweep. She passively gains movement speed in brush.
  • Nocturne is a jungling assassin with an extremely long-range engagement. Passively, his auto-attacks periodically deal damage in an area and he has bonus AS. His skillshot leaves a trail that grants him bonus AD and MS; the trail is also left by enemies hit by the initial projectile. Blocking an ability with his spellshield grants him additional AS. His fear is first a tether, that only fears if the tether is unbroken. His ultimate applies nearsight to all enemies, and allows him to dash to an enemy from a great distance. 
  • Nunu passively grants himself and a nearby ally AS when he attacks a champion or monster. He may bite monsters for true damage on par with Smite, or champions for far less. While rolling his snowball, he can’t make tight turns but can cancel it early to throw it forward. Getting hit by the ball knocks up and stuns enemies. His tiny snowball volley marks enemies, causing them to be rooted if they’re near him when the ability ends. His ultimate channels, slowing enemies before exploding for a large amount of damage and an additional slow. 
  • Olaf is an auto-attack based bruiser whose main strength is becoming immune to CC with his ultimate. Passively, he gains AS the lower his HP gets. He may throw an axe as a skillshot, which slows and passes through enemies before landing on the ground, which he can pick up to reduce its cooldown. He has an AS steroid that also grants lifesteal, which also increases as his HP lowers. His true-damage ability is melee-range and targeted, but reduces cooldown with auto-attacks. 
  • Orianna is a mid-range mage whose abilities are focused on her untargetable pet ball. Passively, she gains bonus magic damage on subsequent auto-attacks against the same target. She has one ability to move the ball that damages enemies, one that sends the ball to an ally to shield them and grant resistances, and one that slows enemies in a circle while speeding up allies. Her ultimate pulls enemies near the ball towards it and deals damage. 
  • Ornn is an engage tank tied for most CC. His passive allows him to buy items without leaving lane, and later in the game allows him to upgrade the base stats of his own and allies’ items. He has a skillshot slow that creates a pillar of terrain at the end of its range, a cone of fire that deals DoT and a burst at the end; enemies caught in the burst are applied a mark that makes his next basic attack displace and deal bonus %HP damage, or increases the duration of the next CC applied to them. If he dashes into terrain, he knocks up enemies at the impact; this ability destroys player-created terrain. His ultimate summons a ram at a distance that runs towards him, slowing enemies; he may-recast the ability to dash into it and send it back the way it came or another direction, then knocking up enemies hit. This ability applies the same kind of mark as his fire cone. 
  • Pantheon is an early-game lane bully fighter. When his spear is glowing from attacking, his next basic ability will be empowered. His spear can be thrown as a skillshot or thrusted, both pass through enemies but the skillshot loses damage past the first target while the thrust does not and has a reduced cooldown; either form will deal bonus damage to low-HP targets and deals bonus damage and a slow when empowered. He has an enemy-targeted dash that stuns, when empowered his next auto-attack strikes three times for reduced damage. His shield stabs in a cone for fairly low damage while making him immune to all damage from champions (or corpses) who are in the direction it’s pointed; when empowered the max duration is increased. His ultimate is a very long range ground-targeted leap that deals damage in a wide area on arrival. 
  • Poppy is an engage/counter-engage tank with a lot of enemy displacement. Passively, her next basic attack becomes ranged and drops a shield on the ground that she can pick up for a shield; enemies may step on it to destroy it. She has a melee-range ground-target slow that explodes for a second instance of slow and damage after a delay. She can create a circle around herself that grants her MS and knocks up enemies who attempt to dash, grounding them for the duration. Her dash is enemy-targeted and pushes them with her, stunning if she pushes them into terrain. Her ultimate can be cast instantly for a melee-range knockup or held to knock enemies a great distance towards their base. 
  • Pyke is a unique AD assassin support who shares gold on kills with his ult and converts health to AD so he stays squishy, but can heal back damage dealt by leaving enemy vision. He can thrust his harpoon to slow enemies, or hold it to make it a skillshot that pulls one enemy a set distance towards him. He can stealth, gaining movement speed but warning enemies of his presence with sharks encircling them. His dash sends a clone of himself from his starting location after a delay which stuns enemies it contacts. His ultimate is a ground-target cross-shaped true damage execute that blinks him to the location, ignores shields, and resets its cooldown on successful kills. 
  • Qiyana is a mobile AD assassin whose main damage ability can have one of 3 different effects. One of her dashes is short but targets the map, empowering her weapon and giving her short-range skillshot a root if she targeted water, bonus damage against low HP targets if she targeted terrain, or an area that grants her stealth if she targeted a bush. While her weapon is empowered with any element, she gains bonus AS and damage on auto-attacks. Her other dash is enemy-targeted, and will send her through them while making her skillshot auto-target the same enemy. Her ultimate is a short range skillshot that knocks enemies back, and explodes if it comes into contact with terrain, stunning and damaging any enemies near said terrain. 
  • Quinn is a short-range marksman with powerful map presence thanks to her ultimate’s extreme movespeed steroid. Periodically, nearby enemies will be marked, causing her next auto-attack to fire two arrows. This mark is also applied by her abilities. Her skillshot throws a bird that applies nearsight in an area around the target. She can gain sight in a wide area around herself, even through bushes. And she has a dash that targets an enemy, spinning them around and then leaping backwards off of them. Her ultimate makes her bird lift her, granting her an immense movespeed steroid; canceling the ability or attacking causes her to deal damage in an area around herself.  
  • Rakan is a mobile support somewhere between engage tank and enchanter with special interactions with his girlfriend, Xayah. Passively, he periodically gains a shield that regens out of combat if it isn’t totally depleted. His skillshot grants him a delayed heal if he hits a champion, that he can pop instantly to heal both himself and an ally by walking into them. One of his dashes is ground-targeted, and after a delay he will knockup in a circle. His other dash is ally-targeted and grants the ally a shield; it can be used twice but will only refresh the shield on the same target, not double it, and can be cast from double the range if the target is Xayah. His ultimate grants him MS and makes him charm anyone he touches. If Xayah is recalling, he can join her even up until the last second to follow.
  • Rammus is an armor-heavy engage tank jungler. Passively, his auto-attacks scale with armor. His main engage tool is his MS boost ball form, which knocks up in an area around whoever he slams into. He can massively boost his defenses, but slows himself, while dealing his passive damage to enemies who auto-attack him. His taunt is short range but targeted, and grants him bonus AS. His ultimate makes him emit waves of damage around himself for a duration which also damage structures. 
  • Rek'Sai is a diver-fighter who somewhat mimics transforming champs. One ability causes her to burrow, leaving her fin exposed but reducing her actual sight range while allowing her to see blinking tremors of enemies from a longer distance. While burrowed, her Fury bar will deplete to heal her. She has an ability that empowers three auto-attacks, making them deal damage in a circle; while burrowed this ability instead fires a single skillshot. Unburrowing knocks up surrounding enemies. Her bite is targeted, and will deal true damage if used while her Fury bar is full. Her dash leaves behind holes she can enter to travel between them again. Her ultimate allows her to blink to any enemy she’s recently attacked, dealing %missingHP-scaling damage.
  • Rell is a tank support who passively steals armor and MR from anyone she auto-attacks. She can stab forward, dealing double damage to the first target hit and applying her passive. While on her horse, she can leap and slam down, shielding herself while knocking up enemies and entering her unmounted form. Unmounted she gains bonus defenses but moves very slowly. When she re-mounts, she gains MS and her next auto within a small timeframe will throw the target over her shoulder a very short distance. She can bind to an ally, granting them bonus defense, and can break the bond to stun anyone standing between them. Her ultimate pulls everyone around towards her and continues to pull them for a short while, but doesn’t prevent them from attacking or casting movement abilities. 
  • Renekton is a diver fighter who uses Fury. His abilities are enhanced and consume Fury if he has more than 50%, but also grant it. He has a circular slash that heals him per enemy hit, gaining damage and heal when enhanced. He has an empowered auto-attack reset that stuns, striking 3 times and stunning longer if enhanced. His dash can be re-cast if he passes through an enemy, with the second reducing armor if enhanced. His ultimate makes him larger, grants HP, causes him to DoT in an area around himself and passively gain Fury.
  • Rengar is a stealth-based assassin who passively gains AD for each unique enemy killed and will leap from bushes to his attack target. His resource is Ferocity, which only has 5 points and increases by using abilities on enemies. At 5, his next ability is empowered and doesn’t go on cooldown. He has an auto-attack reset that deals bonus damage; while empowered it also grants him AS. He may roar for damage in a circle, which heals him and also cleanses CC if empowered. His skillshot is a single-target slow, but becomes a root when empowered. His ultimate stealths him for quite some time, but warns the nearest enemy that he’s near; he will leap if he attacks while stealthed. 
  • Riven is a resourceless, caster fighter. Passively, using an ability stores a charge that enhances her next auto-attack, up to 3. Her main ability is a short dash that damages in a circle which can be cast 3 times in short succession, with the third also knocking up. She has an AoE stun centered on herself, and another dash that grants her a shield. Her ultimate gives her bonus range and AD, and may be re-cast to fire a cone that deals missingHP scaling damage. Better Riven players can cast all her abilities extremely quickly with animation canceling. 
  • Rumble is a mid-range battlemage who focuses on DoT and managing his unique resource, Heat. Heat is generated by casting abilities, being above 50% heat empowers his basic abilities, but reaching 100% silences him for a few seconds while enhancing his auto-attacks. He has a flamethrower cone that deals bonus damage if enhanced, a shield that grants MS which are both increased when enhanced, and a skillshot that may be cast twice which slows and increases the slow and damage when enhanced. His ultimate creates a ground-targeted trail of fire that burns for DoT and slows enemies.
  • Ryze is a mid-range, high area battle mage who scales mana in addition to AP and heavily relies on the enhanced effects from comboing his abilities. Using his skillshot after his other basic abilities grants him a burst of MS. One of them is a projectile that spreads to nearby targets, applying a mark to all of them. The other is a targeted slow that roots if the enemy is marked. His projectile will deal bonus damage and spread to marked targets. His ultimate is a long-range teleport after channeling a portal, which teleports all allied units within.
  • Samira is a mid-range AD caster sorta-marksman, sorta-fighter. Passively she gains bonus MS and AS if she switches between auto-attacks and abilities while fighting, shown by her combo indicator (S max). If an enemy is knocked-up, her next auto attack will extend the knockup a little. If she auto-attacks someone in melee range, she deals bonus damage. She has a single-target skillshot that casts as a cone if she targets someone in melee range, that applies lifesteal and can crit. She can slash in a circle around herself twice, negating projectiles that enter the circle. Her dash can target allies and enemies, and if she casts her skillshot while dashing it will instead fire in a line along the dash path. Her ultimate requires her passive to be at S, and makes her shoot everyone around her very quickly for several seconds. It applies lifesteal. 
  • Sejuani is an engage-tank jungler. Passively, she gains bonus resistances against the first enemy attack in a fight and is immune to slows until attacked. She and nearby melee enemies apply a stacking mark to targets, which at 4 allows her to click them to stun them. She has a dash that knocks up in a small area if she impacts an enemy, and a cone that becomes a line-skillshot, which apply one mark each. Her ultimate is a skillshot that stuns the first enemy hit, then creates a circular storm that slows enemies. Any enemy she stuns appears to be encased in ice, and can be auto-attacked for bonus damage. Enemies she stuns cannot be applied marks for a time.
  • Senna is a support-ish, long-range marksman. She gains stacks by collecting souls that appear from minions or periodically when she attacks champions. The stacks increase her stats, crit chance, and range. She has a pseudo-skillshot that fires after targeting an enemy or ally, which heals allies and herself, and damages enemies. She may become untargetable, while granting allies near her stealth but making them appear as ghouls if they leave her circle. Her skillshot roots in an area around its target after a delay. Her ultimate is a lane-wide global beam that fires after a delay, damaging enemies in its center while granting allies a shield.
  • Seraphine is a waveclear mage and sort of selfish enchanter. Passively, casting abilities applies a mark to herself and nearby allies (up to 4 marks each) that will fly at and damage enemies she attacks. Every third ability cast, indicated under her healthbar, will double-cast. She has a ground-target splash that deals damage based on missing HP, an AoE shield that heals after a delay if it’s double-cast, and a passthrough skillshot slow that roots if the enemy is already slowed and stuns if they’re already effected by other CC (including itself for the double). Her ultimate is a wide skillshot charm that gains range for every enemy or ally it passes through, and applies full marks of her passive to allies. 
  • Sett is a juggernaut with two powerful displacements. Passively, he gains health regen when low on health, stores his resource, Grit, when he is attacked, and auto-attacks in a quick one-two combo with the second dealing more damage. He has an empowered auto-attack reset that deals %HP damage. His pull pulls all enemies on either side of him to him, additionally stunning them if there’s at least one on either side. He has a rectangular cone of damage that deals true damage in the center which costs all his Grit, scaling up to half his max HP. His ultimate grabs a nearby enemy, launching them both opposite the direction he came from before slamming them into the ground to deal damage in an AoE that scales with that enemy’s max HP. 
  • Shaco is a stealth jungler who may build for magic or physical damage. He gains a damage bonus when attacking enemies whose backs are to him. One ability causes him to blink, stealth, and empower his next auto-attack. He may also place invisible jack-in-the-boxes that fear approaching enemies and fire at them like a turret for a short duration. His targeted projectile slows. His ultimate creates a clone of himself that can auto-attack for reduced damage and explodes for a large amount of magic damage when killed, creating 3 jack-in-the-boxes that share a health pool but otherwise function like the others.
  • Shen is a support-y counter-engage tank. Passively, casting an ability grants him a shield, and his Spirit Sword will be present near him at all times. He can call his sword to him, empowering his next three auto-attacks and slowing any enemy it passes through, which also grants him AS if it contacts an enemy. He can create a circular field around his sword that causes all auto-attacks to miss allies within for a short duration. His dash is also his only CC, and taunts all enemies he passes through. His ultimate allows him to target any ally, globally, and shield them for a few seconds while channeling before teleporting to their location. 
  • Shyvana is a pseudo-transformation  fighter who currently builds for burst magic damage. She has an empowered auto that causes it to strike twice at once and reduces its cooldown when she autos, an AoE DoT of fire around herself that grants movespeed, and a skillshot fire blast that passes through enemies and grants her %HP magic damage on-hit against them. Her ultimate requires her Fury bar to be full, causes her to dash unstoppably while dragging enemies with her and switching to Dragon form. While in Dragon form, her empowered auto becomes a cone, her AoE increases in size, and her skillshot explodes for a large amount of damage and leaves a circle of fire that burns over time. 
  • Singed is a specialized AP juggernaut who leans more towards defense than damage and is built for clearing minions. Passively, he gains MS near champions. He has a toggled poison cloud that leaves a trail wherever he walks which dissipates after a time, a ground-target splooge that grounds enemies within and roots anyone he flips into it. His flip is short range and throws the enemy behind himself. His ultimate simply increases all his stats and grants movement speed.
  • Sion, despite his title, is a cc-heavy tank, not a juggernaut. Passively, he keeps control after dying and may auto-attack for increased damage for a duration, with one burst of movespeed available. He has a channeled square-shaped knockup that can be released early for a slow. His shield can be re-cast to explode for damage around himself. His short-range skillshot reduces armor but can also hurl a minion, applying the effect to anyone the minion contacts. His ultimate makes him charge unstoppably in a direction with minimal turning, stopping on impact with an enemy champion, knocking up and stunning them.The ability can be re-cast early, but loses the CC, or impact turrets to damage them. 
  • Sivir is a mid-low range marksman with strong waveclear. She passively gains movespeed when attacking enemies. Her skillshot is a boomerang that damages enemies struck on both the throw and return. Her spellshield refunds mana. She may empower her next three auto-attacks to bounce to nearby enemies, gaining AS during the attacks past level 6. Her ultimate grants her and nearby allies movespeed for a duration.
  • Skarner is a juggernaut-like jungler fighter with more crowd control than his peers. Passively, he gains AS and MS when near crystals that appear at fixed locations in the jungle, which either team can take control of to allow or prevent his bonuses. He has a short-cooldown burst of AoE damage, a shield that grants him movespeed, and a skillshot that applies a mark to all enemies it passes through. Auto-attacking marked enemies stuns them. His ultimate suppresses the target and allows him to drag them along for the duration. The cooldown of his skillshot is reduced whenever he ults or stuns an enemy. 
  • Sona is a damage-heavy mid-range enchanter support. Passively, every third spellcast empowers her next auto-attack with a different effect depending on the spell, which can be swapped before attacking. Her damage ability auto-targets two enemies and grants her and nearby allies bonus damage on their next auto-attack; it grants her passive bonus damage. Her shield/heal are on the same ability, affecting herself and the lowest HP nearby ally; it makes her passive reduce the enemy’s damage output. Her speed-boost affects herself and allies near her; it makes her passive slow the enemy. Her ultimate is a rectangular skillshot that stuns all enemies hit.
  • Soraka is the purest form of healer. She gains movespeed towards low HP allies. Her ground-target slow heals her over time if it hits a champion. The same heal is applied on top of her targeted heal if it’s used soon after. She also has an instant ground-targeted circle that silences enemies within and roots after a delay. Her ultimate heals all ally champions. 
  • Swain is a mid-range battle mage with self healing. Passively, landing abilities heals him and increases his maximum HP slightly. He may also target anyone affected by his own or ally CC and pull them a short distance. His lightning cone deals more damage if more bolts hit, and travels through minions. His long-range ground-target has a very long delay but grants sight. His skillshot boomerangs, stopping on and rooting in an area around the first enemy hit by the return. His ultimate causes him to deal DoT in an area around himself for a duration, healing himself, and may be re-cast to explode for damage and end the effect. Otherwise it will explode when the duration ends.
  • Sylas is an AP skirmisher fighter whose ult is any of yours’. Passively, he stores charges when he uses spells that cause his auto-attacks to hit in a circle, up to 3. He may slam his chains down in a line, which detonates in a circle where they intersected after a delay. His short targeted dash heals him, scaling with his missing HP. His non-targeted dash is first the dash, then a skillshot with his chains that knocks up and pulls him towards the first enemy hit. His ultimate targets a nearby enemy, changing it to their ultimate for one cast, and adjusting scaling to match his (turns AD scalings to AP). 
  • Syndra is a mid-high range burst mage who interacts with her spheres. Getting an ability to max rank grants it a bonus effect. She may summon at a ground target, dealing damage in a circle; at max rank damage is increased. She can also lift and lob either spheres or enemy minions/pets/monsters, which damages and slows enemies at the impact; at max rank it deals bonus true damage. Her cone ability knocks back enemies and spheres; spheres that are knocked back stun anyone they contact; at max rank the cone is widened. Her ultimate gathers any spheres on the map and the there near her head, and fires them at the targeted enemy champion, scaling with the number of spheres; at max rank the targeting range is increased. 
  • Tahm Kench is a tanky counter-engage support. Passively, his auto-attacks apply a stacking mark and deal bonus magic damage. At 3 stacks, his single-target skillshot slow will stun instead, consuming the mark. Or he may swallow the target, suppressing them but making them untargetable and dealing %HP damage when spitting them out. He may also swallow allies at any time, making them untargetable. Or he may swallow a minion, mob, or pet, who will be spat out as a skillshot that damages in an area around the first enemy hit. He stores damage taken as gray health, which he can wait to heal a portion of or turn into a shield. His ultimate takes him and up to one ally to a long-distance location. 
  • Taliyah is a mid-range mage whose ultimate is a powerful roaming and/or zoning tool. Passively, she gains movespeed near terrain. Her skillshot fires 5 rocks one at a time; she can move while casting but not change direction. Using it makes the ground in an area under her grant movespeed but makes the ability fire 1 rock on a reduced cooldown. Her knockup is ground-target and throws you in any direction. She can create a trapezoidal field of rocks that slows and deals damage to anyone who’s displaced or dashes over it. Her ultimate is a huge wall stemming from herself, that she can dash along with while it forms.
  • Talon is a roaming, stealthy melee assassin. Passively, hitting the same enemy 3 times with abilities causes his next auto-attack to make them bleed for hefty DoT. He has a short targeted dash that deals damage, or deals bonus damage if cast from melee range. His cone attack boomerangs back after a delay, counting as 2 attacks. He can leap over terrain with no cooldown on the ability but a cooldown on the unique terrain. His ultimate fires a circle of blades outward that stay in place, makes him stealth, and then converges the blades on him after a delay or his next attack target. 
  • Taric is a tanky enchanter support. Passively, his next two autos after an ability have doubled AS, deal bonus magic damage, and reduce the cooldowns of his basic abilities. He binds to an ally, shown with floating gems near them, granting them bonus armor and causing all his abilities to cast from himself and them, doubling their AoE but not their effects. His heal applies in a circle around him and and his partner. He can shield himself and an ally, which changes the bind to the shield target. His stun fires in a line after a delay. His ultimate creates a circle around him and his ally that makes all allies within invulnerable after a delay. 
  • Teemo is a magic-damage marksman. Passively, he can become invisible by standing still or in bushes, revealing himself and gaining AS when he attacks and every auto applies a DoT. His blind is a targeted projectile. He has a passive speed boost that can be doubled for a duration. His ultimate places an invisible trap that explodes for a slow and DoT, on a short cooldown. 
  • Thresh is a tanky support with a powerful ally-saving tool. Passively, nearby minion deaths drop souls that grant him AP and Armor and deals bonus magic damage on autos, which ramps up if he hasn’t auto’d. His skillshot is a hook that stuns and pulls a short distance, and allows him to dash to the target. He can displace nearby enemies in a chosen direction. His lantern is ground-target, applies a shield to nearby allies and can be clicked by allies to dash to him. His ultimate creates a pentagon that slows enemies who contact its walls, destroying the wall. 
  • Tristana is a long-range marksman with strong waveclear and turret taking. Passively, she gains range per level and killing units creates an explosion that damages nearby enemies. She has a ground-target leap that deals damage at her impact location and resets cooldown on kills. She can throw a targeted bomb onto enemies or turrets which explodes after a delay, with the damage increased if she autos them and exploding early if she autos 4 times, made easier by her active AS boost. Her ultimate is a targeted projectile that knocks the enemy and very close enemies away from her.
  • Trundle is an auto-attack based brawler adept at duels. Passively, he heals whenever a unit dies near him. He has an auto-attack reset for bonus damage that grants him AD and lowers the enemy’s AD. His ice field grants him MS and AS and bonus healing. He can create a ground-targeted pillar that slows nearby enemies. His ultimate damages and steals defenses from the target initially and more over time. 
  • Tryndamere is a Fury-based auto-attack diver who relies on crits. Passively, he gains crit chance as he gains Fury and an AD boost the lower his health gets. His heal costs all his Fury and scales with the amount used. He can reduce the AD of all enemies near him which slows those with their backs to him. His dash deals damage and reduces cooldown when he crits. His ultimate makes him immune to death for a time, but he can be damaged to a small HP threshold. 
  • Twisted Fate is a low-mid range utility mage with strong map presence. He gains bonus gold from unit kills, passive AS, and bonus damage every 4th auto. His skillshot fires three projectiles that pass through enemies but there’s not a bonus for landing with more than one card on the same enemy. His empowered auto will either refund mana (blue), slow in a circle(red), or stun the target (yellow), depending on the card above his head. His ultimate reveals all enemies and allows him to teleport to a ground target within a large circle after a delay.
  • Twitch is an assassin-style long-range marksman. His autos apply a DoT that stacks. He can stealth for a time, gaining AS when he ends the effect. His ground-target slow leaves a puddle that applies his passive DoT. He can deal a burst of damage to any enemy with his DoT, scaling with its stacks. His ultimate grants him a large range increase and causes his autos to travel through the target, damaging enemies in a line.
  • Udyr is a low-range brawler jungler who relies entirely on auto-attacks, with different auto-attack 3rd-hit effects depending on his animal Stance (which correspond with a change on his model) and no true ultimate. Passively, switching stances grants him AS. Tiger stance changes the 3rd-hit to a DoT, granting him a bonus AS on activation. Turtle changes the 3rd hit to a heal, granting him a shield on activation. Bear has no 3rd hite effect, but grants him bonus MS and causes his autos to stun the target on a per-target cooldown. Phoenix changes the 3rd-hit to a cone of magic damage, creating waves of fire in a circle around himself on activation.
  • Urgot is a ranged juggernaut with a long-range execution. Passively, each of his legs will fire in a cone if he attacks in its direction that stops on the first enemy hit. He has a ground-target bomb that slows. His core ability enters a stance that slows him, firing continuously at his attack target at an increased speed for reduced damage. His dash shields him, and tosses the first enemy he contacts behind him. His ultimate is a skillshot that stops on the first enemy champ hit, which can be reactivated if they fall under 25% HP to suppress and drag them to him, killing them unless he is killed. 
  • Varus is a long-range poke marksman with powerful %HP and %missingHP damage. Passively, he gains an AS steroid on unit kill, increased on champion kill, and applies a stacking mark on auto-attacks (up to 3)  that causes his next ability to deal bonus %HP magic damage.  He has a pass-through skillshot that he charges to increase its range and damage, reduced beyond the first enemy hit; it can be made to deal bonus %missingHP damage via another ability with a long cooldown. His ground-target is a puddle that applies grievous wounds and a slow. His ultimate is a skillshot root on the first champion hit, which spreads the root to nearby enemies over the duration. 
  • Vayne is a tank-destroying short range marksman with passive true damage. Passively, she gains MS towards enemies and deals %maxHP true damage every third attack. She can dash a short distance, empowering her next auto-attack for bonus damage. She has a targeted knockback that also stuns if they’re knocked into terrain. Her ultimate is an AD steroid that triples her passive’s MS and makes her stealth for a second when she dashes.
  • Veigar is a mid-range mage who gains AP whenever he kills a unit with his skillshot, hits champions with abilities, or scores takedowns. His skillshot will pass through one unit and stop on the second, damaging both. His ground-target damages in a circle after a delay. He can create a circular wall after a delay that stuns those who touch it. His ultimate is a targeted projectile for massive damage that scales with %missing HP. 
  • Vel'Koz is a long-range mage who passively deals a burst of true damage after hitting an enemy with 3 abilities. His skillshot is a single-target slow that splits into two more projectiles perpendicular to the original, which he can split manually while in flight. He can fire a linear trail that damages enemies initially and after a delay, counting as 2 attacks for his passive. His ground-target knocks up enemies in a circle. His ultimate channels a wide beam that he can swing around slowly, which deals DoT and slows; this ability converts to True damage on targets recently damaged by his passive.
  • Vi is a diver fighter who initiates like a frontline tank. Passively, using abilities grants her a shield and every 3rd attack deals %HP damage while reducing the target’s armor. Her dash requires her to charge, increasing its range the longer she charges, and knocks up the first enemy she hits. She can empower her next auto-attack to damage in a cone behind the target, storing up to 2 charges to use in a row. Her ultimate targets a champion, making her dash unstoppable to them while knocking aside enemies in her path before knocking them up. 
  • Viego is a physical damage on-hit fighter whose auto-attacks hit twice after he lands abilities. He can stab through enemies, charge a short dash that throws a projectile stun, and create an area of mist that grants him attack speed and invisibility when he’s not attacking-- the area wraps around walls it touches. His ultimate is a delayed ground-target that deals bonus damage to low health targets. Passively, enemies he takes down become stationary ghosts which he can target to heal significantly and become them for 10 seconds-- he will have all their abilities except for their ultimate, but gets a free cast of his own, and has their items. 
  • Viktor is a mid-range mage with a unique item. Passively, he can purchase upgrades to his special item which grant his abilities bonus effects. He has a targeted projectile that grants him a shield and empowers his next auto-attack with bonus damage; empowering it also grants him MS. He can place a circle on the ground that slows enemies, stunning them if they stay in too long; empowering it makes his other abilities slow. He can fire a ground-target line of damage that when empowered explodes along the same path after the beam for more damage. His ultimate creates a circular storm of DoT that he can command to follow a target; empowering it increases its speed. 
  • Vladimir is a mid-low range battlemage with a lot of self healing. Passively, buying health grants him AP and vice-versa. He can target an enemy with a burst of damage that heals him, filling his resource bar halfway; after 2 casts, he gains MS and his next cast deals/heals more. He can become an untargetable puddle of blood that damages and slows enemies while healing him. He can also charge an orb of blood above his head that when released sends projectiles outward in a circle that stop on the first enemy hit, slowing and damaging them. His ultimate is a ground-target explosion that causes enemies to take extra damage from all sources for a time before damaging them and healing him.
  • Volibear is a bruiser jungler who chases down opponents. Passively, he gains a stacking AS steroid when he auto-attacks that deals bonus damage to nearby targets at 5 stacks. His movespeed steroid empowers his next auto-attack to stun the target, and is refreshed if he is cc’d while active. His targeted damage ability applies on-hits and marks the target; additional casts on the marked target deal more damage and heal him. He can target a circle on the ground that slows in the area after a delay, shielding him if he is in it. His ultimate is a ground-target leap that damages enemies in the center of his impact and disables nearby turret fire for a time. 
  • Warwick is a bruiser jungler who chases down opponents. Passively, he gains AS against, MS towards, and a blood trail revealing the location of low-HP targets, increased massively if they are very low, deals a small amount of magic damage and heals on-hit if he is below half health. His short dash is targeted and unstoppable, and can be held to send him around to the other side of the target; he will follow enemies if they use movement abilities. He can activate his blood trail to gain its MS against the nearest enemy without needing them to be low. And he can make himself take reduced damage for a duration, exploding for a fear when reactivated. His ultimate makes him leap in a line, stopping at and suppressing the first enemy hit while damaging them and healing; the range is increased based on his MS. 
  • Wukong is a unique fighter who deals damage in tandem with his stationary clone. Passively, he gains armor and health regen when he damages champions. He can place a clone at his current location while dashing and cloaking; the clone will auto-attack and copy his abilities. His empowered auto-attack gains range and reduces enemy armor; the clone’s as well. His targeted dash damages grants him and the clone an AS steroid. His ultimate spins his staff around him, knocking up enemies hit and dealing DoT while they remain in range; this can be re-cast to knockup again and casts from the clone as well. 
  • Xayah is a mid-range marksman with unique interactions with her boyfriend, Rakan. Passively, abilities cause her next auto-attacks to throw feathers behind their target. These feathers can be returned to her to deal damage in their path and root targets who are hit by 3 or more. She has an AS steroid that grants bonus damage, which also applies to Rakan’s autos if he’s nearby. Her ultimate makes her untargetable for a moment before sending out a cone of feathers that damage and can be returned to her. If Rakan is recalling, she can join him. 
  • Xerath is a long-range artillery mage. Passively, his auto-attacks periodically refund mana. He has a charged line of lightning that damages enemies in its path, increasing range but not damage with charge time. His ground-target slows, with a stronger slow and damage in the center of the circle. His single-target skillshot stuns the first enemy hit. His ultimate makes him stationary but allows him to lob 3-5 orbs of damage over a great distance. 
  • Xin Zhao is a diver fighter who relies on auto-attacks. Passively, every third auto-attack deals bonus damage and heals him. He can empower his next 3 autos to deal bonus damage, with the third knocking up the target. He has a 2-part slash-and-stab, which hits in a semicircle and then a line, slowing and damaging enemies and counting as 2 attacks for his passive. His dash is targeted grants him an AS steroid. His ultimate knocks back enemies other than his current attack target, making him immune to damage from champions beyond the knockback radius for a duration. 
  • Yasuo is a semi-resourceless mobile skirmisher fighter/assassin who relies on crit. Passively, he doubles his crit chance from items and fills a resource bar by walking which grants him a shield the next time he’s attacked after it’s full. He has a short-range line stab that becomes a skillshot after 2 casts; the skillshot knocks up enemies it hits. His dash is enemy-targeted but fixed distance, so he may dash through them or to them; casting his stab or skillshot while dashing instead causes it to cast in a circle around him, applying the damage or knockup. He can create a wall that completely negates all projectiles that contact it. His ultimate makes him blink to any airborne target, holding them and any other nearby airborne enemies in the air longer before damaging them and gaining bonus armor penetration for a duration.
  • Yorick is a splitpushing juggernaut who summons a lot of pets. Passively, minions periodically create gravestones on death that he can summon pets from. His empowered auto-attack deals bonus damage and must be recast to raise ghouls from gravestones. He can create a circular wall of terrain that his allies can freely walk through and enemies can destroy with auto-attacks. He has a ground-target rectangle that slows and causes his pets to leap to the target. His ultimate summons a large pet and two of his smaller pets; the large pet can be commanded to push a lane without him.
  • Yone is a mobile skirmisher fighter/assassin who relies on crit. Passively, he doubles his crit chance and if this sounds familiar it’s because he and Yasuo are brothers. Every other auto-attack deals half of its damage as magic, making it harder to build defense against him. He has the same short-range line stab as Yasuo but his becomes a dash that throws a skillshot in the same direction but with lower range. He has a sweeping cone that deals magic damage and shields him for each enemy hit, and can leave his body for up to 5 seconds. When he returns to it, he deals damage to anyone he hit while away. (He will always return to it at some point). His ultimate is a dash that pulls anyone he passes through towards him. 
  • Yuumi is an enchanter support who’s untargetable most of the time. She picks an ally to piggyback, becoming untargetable but unable to auto-attack. When alone, she can auto-attack to gain a shield that transfers to her piggyback ally. Her skillshot can be curved with the mouse while piggybacking, and slows at the end of its travel time. She passively grants herself and her piggybacked ally offensive stats. Her heal also grants her ally MS and AS. Her ultimate fires 7 waves in a wide area that root enemies if they are hit by 3. 
  • Zac is a tank, engage jungler. Passively, dropping to 0 HP causes him to split into 4 blobs that move towards his corpse, reviving him if at least 1 reaches it, increasing his health per blob; his abilities also drop goop that he can pick up to heal. He can throw his arm as a skillshot to slow the first enemy hit, causing his next auto-attack on a different enemy to slam the two together. He can explode for damage around himself on a short cooldown. His leap is charged to increase its range, and knocks up enemies at the impact. His ultimate knocks enemies near him away, slowing them, and makes him bounce for a time, knocking back any enemies not already hit. 
  • Zed is an Energy-based mobile assassin who fires abilities from his shadow clones. Passively, his first auto-attack against a low-HP target deals bonus damage. His skillshot damages all enemies in its path, reducing past the first; it also fires from his shadow clones. He can spawn a shadow clone a distance away from himself, and re-cast to switch his position with it. He can slash around himself for damage; shadows’ slashes also slow, but enemies can only be damaged by one slash. His ultimate creates a shadow at his location before blinking to the target, making him untargetable for a moment and marking them, then damaging them after a delay; the damage scales with the amount he deals while the mark is on them. 
  • Ziggs is a long-range artillery mage who deals high damage to structures. Passively, his auto-attacks periodically gain bonus magic damage; casting abilities reduces this cooldown. He has a ground-target bomb lob that bounces in a line past the target location, exploding for damage in a circle. He can create a small circular field of tiny bombs that slow and damage enemies who pass through it. He can also lob a bomb onto the ground that he can detonate at will, knocking enemies and himself away from its center (he is not damaged); this can be cast on turrets to destroy them if they’re around 1/4th to 1/3rd HP. His ultimate lobs a massive bomb with a long range, dealing more damage in the center. 
  • Zilean is a mid-range utility mage with an ally revive. Passively, he stores exp that he can give to an ally to boost them to the next level. He lobs ground-targeted bombs that explode after a long delay, which will stick to enemies or allies they hit; if two bombs hit the same target, the first explodes immediately and stuns. He has a heavy targeted slow that can also be ally targeted for a movespeed boost. Either of those abilities can have their cooldown refreshed with another ability that does only that. His ultimate marks an ally with hourglasses, causing them to revive if they are killed while it persists.
  • Zoe is a pseudo-mobile mid-long range mage. Passively, casting a spell empowers her next auto-attack for bonus damage. She has a skillshot that she aims twice; she can angle it around enemies or throw it behind herself, then forward, because it gains damage based on distance traveled in a single line. Her other skillshot gains range if thrown through terrain, and causes the target to Sleep after a delay (sleep is a stun that’s canceled by being damaged); targets who are asleep take bonus true damage from the next attack that hits them. Summoner Spell and active item casts near Zoe leave a bubble on the ground that she can pick up to cast that spell herself, which also grants her MS and fires 3 homing projectiles. Her ultimate lets her blink a short distance, but forces her to return to her original position after a delay. 
  • Zyra is a mid-long range mage support who summons turret-like plants. Passively, seeds grow near her that she can change into plants, she also stores seed charges, up to 2, to place seeds manually; seeds can be stepped on to destroy them. Her skillshot roots all enemies it passes through, and transforms nearby seeds into melee-range plants that slow their attack target. She has a ground target that bursts for damage in a line, transforming nearby seeds into ranged plants that attack. Her ultimate creates a large circle of vines that damages and snaps up after a delay, knocking up enemies and healing plants in the area while causing them to attack twice per attack. 


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