List of Truly Random Books (in alphabetical order)

A list of books from various sources

A list of imaginary books from various sources (no credit given). None of this is my own work. I just compiled it somewhat poorly. Enjoy with caution.

  1. 100 More Ways to Skin a Humanoid

  2. 1001 Recipes For Organic Potions

  3. 101 uses for sand

  4. A Black Perspective: Ottiluke's Fall to Madness

  5. A Botanical Guide to the Northeast Reaches

  6. A brief history of, Dwarves

  7. A brief history of, Elves

  8. A brief history of, Gnomes

  9. A brief history of, Halflings

  10. A brief history of, Humans

  11. A brief history of, Orcs

  12. A brief history of, Tieflings

  13. A Child's Guide To Mystical Fungi

  14. A Compendium of Oozes

  15. A Compendium of Useful Information for the Enterprising Turnbroach

  16. A Compilation of Arcane Diagrams: Experimental

  17. A Compilation of Arcane Diagrams: Grand Master Level

  18. A Compilation of Arcane Diagrams: Intermediate Level

  19. A Compilation of Arcane Diagrams: Master Level

  20. A Compilation of Arcane Diagrams: Novice Level

  21. A Complete Guide to Potential Infernal Allies

  22. A critical dissertation concerning the words of demons

  23. A Dungeoneer's Guide to Creeping Things

  24. A Farewell to Armor: A Delver's Guide to Rust Monsters

  25. A General History of Labyrinths

  26. A History of the Decline and Fall of the Dwarven Empire

  27. A History of the Faeire Courts

  28. A Lesson In Tightropes

  29. A Man, A Tower, The Power: A Wizard's Guide to Eating Great in Under 30 Minutes!

  30. A Martyrology of the Crevasse

  31. A Practical Guide to the Intricacies of Somatics

  32. A Scholar's Study on Combat

  33. A Study of Common Creatures & Their Magical Resistances

  34. A Study Of Effective Oratorial Practices

  35. A Study of the Scripture: Revelations Of Good and Evil Angels

  36. A Summarie of Vile Practices Encountered Abroad

  37. A Treatise on Fireball

  38. A Vagabond's Chievance

  39. Aberrant Pleasures

  40. About devils

  41. Address to the Faculty, by Academician Prokhor

  42. Adia, Wizardess: Practicing Magic in a Man's World

  43. Advanced Draconic Grammer

  44. Advanced Spell Development & Post Analysis

  45. Aion saga ok Aura

  46. Air Chrysalis

  47. Albedo Apocatastasis

  48. Along Came a Spider: A Dungeoneer's Guide to Driders and Drow

  49. An Apparatus to the History of Threes

  50. An Archive of the Major Races

  51. An essay on demonology, ghosts and apparitions, and other superstitions

  52. An Essay On Evil Spirits

  53. An Exhaustive Examination of Somatic Components

  54. An Extensive Essay on the History & Peoples of the Northeast Reaches

  55. Ancient History by Region / Race

  56.  Ancients And Spiders

  57.  Anecdotes for Every Occasion

  58.  Antediluvium Deodands

  59.  Applied Hand Drills for Improved Finesse

  60.  Appropriate Ministrations for Dropsy of the Brain

  61.  Arcanist's Guide: Advanced Precepts

  62.  Arcanist's Guide: Basic Precepts

  63.  Arcanist's Guide: Figures of Note

  64.  Arcanist's Guide: Relevant Histories

  65.  Archduke Greeth's Wonderful Text of Luminous Signs

  66.  Archibald's Linguistic Techniques for Translating Unknown Tongues

  67.  Are Divine Powers Right For You

  68.  Art, by Genre / Race

  69.  Assythment Avowry Precedents 

  70.  Astronomy by Region

  71.  Astronomy for Botanists

  72.  At Ease: Stories Of Valor in service of the realm

  73.  Atlas of Humans

  74.  Augury and Divination

  75.  Autochthonous Revival Hymns

  76.  Axioms of Assyriology

  77.  Bangers & Tache (Halfling)

  78.  Barely Human

  79.  Baroness Degan's Awful Tome of Great Runes

  80.  Basic Material Components and Viable Substitutes

  81.  Be Ruler of Your Domain in Three Easy Steps

  82.  Beezus's Beginner's Guide to Astronomy

  83.  Bleeding At Dungeons End

  84.  Blindsense and Sensibility: Feeling your Way in the Dark

  85.  Blood Maridan

  86.  Book of Where Pig is All the Time, by Grunk

  87.  Book of Terrible Histories

  88.  Born Efreet

  89.  Bottom Feeders: Catfish, Otyughs, and Oozes

  90.  Boundless Tome of Lost Conjuration

  91.  Breath Of Eternity

  92.  Buckets of Blood

  93.  Busty Beholders

  94.  Butcher Of Vulgara

  95.  Bwoihj Eorikc Vs'shtak: First Year Draconic

  96.  Calligraphy: Opposing Viewpoints, edited by Scrivener Prothoria

  97.  Campfire Comforts

  98.  Canticles of Vecna (or whatever dark gods you wish)

  99.  Cantrips Are Worthless & Other Misconceptions

  100.  Catalogue of Temenos Intersections

  101.  Cats As Familiars

  102.  Cats, Bats, Toads, & Weasles: Choosing the Right Familiar for Your Lifestyle

  103.  Celestial Plates of Demonism

  104.  Chain Male

  105.  Chicken Stew for the Arcanist's Soul

  106.  Chronology of Temporal Experimentation

  107.  Claws in your Face: A Year in the Company of Ghouls

  108.  Clear and Present Danger: A Dungeoneer's Guide to Traps

  109.  Codex on the Flight of Birds, by Rogl the Real

  110.  Codex of Forgotten Tribes

  111.  Coistrel Corps

  112.  Comets: Portents of Doom

  113.  Commentaries upon Fishmongering Traditions

  114.  Common Fortress & Castle Floorplans

  115.  Compiled Maps of the Underdark

  116.  Complexities of Drow Societies

  117.  Complexities of Summoning Planar Allies

  118.  Concessions at the Spring and Autumn Courts

  119.  Conspiracy of the Gavelkind

  120.  Cooking by Region / Race

  121.  Cooking with Cat's Paws, and Other Useful Tips for Better Execution of your Alchemical Recipes

  122.  Corporate & Cubicles: Office Manager's Guide

  123.  Count Mote's Tome of Umbral Great Old Ones

  124.  Countess Picard's Tome of Unequaled Whitchcraft

  125.  Countertransference of the Endopsyche

  126.  Craftwork, Manual and Machine-made

  127.  Creature Information by Type / Alignment

  128.  Creative Shelving for Beginners

  129.  Curiosités Infernales

  130.  Daemonologia sacra

  131.  Daimonologia – A Treatise of Spirits

  132.  Dances of the Ancient Bronx

  133.  Dances with Wolves: An Adventurer's Guide to Lycanthropes

  134.  Dark Speeches of the Known World

  135.  Deadly Vestments: A History of Inept Military Couture

  136.  De Occulta Philosophia

  137.  De Strigimagarvm Demonvm

  138.  Deciphering Magical Texts

  139.  Decrypting Cryptic Writings

  140.  Defensive Magic For Any Situation

  141.  Demon possession and other curiosities of dark nature

  142.  Demoniality – Incubi and Succubi

  143.  Demonology – The Doctrine of Devils

  144.  De Vermis Mysterii

  145.  Devil stories; an anthology

  146.  Devil worship; the sacred books and traditions of The

  147.  Devils Of The Hunt

  148.  Diabolology – The Person and Kingdom of Satan

  149.  Dictionnaire Infernal

  150.  Divine Magics

  151.  Dogs Of The Mountains: A summary of the kingdom of Erenduil

  152.  Drow DD's

  153.  Drow Sluts Monthly

  154.  Duchess Beowulf's Dangerous Scrolls of Elegant Secrets

  155.  Duchess Mesoton's Shadow Tome of Master's Secrets

  156.  Duke Cadate's Codex of Conjuration

  157.  Duke Laph's Lexicon of Umbral Enigmas

  158.  Dungeons & Doorways: A Memoir of Ancestral Protective Magic and What it Means Today

  159.  Dwarven Demonology

  160.  Easy Edie's Potions and Poisons for Beginners

  161.  Economic strata, Immigrants and their influence on Politics in the city of the Efreets

  162.  Effective Record Keeping Techniques

  163.  Effective Tower Construction for the Private Wizard

  164.  Eldaxon's Collected Folklore

  165.  Eldritch Book of Enigmas

  166.  Emblems of Villein Folk

  167.  Emperors And Freaks: The story of the mad king

  168.  Empyreal Thaumaturgy: The Art of Holy Casting

  169.  Enchantments & Their Effective Application

  170.  Encyclopaedia of occultism; a compendium of information on the occult

  171.  End Of The Astral

  172.  Enigmas of the Mystical

  173.  Enlarge Your Penis & Reduce Your Belly with a Single Spell

  174.  Ensorcelled Ossuaria 

  175.  Equipping Your Tower (And You!) Against Fire

  176.  Erotic Engravings

  177.  Erotic Poetry for Illithids

  178.  Everyone Loves Stirges!

  179.  Experimental Spells & Their Practice

  180.  Exploitation of Primordial Archetypes

  181.  Familiars: How To Improve Your Relationship With NEW Communication Strategies

  182.  Fantastical Feet

  183.  Fifty Shades of Prismatic Ray

  184.  Flesh Care for Liches

  185.  Folklore by Race

  186.  For Whom the Die Rolls: A Fool's Guide to Dice Games and Gambling

  187.  Forgotten Holes

  188.  Frozen: A Traveler's Guide to Frost Giants

  189.  Fullmithril Arcanist (Vol

  190.  Funding Your Research Through Bureaucratic Channels

  191.  Furniture Around The World

  192.  Gaylatinous Cubes

  193.  Giants Without Fear

  194.  Gibbering Mouther: Fact or Fiction?

  195.  Girls Gone Feywild

  196.  Gnoll the Way Home, by Rogl the Real

  197.  Gnuts (Gnomes)

  198.  Gotwood (druid)

  199.  Great Divinations

  200.  Greenskinned Redshirts: The Uses of Snotlings and Norkers 

  201.  Guybite

  202.  Hansard's Guide to Refreshing Resurrection

  203.  He Only Loves You for Your Mind: An Illithid Dating Guide

  204.  Heart of +1 Darkness

  205.  Help! I Think I'm an NPC!

  206.  Herb-Lore of the Barrens

  207.  Herbs And Stars: Herbalism through history

  208.  Herbs Of The Jungle

  209.  Hidden Models of Phlogistication

  210.  Historical Accounts of Wizards on the Battlefield

  211.  Hold My Ale: A Fighter's Treatise

  212.  How I Became an Arch Mage (And How You Can Try)

  213.  How I Polymorphed my Fears

  214.  How the Alignments Actually Work

  215.  How the Alignments Really Work

  216.  How to Appease your Dragon

  217.  How to Be A Linguist for the Non-Linguist

  218.  How to Cast "Friends" and Make Enemies

  219.  How to Win Friends and Take Their Stuff

  220.  Hung Like Hadar

  221.  Hydrology: The Waters of the World

  222.  Idols of the Nephilim

  223.  Ifsoever Come a Chirurgeon

  224.  I Have a Bigger Sword, and You Can Too!

  225.  Illusion for Imbeciles

  226.  I'm a Clothy: A Book About Accepting Yourself

  227.  I'm Evil, Not Diseased: The Collected Essays of the Realm's Most Misunderstood Souls

  228.  Implementation of Energy Substitution in Your Spells

  229.  In One Ear and Out the Other – A Playful Look At Lyrical Poetry, by Rogl the Real

  230.  In the beginning

  231.  In The Country Below

  232.  Interview with the Werewolf

  233.  Intimate Anatomy of Several Overworld Personages

  234.  Into the Woods: An Adventurer's Guide to Sprites and Pixies

  235.  Invisible Lizardman

  236.  Issues of Heating & Storage in a Round Structure

  237.  Keggs (Dwarves)

  238.  Kidnapped (by Kobolds)

  239.  King Prochamos and the Snails 

  240.  Kiss the Girls: A Traveler's Guide to Succubi

  241.  Knights And Defenders

  242.  Known Drow Cities & Their Prominent Houses

  243.  La sorcière – the witches of the realm

  244.  Lady Molti's Revised Compendium of Revised Enigma

  245.  Leaders Of The World

  246.  Lesser Known Denizens of the Lower Planes

  247.  Letters On Demonology And Witchcraft

  248.  Letters on the Existence and Agency of Fallen Spirits

  249.  Light Exercises for the Sagely Body

  250.  Literature by Genre / Race

  251.  Little-Known Recipes for Crayfish

  252.  Love Of Magic

  253.  Love Of The Curse

  254.  Lucky Djinn

  255.  Lucubrations on Tyromancy

  256.  Lunisolar Compendium of Eldritch Sorcery

  257.  Mage Spells, by Level

  258.  magic artifacts and how best to deal with them (dictionary sized book but the pages have been glued together and the first page simply has the word don't written on it in every language)

  259.  Magic, Black and White; Charms and Counter Charms

  260.  Magus Gronf's Book of Dangerous Clans

  261.  Magus Samira's Librium of Coasts

  262.  Making Your Familiar Feel At Home

  263.  Manual of Gainful Exercise, 7th Edition, by Arnold of Blackegg: In Which We Are Going To PUMP! YOU! UP!

  264.  Manual of Poisons

  265.  Maps of Area by Region

  266.  Medicine Of The Rivers

  267.  Memorization Routines for Sages

  268.  Metamorphosis Annotations

  269.  Militaristic Applications of Wizardry

  270.  Mind the Trap: How to root out a Kobold infestation in 5 easy steps

  271.  Miscellaneous hypothetica

  272.  Mistress Punit's Gilded Text of White Hexes

  273.  Moist Mermaids

  274.  Movellan Icetouche: The Collected Works

  275.  Murdo MacDowl's Handbook to Religious Magic

  276.  Music, by Region or Race

  277.  My First Skeleton: A beginners guide to Necromancy

  278.  My Scrapbook of Fatal Accidents

  279.  Mystical or Arcane Arts, by Race / School

  280.  Nature, by Region

  281.  Navigational Aids by Region

  282.  Necrobics: Exercises For The Dead

  283.  Notes Of a Native

  284.  Nymphs

  285.  Obedience School for Familiars

  286.  Of Dwarves and Elves, a socio economic study

  287.  Of Ghosts and Spirits, Stalking by Night

  288.  Of Mice and Half-Men

  289.  Of Near-Human Bondage

  290.  Olidammaras: the tricks of the trade, a collection of musical works

  291.  On the Lineage of Ancient Wyrms: A History of Dragons

  292.  On the Movement of the Heavens

  293.  On Polishing Off the Canonical Hours

  294.  On the Use of Mirrors in the Game of Chess

  295.  Ooze Love

  296.  Orcs And Invaders

  297.  Ourophyx's Draconic Learning System: The Anthology

  298.  Owls And Snakes

  299.  Parchments of Pnom

  300.  Party Games for Discerning Guests

  301.  Patrician Varken's Compendium of Elves

  302.  Pent-dungeon

  303.  People Of The Caves

  304.  Personal Journals

  305.  Petyr Perrish's Precocious Prestidigitations

  306.  Phases of the Moon and Alchemy

  307.  Philosophy, by Race

  308.  Physiognomic Cadence and the Choreography of Prejudice

  309.  Picodro's Articles

  310.  Pigafetta’s Regnum Congo 

  311.  Planes of Interest

  312.  Playgoblin

  313.  Playorc

  314.  Pointed Pleasure (Just pictures of Elf ears)

  315.  Portfolio of Resplendent Cults

  316.  Potent Potions

  317.  Potent Potions: Over 500 Recipes for the Home and Bedroom!

  318.  Potential Issues Concerning Advanced Casting

  319.  Pouring Yourself Into Your Work: Magic Item Creation

  320.  Power, Responsibility, & You

  321.  Practice Makes Perfect: Lingua Arcanis

  322.  Precious Gems As Material Components

  323.  Pretty Woman: An Adventurer's Guide to Nymphs

  324.  Pride and Phylacteries

  325.  Procurement & Care of Rare Components

  326.  Provocation of Berserkergang

  327.  Prudent Magical Practices

  328.  Questions of Puissant Import

  329.  Quick Money Makers For Any Wizard

  330.  Races of the Underdark

  331.  Realms of the Living Dead

  332.  Rebel Of The World

  333.  Redcap Guild Avoidance Strategies

  334.  Religion by Alignment / Race

  335.  Research Methods

  336.  Resistentialist Glamours

  337.  Roleplay in the Tavern Room

  338.  Romance for Necromancers: How to Separate Your Job from Your Love Life

  339.  Rulers Of The Seas

  340.  Rust Monsters & Other Denizens of Particular Trouble

  341.  Sage Nydale's Codex of Tieflings

  342.  Sage Nyota's Master's Tome of Demented Mountains

  343.  Sanguinolent Ornaments: A Catalog of Decorative Swords

  344.  Science, Physical or Natural

  345.  Scientia metrica and rhythmica

  346.  Scimitars: A History

  347.  Seductive Slimes

  348.  Selected Biographies of the Wescott Family Nobles

  349.  Sibylline Oracles

  350.  Smashing: a guide to barbarianism by druid thornberry

  351.  So Much Cheese

  352.  Sorors mystica

  353.  So you found a deck of many things

  354.  Speak In Rhyme All The Time

  355.  Speaker with the Dead

  356.  Spellcasting And Wrinkles: Causality Or Not?

  357.  Spells for a Better You

  358.  Spices Of Our Realm

  359.  Spirits In Your Garden

  360.  Spiritualism and Modern Witchcraft

  361.  Star Lores (this is in the astronomy section)

  362.  Steganographia

  363.  Stone-Cold Medusas

  364.  Stop Self-casting Invisibility at Parties

  365.  Stranger Of The Sea

  366.  Survival by Terrain / Underground

  367.  Sutra of Tranquil Thought

  368.  swords and sorcery: a guide to adventuring

  369.  Taking Class Levels for Commoners: What You Don't Know Yet Might Save Your Life

  370.  Taking Control of Your Destiny

  371.  Tales of Tentacles and Death: A Maddening Look at the Far Realm

  372.  Tangled: A Delver's Guide to Ropers

  373.  Tapping the Dark Corners of the Weave

  374.  Taxonomy of the Known World

  375.  Tempocalypse

  376.  Text of Alchemy

  377.  Thaygirl

  378.  The Adventurer: A Case Study

  379.  The Air Above

  380.  The Art of Arcane Defense

  381.  The Art of Shipbuilding 

  382.  The Art of Survival: The adventurers guide to fauna and flora

  383.  The Autobiography of Darthelda Goldmace: Shieldmaiden of Pelor

  384.  The autobiography of Orcus

  385.  The Banshee's Wail (Of Pleasure)

  386.  The Beholder

  387.  The Bile Vial – The Art of Poisoncraft, by Rogl the Real

  388.  The biography of Orcus or, A historical exposition of the Prince of the Undead and his fiery dominions

  389.  The Boccobian Philosophy

  390.  The Book of Aurelius

  391.  The Book of Crossroads

  392.  The Certainty of the Worlds of Spirits

  393.  The Circular Ruins, by Herbert Quain

  394.  The Combed Thunderclap

  395.  The Compendium of Everyday Cantrips

  396.  The Compunction Domesman

  397.  The Curse Of Demogorgon; A Demonology Of History

  398.  The demonism of the ages

  399.  The devils and evil spirits of Baator

  400.  The Drow Dungeon

  401.  The Drow Psyche

  402.  The Drowned Man's Atlas

  403.  The Efficient Researcher's Handbook

  404.  The Elvish Gene

  405.  The Encyclopedia of Witchcraft

  406.  The Entropy of Magic

  407.  The Exacting Science of Magic

  408.  The existence of evil spirits proved

  409.  The Fighter, The Cleric, & The Rogue: Analyzing Your Opponents & Their Weaknesses

  410.  The Five People You Meet in the Astral Plane

  411.  The foot-prints of Dagon, or, The Devil in history

  412.  The Gift of the Deer

  413.  The Gods & Why They Don't Affect You

  414.  The Grasshopper Lies Heavy

  415.  The Great Gadsbee, and Other Famous Illusionists

  416.  The Great Ogrémoch,His Origin,Greatness,and Decadence

  417.  The Hackenthorpe Book of Lies

  418.  The Heavy: A Study of the Armored Combatant

  419.  The history of the Baphomet and the idea of evil

  420.  The history of the devil

  421.  The History of Screaming 

  422.  The History Of Witchcraft And Demonology

  423.  The Hunger of Hadar Games

  424.  The Istolyra Treasure

  425.  The Lich's Phylactation

  426.  The Life and Mines of a Dwarvish Prospector

  427.  The Lost Demonomicon, translated by Korreus Lightfinger

  428.  The Maltese Falcon

  429.  The Methodical Distillation of Information Sources

  430.  The Nature and Destiny of Orcs

  431.  The Nine Hells

  432.  The Noladar Anthology of Dwarven Poetry

  433.  The Origins of Goblinoid Customs

  434.  The Pension Grillparzer, by TS Garp

  435.  The Phantom World – The Philosophy of Spirits, Apparitions

  436.  The Philosophy Of Witchcraft

  437.  The Precise Nature of Rituals

  438.  The Purple Worm

  439.  The Rise & Fall of House Baenre

  440.  The Sarenrae Scripture

  441.  The Savage Magiks of Lesser Developed Civilzations

  442.  The Slayer's Guide to Goblinoids

  443.  The Songs of Pelor

  444.  The sorceress; a study in middle age superstition

  445.  The Spring and Autumn Courts – Myth or Reality?

  446.  The Stars of the Southern Sky

  447.  The Suckcubus

  448.  The Testament of Nerull

  449.  The Town and Dr

  450.  The True Beliver

  451.  The Unearthly Fragments of Grinain

  452.  The Void: Where Have All the Good Slaads Gone

  453.  The Wang-Jou Dynasty from the Second Age to the Present (or however you keep time)

  454.  The Weave & Relevant Discourses

  455.  Theorem Arcanis Provectus (Advanced Arcane Theory in Latanish)

  456.  Theoretical Primitive Cartography 

  457.  There Will Be Blood: An Adventurer's Guide to Vampires

  458.  Thesaurus Chemicus 

  459.  This Is My Life Now: True Polymorph and You

  460.  Titillating Trolls

  461.  To Kill a Mimic

  462.  Tome of Poems

  463.  Tome of Seven Conjuration

  464.  Tomes of Turjan 

  465.  Traditions of the Southern tribes

  466.  Traitors Of Sorrow

  467.  Travelling East, A guide

  468.  Travelling West, A guide

  469.  Treasure Island: Find Yours

  470.  Troubling Problems of a World Blinded by The Light

  471.  True Signifiers of the Coming of the Final Beast 

  472.  Udders n Things

  473.  Under the guidance of Ehlonna, living through the spirit of the woods

  474.  Underdark Survival Techniques for the Strong-Willed

  475.  Unspeakable Recipes of Cursed Gibberish 

  476.  Unwrapped: A Delver's Guide to Mummies

  477.  Vain Street: How to Curry Favor in the Most Supercilious Royal Courts

  478.  Varfell's Guide to Lair Defense

  479.  Variae lectiones & observationes in chaldaicam paraphrasim

  480.  Venomous Draughts

  481.  Verdurous Heraldry

  482.  Vestrand's Extelopedia in 44 Magnetomes

  483.  Vultures With Honor

  484.  War and Also More War

  485.  Warfare by Race

  486.  Warriors Of The Swamp

  487.  Wer Whedab Symba di Arcaniss (Draconic for The Dark Side of Magic)

  488.  What Does Your Wild Magic Say About You?

  489.  When Spells Go Wrong: How to Recover Your Magical Mojo

  490.  Why I am a Pot Plant: Wild Magic and You

  491.  Why I'm better then all you two eyes: a beholders memoir (is actually the life story of a renowned adventurer with "and then he met me" tacked on at the end)

  492.  Wild Werebeasts

  493.  Wispmother Theories, ed. Whicker

  494.  Wizards Sleeve

  495.  Women Warriors at the River of Blood

  496.  Wonders Of Nightmares: Arcane trickery and other sorcerous ways

  497.  Wondrous Cure-Alls and Elixirs

  498.  Writing Exercises for Fundamental Draconic Characters

  499.  Wyverns & Wenches

  500.  Your Clothes are Dead, by Les Steinman

  501.  Zombie Care for Kids!!!

Condition of the Environment:

  1. Clean and well organized

  2. Organized chaos, dust covers the overstacked bookshelves.

  3. Disorganized, stacks of books cover the floors and walls in no apparent order.

  4. Magical, the store is dimly lit by floating orbs of magic.

  5. Dark, Only a few scattered candles cast flickering light on dusty leather spines.

  6. Secret, hidden perhaps in a dark alley.

d10 Roll



Missing. The pages are bound with string woven through holes near the spine


Stained leather. Some sign of wear


Wooden. The title is carved into the spine




Animal hide. The fur is still on


Stone. Iron rings hold it together


Cast Iron. Hinges keep it bound


Leather with gemstones embedded in it


Torn off. It's kept together by a leather belt


Tree Bark. Dried vine binds it

d10 Roll



Worn and tattered


An ink stain obscures a fair amount of the pages


Various water damage around the edges but readable


It appears that a good dozen pages have been ripped out


Towards the middle there is a section hollowed out. A locket rests in this hiding place


A lot of the ink has run through water damage and it is nearly illegible


Ancient. The pages crumble as they turn


The pages are blank?


There are handwritten notes in the margins of the pages


Pristine. You can smell the ink drying





A standalone volume, the author's only published work.


A standalone volume, the author's only surviving work.


A standalone volume, written by a prolific but obscure author.


A standalone volume, written by a well-known author.


The sequel to a book by the same author


A part of a series with 1d6 + 2 books.


A single volume of a larger work with 1d12 + 3 volumes.


An edition of a regularly published book with multiple authors.


A collection of works by the same author.


An anthology of works by several authors.

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