Luchino Deductions

1. Research

What motivates us to perform research? Greed, the greed for knowledge. 

Diary 1: What we experience in this world decides who we are. And what I feel in this world, is unknown. Do people not feel uneasy regarding that obscured information, those faintly discernible hints? If there is a question that cannot be resolved satisfactorily, it will keep “haunting” my mind. 

2. Venom

What job does not entail risks? As long as the returns are worth it.

Documentation 1: Guatemalan beaded lizard, body length 57-91cm, scales are small and beadlike. Except for the lizard’s underside, the majority of its scales are underlaid with bony osteoderms. Venom can cause respiratory failure in fancy rats*, but its potency is limited in humans. Bitten areas can lead to localized edema (swelling), pain can persist up to 24 hours, accompanied by sweating and drop in blood pressure. This species cannot grow back its tail if broken.

*The fancy rat is the domesticated form of Rattus norvegicus, which is a rather large member of the mouse family. 

3. Social Interaction

This is one of the by-products of work.

Diary 2: Dr. Dukain Thompson hid his actual thoughts really well, but time will tell everything. Perhaps it is because I caused career difficulties for his “matchmaker”, or perhaps, it is Dr. Thompson’s values play a role: “If a person cannot be roped in, then he is a potential enemy”.

4. Dabbling*

The importance of dosages is often neglected in sophistry^. 

Documentation 2: Phantasmal poison-arrow frog, body length 1.6-2.7cm, contains a wide head and truncated snout, smooth-skinned. The first finger is longer than the second, and all the digits are partially webbed. Its back is often green or yellow and has longitudinal stripes. The analgesic effect from the venom surpasses morphine#

*Original phrase: 浅尝辄止;  can mean half-hearted attempts, being content with knowing the surface level contents. 

^Original phrase: 诡辩; sophistry means the use of clever but false arguments, especially with the intention of deceiving.

#The very venoms that cause pain when directly injected by the host animal may contain the next generation of analgesics when injected by the clinician (see Trim & Trim, 2013)

5. Shortcut

Is money can buy everything?

Diary 3: Professor Dukain Thompson's announcement brings him tons of research materials, looking forward to his new subject. I just wish that he won't turn these subjects into new exhibits. 

6. Plight

Pursuing unlimited knowledge with a limited life is doomed to failure

Document 3: Gila monster, 30-60 cm long, with similar scales. The lizard has a larger color block area, richer colors, and a thick tail. It cannot be regenerated after the tail is broken. They can numb the limbs, vomit, and then fall into drowsiness, there is no fatal risk immediately after receiving treatment. Larger torn wounds can cause inflammation and extreme pain.

7. Minor Characters

We are always easy to forget for those who are not humble at all.

Diary 4: The cleaner in the laboratory mentioned a strange snake to me. He claimed that this kind of snake can grow limbs in a dozen days. This person is serious. I suggest that he put on gloves or grab the "snake" with other tools, maybe we can discover new creatures together.

8. Temptation

Even if you know it is a trap, you still move forward.

Diary 5: Professor Thompson initiating a suggestion that never let me disagree, study that unknown variety lizard together? Or is it a snake. However, this means that I will have a chance to be sure this is a new breed. Sounds great, but who can say no to this temptation?

9. Trap

The best trap is for people to step in willingly.

Document 4: The creature has a complete forelimb, but the hindlimb is incomplete There is no external ear hole on both sides of the head. Body covered with taupe Square scales, the scale of the abdomen scales is slightly six than the dorsal scales. Eyelid Opening and closing, accompanied by an instant membrane. The oral cavity has been checked and the anterior maxilla is present With hollow fangs, the venom was suspected to be ineffective, and the rats had no abnormal performance.

10. Boundary

Only when we step across the boundary, will it become clear. 

Diary 6: The wound started becoming dry, coarse, without feelings of pain. My physical strength has become better, my sense of smell has become keener, the old scars are also fading. In contrast to the Gila monster and the beaded lizard, the venom from this organism can perhaps change the world! I should hasten my experimental trials.

Nemo’s translations of Dream Witch’s deductions (also related to Luchino’s):

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