Lisa the Painful Iceberg Series Explained by the Author of the Iceberg

Lisa the Painful Iceberg Series Explained

Layer 1- Beginner knowledge + Fanbase

Lisa the Painful RPG- The second game in the trilogy, it tells a story of Brad, who’s on a search for his daughter Buddy, the last girl on Earth.

Lisa the Joyful-  The third and last game in the trilogy, it tells a story of Buddy, who’s personal goal is to rule the Olathe, to achieve that, she has to kill the remaining Warlords from The List.

Lisa the First- The first ever game created by Dingaling, it tells the story of Lisa, the title character of the series. With the game's graphics similar to Earthbound’s and gameplay style reminiscent of Yume Nikki’s.

Dingaling- Dingaling (AKA Austin Jorgensen) is the creator of all 3 Lisa titles, he’s also a professional martial artist.

Wiggly 2 Diddly- It’s a second name for Dingaling, who made every piece of the soundtrack in all 3 games. There’s also an NPC in Painful and Joyful called Wiggly 2 Diddly, who’s a man with a disco ball on its head, known to rave hard.

Desolate Expanse- It’s a fan mod that fixes many bugs and adds more content to the original game, like new NPC’s, Party Members and Enemies (You can also recruit Cheese Legs).

Earthbound Inspirations- On the game’s Kickstarter page, it's said that Lisa is a “Earthbound-Inspired Game”, that’s pretty noticeable in the game’s graphics and style.

Fangames- Lisa fandom is pretty well known for their fangames, some popular examples are Hopeful and Pointless. However, there’s a lot of fangames that were cancelled, due to the creator’s not being able to handle the pressure or burning out.

Kickstarter- Lisa the Painful had a Kickstarter, which at the time wasn’t a common thing for RPG Maker games, it was really successful.

Garry the Hot Soup- A recurring character in the Lisa series (Mostly Painful and Joyful). He’s something of an inside joke in the Lisa community, duo to his funny looks and his iconic quote “Soup on, Baby!”

“All fangames are canon”- A quote said by Dingaling himself, meaning that any piece of fan content can be considered canon to the source material (even if some things aren’t consistent with the main story).

Sintinel, ManlyBadassHero- They are simply people who played Painful and Joyful, as well as some Fangames.

NitroRad- Video Game reviewer, who reviewed Painful and Joyful, as well as Pointless and Hopeful. It's where probably most people heard about the series.

Taitoki- Lisa Fanmusic creator, most of their tracks were used in many fangames, like Pointless, Hopeful and many other cancelled ones.

Clovis | Merovingian- Channel on Youtube that uploads OST’s from many fangames, mostly Pointless and Hopeful. They also covered Lisa the Painful Demo.

NCHProductions- Channel on Youtube, that uploads animated shorts. Some of its animations are Lisa the Painful related, one of which is a parody of the opening to the anime Fist of the North Star.

Edvinas Kandrotas- Ed is responsible for the fangame Lisa the Pointless, he currently works on the Chapter 2 Fools God and Monster Update for the first chapter of Pointless.

Taco Salad- He’s responsible for making Lisa the Hopeful. The game was announced complet after the Definitive Update.

Calvin- He’s a developer behind Lisa the Clueless (it's a shame he cancelled it).

Squatch Gaming Official- Gaming Youtuber who summarised the whole main Lisa series, as well as the other games outside of Lisa, like Hotline Miami or Dead Cells.

Official Sprite Sheet- It's a huge sprite sheet with all character sprites that’s included in the Lisa: Original Soundtrack + Art Collection, you can buy it on Steam, it also contains lots of unused sprites (Which will be covered in later entries).

“Life ruining experience”- It’s referring to the fact that the game makes you do some actions that question your morality. It can also be referred to as one of the selling points of the game.

MatPat playing Lisa- It's true, MatPat played Lisa the Painful once, the video where he plays it is called “This Reminds Me of UNDERTALE!” (these two games have nothing to do with each other, at all. Like god damn it MatPat, you fuckin idiot). Many Lisa fans were annoyed at MatPat for it, because at the time, he compared most of the indie RPGs to Undertale, which was at its peak popularity at the time he played Lisa.

Fansongs- It refers to the fact there are many people in the Lisa fanbase that do some original music work relating to Lisa, like Taitoki, which I covered earlier.

Fist of the North Star- Manga and Anime series about adventures of a martial artist named Keshiro, who fights against many gags and other martial artists, it's set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. It has minor similarities to Lisa, like the main character being a Martial Artist and the setting being a post-apocalyptic wasteland. It's also referring to the Lisa animation by NCHProductions, which parodies the opening of the Fist of the North Star anime.

Lisa the Mournful- Mournful was a cancelled fan comic on Tumblr, that covered events after Joyful.

Crows- Crows are the main way of saving the game.

Meaning of Life- It's a recurring gag in all three games and some fangames, it involves a character climbing a ridiculously long rope on top of a mountain, just to see the mountain flipping player the bird.

Terry Hintz- He’s the character who leaves hints threw out the Olathe, being a parody of a typical tutorial itself. He’s a beloved character in the Lisa fanbase for his likable personality and his arch of becoming stronger.

Sweet Lemon Tea- It's a catchphrase said by Nerm Guan, one of the party members, as well as the name for his long explanation of what happened to Olathe, which is just him telling Brad his misadventures before The Flash as well as his stupid potato bitch wife, god rest her soul.

Remixes: Its the same as the Fansongs.

Arkantos Mod- Its a mod to Lisa the Joyful, that adds more Areas, Bosses, Enemies and Party members, at the time of its release, it was pretty revolutionary, starting the trend of mods that expand on the source material, like Desolate Expanse and Scholar of the Wilbur Sin.

Layer 2- Surface Level Facts

Pain Mode- Its an optional mode you can activate at the beginning of the game, it makes the Save Points explode and adds more enemies, making the game more difficult.

Wrestling References- Dingaling is a huge fan of wrestling, it can be seen with the area EWC (Eternal Wrestling Championship), which also has a village, with people being fans of the said sport, as well as some characters and enemies having names referencing wrestlers.

Kickstarter Demo- This demo is really different compared to the final product, its story was that Rick and Brad were looking for some Joy, ending at the Man’s Hair Club boss fight.

Fishman Village- It's a secret area you can find in Muddy Waters, as the name implies, it’s an underground village, where mutated fish people live . You can recruit Harvey, the Fishman Lawyer and buy Green Paste to recruit Carp as well as find a map to Garbage Island. Fishman Village is a nod to Earthbound’s Saturn Valley

Killable Demon X- Demon X by design is a character that you must lose to to progress the story, however it is possible for Demon X to be defeated with the right party members using the stink status effect for +10% evasion and poison damage, however at the end of the battle he will say that you cheated and call you an asshole before giving you an instant Game Over.

Unused Songs- Lisa the Painful soundtrack has some songs that weren’t used in the final product, they can be found in the Lisa: Original Soundtrack + Art Collection.

Combat System- Lisa games as well as some fangames have a combat system, which requires to enter a combination of AWDS keys to pull out an attack, it only applies to some characters however, Brad is the main example of a character who uses this Combat System.

Joyfuls Easy Mode- This is a joke mode added to Joyful on September 11th 2015, as a response to a steam user, who claimed the DLC was too hard. The mode costs 300 mags, if you pay Larry Stintz (the guy who runs the Easy Mode) he will hand over Buddy the Foam Stick (the most overpowered weapon in the game) and 99 Domestic Jerky’s, it has a fight ageist “Your Boyfriend”, who’s just a punk man with only 2 HP that gives you 999,999 XP for killing him and “Brad Armstrong”, who’s just a scarecrow resembling Brad and the last fight of this mode.

Garbage Island- An optional area from where you can recruit Fly Minetti and Ollie Nickels. Other than those party members, this area is optional.

Dismal Island- Optional area as well, to aquer the map to this area, you must buy at Morty’s Yard Sale at the east of Bob’s Dojo . It's an area where you can fight a character named Slave Lord Jim (who’s foreshadowed by an NPC on the road to the Joy Factory, the one who was told to be looking at the sun) and his previous slave Jonathan, who’s now a Joy Mutant. Slave Lord Jim is based on Jim Sterling, while Jonathan is based on the story of Jonathan Holmes.

Resorte Island- It’s an optional area as well. This area is a deserted hotel resort, which is filled with disgusting mutants with horribly disfigured faces. This island was also one of the Kickstarter Goals. This area is also a call back to the Bile Town from Lisa the First.

Glitches- Lisa the Painful and Joyful can be pretty buggy at times. There are some glitches like some attacks not working as intended or Withdrawal not working on characters that are supposed to be Joy Addicts as well.

Dr Yado- He’s the true antagonist of the Lisa Series, the one behind The Flash and Buddy’s Father, his main goal was to take over the world with the army of mutants. He’s responsible for the creation of Joy and making the land go to chaos, by using Buddy as the sort of Pandora’s Box.

Bringing Bo to Henry Wyatt- If you recruit Bo, return to the area where you found the Old Record that’s used to recruit him, he will reward you with 100 mags and leave your party to grief the death of his brother.

Agreeable Drawing doesn’t work- Due to the mistake in the code, Garth’s Agreeable Drawing ability, which cures many negative status effects cures the enemy and not your party members, this is one of many glitches in Lisa.

Threaten is a useless ability- Threaten is one of Queen Roger’s abilities, that makes enemies double the amount of mags at the end of the battle, despite Extorted being a status effect you apply to the enemies, it only works when party members are affected, thos making that skill worthless.

Creatures before Joy Mutants- If you go to the Joy Lab in the Nice Homes area on Pain Mode, you will find a portion of the Lab with four test tubes, which contain “Mindless Sheep” which are the mutants you find on Resort Island, “Repulsive Waste” which are the Fishman you find in the Fishman Village, “Violent Soldiers” which are the Creeps that you can find throughout the entirety of Nice Homes and “My Favorite” the current Joy Mutants you see all threw out Olathe. This shows the progress of the Joy Experiments and the results that were gotten from them, “Mindless Sheep” while being loyal, weren’t really a threat, “Repulsive Waste” weren’t either violent or loyal, having their own sentience, “Violent Soldiers” were really aggressive, but they were too wild to be controlled, the final product “My Favorite” was the result Yado was looking for, a violent and obedient soldier, perfect for dominating the world.

Johnny Walrus Immortality- In the early days of Joyful, if you assassinate Garry Panther by jumping off the ledge of a cliff and trigger the fight with Johnny Walrus, the fight will never end, rendering the fight impossible to win. That bug was later fixed with the newer versions of Joyful. This was also one of the inside jokes among Lisa Fans.

Bulldozer Button Mashing Segment- During Brad’s attack on The Construction Sight, there’s a segment, where a really strong guy tries to stop Brad, and you have to mash the Spacebar to push the strong man off the cliff. It's the only time you ever do button mashing in the game. Muscle Cave Minigame can be counted as well, but this is just an optional minigame.

Satan’s name is a reference to MikeNnemonic- Satan was one of the Kickstarter Goals and an optional boss in the base game, he was based on a Streamer and a former Lets Players MikeNnemonic. This is why “I am Satan '' isn't played during the battle against him, it's because “He’s just a guy named Mike ''. Nnemonic himself held an AMA on the Lisa the Painful Subreddit, playing the character of Satan.

Docile Joy Mutants- Threw out the game, there are certain Joy Mutants that don’t harm the player. One of those mutants can be found on Resort Island, surrounded by dead scientists, which means, if a Joy Mutant kills enough or gets what he deeply desires, they can be considered docile. As well as Brad, who’s not that aggressive for a joy mutant, but that may be because of his lack of limbs and his only desire is Buddy.

Hernandez Family- Made out of Fardy, Shardy, Tardy and Lardy, a group of friendly siblings who helped Brad on his journey, the only one that survived was Shardy. Fardy and Tardy died from the hands of Brad, while Lardy, who’s a Warlord that provides Olathe with food supplies, dies from the hands of Brad’s Adoptive Daughter Buddy.

Layer 3- Cut Content and Disturbing Facts

Pogo Stick Enemies- There is an unused enemy, who uses a Pogo Stick to move around, he was a fightable enemy in the original beta.

Marty Week- He’s a brother of Rick Weeks in the original storyline, who was a person who was pretty negative about Joy and Alcohol, he would call Brad a bad influence. He doesn’t appear in the final game.

Female Fishman- In the Official Sprite Sheet, you can find a Fishman with blond hair or a wig, the could have implied that only human females died, while more animalistic groups weren’t affected. The sprite wasn’t used in the final game for unknown reasons.

Hawk- This character was a prototype for Rando, he would be either the main antagonist of the game or one of the people that would help Brad on his journey. He didn’t appear in the final game, however his name was used for the 9th Warlord, Hawk Hollywood and Pain Mode form, Hawk.

Punkert’s purpose in the original storyline- In the beta, Punkert could be seen hanging out with Brad, Ricky, Cheeks and Sticky, he would later leave the Brad for being “too geeked out” and mutate, blaming Brad for leaving him behind, his original name was also Wingus. In the final game, he’s just a minor NPC that introduces you to the idea of Joy Mutants.

Queen Roger in Pink Bikini- In the beta of the game, Queen Roger could be found dancing on the table, wearing a pink bikini with fishnets. This was obviously unused, because Queen Roger was made into a party member.

Terry Hintz killed himself in the Demo- In the Demo, you could find Terry Hintz to be an NPC who simply just asks you to leave him alone, if you come back to him, you’ll find him in his hut, hanging from the ceiling.

Cut Chris Columbo Fight- In the game files, there’s a programmed fight with Christopher Columbo, he has 1000 HP and would use Fireball. This was ultimately scrapped.

Vega Van Dam’s Unused Dialogue- There’s a unique line spoken by Vega Van Dam, which reads as follows:
"One of Buzzo's little men? You working with that sick fuck? Rando-Bobando… You have sunk low. That's a path you shouldn't go.
This line was meant to be triggered when Buddy would wear the Joy Mask, which you don’t get until you get to the Area 2 Crossroads. Rendering this dialogue pointless.

Joy Mutant Party Members: In the Official Sprite Sheet, you can find Olan and Fardy’s Joy Mutant forms, meaning they were meant to be Joy Addicts.

Buffalo Van Dyke before the Flash- In the Official Sprite Sheet, you can find Buffalo before the Flash, wearing a more casual shirt, contrasting with his past as a football player.

What caused the Flash- Squatch Gaming Official made a video trying to explain the Flash. However, there are no clues to what caused it, but its aftermath resulted in Olathe turning into a wasteland, usual day and night cycle and weather and of course, the extinction of all women.

Beta Party Members- Early idea for the game’s party members was that Rick, Sticky and Cheeks would be members of Brad’s Gang. Every one of the three were taking the place of existing party members, like Rick being Percy, Sticky being Queen Roger and Cheeks replacing Dick, judging by their showcase in the trailer.

Yellow, Green and Blue Harvey’s- There are 4 colors for Harvey in the Official Sprite Sheet, there is no reason why they are in the Sprite Sheet, maybe Fishmen were to be more diverse?

Stealth Mechanic- In one of the trailers for the game, a Stealth Mechanic was shown, where Brad tries to sneak in the grass to attack the guy who offers to sleep in his hut in the final game. The mechanic was scrapped.

Piggyback Ride Sprites- In the Official Sprite Sheet, there is an unused set of sprites, which showed Buddy getting a piggyback ride from Brad, these went unused.

Blinking Beady- In the Lisa Demo, you can find Beady as an NPC in a hut, he had an animation of him slowly blinking, which wasn’t used in the final game.

Salvation Rangers Car- On the Kickstarter Page and in the Official Sprite Sheet, there’s a sprite with Salvation Rangers riding a car, which was probably meant to be their super mobile, which every superhero has. This went unused however, probably because the Salvation Rangers are portrayed as a group of young teens, who don’t know how to drive.

Lisa the First Symbolism- Lisa the First is filled with symbolism, that helps you see the mindset of Lisa herself. Squatch Gaming Official made a video about those symbolism explaining them more in detail.

Dead Woman in the Joy Lab- After you reach the end of the Joy Lab in the Pain Mode, you will find a dead body of a woman, with a note saying:
"Sorry darling, but my actions are just."
Considering the place you find her in, it's speculated that this woman was Yado’s Wife and Buddy’s biological mother.

Layer 4- Speculations

Lisa the Joyful Canon Ending- There is no real canon ending to the story, however, it is rumored that the ending you don’t take the vaccine and let Rando go is the canon one, though it is not confirmed.

Every horse in Olathe was turned into Jerky- Olathe’s main source of food is Jerky and there aren’t many animals outside of Deers, Squirrels, Dogs, Cats and Crows. There are however unused sprites of Horses, which aren’t seen in the game, making us believe they all got made into Horse Jerky.

Chester is Jewish- If you approach Chester in Joyful, while not wearing a mask, you will trigger a fight with him. After he’s defeated, he will say “Oy vey”, which is a Yiddish phrase indicating dismay or grief.

Big Lincoln is Christian- On your way to fighting Big L himself, you will see lots of graves of the people he fought, their graves all have crosses above them. This means that Big Lincoln gives his victims a proper burial, as well as the fact he uses praying a lot when you fight him in his second phase, making us believe Big L is pretty religious.

Dingaling made Terry “Bad” on purpose- Dingaling said that he wanted to make Terry bad so that people would just give him away to Columbo, that idea however backfired. Another thing is that Terry is said to have a crippling depression, however he doesn’t have that status effect in the game, it's because he would be absolutely useless, considering his low stats at the start of the game.

Georgy- He’s a Joy Mutant you can find and fight on Garbage Island, he has no relation to the Hernandez Siblings whats so ever, despite his name following the same naming pattern of ending with y.

Mrs Armstrong- She’s a character you see in the “Game Over” ending of Lisa the First, she’s a deceased biological mother of Brad and Lisa and Marty’s Wife, it's unknown what had happened to her. Some say she's the dead woman in the Joy Lab, which is pretty unlikely, even if they look pretty similar.

Lisa is the worst character- According to Dingaling, Lisa is the worst character in the entire Lisa series, this claim comes from the fact that she used Buzzo for her own personal gains, which didn’t work, making her commit sucide and make Buzzo blame Brad, ruining his life in the process (This statement is kinda wrong, id say Marty is the worst character for obvious reasons. He is the root of all the evil that striked Olathe.)

Brad lost only one arm- In the Official Sprite Sheet, there’s an early concept for Brad during his mutation, and one of the sprites has only one arm cutted off. Brad’s Joy Mutant form tho doesn’t have any arms.

Mr Beautiful Shoko Asahara Similarities- When you break Mr. Beautiful's mask, his face slightly resembles Shoko Asahara, a Japanese historical figure convicted and sentenced to death due to his involvement in the sarin gas attack amongst other crimes.

Ollie Nickles was guilty of incest- Ollie’s attack “Sister’s Kiss” is described as follows:
“A very personal move with a questionable past…”
Also when using this attack, it plays a woman screaming sound. You draw your own conclusions.

Green Archers- They are a gang of people in green hoods who use bows as their main weapons that you encounter in Joyful, they seem to be worshiping the Joy Mutants. They are responsible for “killing” Sindy Gallows, not much is known about em or their correlation with Yado and his plan.

Fate of Junior Weeks- Junior Weeks is an adoptive son of Richard Weeks, who was a product of Rick’s wife, Shelly, cheating on Rick with some other guy. There’s no clue to what happened to him after The Flash.

Tooley- Tooley is the Green Ranger, a former member of The Salvation Rangers who survived their fall and resides in some cave in Joyful. He was the only person that wasn’t trying to hurt Buddy, even despite her being the last woman alive, he was simply looking for some company. After you finish The List and come back to him, you’ll find him hanging from a tree.

Crush Mahone and Dice Mahone are related- Crush Mahone ambushes you on your way to Area 2. In Lisa the Joyful, in the Dice’s House, a poster says that someone killed his brother and he seeks revenge. Considering these two share the same surname, it may mean that they are related.

Kid Bo- In the Official Sprite Sheet, there’s a sprite of a short character, probably a child, wearing the same diving helmet as Bo. Not much is known about him at all, perhaps this was meant to be Bo before The Flash?

Sindy Gallows was supposed to be dead- Sindy Gallows fight was a pretty big surprise. However, he was supposed to stay dead, and the Green Archers were meant to be the only fight, the fight was added at the last minute.

Joyful Buckets- In Lisa the Joyful, you could see lots of buckets scattered around the land, they are probably just decorations.

Yado in Rando Land- After Brad’s fight with Rando and his Army, you can instead go back to the beginning of the battlefield, you can see Yado, who was most likely observing Brad slaughtering the solidiers.

Layer 5- Obscure facts and speculations

Buzzo uses Experimental Joy- Buzzo is a character that if you try fighting, will be shown to be too overpowered for you to defeat. Considering Buzzo’s past with Yado, it isn’t too far-fetched to think that there was a Joy without the element that causes you to mutate, thus making Buzzo indestructible.

Brad’s Son- In the original storyline of Lisa, Brad was meant to have a son, who he failed to protect and was on the run to rescue him, being the original game’s Buddy. There is an unused photo of Brad with his son in the Official Sprite Sheet.

Dingaling’s Favorites- It simply refers to the characters Dingaling has as its favorite, which is Sticky, because of his head looking like a dingaling, while his favorite party members he finished the game with are Shocklord, Carp and Birdie.

Shovel Knight NPC- In the Official Sprite Sheet, there are two sprites of an NPC, who’s helmet and a shovel are an obvious nod to Shovel Knight. He ultimately went unused, maybe to not reference a game from around 2010’s, to not give any nods to when the action of the game takes place in.

Joy Vaccine- Joy Vaccine was made by Yado to avoid turning into one of the mutants, this vaccine saved Buddy from mutating (or didn’t). There’s a question, are there more vaccines? Considering there were many kinds of Joy, I'd say it's possible there were many tries of constructing a proper vaccine.

Queen Roger uses shoulderpads as fake breasts- Queen Roger can equipe shoulderpads, but you don’t see him wear them, it's speculated that Roger puts them in his bra, to make them look like his breasts, even if you don’t see it.

Brad would have joined Rando Army in the Original Storyline- In the Official Sprite Sheet, there are sprites of Brad, who wears armor with Rando Army’s colors, these could have meant that Brad would join Rando Army or its just simply a sprite Dingaling made for fun.

Brad canonically killed every member of his gang- At the end of the game, you fight all 3 of your party members you had with you the whole game, but, the question is, why only 3? What if every member of his gang was trying to stop him. It is said that Brad killed everyone who was with him, but the fight with his party members might be just Brad’s hallucination. If you would have no one in your party before the endgame, you would fight “Illusion of Friends”, but nobody’s there, yet that illusion can still attack, giving off the feel, that all those party members are simply hallucinations.

Garth’s NSFW Tumblr- Garth, being a party member of a kickstarter backer, was based on a persona of Hunter M aka, Gleen Garth. Who’s a NSFW artist, well known for his NSFW stuff and a webcomic    Light Earth Defenders. (how the hell wasn’t his Tumblr purged after NSFW Purge?)

Brad’s Grandfather- He was mentioned in one of the endings on Joyful, he’s a martial artist that Brad wanted to learn karate from, which Marty called worthless, not much is known about him.

Layer 6- Some Theories i guess

Carp’s MS-13 Connections- Carp’s Design has some similarities to a member of a criminal gang MS-13, mostly just the tattoos, however, this might be just a coincidence, and he’s not related to Han Tsunami either.

Shocklord’s Mask has no eye holes- It mostly comes from the fact that he keeps screwing up his attack and tripping down, plus, he always faces the wrong way in some cutscenes.

RT stands for “Right Trigger”- Yea, it does, tho, there’s no explanation for why is that.

Carp’s mask isn’t a mask- Despite being said to be a human in a fish head mask, you can’t take it off, as well as Carp being able speak in Fishman language. Perhaps he was taking the Fishman Joy, which made his head mutate into his mask, his joy addiction supports this. Plus, despite being a Joy Addict, his withdrawal isn’t too drastic compared to other Joy Addicts.

Bloodmoon Tribe used to work with Yado- The Bloodmoon Tribe members death quotes are connected to Yado, His Plan and Brad’s Quest, this may suggest their connection to Yado.

Ajeet Boss Fight- Ajeet used to be intended to be a boss fight, however his role was changed to be a recruitable party member.

Olan was intended to be a Joy Addict- On top of being an alcoholic he would have also been a Joy Addict, which was suggested by his Joy Mutant sprite in the Official Sprite Sheet.

Yazan is Redditor- His appearance and mannerisms make him look like a stereotypical neckbeard.

Fly is a Furry Weeb- Fly’s persona is based off of a character form a Sentai Anime, soo he isn’t really a furry, but he’s definitely a weeb.

Layer 7- Im not sure anymore

Sindy Gallows Strength- According to Dingaling, when Sindy would be alife, he would be able to defeat Big Lincoln, soo he’s definitely not a guy to be underestimated.

Birdie is God- Birdie’s Oiled Up ability and the fact there are many characters who use fire based attack, make Birdie a character that you can easily call Lisa the Painful’s Easy Mode. He’s definitely a great support character for sure.

Turtle Guy/Octopus Creature- They are simply sprites found in the Official Sprite Sheet, not much is known about the Turtler Guy, however, the Octopus Creatures could be found on the Kickstarter Page.

Clint Olympics Uselessness- Despite being a character who costs 500 Mags, he’s mediocre at best and worthless at worse, being dubbed “Diet/Shittier Brad” by fans.

Sweetheart is Female- Sweetheart is one of Yado’s favorite mutants, it lets out a rather feminine moan every time it appears, tho, their gender doesn’t matter.

Father of Buddy’s Son- There are two potential characters, one being Bolo, which is rather unlikely, considering he got massacred by Sweetheart before he could do anything to Buddy. Another suggestion could be one of the Unics, named Dale, who presumably had to be killed for trying to do something to Buddy. (And please stop thinking she fucked Brad, that’s just a no.)

Deers are Carnivorous- The deers that you can find on the mountain leading to Wally, could be seen consuming some Wally’s, which most likely made them Carnivorous.

Snow Mountain isn’t covered in snow- After you defeat Buffalo Van Dyke, you can go further up the mountain, when you find yourself at the summit, you’ll see a huge stack of dead bodies with a man being set on fire. This means that the snow covered mountain isn't actually snow, but ashes of dead people.

Koo Dragonhead used to be a BBB- He’s one of the members in the Rando Army you fight at the end of the game, in the Official Sprite Sheet, you can find a character similar to him, wearing a and having the colors of the BBB members, suggesting he used to be a pacifist.

Brad covered orphans in oil- It's actually gasoline, but I think not, because it's more of an optional area you don’t have to visit.

Lisa caused The Flash- Technically, yea, she did, she pushed Buzzo to torment Brad and help Yado working on the Joy drug.

Layer 8- Stuff putted there to be creepy

Lisa the Painful Rule 34- Basically porn of characters from lisa, everything can be porn, no matter how fucked up it may be. (thicc buddy and lisa are just wrong)

Bolo’s Father- He was mentioned constantly as “daddy” by Bolo himself, we don’t know much about him, other than raising this piece of shit.

Shadow Figures- It's like… what are they? Really, are they Joy Mutants too? Or maybe they are some inner demons you happen to have, or simply hallucinations.

Tom “Brightside” Miller Sucide- He’s an NPC on Garbage Island that if you interact with, will trigger a fight, and immediately shoot himself, he’s the only Lisa the Painful enemy who kills himself off, you get an achievement for encountering him on the Steam Version.

Lisa takes place in the universe, where Gyigas won- The theory states that after a fruitless fight against Gyigas, he corrupted a human, who got a vision of a world where he rules, putting the Joy Experiments into motion. The connection can also explain why there are attacks like Fire Balls, Finger Beams or Water Guns, they are simply PSI attacks, plus some of the characters in game resemble some Earthbound characters, like the Shopping Kart Racing Organizator looks like Everdred, and Lucas, name wise and looks wise resembles the main character of Mother 3. It has lots of holes, like almost every theory ever, but it’s still rather interesting non the less.

Wally’s Burgers are made out of Wally’s Skin- When you fight Wally, some parts of his head come off, revealing its actually his flesh, and the huge amount of meat in the restaurant could suggest Wally has a condition that makes his skin regrow and come off, and he feeds the village below with his own skin.

Han Tsunami’s Gang and Yakuza connections- Tsunami and his Gang have those tattoos around their shoulders, thos they may have some similarities with Yakuza

Dismal Island Apparition- Seriously, what the fuck was that, why was Brad hallucinating about him at all? Why was it encouraging him? It may be just a weird moment, but still, what the fuck was that thing?

Now here are some Iceberg Entiers i either forgot to add or for some reason erased them from the chart, in no particular order

Dick Dickson was meant to be a Yellow Ranger- In the Official Sprite Sheet, you can see a Salvation Yellow without his poncho, which could probably mean that Dick was meant to be Yellow, for some reason.

Lisa the Painful Original Storyline- There’s a whole video on youtube covering Lisa the Painful prototype. Brad was pretty different from his final game counterpart, being an alcoholic, on top of being a Joy Addict, he also had a son, that was his main story development, presumably blaming himself for not being able to protect him. Rando was a completely different person named Hawk and Brad and his Gang’s companion ship was more tied by beer, rather than trauma. Not much was known about Buddy’s involvement in the story.

Tricky Rick- He’s a character from Lisa the First, who’s appearance and mannerism make him symbolise a penis. Like, his head is pretty phallic and he’s described to like exploring caves, friction and being a pretty sensitive guy.

Kickstarter Party Members- When Lisa kickstarter was still on, you could pay $200 for your own character to make it into the game, some examples are Garth, Sonny, Beastborn, RT, Jack and Yazan, there were also suppose to be 4 more, but we don’t know what Dingaling did with them.

The White Flash giving everyone in Olathe retrograde amnesia- This is a theory that explains the simple mindedness of everyone in Olathe. Some arguments include Nerm not being too able to explain what happened before the flash, most of the names for the places you go to are rather generic, like Rando Land, Garbage Island and Area 1 thru 3 and the only thing they remember from the past is just trauma they experienced. Soo the flash could also make people forget the life before the Flash.

Yado canonically follows Brad for all of the game- The supporting facts are that most of the songs in the Soundtrack contain sounds of a trumpet, when you find his playing spot, he will stop playing the music and look at you, presumably annoyed at his music being stopped, and he is found in the Rando Land after you defeat Rando.

All songs were made in FL Studio- Most sounds are stock FL sounds, "Men's Hair Club" and "Men at Work" being very obvious examples, Kill Chop 666 Deluxe uses the EXACT default melody from using a tool on any sample in FL called Gross Beat.

Marty’s Drastic Change- There are many explanations to why Marty became such a horrible monster, one of which may involve Mrs Armstrong either divorcing or dying during birth. Whichever it was, it hitted him hard, maybe a bit… too hard.

Buddy’s Fatal Attack’s immunity- Any kind of attack that could kill a party member in Painful, aren’t that strong when you play as Buddy in Joyful. Like her getting a Neck Break from the Sweetheart is probably just tis but a scratch apparently. It was a decision made, so that Joyful would be more fair, considering you mostly just play as Buddy.

Sweetheart is Buddy’s Mom- This can also tie to the theory about Sweetheart’s gender, Sweethearts name and the fact that they are Yado’s (and Dingaling’s) favorite Joy Mutant. However, the dead woman's body found in the Joy Lab ruins this theory, plus Sweethearts battle sprite file is called Battle_Gale,png, suggesting they’re name used to be Gale, and Sweetheart is simply a pet name.

Buffalo Van Dyke’s Side Sprites- Buffalo has sprites showing him from every side, like facing front, back and many other sides, these sprites are used to animate some of his attacks.

Land of Hints was planned from the start- Land of Hints was probably planned to be Painful, but for unknown reason, it was moved to Joyful. Maybe Dingaling couldn’t find a proper place he could implement this area in.

Luck Stat makes Russian Roulette easier- This statement is false, Russian Roulette is pretty random when it comes to the outcomes of the match. There’s like a 16% chance one of your party members can survive all 3 rounds of russian roulette you are forced to play. (pro tip- try out characters with high agility.)

Crisp is an unfinished character- Crisp has only 4 attacks and even his default attack costs 20 SP, perhaps he was a character that Dingaling just added last minute, explaining his rather unfinished feel.

Ninja Tears- This is a new game Dingaling works on currently, not much is known about the project, other than its not related to Lisa in any way shape or form. At the time of making this iceberg, there aren’t too many details about the project.

Air Marty- This is a collection of minigames made by Dingalings brother, Miles Jorgensen, Dingaling helped in the development of the game.

Bucket’s Fatal Chomp immunity- There’s a rumour that Bucket can survive Fatal Chomp, however, this is false.

Least Recruitable- According to steam’s achievements list for Lisa, Bucket is a party member players recruit the least, it may be due to the way they have to recruit him, which is through Russian Roulette, the most hated minigame in the entire game.

Buddy Hate- Lisa community really hates Buddy in Joyful because of her Megalomaniac behaviour, killing people who didn’t do anything wrong and making Tooley commit sucide. Also, she’s the least favorite character in the entire series for most players.

Peen Dilles Joy Mutant- In the Official Sprite Sheet, you can find Peen Dilles and other Winner Winner What’s 4 Dinner Boys band dead, meaning Peen would later mutate during the events of Joyful, killing the band members.

“She would have been a huge asset with the woman”- This line was spoken by Buzza after his 3rd ambush on the Crossroad to Area 3 on Pain Mode. This line may suggest that Buddy may not be the last woman on Earth, and there are other surviving women, being hidden away from the brutal world of Olathe.

Dingaling based Lisa off of his Ex-Girlfriend-Austin Jorgensen has stated in interviews that the idea behind LISA: The First (and, later, Brad in The Painful RPG) was based on an ex-girlfriend who was scarred by memories of her abusive father, as it had made him realize how much memories can affect people.

Lisa The Painful’s Story was based on a Novel- Well, loosely, but yes, Painful’s Story was based on a 1992 Novel “The Children of Men'' by P.D. James.

Ren- This is simply Brad’s prototype name.

Lisa Series Limitless Potential- Its in reference to the fact that Lisa Series has a lot of potential to tell many stories with its setting, the huge amount of Fangames, Fan Comics and even AU’s show how much you can do in the world of Olathe.

Terry Hintz’s Fans- Terry Hintz claims to have a lot of fans, however, he’s simply a lonely dude… but, his actual fans are the ones who played Lisa, yes, we are his fans.

Mother 3 is Lucas Afterlife- Lucas is an NPC who dies on top of Fardy's truck from an arrow shot into his back, after he let out his last breath, he went to the afterlife, in which Mother 3 takes place. It's just a theory, because Lucas is literally a reference to the character from Mother 3, from his mannerism and looks.

Former Friend- If you do decide to give away Terry to Columbo, when you encounter Columbo and The Gents in Area 2 / 3 Transition, you will learn that Brad’s betrayal hitted Terry hard, now called “Terry, Lord of Hurts”. This is a rather somber end to Terry’s story, to die from the hands of someone he called a friend. (Side Note: He can use Neck Break, so kill him quickly.)

These were all the additional entries, if i missed any, let me know, i'll be down to see what i missed.

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