Love Nikki – How 2 Tea Party o/ (written guide)

【How 2 Tea Party】

A Guide to the Upcoming Community Feature / A New Way to Get Diamonds

Brought to you by: Iri

(party blob discord emoji by its owner <3)

  1. Where is it the party at? 

    • Go to Your House -> Community 


  1. TIME: On the Chinese server at least we can only participate in Tea Parties during 3 time periods of the day – 7-8 am, 12-1pm, and 7-8pm, everyday. 

    • HOWEVER, THIS MAY CHANGE FOR THE ENGLISH SERVER, but just be prepared that you may be required to be in the game at certain periods of the day to participate. 

  1. To participate: initiate an invite to start the tea party. 

  • At least one of your neighbors MUST ACCEPT THE INVITE WITHIN ONE MINUTE for you guys to have a party. 

  • If that one minute expires, you’ll have to initiate an invite again and hope that someone joins you. 

  • You have an entire hour to keep sending invites if you need though.

III. Once one or more neighbor accepts your invite, you’ll receive A RIDDLE for the entire group. 

And each person will have ONE clue to the riddle. You and your neighbors will have 10 minutes to solve it and choose the right answer. 

  • The more people you have partying, the easier it’ll be to solve the riddle, because you’ll have more clues. 

IV. 【DIAMONDS】Why do we say that this will give you diamonds? Because it literally does – 

  • Whenever a player participates in a tea party for the first time during the week, they have a chance to receive the following:

  1. If the group answers the riddle correctly – the reward will be 20 diamonds PER PERSON

  2. BUT, even if the answer was wrong – there’ll be 10 diamonds

  3. IN ADDITION, if there are 2 people in the party, everyone will get 10 extra diamonds. 3 people – 20 diamonds, and 4 people – 30 diamonds. 

  4. So the maximum amount of diamonds you can get will be a whole 50 diamonds PER PERSON PER WEEK if you solve the riddle (20) and if your whole neighborhood partied with you (30). 

  5. And at a minimum, you’ll get 20 diamonds per person, assuming only one person partied with you (10), and y’all got the riddle wrong (10). 

    1. Or 0 diamonds, if no one wants to party :’( 

  1. The rewards do clear out every Monday at reset, so remember to grab it ASAP!

  1. Last but not least, if a member had already partied this week, they CANNOT initiate a party invitation again. BUT they can accept the invites of players who haven’t partied. They won’t receive any diamonds, but they’ll have been a good neighbor.

All of this sounds a bit complicated right? Rest assured, I do have some tips 😀


  1. Answers 

    • The riddles are either lore-based or logic questions. While it sounds hard to coordinate 4 other souls to solve one thing in 10 minutes, there is a Memory Shortcut based on the known riddles: I’ll put it here and you’ll probably be like “what does this even mean?” but just bear with me: 

Nidhogg, Flynn 

Jinjin, Ace

Nikki wears Blue Porcelain and drinks Orange Juice

In the City of Oren

Kimi cleans the house while Bobo eats grilled fish

in the first and the third box

But Momo the graffiti artist eats the most

Wasteland, Heidi, Yue Qianshuang

Sofia, Queen Nanari, Wintermount

Mela, bar, sexy 9

Styling battles Debbie chan

So all of the bold words are the answers to the known riddles. And if you say it a couple of times, you get an idea of which ones you should be picking.

Or you know, I’m sure will have a full answer bank to all the riddles, because Sweet Cupcake is amazing. I just thought the memory shortcut is kind of fun  🙂 

  1. Tip 2: Get in a Community – this is kind of obvious because no community = no neighbors = no party. 

    • And COORDINATE – I would recommend getting a neighborhood discord server or group chat, or facebook, instagram group chats and use them to share tea party clues with your neighbors. Because the in game chat is kind of atrocious and sometimes lags, but you can of course still use it if you have no other way of communicating with your neighbors.

That’s it for How 2 Tea Party o/ Thank you for reading and I hope you have a ton of fun! – Iri <3

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