List of Vinesauce Mario Bros.



    • Luigi is a cowardly, yet powerful brother. One day, he was diagnosed with terminal 7 brain cancer and ended up living off of his brother. It’s believed that he was killed during a fight with Robo-Bowser, after falling off of a skyscraper, and was replaced by a clone of Luigi, characterized by his flying trash can, aerobics exercises, and DJing. It’s believed that this clone is an alternate-reality version of Luigi known as Speed Luigi. To this day, no one ever noticed that Luigi was truly gone except Mario, as shown when he states “I don’t remember my Luigi being that stretchy.” It’s eaten at him for years that his true brother was gone, but that he can’t convince anyone that something is wrong. 




    • Origin: (Tomodachi Life)


    • Origin: (Android trash streams)


    • Origin:(Vinny’s Super Mario 3D World stream)

    Grand Dad

    • Origin: (Joel’s Bootleg Adventures)

    • Originating from a bootleg multicart from Hell, Grand Dad actually takes 2 forms: his Red-White-&-Blue appearance and his Leopard Toga appearance. He used to be known as a physical manifestation of insanity, but has since then been known to help SiIvaGunner make thousands of High Quality Rips. 


    • Origin: (Some Mario fangame stream, unclear what one)

    • Robo-Nick is a scientist who spends his time creating war machines and weapons alongside Bruno. The machines were originally designed for the — Army, but they turned them down upon seeing their destructive power. They began to sell their inventions off, their most popular customer being a scientist himself. The brothers don’t know that said customer, Eggman, has been slapping his own name on their products and had been calling them his own creations. 


    • Origin: (Mario Kart 8 Deluxe stream)

    • HE THICC was simply a guy who loved to go Kart Racin’. HE would race online for days on end, trying to reach the elusive goal of 9999VR. One fateful day, HE found himself on one of Vinny’s streams, making him a meme icon almost instantly. People threw him into half-assed romhacks of video games over and over, so much that the world grew to despise him. HE lost his girlfriend, HE lost his sanity, and HE doesn't really give that much a shit about it.

    • His full name is Herald Supa Thicclath.


    • Origin: (Game & Wario drawing segment)

    • Quario is an ex-con who used to sell used cars. After a few years in the business, he sold his company and bought a hotel to bring in gamblers and tourists. His new business made him millions in profit and now he runs the greatest scummy hotel in the world. He even “borrowed” the Grand Shine from Isle Delfino to create the illusion that his hotel is better. At some point, the hotel got haunted by a poltergeist that did nothing but open and close all the doors to constantly annoy guests.


    • Origin: (Android Trash streams)


    • Origin: (Grossology game)

    • Squoit is a New Yorker Plumber who taught kids about the digestive system back in the late 20th century. After losing his job due to his questionable teaching methods, he started an engineering company that made those stupid Build-a-Straw things. He also sells Plug & Play systems on the black market.


    • Origin: (Grossology game)

    • Mang is a pimp who once broke out so badly that he got quarantined for several days. During that time, Homeopathic Medicine broke into his containment center, and introduced him to his supply of homeopathic medicine. He ended up snorting enough to ruin the parts of his brain that affect puberty, so he’s been going through it still for the past 20 years. Half his salary is spent on hair gel and zit cream.


    • Origin: [Vinesauce] Vinny – Plug & Plague: Wii THICC 

    • Pretuchio is a lard-dealer who lives deep in the sewers of Hyrule. However, he’s not actually real, as he’s only from a dream HE THICC had during his food coma.

    HE THICC Jr.

    • Origin: [Vinesauce] Vinny – Plug & Plague: Wii THICC 

    • HE THICC Jr. is HE THICC’s son, who he abandoned during a trip to go Kart Racin’. After years of preparations, he got revenge on his dad by knocking him out and locking him in a cage with Vinerizelda for the rest of eternity. However, he doesn’t actually exist, as he only appeared in HE THICC’s dreams during a food coma. He didn’t end up becoming real like Pretuchio because he’s a piece of shit that no one’s even seen the face of.


    • Origin: (Adventures of Mario and Luigi)

    • Wallio was a student alongside Mario & Luigi in their days at the Plumber’s Academy. He found himself a great job afterwards, but soon quit when he discovered his father was actually Loki, god of mischief, and that he had inherited his supernatural powers. He currently spends his time messing with the brothers in one way or another, whether it be from replacing a lake with a piss pool or by making giant Star Road tiles appear in people’s backyards.

    Homeopathic Medicine

    • Origin: (Shitty Waluigi Games)

    • Homeopathic Medicine is Wallio’s half-brother. HM is a high school drop-out who quickly got hooked to, yes, Homeopathic Medicine. He ended up getting so stoned that he changed his legal name to it. His name used to be Mortis. Last anyone saw of him was when he told Wallio that he was heading down to the Hotel California for a few weeks. No word has been heard from him since.


    Wasponge (Grunge?)



    • Origin: (Gamecube corruption stream)

    • Ernest and Luigi used to be twins within the womb, but Luigi was the only one to leave the womb an entire person. Ernest became a kind of parasitic sibling that Luigi ended up taking with him. Ernest ended up latching onto his tongue, making it extend to extreme lengths and giving Luigi halitosis.



    Super Boy

    • Origin: (Super Boy bootleg)

    Speed Luigi

    • Origin: (Vinny plays Windows 9)


    • Origin: (Gameboy Homebrew video from Vinny)

    • Fario is a delivery worker for the Dildo World company.


    • Origin: (Gameboy Homebrew video from Vinny)

    • ???


    • Origin: (Gameboy Homebrew video from Vinny)

    • ???


    • Origin: (Gameboy Homebrew video from Vinny)

    • Bob has a very oversized forehead, resulting in his hat always leaning back on his head a bit.


    • Origin: (Joel’s second Doom wad mapping contest video)

    • Frank works mainly as the mailman for the various brothers.

    Super Phuccer / ???

    • Origin: ???

    • Details unknown


    • Origin: [Vinesauce] Joel – Blind Mario Paint (Part 2) 

    • Peario is a brother made out of peas, he also appears to have vegetable detection abilities, specifically corn.

    Sergei (possibly Schnitzel?)

    • Origin: [Vinesauce] Joel – Blind Mario Paint (Part 2) 

    • Sergei is an extremely sensual, very round brother. When flirted with, he’ll make love with the flirtee for exactly 1 second, then enter a deep, death-like sleep. Once he wakes up, he’ll make a blanket out of nose hair and spit and gift it to the person they made love with. It’s supposed to keep you warm in the winter, but most people throw it out before daring to wrap themselves in it.

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