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Parrot Princess – Step by Step Guide + Tips

By: Iri

Please note that this guide was written (for a video o/) according to how the event played out in the test server (with permission)! If aspects the event changes (e.g. Princess vs. Maiden designations of levels) on Jan 6, I shall post an update here. Thank you for your patience <3

Also, GET THE TATTOO (from yellow). It’s too top-scoring to pass on. 

Step 1: Know your goal – 

  • Have to get yellow suit parts first before the red   

    • You can pick which parts of the yellow you want to work on first though

  • The red suit is the recolor of the yellow

  • UNDERSTAND that 7 of the 8 pieces for the yellow suits are evolved from certain basic materials. 

    • The 8th piece is crafted (see step 4)

Step 2: Get the basic materials for the yellow suit from main story stages

  • Naturally second step is to get the basic materials that we’ll use for the evolution. 

  • For this, we go back to the event menu and click “Check Puzzle” and here we’ll be presented with 7 puzzles / riddles.  

    • Test server list! I shall adjust this if it turns out to be different on January 6th!

  • Each puzzle represents a Maiden or Princess stage that will drop the basic materials. 

  • If a riddle has an “unravel” button, instead of a “go” button it means that it still need to be answered. And tapping the “unravel” button will take you to the overall chapter you need but not the specific stage you need to farm within the chapter. 

  • So you have to go back to the “Check Puzzle” menu and actually solve the riddle according to the displayed hints.

  • And if you have 0 clue what the answers are, I have listed them out here:

    • Test server list! I shall adjust this if it turns out to be different on January 6th!

Hair – P 2-9 

Cage – M 2-7

Earrings – P 5-6

Dress – P 5-10

Shoes – P 3-7

Headdress – M 4-7

Make-up – M 6-1

  • So again, step 2 is to go to the main puzzle menu, then go to all these main story stages listed and farm for these basic items.

Step 3: Evolve the basic materials into their final forms

  • Once we have enough of each of the 7 basic materials, we can evolve them into 7 out of  the 8 final yellow suit parts. 

    • Example – evolving the basic material for the cage into its more refined forms

Step 4: Craft the tatoo

  • 8th piece of the suit (tattoo / “Ruby Cheek”) is obtained differently

    • We will receive a free design for it in our mail box. 

      • Claim it and head over to the crafting menu 

      • We need to use the same basic materials as the other suit pieces. 

      • Once we have enough, we can craft craft this piece (the tattoo) too

Tada, we now have all of the yellow suit complete. 8 out of 8. 

And the red suit? Since the red suit is the recolor of the yellow suit….

Step 5: To get the red suit, repeat steps 2 to 3 

(not step 4 because the red suit doesn’t come with a tattoo, which we make in step 4). 

  • This will give you another copy of all the items of the yellow suit that you can then customize into the red version! 


For this event, you need to spend diamonds to reset the princess stages (because each player only get 3 free tries for each princess stage every day without resetting). 


  1. Assuming the drop rate for the basic materials is 3 tries of a stage dropping 1 basic material. You will need to reset the 4 princess stages about 3 times each day. 

    1. The diamond cost would be about 1,800+ diamonds (approximately) for BOTH suits

      1. ONE suit is around 540 diamonds on average

    2. If you’re luckier though and get more drops per try, your cost will be lower

  1. We need stamina to farm the stages in the first place and it runs about 2k stam (approximately, some players have it lower due to varying drop rates)

    1. The mathematical / theoretical minimum amount of stam needed is 300ish, but that never happens to everyone really unless they’re the luckiest individual in the universe

    2. Again, the luckier you are, the less stamina you will need

  1. If you’re getting the red suit, there’s a 84 starcoin cost for the dyes.

  1. + gold needed for the evolution 

【Suits – Aesthetics】

Yellow suit: 

  • Elegant pink hair

  • An animated dress with a falling feathers effect (similar to mini Princess Dawn)

    • The animation is very subtle though

  • Animated handheld

  • Tattoo + makeup. 

  • + Fully written lore unlocked upon achievement (similar to how Grice’s lore unlock)

Red suit: 

  • Mini Feast of Hunt? 

  • Dress is again animated, same with the handheld

  • Smokier makeup

  • + Fully written lore unlocked upon achievement

The make-ups unfortunately don’t work with the skin items due to technical complexities, but one day….one day (we can hope)!

【Suits – Top Scoring Items 】

Please check https://ln.nikkis.info/new/ and donate to the creator Sweet Cupcake’s patreon!!



  1. Maiden stage 6 – 1 drops the basic make up, and you only need two of them. The basic make up is 5 star though so if you need rebirth necklaces for decomposition suits, consider farming M 6-1 and decompose the extra basic make ups.

  2. If you’re a new player, get through chapter 6 of the main story asap. 

    1. This is because stages in chapter 6 are one the list of stages that drop the basic crafting materials.

  3. MOST IMPORTANT TIP = MOMO’S GUIDANCE IS YOUR BEST FRIEND, USE IT to avoid wasting diamonds resetting the stages. 

    1. If you want boht suits, set your Momo’s Guidance to the recolor and check “keep one copy”. 

      1. This will show you exactly how many of each basic materials you still need so you don’t over-reset

  4. A player’s V-level comes into play this event. Specifically, the higher your V – level, the more reset chances you have to reset the princess stages. 

    1. So if these suits are really to your liking, BUT ONLY IF you have the disposable income (+ are unlucky, and in love with BOTH suits), consider raising your V-level to V4. Because we need to reset each princess stage at least 3 times a day, and V4 is the V level that gives you the ability to reset princess stages 3 times a day

  5. If you’re an older player, you may remember the Requiem event or the Black & White swans event from a long time ago. It’s pretty much the same as those two 😀

  6. If you don’t feel like getting these suits now They have returned on the Chinese server for crafting

    1. The designs for the basic materials are purchasable with star coins, and you can craft them using various other items in the game. 

    2. No certainty as to how long we’ll have to wait for the return on the English server (6+ months probably)

      1. It’s also more expensive upon return, at 2,121 diamonds + 36 extra star coins for the base mat designs

Thank you very much for reading 🙂 ! 

– your blobbu, iri <3

P.S. 【Potentially required for future Dream Weaver】 As reminded by thoughtful players such as Atikah Hanum, u/Maya-222, and u/Luna_MoonRay ~ The yellow cage will likely be needed for a future Dream Weaver! THIS ONE (it’s animated <3) 

We'll need 1x of it's basic form, 1x medium form, and 1x most evolved form. SO I'D JUST EVOLVE A YELLOW CAGE TO THE HIGHEST FORM DURING THE EVENT! That'll get you everything you need ~

If you would like to watch a smol video on this: https://youtu.be/15RmeL7uuz8 <3 

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