Lyra (Ordered Associations)

Lyra = Felurian = Rethe = Perial = Ludis = Lady Loeclos (Lackless + Lady of Old Holly) = Aloine = Pale Alenta = Fair Geisa

(Also: =Silla, =Fastingsway War princess, but fewer direct/independent connections)


Lyra = Felurian

  • Contemporary (Party in the Creation War, Bast: theft of moon sparked the Creation War / Already existed before the beginning of the theft of the moon)

  • Namers

  • Power of her voice / Power of her voice

  • Kill a man / sharp word, tasted blood and bitter rue

  • Terrible / Terrible

  • Wise / Tak, advice about what wise men fear

  • Love fiercer than fury / Fondest desire, sea in storm, Kvothe's decision to spare her

  • Our Lady / Lady of Twilight, Lady of First Quiet, always call a whore a lady

  • Lanre's return from the dead / Tarsus bursting out of hell

  • Enshaedn lovers (Blac of Drossen Tor ~ Black Dress, Haliax's shadow cloak / Kvothe's shaed, Elodin's remark thinking it old magic)

  • Lanre's wrath / Vengeance is the business of a man (Daeonica)

Lyra = Rethe

  • Power just as great as his / Best student, results of duel

  • Lanre's wife / Stood closest to his heart

  • Love fiercer than fury / Feelings after duel

  • Deceit and treachery led me to it / The empire had an enemy, worm in fruit, traitors

  • Her death is on my hands / Aethe's arrow, full of anger

  • Namer / Spinning leaf's relation to Lethani and naming

  • Power of her voice / Predecessors of the Adem sang songs of power

  • Lanre knew the way through the mountains to Tariniel (and led others through) after Lyra's death / The Lethani is the right way through the mountains, Aethe knew the Lethani and taught it to others after Rethe's death

Lyra = Perial

  • Settings: Seven cities and one / Seven cities and one

  • Called Lanre back from dead / Called Tehlu back to mortal world (already known and worshipped, "was before")

  • Lanre and Lyra giving hope, saving Belen / Perial's desire to bless regardless of neighbors' sins

  • Lanre and Lyra uniting empire together / Forging of the Path

  • Lanre vs Selitos / Tehlu vs Encanis

  • Haliax's cloak / Tehlin's cassock

Lyra = Ludis

  • Lanre's wife / Jax caught a piece of her name

  • Deceit and treachery brought me to it / Skilled listener that he was, he knew he wasn't being heard. 

  • Her death is on my hands / Jax closed the iron box, forcing her to stay

  • Drossen Tor / Jax's Unfolded House and Tower

  • There is no joy (without Lyra) / never laughed, kept his heart from knowing joy (only the moon will do)

Lyra = Lady Loeclos (Lady Lackless + Lady of Old Holly)

  • Our Lady / Lady

  • Blac of Drossen Tor (Similarity to Black Dress maintained across translations) / Her black dress 

  • Namer / The Lady sang

  • I am Haliax, without Lyra and unable to die, five thousand years / The Lady left, Old Holly stayed

  • "No door can bar my passing"-Husband / Lady Lockless

Lyra = Aloine

  • Lanre's wife / Woman he would take to wife

  • Power just as great as his / Duet

  • Lanre counted among the best of peers including Selitos, thought beyond reproach / Savien, greatest of the Amyr, Auri on Ciridae

  • Her death is on my hands / Savien of the bloody-handed Amyr

Lyra = Pale Alenta

  • Arliden began asking questions about Lanre and Lyra, then turned to the Chandrian

Lyra = Fair Geisa

  • Lanre and Lyra saved Belen / Hundred suitors in Belen

  • Terrible and wise / Righteous and wise and terrible


Lyra = Wife (of In the Village Smithy)

  • Lanre's sword and haubergeon / Village Smithy

  • Lanre always where the fight was thickest / Husband gone to war

  • Lanre dead / Chill bed, loss of love

  • Lyra missing, Lanre missing / Empty rooms

  • Wife is dead / Chill bed

  • Her death is on my hands / Loss of love


Felurian = Rethe

  • Lady of First Quiet, peculiar speech, silence, stillness / silence and stillness at heart of Ademre

  • Her song / Her poem

  • Before the cities of men / Before the first Adem school (first university)

  • Older than the sky / the sky has changed since then

  • Fruit of the silver tree / Worm in fruit

  • Victory without violence (Sex, Tak, Wisdom / Accepting vaevin [arrow full of anger], Poem, Stories)

  • Name-Knowers / Knowing is a type of power

  • no bow. no knife. no chain. / Paths of the Lethani/ketans of different schools (Bow = Aethe, Knife = Sword = Latantha, Chain mentioned by Celean)

  • Stories (especially of Moon), Kvothe "waking" her (response to calling name) / nine-and-ninety tales and one of Rethe

  • Ivy on the Oak / Ivy on the Oak

  • Fair form, Lady fair, fair folk / Predecessors of the Adem were themselves, fair and strong

Felurian = Perial

  • Contemporary: Young and beautiful for a thousand years / Probably a thousand years

(Neither necessarily accurate though - first a lower bound, second notably uncertain)

  • Rebuke of mastery thinking / Rebuking even Tehlu

  • Felurian's sexuality and gifts (shaed, crown) / Try the fit of your hat (For All His Waiting)

  • Faen / Fain

  • Tarsus bursting out of hell / Tehlu emerging from the house they threatened to burn or his general return, Tehlu who the fires could not kill

  • Hemme's remark about Rian and the gates of hell / Giving birth to Menda

  • Exorcism scene, vengeance is the business of a man / Tehlu's pursuit and sentencing of Encanis

  • Dreamlike state of Twilight glade / Met Tehlu in a dream

Felurian = Ludis

  • Pale

  • Naked

  • Round

  • Contemporary: Around since prior to the theft of the moon / party to the theft of the moon (A confounded story involving an object personified and person objectified)

  • Fondest desire of all men / Jax's sole desire

  • Pride, vanity / Jealous moon

  • Found in mortal world during full moon

  • Time in Fae, Lady of Twilight / Time is what we make it here, moon caught between two worlds

  • Waystone doors (half-cracked doors, Kvothe's departure) / Doors and windows could be closed or locked but not made fast

  • Daeonica, adulation of peers below / Moon in sky or tower above

  • Wary of calling names / bound by her name

  • Lady of First Quiet / Black iron box so empty it echoes

Felurian = Lady Loeclos (Lackless + Lady of Old Holly)

  • Lady of Twilight, Lady of First Quiet, Ancient and Proud / Lady, Lineage older than Modeg

  • Felurian fancies musicians and long-walkers like Kvothe of the Edema Ruh / Lady Lackless likes her riddle raveling

  • Felurian ~ Fae Laurian / Laurian = Netalia Lackless

  • Shaed / Lady Lackless's Black Dress

  • For another I would craft a crown / The Lady cut branches to make a wreath

  • The things they made, trees? / Old Holly changed, the new holly sprang up

  • Fae songs / Lady sang

  • Mystery of where food/light came from / Lackless

  • Twilight (Lacking neither day nor night) / Lackless

  • Eating fruit on the walls of Murella / the tower garden, the Holly berries

  • Diagnoses and treats Kvothe after Cthaeh / Tahl treating disease

  • Refusal to call name of first and greatest shaper, Haliax seen in mortal world / Departure of Lady and her persistent absence

  • Waystone doors (half-cracked doors, Kvothe's departure) / door without a handle (Caudicus on ancestral home, lackless rhyme)

Felurian = Aloine

  • Object of song and singer herself

  • Kvothe calling Denna, his Aloine, Felurian at the Eolian

  • Knows stories about the Amyr from thousands of years ago

  • Knows about Illien

Felurian = Pale Alenta

  • Pale

  • Naked / Naked Lady on Mauthen vase

  • Effects on Felurian's lovers / brings the blight

  • Names for Chandrian "stolen" from sources like Daeonica (featuring Felurian)

Felurian = Fair Geisa

  • Contemporary of Belen

  • Fair form, Lady fair, fair folk / Fair

  • Fondest desire of all men / Hundred suitors

  • Irresistible / Unwanted touch of man (by her or them - as with Kvothe)

  • Unseen wings, Kvothe's power / wings of shadow and glass, only most powerful can see and only at times of great peril

  • Terrible, wise / Righteous and terrible and wise

  • Ate the fruit of silver tree, could mark the mouths of those who'd eaten / fire filled their mouths

  • Underwater effect when met gaze during duel, looked into Kvothe's eyes after Cthaeh / Saw into deepest hearts of men


Felurian = Violet (of Violet Bide)

  • Violets were her favorite

  • Felurian waiting for Kvothe (only Kvothe?) / Violet bides

  • Fae ~ demons / Timing of arrest for consorting/malfeasance (immediately after singing Violet Bide)

Felurian = Wife (of In the Village Smithy)

  • Iron for shaed, tolerance for handling it / Smithy

  • Preferring to work with iron alone / Empty rooms

  • Less than perfectly beautiful after handling it / Loss of love


Rethe = Perial

  • Before the first Ademic school / Before the Tehlin church (or priests)

  • Aethe and school grew rich / Tehlu came to her in splendor

  • Argument about direction of school / Dream debate

  • Aethe's anger (shot his arrow, full of anger + Bloodless victory = arrowcatch) / Tehlu's anger (would have slain them all, restrained by Perial)

  • Recognized her wisdom, his student's student / saw her words were wise, know little about what it is to be a man

  • Paths of the Lethani / Forging of the Path

  • Aethe struck her down / Puppet's show of the Tehlin striking down the girl who asked of him

  • Accepting Aethe's vaevin / Tehlu's touch and the birth of Menda

  • Ademic ritual phrase: Good iron worth striking / Testing Menda with iron, Tehlu striking with iron

Rethe = Ludis

  • Closest to his heart / Sole desire

  • Position during duel / Position in sky

  • How does one follow the Lethani? How does one follow the moon? Aethe was his student's student, tales became the foundation of Ademic understanding of Lethani / Jax followed the moon

Rethe = Lady Loeclos (Lackless + Lady of Old Holly)

  • Root of all Ademre, Why do they wear red? / Blood became red berries, New holly sprang up

  • Latantha / Old Holly

  • Predecessors of the Adem sang songs of power / The Lady sang

Rethe = Aloine

  • Duel / Duet

  • Argument, tales / Do you remember, how well have you carried

  • Position in duel / Waiting

  • Slain by Aethe / Savien of the bloody handed Amyr

Rethe = Pale Alenta

  • Taught Lethani / Knew Lethani

  • Died before telling final tale / Forgot Lethani

Rethe = Fair Geisa

  • Predecessors sang songs of power / fire filled their mouths and they sang songs of power

  • Women and men, fair and strong / Fair


Rethe = Wife (of In the Village Smithy)

  • Chael / Smithy

  • Mercenary business of Aethe's students / gone to war

  • Argument, Rethe's death / Empty rooms and chill beds and loss of love


Perial = Ludis

  • Tehlu met Perial in dream / Jax met Ludis in tower where time was what they made of it

  • Perial and Menda alone in her house / Jax and Ludis alone in the Unfolding House or tower

  • Tehlu the Walking God / Jax the Long Walker

  • Dark-eyed Menda / Shaper of the dark and changing eye

Perial = Lady Loeclos (Lackless  + Lady of Old Holly)

  • Tehlu, Lord above all / Lord and Lady

  • Never asked for anything for herself, worshipped as well as circumstances allowed, never cursed name, never treated another person with anything other than kindness and respect / Lackless

  • Met Tehlu in dream / then comes that which comes with sleeping, dreaming but not sleeping

  • Encanis / Shadow thing

Perial = Aloine

  • Fain (Character in For All His Waiting), Fain actual meaning: Willing / Similarity of Kvothe's willing gesture at Latantha to the Ciridae

Perial = Pale Alenta

  • Names for Chandrian "stolen" from Book of the Path (Featuring Perial)

Perial = Fair Geisa

  • Perial ~ Peril / Can't be seen except at great peril

  • Marten prays to Tehlu/Menda, Perial, Andan, and Ordal / Geisa's place among Tehlu, Ordal, and Andan in Skarpi's story


Perial = Wife (of In the Village Smithy)

  • Menda leaving Perial's house / Empty rooms and chill bed

  • Tehlu's confrontation with village smith, use of iron to strike people, Forging of the Path

  • Tehlu leaving to walk the world, chasing out demons / Left to go to war

  • Tehlu's pursuit and punishment of Encanis despite Perial's plea of mercy / gone to war, loss of love

  • Tehlu forging the wheel


Ludis = Lady Loeclos (Lackless + Lady of Old Holly)

  • Jax traveled east / Tahl to the east, Lady sang, Old Holly moved

  • Doors and windows could be closed or locked but not made fast / Lockless door

  • Jax's Tower / The Tower (in Old Holly)

Ludis = Aloine

  • Swineherd and the Nightingale, Jax's origin, response to Jax's flute / Denna's voice

  • Answering Jax's song / Answering Savien's song

  • Cool moonlight voice (Eolian)

Ludis = Pale Alenta

  • Pale

  • Naked as the Moon / Naked woman on the Mauthen vase

Ludis = Fair Geisa

  • Pale / Fair

  • I cannot give her to you / Suitors

  • Mastery was not yet given, Jax binding Ludis / Unwanted touch of man


Ludis = Wife (of In the Village Smithy)

  • Name trapped in black iron box in Unfolding House / In the Village Smithy

  • Size of Unfolding House / Empty Rooms

  • Jax chose name rather than body, variety of seasons / Chill beds

  • Could not make her stay / Loss of love

Lady Loeclos (Lackless + Lady of Old Holly)

Lady Loeclos = Aloine

  • The Lady sang / Aloine's part in the duet

  • Old Holly / Kvothe singing as Savien like a powerful oak

  • Blood on Holly's branches / Savien of the bloody-handed Amyr

  • Dreaming but not sleeping / waking dream woven out of song

Lady Loeclos = Pale Alenta

  • Shadow thing coming (for or because of her) / Brings the blight

Lady Loeclos = Fair Geisa

  • Door on the oldest part of their ancestral holdings, Four-Plate Door, University address Belenay-Barrens / Suitors at Belen


Lady Loeclos = Violet (of Violet Bide)

  • Lackless Rhyme (likes riddle raveling), then comes that which comes with sleeping / Biding time

  • Lady weeping after Man, Lady's anticipation of shadow's return, Lady's separation from Old Holly


Aloine = Pale Alenta

  • Through Denna as Aloine: her pale skin / Pale

  • Just a part of the song burning out of Kvothe / Tool in Haliax's hand (stretching from Cinder, may feel differently about others)

Aloine = Fair Geisa

  • Through Denna as Aloine: her many suitors (especially at University/Imre in Belenay-Barrens) / Hundred suitors at Belen

  • Through Denna as Aloine: her fair skin, fair flower face, both lost treasure and faeling / Fair

Aloine = Violet (of Violet Bide)

  • Waiting for Savien's return / Waiting for lover's return

  • Ill-lit ships passing at night (from Felward's Falling, but quoted by Kvothe to Denna at Eolian) / watches the sea

Aloine = Wife (of In the Village Smithy)

  • Savien's six years away / Husband gone off to war

  • Missing each other when searching / Empty rooms

Pale Alenta

Pale Alenta = Fair Geisa

  • Pale / Fair

  • Naked Lady on Mauthen vase / Suitors, Unwanted touch

Fair Geisa


Fair Geisa = Violet (of Violet Bide)

  • Suitors in Belen / Suitors come calling

  • Walls fell / Sits by her window


Deah instead of Fair Geisa

Grey Dalcenti instead of Pale Alenta

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