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Tearulai, the Emerald Blade

2 weight; close, 1 piercing, +1 damage, magical, intelligent

This extravagant longsword is as pretentious as any pompous nobleman’s prized possession. It’s blade is perfect, clean, gloriously shiny, as if it had never seen a moment of battle. The pommel and handle are swimming with glittering gemstones and ornate whorls of silver & gold.

Tearulai is ancient, older than most civilizations. Vain and proud, it boasts of the great forests of Myth Drannor where it was created. It longs to one day return there, once it has made itself perfect. Until then, it condescends to adventure with those it likes, searching for prettier things with which to adorn itself.

Tearulai can be petty, cruel, manipulative, but it’s greed for fine art and precious gemstones makes it easier to negotiate with. Tearulai loves to adorn their bladed form with all the gems it can, subsuming the lesser gems with more glorious ones – and will be hard pressed to turn down any opportunity to gaze upon its own reflection.


Tearulai has an Ego score – this reflects their strength of will, as it wrestles for control with its wielder. When you placate Tearulai’s ego by feeding it gems & fine art, or use it to destroy wretched or inferior art, mark one Ego.

EGO [ ] [ ] [ ]

As long as all three Ego boxes are marked, you can use the I Have The Power move.

While you wield Tearulai, no spell or martial force will take it from your grasp, and it will take significant effort on your part to release or sheath the blade.

I Have The Power

When you call forth the power of Tearulai, roll +WIS. On a 10+, choose an ability from the list below and lose one Ego. On a 7-9, choose an ability but lose all your Ego. 

  • Make a mighty leap, almost like flying.

  • The blade glows with bright light until sheathed.

  • Tearulai will telepathically assault your target's mind.

  • The blade erupts with flame, and gains the flaming tag.

  • Tearulai can slice through stone as if it were butter, and gains the ignores armor tag.

On a 6-, proud Tearulai makes a Demand of you, and you must choose whether to Accept or Deny it. If you Accept it, you succeed in wielding Tearulai's power, but until you meet the Demand, Tearulai's power can only be used in service of that Demand. When you satisfy Tearulai's Demand, Tearulai grants you a Reward. For as long as you wield Tearulai, these moves are yours to keep.


[ ] When you fail your Last Breath, Tearulai will intervene and make you an offer in place of Death.  Mark a Consequence, and lose this Move, forever.

[ ] When you must end this fight immediately, spend two Ego. Tearulai gains an unearthly keen. When you deal damage with Hack & Slash, your enemy must choose something (an item, an advantage, a limb) and lose it, permanently. If you roll 6- while using this ability, mark a Consequence rather than XP. 

[ ] When you transform any living thing Tearulai touches, spend three Ego and roll +WIS. On a 10+, your touch reshapes the target entirely, they stay in that form until the end of the day.  Choose 1 side effect from the list below. On a 7-9, choose 2. On a 6- mark a Consequence rather than XP and then choose 2.

  • The form will be unstable and temporary. 

  • The creature’s mind will be altered as well. 

  • The form has an unintended benefit or weakness.

[ ] When you ask Tearulai about something too old for the living to recall, spend an Ego and roll +CHA. On a 10+, choose 2. On a 7-9, choose one. On a 6- mark a Consequence rather than XP and choose one.

  • It tells you all it remembers.

  • Take +1 while acting on the information it gives you.

  • It doesn't ask for anything in return.


[ ] Your attunement with Tearulai grows stronger, and others can sense another presence hanging around you. It may put some people on edge, but you can also choose to let others telepathically speak to Tearulai when you want to.

[ ] Your own will grows closer to Tearulai's and its displeasure with you is more noticeable; whenever you act in a way Tearulai disapproves of, they grow petulant and passive aggressive. Increase its weight by 4, and give it the awkward tag until you are on the “correct” path.

[ ] Your dreams are haunted by visions of Myth Drannor, and long to see its beauty, and on occasion you might witness moments as they are currently.

[ ] That exquisite ring the prince was just wearing, or the necklace that the priestess was wearing? It was very pretty. You simply must have it…

[ ] Tearulai is exhausted by these adventures, and decides it must return to Myth Drannor. The next demand that it makes of you is that you bring it to the place of its creation. Deny it at your own peril. 

The Ferrous Blade

1 Weight; close, +1 damage, magical

When you touch the Ferrous Blade to unworked ground and call forth an elemental from the plane of earth, Roll+CON. Treat it as a mute Follower with stats from the table below. On a 10+, choose two Modifications and apply them to these stats. On a 7-9, only one Modification. On a miss, it will need convincing to obey your commands. The elemental will remain until it is destroyed.




Loyalty: 1

HP: 8

Loyalty: 0

HP: 8

Loyalty: -1

HP: 8

Quality: +2

Armor: 3

Quality: +1

Armor: 3

Quality: +0

Armor: 2

Tags: reckless, magical, 

Damage: d6+2

Tags: reckless, magical, clumsy

Damage: d6+1

Tags: reckless, magical, clumsy

Damage: d6


  • Choose 1 tag: archer, athletic, hardy, mount, warrior

  • Remove the reckless tag.

  • Increase its Quality by 1.

The Transformative Greatsword

2 weight; close, +1 damage, magical

This mystical blade is forged from enchanted quicksilver, and is easily malleable to its wielder’s force of will. When you mentally force the blade to transform into a weapon of your choice, Roll +STR. On a 10+, choose two of the below tags and apply it to the weapon as it takes a new shape. On a 7-9, choose one tag. On a 6-, chose one tag, but the transformation is incomplete. It also gains the awkward tag. These transformations revert when the battle is over.

  • Hand

  • Reach

  • Thrown

  • Precise

  • Huge

  • Messy

  • Forceful

  • Stun

  • 2 Piercing

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