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Parrot Princess – Step by Step Guide + Tips

Hello this is Iri 😀 So our server is finally having the Parrot Princess event! And the Love Nikki developers really wanted to make sure that players know how it works. So today, I have the honor of taking you step by step through exactly what you need to do, as well as share some helpful tips ~  

Step 1: Know your goal – 

So before you do anything else, know that your goal is to get these suits. You have to get this yellow one first before you get the red. The format is a little different from our past event though because each of these 7 parts you see here are evolved from certain basic materials. 

Step 2: Get the basic materials for the yellow suit from main story stages –

Now, naturally second step is to get the basic materials that we’ll use for the evolution. For this, we go back to the event menu and click Check Puzzle, and here we’ll be presented with 7 puzzles / riddles.  Each puzzle represent a Maiden or Princess stage that will drop the basic materials. If a riddle has an “unravel” button, it means that it still need to be answered. And tapping it will take you to the overall chapter you need but not the specific stage within the chapter. So you have to go back and actually solve the riddle for it. And if you have 0 clue what the answers are, I have listed them out here for you. So again, step 2 is to go to the main puzzle menu, then go to all these main story stages and farm for these basic items.

Answers:  2-9P, 3-7P, 5-6P, 5-10P, 2-7M, 4-7M, 6-1M

Step 3: Evolve the basic materials into their final forms

Step 3, once we have enough of the basic materials, which is a lot, we can evolve them into the final suit parts. 

If you do this enough times with the specified basic material, you’ll have evolved 7 out of the 8 yellow suit pieces. 

Step 4: Craft the tattoo

Now the last, 8th piece of the suit is obtained differently. We will receive a free design for it in our mail box. Claim it and head over to the crafting menu. We need to use the same basic materials as the other suit pieces. Once we have enough, we can craft craft this tattoo too. 

And tada, we now have all of the yellow suit complete. 8 out of 8. 

What about that badass red suit though? I personally like it more too and it’s actually the recolor of the yellow suit. So…..

Step 5: To get the red suit, repeat steps 2 to 3 (3 not 4!!!). This will give you another copy of all the items of the yellow suit that you can then customize into the red version! 

Do not craft another copy of the yellow tattoo because there is no red recolor of it! (hence why we only repeat steps 2 -3)


Now time to talk about the cost –  for this event, you need to spend diamonds to reset the princess stages. 

  1. Assuming the drop rate for the basic materials is 3 tries of a stage dropping 1 basic material. You will need to reset the 4 princess stages about 3 times each day. Meaning, the diamond cost would be about 1,800+ diamonds. If you’re luckier though and get more drops per try, your cost will be lower.

  2. And of course, we need stamina to farm the stages in the first place and it pretty much runs about 2k stam from what I have seen. 

  3. If you’re getting the red suit too, there’s a 84 starcoin cost for the dyes.

  4. And there is also gold needed for the evolution 


As for the actual suits – The yellow suits come with an elegant pink hair, an animated dress with a falling feathers effect. It’s like a mini Princess Dawn dress, so if you missed out on Evernight, here’s your chance. Tendril heels, animated handheld, feathered accessories, the tattoo that we crafted earlier, and a make-up. 

The recolor just stands out so much,  a mini…Feast of Hunt recharge suit? Dress is again animated, same with the handheld. Accessories and a dark red, smokier make-up.

The make-ups unfortunately don’t work with the skin items due to technical complexities, but the rest of the suits look fabulous with the different skin colors.

And finally


  1. If you’re a new player, get through chapter 6 of the main story asap. This is because stages in chapter 6 are one the list of stages that drop the basic crafting materials.

  2. Utilize Momo’s Guidance to avoid wasting diamonds resetting the stages. If you want boht suits, set your Momo’s Guidance to the recolor and check “keep one copy”. This will show you exactly how many of each basic materials you still need.

  3. A player’s V-level comes into play this event. Specifically, the higher your V – level, the more reset chances you have to reset the princess stages. So if these suits are really to your liking, BUT ONLY IF you have the disposable income, consider raising your V-level to V4. Because we need to reset each princess stage at least 3 times a day, and V4 is the V level that gives you 3 princess resets a day. 

  4. If you’re an older player, you may remember the Requiem event or the Black & White swans event from a long time ago. It’s pretty much the same as those two 😀

  5. If you don’t feel like getting these suits now – They have returned on the Chinese server. The designs for the basic materials are purchasable with star coins, and you can craft them using various other items in the game. I do have to say though that I don’t know how long we’ll have to wait for them on the English server, I’m guessing 6 months at least? It’s also more expensive upon return, at 2,121 diamonds and 36 extra star coins for the base mat designs, so do keep in that in mind.

So that was the step-by-step + tips guide to the Parrot Princess event. If you have a second to like and subscribe, I would really appreciate it and as always, thank you so much for watching! 

To-do List:

  1. Confirm with IG-chan that test server footage is allowed to be used? Or should I keep using Chinese server?

  2. Confirm with IG-chan whether there’ll be hints of the event? Whether posting the video prior to the official announcement (posting at the time of the *hint*) would be allowed?

  3. Check old stamina video

Draft versions:


Here you’ll see that to craft this item, which is a tattoo, we need some interesting-looking materials. And this is the fun part of the event- All three of these materials here, drop from certain stages of the main stories. So we need to go do those specific stages multiple times to receive enough of them to craft this item. 

BUT, this is the only item in the event that we’ll have to craft this way. What about the others you ask? This whole event can’t just have one single item?

And you’d be correct – because in fact, there will be two entire suits.

The specific level numbers will be revealed through these 7 riddles! 

Specific main story levels / stages will drop 【basic materials for Song of Dream Parrot suit】. 

A total of 3 maiden stages and 4 princess stages

The specific level numbers will be revealed through these 7 riddles! 








Do they make no sense to you? Then it’s time to brush up on your….NIKKI LORE! As all of them are lore related. Or you can go off the answer list I have here haha. But for real though, lore is an amazing aspect of this game, so if you ever have the free time to check it out, please do so o/

but as we’ll see in a minute in the Calculations section, stamina is actually NOT your biggest obstacle for this event.

As for the suits,

Song of Dream Parrot suit】is an evolution suit

Fire of Blood Parrot】suit is the recolor of Song of Dream Parrot. 

So to get both Dream and Blood suit, you’ll have to craft TWO COPIES of the Song of Dream Parrot suit, and RECOLOR ONE into the Fire of Blood Parrot suit. 

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