Level 20 Character Creation Rules

Level 20. 

Standard point buy, Flat HP.

The most recent UAs are allowed. They’re draconic or undead themed. Any UA released prior to the spirits bard and undead warlock is disallowed.


  • All published races are allowed (including yuan-ti pureblood)

  • Volo’s Errata and Tasha’s Ancestry rules are allowed. Custom lineage is allowed as well.


  • All published subclasses except chronurgy wizard are allowed (screw being able to roll -2 on a d20 roll).

  • Subclasses from my Kaleidoscope of Subclasses packet are allowed. 

  • Subclasses posted on /r/unearthedarcana are allowed, pending review. PM me and show me a link to it.


  • Tasha’s and Xanathar’s optional class features, feats, and spells allowed.

  • My homebrew compendium is allowed.

  • Multiclassing is allowed.


  • Starting equipment.

  • Up to 5 spell components (includes consumable and nonconsumable)

  • One uncommon item

  • One rare item

  • One very rare item

  • One legendary item

All except starting equipment and spell components are pending review. No sovereign glue, philter of love, or DoMT, pls.

Generally, magic items are fine if they’re combat oriented and not “solve the puzzle laterally”. This isn’t that type of one-shot. Keep the weird ideas to your class features and spells.

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