List of available YouEscape rooms

For the most enjoyable experience, 

the rooms are meant to be played in their recommended order.

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YouEscape #1 [Magnum Opus]

? Duration: 60 minutes

? Escape Condition: Unlock the final chest

“The greatest alchemist of all time has mysteriously vanished.
It rests upon you, his loyal apprentice, to discover the reason 

behind his disappearance.
Your alchemy guild allows you to access his rooms for 60 minutes,

 before sealing them completely to prevent the misuse of his secrets.

YouEscape #2 [Elements]

? Duration: 70 minutes

? Escape Condition: Start a chemical reaction to inflate a balloon

“The expedition was a failure.
You are poisoned and lost in a vast dense forest.
The rest of your team is unconscious.
You have to act fast if you wish to avoid their fate.”

YouEscape #3 [Electromagnetic Fields]

? Duration: 80 minutes

? Escape Condition: Reverse the direction of the compass through the use of electromagnetism
? Alternative Escape Condition: Repair the engines circuitry so that your propeller is once again operational

“Those fools! They thought you could never build your own submarine!
But here you are: King of the seven seas!
The only problem is that your compass seems to be broken…
You should probably fix it before you get lost inside your own kingdom.”

YouEscape #4 [A Musical Escape]
? Duration: 75 minutes
? Escape Condition: Lockpick the handcuffs
? Alternative Escape Condition: Unlock the handcuffs

“You thought your music teacher was eccentric, but apparently he is mad.

 He handcuffed you inside a room and left.
Better escape before he comes back.”

YouEscape #5 [Prism]
? Duration: 60 minutes
? Escape Condition: Set the Crookes’ radiometer in motion

“One of your interstellar travels went a little bit wrong and you are stranded in a small blueish planet.
There are remnants of a collapsed civilization.
You must find a way to resupply your space shuttle with power.”

YouEscape #6 [A Murder Mystery]
? Duration: 90 minutes

? Escape Condition: Find out who is the real murderer 

and how the murder was committed

“The trial will begin in about 90 minutes.

Your client is a young woman who is accused of murdering her husband.

You haven't been able to find solid proof of her innocence yet.

Will you manage to pull this off?”

YouEscape #7 [Constellations]
? Duration: 80 minutes
? Escape Condition: Use an analogue device to determine the constellation above YouEscape’s camera

“Every 10 years all the astronomers in the kingdom are summoned to 

have their skills tested.
Those who fail are deemed charlatans and receive severe punishment. Everyone believes you are the best. Don’t let them down…”

YouEscape #8 [Seabed]

? Duration: 60 minutes
? Escape Condition: Unearth the mineral

"You are an avid treasure hunter in search of the world’s rarest 

underwater mineral.

However you’ve spent a considerable amount of time and resources to no avail… You decide to give it one more go before giving up."

YouEscape #9 [Colors]

? Duration: 70 minutes
? Escape Condition: Correlate a color with a location on the map

Despite being a new teacher, 

you were assigned to a special school for gifted children.

This school is infamous for having most of their teachers resign 

during their first day there.

You’re wondering why this happens

 as you are about to enter your classroom…”

YouEscape #10 [Colors – Part 2]
? Duration: 60 minutes

? Escape Condition: ?

YouEscape #11 [Time Bomb]

? Duration: 60 minutes

? Escape Condition: Cut the correct wire

“Defusing a bomb has always been extremely stressful

 and this time is no exception.

In cases of life and death your mind tends to wander,

in order to keep you calm.”

YouEscape #12 [A Murder Mystery#2]

? Duration: 90 minutes

? Escape Condition: Deduce who murdered Mr. White

? Optional Objective: Speculate on why did the murderer killed Mr. White

“Everyone was drunk and Mr. White was dead.

While most of the time his 5 guests were sitting in the lounge,

there were 5 different times that each one left the group and visited a different location.

With vague and contradictory statements from the suspects, this might prove one of your most difficult cases to crack.”

YouEscape #13 [A Twist of Time]

? Duration: 70 minutes

? Escape Condition: Win the contest

“Time travelling contests are common these days.

Your goal is to gather works of art that have been lost in time.

Being an art aficionado yourself, you cannot let the other time travelers claim victory before you.

You have a list of worldlines to travel to and a number of artworks to find.”

YouEscape #14 [Traveling Solo]

? Duration: 60 minutes

? Escape Condition: Board your flight

Your flight will depart in about 1 hour,
however your traveling buddy hasn't shown up yet.

You will either have to cancel your trip or travel solo…

You've opted for the latter.”

YouEscape #15 [Wave-Particle Duality]

? Duration: 75 minutes

? Escape Condition: Identify the correct interference pattern

“In the world of the very small, where particle and wave aspects of reality are equally significant, things do not behave in any way that we can understand from our experience of the everyday world… all pictures are false, and there is no physical analogy we can make to understand what goes on inside atoms. Atoms behave like atoms, nothing else.”

― John Gribbin

YouEscape #16 [A Monochromatic Adventure]

? Duration: 65 minutes
? Escape Condition: ?

The drought was terrible. 

The Sun God demanded a sacrifice and the High Priest understands that this is the only way to appease him.
You were chosen randomly.

A sacrifice by dehydration was the most effective way to beg the Sun God for water from the skies.

Everyone knows that this is the highest honor one can attain.
You’ll be blessed in the afterlife!

…However, you are not quite sure about that.

To be honest, you are not willing to have your life ended and you are determined to do whatever it takes to escape this fate.”

YouEscape #17 [Mutus Liber]

? Duration: 60 minutes

? Escape Condition: 1??: ?????&◇ 

“A previously unknown symbolic language has been discovered in a new-found pyramid. As an expert semiologist you’ve been summoned to try and make sense of it.”

YouEscape #0 [Connection]
? Duration: 30 minutes
? Demo

“Come to my lab and see the truth for yourself.”

As an experienced private investigator you are used to strange notes,

 but this one sparked your interest.

The sender is a young scientist who has been reported

 missing since yesterday.

A generous payment that came along with the note,

 convinced you to begin your work immediately.

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