Madness for murder hobos

1-10 I am powerless when I see someone beg, it feels as if my veins were on fire, and not in a fun way. It won’t stop until I help them.

10-20 Inside each coin is a demon with my face. I need to stay far away or they will eat my soul.

21-30 Children have powerful magic, they can easily kill anyone and replace them with a replica. And they love to do it if you upset them in anyway.

31-40 A god of love has cursed me, I must marry someone and treat them well or he will surly make me pay a painful price.

41-50 I have learned the terrible truth of alcohol… It is dragon’s piss. All of it.

51-60 I have lost my soul, my party are all kind enough to share theirs with me, but I must remain within 100 feet of at least 2 of them at all times or the voices will come back.

61-70 All guards are dead, I killed them all… I don’t know what these things walking about looking like them are… I don’t want to find out.

71-80 I don’t know how the party keeps missing it, but some dreadful beast is stalking us. Thankfully it always backs off when it sees me showing affection to willing folks.

81-90 Hello, how are you doing? Good, what do you do for work? Been enjoying the weather? Wo- HEY! COME BACK! If I don’t talk to other humanoids… It starts talking to me… I don’t like what it has to say.

91-100 Gotta do my good dead for the day… And my other good dead… And my other other good dead… I don’t want the red guy to come see me again.

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