Legends of Idleon Newbie Guide

Legends of Idleon Newbie Guide

Made by:

Sangy#5166 & waktu#6400 dm Sangy or me on discord for any feedback. I appreciate it 😀

A humble little guide for new players in this rabbit hole of a game we call “Legends of Idleon”. On that note, harder more intricate questions may be answered by the players we have over at our discord server https://discord.gg/cTRHYNBwNU

World 1 Questline and General Guide

So to start the game off, finish the tutorial Lava made, and link your account to an email (gmail, or any others). After finishing that cringey tutorial, create your character, give him/her/it a name, and a star sign, and we head on into town. 

Note: Pick “The Fuzzy Dice” Star sign, it’s the best one early on and you can change star signs later in the game anyways

Before we get started on the walkthrough of World 1, I highly suggest going into the menu in the bottom right and clicking options.

After clicking on options enable the following:

Show Quest Helper -> On

Use Attacks During Auto -> On
Show Exp Percent -> On

These help immensely as we go further, but later in the game you can choose to turn some options off to suit your tastes.

Now with that out of the way let’s start the quests! Firstoff talk to “Scripticus” , the NPC that’s a sentient piece of paper. He’ll give you your starting quest to defeat 5 spores (green mushrooms) head over to the portal on the right and click on it, after which you’ll see yourself in this map.

Kill 5 of the mobs in the area and return to scripticus, don’t mind opening the portal to the next area just yet. 

Once, you’ve returned after almost dying to 5 spores Scripticus’ quest should be complete and he will give you the “Crimson Sting” as a quest reward. The Crimson Sting is used to craft the Boxing Gloves as part of the next quest. Now I think you’re wondering “where the hell do I get tape? Well you buy tape from the shop in town. Click on the shop and scroll down and buy the tape you need (shop reset time depends on when you first started the game). Next up head over to the anvil and craft those boxing gloves. Note: Also when you click on the anvil there’s a produce tab, click on it and start making thread, thread is used for crafting later on.

After completing the quest head back to the Spore map, now’s the time to kill 45! Spores and unlock the next map. Also make sure you equip the Boxing Gloves you’ve just made, as well as the new Red Headband Scripticus gave you. 

Now after killing those spores and leveling up a bit, you’ve finally reached the second map, frogs.
In the above photo I’ll talk about the death mechanic in this game.

So dying in this game gives you 2 options

  • Town Respawn in which you revive at town (obviously) and,

  • Insta-Rez which revives you on the spot (limited, but refreshes daily)

Things to note about death in this game are:
- You don’t lose anything from dying (coins, items, etc)
- You can pick up items while dead (so pick them up before respawning in town)

- You are forcibly tped back to town after 10 mins (the time is there for you to pick up items)

- You can use this as a quick teleport to town if you’re in a very faraway map

It is recommended to save your insta-rez for Boss Fights, or unforseen deaths due to crystal monsters. 

Now that you’ve died to frogs, you’re probably wondering how to get stronger, the obvious way would be leveling up, now onto the next section of the guide talents!


Scripticus’ next quest is telling you about talents, look at the hotbar at the bottom of the screen and click on talents, there, you will see 10 talents as a beginner. The one you want to focus on (don’t mind the picture of the left) is the axe, as it gives the most damage early on. Just maxing Sharpened Axe should be enough damage until the 3rd area, where you get your base class.Time for the next quest from Scripticus! Note: Scripticus gives you Inventory Bag A as a reward, hold down on it to apply the extra space.

Relevant items:

Talent Reset Potion: 

By clicking, holding for a while and then releasing this item will be consumed and your talents will be reseted. Usually you need to change the talent tab to see the effects.

Talent Point Reset Fragment:

If you have over 10: By clicking, holding for a while and then releasing, it will consume 10 of those and give you a Talent Reset Potion.

Sources for Talent Reset Potion: Gemshop, some w1 quests

Sources for Talent Reset Fragments: Very rare drop from mobs/skilling, some w1 quests, the shops (up to 4 daily if you’ve unlocked all the shops)


Next up on the questline, Scripticus tells you to go get a mining certificate. The mines can be accessed through the left portal at town. Once in the mines, you must do some of “Glumlees” (NPC in the first area of mining) quests until he gives you the mining certificate.

The first of Glumlee’s  quest is to mine 5 copper ore, click on the mining nodes on the upper platforms and wait until your character mines 5 pieces of ore (make sure to pick them up).

After completing the first quest the second quest is to smelt those ores into copper bars, click on the forge in the middle  of the map (or the one in town), and start smelting. 

For the next and final quest upgrading the forge, click on the forge and click on the little tab on the upper right, upgrade anything for the quest. My suggestion would be Forge Speed, and or Bar Bonanza for a chance to get 2 bars instead of 1 while smelting.

After this quest Glumlee hands you the Mining Certificate which you can find in your inventory, return to Scripticus in town and complete his quest.

The next quest Scripticus hands you is to craft a Farmer Brim, and Orange Tee, to craft both items you need a total of 15 Spore Caps (drops from spores), 15 Copper Ore (from Mining), and 15 Oak Logs (from Chopping).

To find oak logs, go to the spores area, and there’s a tree there on the upper platforms, similar to mining. Just click on the tree and wait for the oak logs to drop. There’s also an NPC there named the Woodsman who has chopping related quests that you can do.

After crafting the Farmer Brim, and Orange Tee, Scripticus’ next quest is to make a 2nd character, the fun part and maybe tedious part of this game is tending to multiple characters and having them doing different things, through this each character you make can do different jobs, have different classes, farm different areas, etc.

Multiple Characters

So to make your 2nd char click on the menu on the bottom right on the hotbar below, then click on “Swap Players”, and then Player Menu, this takes you back to the starting screen and allows you to make new characters.


  • To make new characters you must have achieved the minimum total level to unlock them, for instance, 7 total levels for 2nd character, 30 for 3rd character, etc.

  • Quests aren’t shared between characters, so you have to complete some quests on the new characters you make (some are optional don’t worry)

  • There is no delete or rename function as of yet, so be careful in your choices and naming.

  • Resources are shared between characters, through the town storage chest, and you can pass, swap, your equipment between different characters.

Picnic Stowaway  


After the quest for making a 2nd character is complete, Scripticus sends you to get a Golden Jam from “Picnic Stowaway”, Picnic Stowaway is a NPC that can be found in the bottom left side of the frog area (2nd area), 

The 1st quest Picnic Stowaway asks you for 50 nomwiches, you can buy them from the shop in town. 

The 2nd Picnic quest is to get 3 Ketchup, and Mustard Bottles, pretty simple just kill frogs until you get them.

For the last quest Picnic Stowaway summons 10 spores, and you must kill them all to complete the quest, no timers or anything so just take your time.

Note: these spores have buffed damage denoted by the fist above their heads, if you do not have armor equipped there’s the possibility of death.

Subsequent Picnic Stowaway quests are part of another quest chain much later in the game. This quest chain repeats daily and is used to obtain a very strong item. So don’t mind these quests until much later as they require materials and rare drops you can’t obtain yet!

Now after giving the fake golden jam to Scripticus in town, he sends you off to get a Scouting Report from the jungle resident. But we have some other things to deal with first.
Note: Use the new inventory Bag B you got from Scripticus, and the pendant “Little Wooden Katana” you got from Picnic Stowaway


Alright first order of business before we move on to the main questline is to get our class

Head over to the 3rd map, land of the bored   beans (don’t mind my health), and talk to Promotheus, at Level 10 he will give you 3 classes to choose from
Warrior, Archer, and Mage, each specializing in different things 

Endgame dudes recommend Warrior first because it’s the strongest class early on, you can choose Archer or Mage as well, don’t worry feel free to play the game however you like. But for the purposes of this guide I will be using Warrior.

For builds head over to https://www.idleoncompanion.com/

Prometheus still has 2 more quests, so I recommend afking beans for a while and opening both the bottom left and right portals, the first quest involves entering the bottom left portal (beside the birch tree) and just looking at Baba Yaga (DO NOT FIGHT HER SHE IS STRONG) this quest will give you the alien headband, a very nice helmet for the early game.

Note: Baba Yaga is stronger than the first World boss, most people beat her the first time around 45-50 

  • To assign attacks, click on assign attacks and drag active skill into the hotbar. You can tell which skills are active and which are passive, by looking at the upper left corner of each skill. If it’s a sharp corner, then it is an active skill, if it is not, then it’s a passive skill.

  • After choosing a class Promotheus still has 2 quests but 1 of them is impossible for new/early game dudes, so don’t mind these quests until later.

Note: Starting here Accuracy will become a huge focus point of your build, unlike your typical RPGs, In idleon, Warriors spec into Wisdom for Accuracy, Archers spec into Strength, while Mages spec into Agility.

How to check accuracy ^^


Skilling can be Split in 2 Paths, ideally you will want to check builds in order to start easily and not waste so many reset potions and also to get a feel of how it will influence your dmg/efficiency… 

Equipping active skills, you will notice some skills have a sharp corner in the upper left, those are active skills. Look at the picture above. First press on assign attacks (when you have talents open) and drag out each skill into the hotbar


For this you will start investing some talent points on accuracy so you can hit the monster you want to defeat and then invest at least one point in active skills and the remaining ones in damage or other helpful talents.


In theory every class can do everything in the game, but some classes do specialize in some things, for example a mage will need a lot less investment to be a good woodcutter, and this is the same for mining for warriors and smithing for archers. 

If you are investing talents on a skiller the way to go is to invest in active skills that boost the act of farming that material, then investing in talents that will boost your efficiency or the stat for that. 

You can find builds here:


Moving on, let's do some optional stuff before moving on with the main questline.

Go back to town and on the upper platform you will see 3 NPCs, 2 of which have quests. So from left to right, here are their quests and functions

Town Marble/Statue Guy

The Town Marble has only 1 quest for you, and that’s to get him some “Sculpting Tools”, don’t know where they are found? Well you can buy the Sculpting Tools from the town shop for 32 silver!, so get to farming money ladies and gents.

After completing his quest you gain access to statues, statues can be deposited and leveled here. They give minor buffs and are one of the 2 subsystems in World 1 alongside, Stamps/Bribes. You will gain access to more statues as you progress.


  • You have to complete the Town  Marble’s quest on every character for them to access statues.

  • Statue bonuses are character specific only, so the bonus doesn’t apply to your entire roster. 

  • Here’s a full list of all statues ingame and where they are from and what they do.https://idleon.info/wiki/Statues

Mr. Pigibank

Mr. Pigibank only has 1 quest as well and it’s to find the stamp thief! You can find this “stamp thief” in the  Frogs area at the very bottom (you might’ve seen a piggy while doing Picnic Stowaway’s quests).

The piggy is called Hamish and he has his own quests as well but they’re optional so don’t mind him as much.

Completing Mr.Pigibank’s quests unlocks Stamps, and Bribes, one of the two subsystems in World 1, which can give minor buffs to players


  • Completing Mr. Pigibank’s quests on 1 character will complete it for all characters, so your other characters also gain benefits from stamps, and can upgrade them. 

  • Upgrading Stamps requires money and materials.

  • Here’s a full list of all the stamps and bribes ingame and where they are from and what they require in order to upgrade. https://idleon.info/wiki/Stamps

Grasslands Gary

The rightmost NPC, Grasslands Gary gives you access to tasks, merits, and recipe unlocks! He has no quests but to access his stuff he requires you to be Level 14 and have a class.


This is the taskboard, basically these are tasks/goals you work towards, and they reward you with trophy unlocks, and merit points

  • Trophy Unlocks are used in unlocking recipes for crafting you access the tab by clicking on “Unlocks” (highlighted in red)

  • Merit Points are used to unlock merits which can range from faster respawn to mobs, exp%, special recipes, etc (highlighted in green)

  • Lastly the one highlighted in yellow is the “daily task” it awards no merit points and changes daily, this is also the task referred to by the guild daily “World 1 Task”


Recipe Unlocks


Unlock recipes as you need them, meanwhile for merits, the consensus is
1 Point into Hemogloblin -> Max Respawn -> Exp Gain/Boss Keys interchangeably 


  • Buy the merit for the Amarok Armor Set whenever you can

  • Buy at least 1 point in the Special Talent Book Merit

  • Buy more Hemogloblin levels later (up to 5/10 is okay)

  • Save the Bag Merit for last (Last priority, useful with many characters)

Typhoon and Colosseum

Typhoon is a NPC located at the Frog area, he can be found on the upper right area of the map

Typhoon is the NPC in charge of the colosseum, complete his quest to get daily tickets from him to enter the colosseum, He gives you 1 ticket per day, and he can keep up to 3 days worth of tickets for you (You can come back every 3 days to claim tickets). More than 3 days and he’ll still give you only 3 tickets i.e 4 days gone = 3 tickets.

The colosseum is an arena, filled with monsters from all the different areas in that specific world, there are 15 waves in total + 1 boss at the end. There’s a 5 minute timer and you have to kill all the monsters before time runs out. Killing monsters gives you points and killing monsters fast gives you even more points! 

Here’s a link to all enemy waves in the colosseum and rewards as well as point thresholds for those rewards.



  • Dying inside the colosseum, doesn’t mean you will respawn in town and lose your rewards, you will just instantly respawn when your run ends, and be able to collect your rewards.

  • I don’t recommend doing colosseum early, save  up your tickets until after you beat the first boss Amarok. You’ll need a recipe from one of the chests later on but you’re not strong enough at low level

Stiltzcho (Main Questline Cont.)


After doing the optional stuff for a while head to the 4th area after Beans, the mobs here should be familiar to you.

The first of Stiltzcho’s quest is  very hard for a new player which is why we did those optional stuff first.

The first quest involves killing 12 slimes in 2 minutes, you can complete this quest easily if you have a spear equipped (fun fact the very first spear can be equipped by any class!), with a spear and being around Level 12-15 by this point you should be able to complete this quest  fairly easily.

Now for the second of Stiltzcho’s quests he asks you to find 5 “Strange Rocks”, to get this, you must first kill slimes in order to unlock the portal to the next map (located on the left side of the map), The Baby Boas there drop the strange rocks needed for the quest. (Be careful Baby Boas are stronger than slimes obviously)

Note: Don’t mind the area on the right side (Tree Trunk), that area comes much later and requires much more stats than what you have right now

Last quest for Stiltzcho before he hands you the scouting report! In this quest you have to get 3 carrot cubes, and 2 birch logs, Carrot Cubes Drop from Carrotman, this mob can be found in the area after Baby Boas, so get to grinding. Birch logs, or bleach logs (Whatever the game calls em -_-) can be found in the beans area, beside the portal leading to the Miniboss Baba Yaga

Note: Subsequent  quests after this one aren’t part of the main quest line but you can do them if you want to.

After receiving the Scouting Report from Stiltzcho return to town and Scripticus’ quest is complete. Scripticus’ next quest is to talk to the jungle resident. Ignore this quest for now as carrotmen, and glublins (the mob after carrotmen) are very hard to grind at this stage of the game, so time for some grinding. 

Grind your characters to about 20-25 depending on what you feel like and let’s respec and grind some equipment

Game difficulty starts ramping up around carrots, so it’s time to gather resources and make equipment for your characters.

Find builds for mining/chopping from this website


Your aim is to make full copper armor sets for your characters, so that they can progress through the remaining maps and fight the boss


  • Pushing main levels is more important than pushing skilling levels, main levels give more talent points which in turn make skilling faster, the general idea is to push as far as you can with whatever resources you have, hit a wall, respec gather up resources, to craft equipment and get stronger, then respec back to fighting mobs.

  • Minigames are a great source of early materials. So you don’t have to respec and gather resources

  • Minigame tries reset each day and are account-wide. You can play minigames 5 times a day (more with gem upgrades)

  • If you’re looking for leaves, they only drop while chopping offline, or through the chopping minigame 

Funguy (Optional)


Funguy is the NPC on the Baby Boas map, his quests are mostly optional but I recommend doing his first two quests. 

First quest involves fetching a lot of food for him: 100 peanuts, 25 pizza, and 100 average strength potions. 

Note: The peanut recipe is given to you by Picnic Stowaway once you complete his first daily quest (the recipe drops on the ground make sure you pick it up!)

Average Strength potions can drop from Slimes, Baby Boas, Carrotman

The Second quest is easy, just get a chopping minigame score of 42, if you can’t then well, too bad for you.

Third quest onward is optional and more of a mid game-late game thing, but please accept the quest in advance, time thingies for the 3rd quest “Partycrastination” take a long time to farm and build up

Dog Bone


An NPC found in the wodeboards area, he’s located in the upper right corner of the map beside the door to the boss room

He only has 2 quests, the first one which requires you to kill wodeboards for 10 bones, this quest grants you keys and daily keys for the 1st World boss Amarok. Similar to Typhoon the colosseum NPC, Dog Bone keeps up to 3 days worth of keys, so don’t worry about missing him a day or two.

The 2nd quest (Optional, do it later) involves getting 25 amarok slabs which are dropped from, you guessed it, the World boss himself.

Tiki Chief (Optional)


The NPC on the left is Tiki Chief, his quests are optional and have little impact on your progression, but his quest line does reward you with a stamp so keep that in mind 

Amarok (World 1 Boss)


Recommended stats before fighting the boss

158 accuracy for 100% hit chance 175-300 damage for a decently timed fight

40-50 defence, dodge the attacks, it isn’t necessary to facetank everything

Tips: Bring Food, such as pizza for healing, and potions such as the strength potion for damage, or life potion for hp. This could save you from being one shot

Amarok’s attacks

The boss has 7 different attacks.

Fireball: Occasionally Amarok will raise his sword and send out fireballs. They are fairly easy to avoid and will be well telegraphed where they will land. He will cast more fireballs at a time on higher difficulties.

Stomp: Occasionally he will stomp, which will do a lot of damage if you stand to close but also shoot out rock spikes. To avoid the rock spikes, run to the pit on the left. If you are on the top platform you do not need to worry about this... however...

Uppercut: If you are on the upper platform, Amarok will occasionally do an uppercut, dealing a large amount of damage. Ranged characters will generally not get hit by this as they are out of range. Warriors are generally better off on the lower platform.

Sword Swing: Amarok swings his sword in a downwards arc. If you are in melee range on the lower platform this will not hit you.

Spike Trap: During some attacks, spikes will come up from the ground in specific locations (marked by holes on the ground). Higher difficulties will have more spikes.

Rocket Fist: Amarok aims his arm at you and after a while he will shoot his fist at you. Once his fist starts pulsating, he will not move his arm, meaning you got time to get out of its path.

Healing Totem: At 50% health, Amarok will sometimes spawn a healing totem, which heals him every now and then. If you have enough damage you can just ignore it and keep attacking Amarok. If not, go destroy the totem.

Shield Totem: Very rarely Amarok will put up a shield totem, which will make the shielded bodypart take a lot less damage. You'd do well to destroy it asap.

Tree, Star Signs and Constellations


To gain access to star signs and constellations you must first go to the base of the tree at the slimes area. Fight and unlock the portals through sticks and nuttos and reach the top of the tree

The telescope has a 1 quest before you gain access to changing and unlocking star signs. It’s to afk for 1 hour in that area, make sure to click the star sign at the bottom right branch after afking for 1 hour (by afk I mean offline, or you’re using another character)

  • Spend Points to unlock Star Signs which can be equipped by all your characters!

  • Each character starts out with 1 Star Sign and can change them later once they have access to the telescope atop the tree at slimes (2 with the Chronus Constellation unlocked)

  • Star Signs only affect that specific character

  • Constellations are found all across the worlds and they require certain tasks to be fulfilled before they are active, constellations give points, which can be used to unlock more Star Signs

The telescope has a 1 quest before you gain access to changing and unlocking star signs. It’s to afk for 1 hour in that area, make sure to click the star sign at the bottom right branch after afking for 1 hour (by afk I mean offline, or you’re using another character)

Note: List of constellations and star signs can be found on the wiki 

Baba Yaga


Baba Yaga is a mini-boss that spawns in the Birch Enclave, the portal on the left of the Bored Beans area. It spawns at the beginning of each hour ( XX:00). For best results, enter the area 5 mins before and it may take 5 mins after the hour to spawn. 450 accuracy is required to hit it 100% of the time.

Recommended Level to fight her is around 45-50, you have enough stats by that time to attempt and kill her.

Spiketrap Minigame

The spiketrap minigame happens at the top of every hour alongside Baba Yaga spawning, survive for as long as you can and get gems for your troubles.


  • There are 3 ways to access this area, 1 is through the upper portal at Carrots, 2 is by typing in chat “If u love me let me go” (case sensitive, and don’t type in guild/server chat), 3 is to teleport directly to the area through the map.

  • The side platforms always spawn spikes so avoid them ALWAYS!

  • You are given gems if you can survive to at least round 2

  • If you die in the first round, you can try again the next hour since dying on round 1 doesn’t award any gems.

  • This minigame is purely RNG



Cards are dropped by monsters and resources, each card gives different bonuses when equipped like the green mushroom card above giving 48 Base HP. The bonuses cards give depends on their level

0* = gray border

1* = bronze border

2* = silver border

3* = gold border (gold is the max level for cards atm)

Each Character can equip their own set of cards, and new players get 4 card slots for free! The other 4 card slots are unlocked through gemshop purchases.

Each Character can also equip their own card set bonus, card set bonuses depend on the levels of your cards. I.e having all gold cards and 1 silver card will give you the silver card set bonus, not the gold one

Crystal Mobs

The Crystal Monsters are rare mini-boss spawns that have a 1 in 2,000 chance to spawn whenever you kill an enemy. It has 15x HP, 35x Exp, 2.5x accuracy required, and does 2.5x more damage than monsters in your current area. 

Note: They only spawn while actively playing

Star Talents

Special/Star talents are unlocked as very rare drops, and also from some quests, such as the level 13 mining one. They are shared between all characters, and use a separate set of talent points

Some Special talents you might encounter throughout the early game

Exp Converter - Percentage EXP earned in chosen Skill is turned into Class EXP. Assign to Attack to choose.

Note: Don’t put points into this talent it’s not worth

Source: Glumlee, Lvl 13 Mining

Attacks on Simmer - Attack moves boost your AFK gains more than they normally do

Note: Max this talent, this is a strong talent

Source: A drop from any mob and ore in world 1.

Roll da Dice - Rolls a 10,000 sided dice. If it lands on a 1, you win a special Trophy!

Note: Put ONLY 1 point in this talent and equip it

Source: A drop from any mob and ore in world 1.

Will of the Eldest - Plus 1 All Stats for every 10 Levels of your highest leveled Character.

Note: Look at the table below

Source: Complete the Scripticus quest "The Bigger They Are, The Bigger They Fall"

Highest Character Level

Points into Will of the Eldest





NPC Tokens

Some NPC’s in world 1 will award you with tokens after completing their questline. Keep these tokens, as they are used to craft the “Blunder Hero” trophy much later in the game. 

NPC’s with tokens:






1st Mining Area


2nd Mining Area

Picnic Stowaway





Baby Boas

Tiki Chief


Dog Bone


Papua Pigea 






TP Pete


Note: Do not sell tokens, there are no ways to get them back at this moment



Guilds are a community of up to 170 individuals that perform daily and weekly tasks for Guild Points (GP) that the Leader or King of the guild can then use to level Guild Bonuses that increase stats for everyone in the guild. The Guild member cap is restricted by the guild Level and initially starts at 30 members, rising by 4 each level, up the maximum guild level of 35. Members also have an option to select one of the Bonuses to their "Wanted Bonus" from the Bonuses menu so that the Leader can decide which skills to go for.

Requirements for making/joining a guild:

  • You can join a guild at ANY level so join one straight away for the bonuses!

  • To make a guild however you must have a character with the minimum level 30


  • The ones in red change daily/weekly the rest stay the same every day/week

  • The ones in blue refer to the tasks from Grassland Gary/ Desert Davey. They are the bottom right ones, they refresh daily.



Mini alchemy 101: (Credits go to wekhter#6624 on discord for alchemy 101)

Tab 1: Assign a character to a cauldron. just pick one, put them in it, and it'll start filling. you can play around with "bubbling" (unlocking bubbles) and "boosting" (upgrading) cauldrons once they're full 

Note: Red box = Equippable bubbles, click on those bubbles and equip them on the character bar on the right.

Tab 2: Water + water shop. you can buy stuff, with water! including water itself (distilled water). it's an important crafting material for higher tier weapons, so pick up a little distilled water each day 

Note: Characters on liquid cauldrons also get double exp, and it is very important to have a high liquid/hr 

Red box = distilled water incase you were wondering

Distilled Water Costs Resets Daily!!!!

Tab 3: Vials. walk up to the cauldron & throw an item on the ground. if you're lucky, you'll unlock its vial! easy ones to start with are: oak logs, copper ore, thread, sporecaps. you get 3 item-throwing-attempts per day. don't forget to pick up your items afterwards 

Tab 4: pay2win. you can upgrade your cauldrons with gold! a good use for all the money you'll earn in the desert. you'll want to upgrade your liquid cauldron capacity, so you can afford more daily distilled water & the talent book in the liquid shop. don't forget the ones in the bottom right that are tied to your highest alchemy level!



Obols are rare items that give bonuses, obols also have a separate inventory from your regular one.

Obol Tabs:

Personal: Each character has their own obol tab in which they can equip obols and get personal bonuses from, to unlock more obol slots that specific character has to meet the level requirement of the slot

Family: Similar to the personal tab but the bonus from obols equipped here apply to your entire “family” or roster, and the required levels to unlock more slots are determined by your family level instead of an individual characters level.

Upgrades: No use much for this tab atm, the only function it has right now is to scrap extra obols for storage

Totals: Here you can view what bonuses are applied to your character at the moment


  • Obols, only drop if you have at least 1 point in the merit from Desert Davey (W2 town taks guy)

  • Obols can also be bought using liquid from the alchemy shop (this is the only source for skilling obols atm)



Can I just not teach you about the post office?

It’s a post, it’s an office, its post office.

You complete orders everyday yada yada

You get boxes for every completed orders

Which you can use to buff your characters

The item quantity is based on streaks

You use silver pen to refresh hard orders

When you use silver pens they also gives you a shield

Shield will protect your streak from breaking

Without any shield you need 3 days to refresh your items 

for free

Simple Shippin: Asks for Skilling materials (i.e logs/ores/fish/etc)

Plan-it Express: Asks for crafted items from the anvil

Dudes Next Door: Asks for Mob drops (i.e spore caps/frog legs/etc)


Gems are the premium currency of this game, there are many ways of getting gems aside from the obvious buying gems from the shop

Here’s a youtube video about the many ways of getting gems https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0ikTbeMan8

I hear this Hayden guy makes great idleon videos like the one above

Here check out his channel for other stuff

Here’s a list of important things to buy using your gems:

Gemshop tier list (Credits go to fin#0998 on discord)

Top Tier

Infinity Hammer, 1 point in Bleach Liquid Cauldrons*

2nd Tier

Inventory/Storage (Storage Chest Space > Carry Capacity > Item Backpack Space)?, 1-3 points in Daily Teleports, Extra Card Slots

3rd Tier

1 Brimstone Forge Slot, Ivory Bubble Cauldrons, Food Slots, 1+ points in Daily Minigame Plays?

4th Tier

5 points in Daily Teleports, more points in Daily Minigame Plays, 2 points in Bleach Liquid Cauldrons, more Brimstone Forge Slots

5th Tier

Cosmetics, Premium Stones for your characters accuracy stat, Card Packs, Time Candy

Notes from fin:

* This upgrade is extremely important but has no effect until you reach World 2. 

? Storage slots are notably important early on, you may want to buy a few of these as soon as possible. 

? Minigames give a lot of exp and resources, but it can take a lot of time to use them all. Only buy what you will use.


Q: How do you get classes?
A: Go to the 3rd area of world 1, there’s an NPC there which will let you choose your base class at lvl 10

Q: How do you get subclasses/class promotions?
A: Go to the 3rd area of world 2, there’s an NPC there which will let you upgrade your base class; no level requirements here but he does have one quest for you before you choose

Q: Do items despawn?

A: Yes, All items on the ground despawn after an hour, while coins despawn after 20 minutes.

Q: Why am I missing my attacks?
A: This game has an accuracy stat, and certain mobs require certain accuracy values to hit consistently. To increase your accuracy, upgrade Wisdom for Warriors, Strength for Archers, Agility for Mages, and Luck for Beginners.

Q: Where do I find Baba Yaga/House Monster?
A: Beans bottom left portal, Baba Yaga spawns at the top of the hour, so be there before xx:00 or else she won’t spawn

Q: I accidentally sold/dropped a quest item, wtf do I do?

A: Open your codex, and then find that specific quest, and click “reclaim item”

Q: Why won’t Goldric talk to me?
A: Goldric is unlocked as a part of the 'Cowbo Jones' questline, after the 'Bandit Bob' chain. (if you still can't talk to him, try reentering the area)

Q: Where do I get ironboots?
A: The recipe for Iron Boots can be found in the W1 colosseum. It is a guaranteed drop from a silver chest, which requires 10,000 points.

Q: How do I get to the forest camp ?

A: The forest camp is located after glublins

Q: Does it matter what star signs I use in the beginning ?

A: No, you can always change it later on

Q: Where do I unlock Star signs ?

A: It’s located on top of the tree, click the telescope

Q: When does my shop/Guild tasks reset?

A: Shops/Guild tasks reset daily based on when you started the game, check your shops or guild tasks for the timer.

Q: A green carrot is killing me, what is that ?

A: The Crystal Monsters are rare mini-boss spawns that have a 1 in 2,000 chance to spawn whenever you actively kill an enemy. It has 15x HP, 35x Exp, 2.5x accuracy required, and does 2.5x more damage than monsters in your current area.

Q: How do I unlock other liquids in alchemy?
A: For nitrogen you need alchemy level 20 on any character, the other 2 are unreleased at the moment.

Q: How do I delete/rename a character?

A: You can’t… yet, maybe you can when the developer adds it, but as of now, no!

Q: What is active, afk, etc?
A: Active = Manually playing the game, Active-Afk = Leaving the game on, in the background, AFK = Offline/Turn the game off.

Q: How do I level up smithing quickly
A: Produce thread and only thread (it has the highest exp/hr).

Q: Should I go for Journeyman early?
A: No, save Jman for 7th slot, you need the 6 other subclasses first.

Q: Which subclass do I go for first?
A: Get Barbarian/Bowman/Shaman first for their respective classes, reason? They are the w2 skilling classes, Squire/Hunter/Wizard have jobs in w3 which can be taken later.

Q: Why am I bad ?

A: Git gud lol noobs 

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