Love Nikki – Furniture Deconstruction & Craft / “Reconstruction”

【Furniture Decomp & Craft (“Reconstruction”)】

Compiled by: Iri

Click this icon after the update arrives:


Decomposition is easy, similar to how clothes decomposition works

BUUUUUUT!!! 【Reconstruction / Craft is where it gets tricky!】Basically, we *input* how many of each type of reconstruction / crafting mats we want to use (from 10 – 99), like this:

And the system spits out a random furniture based on the numbers we picked:

This particular item that I got looks like this in the actual house (yes, it is a giant starcoin :)):

You can see recent # combos that your friends have used and what resulting furnitures they got, as well as your own reconstruction history. That green button down at the very bottom of the screenshot lets you quickly use those combos so you don’t have to memorize any #s.

We can also see all the furnitures that can possibly be reconstructed / crafted: 

The giant diamond looks like this (I literally just got this 5 minutes ago): 

In the far future, we’ll also get another “set” of possible furnitures that we can possibly reconstruct:

【Common Combos Discovered by CN Players – The number of each type of mats used are to the right of the icon】Again, please note that these are rough guidelines that supposedly minimizes the randomness of the resulting furniture items and do not work 100% of the time. Please use at your own risk.

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