Magic Items for Dungeon World

The following is a list of magical items that you can slot into your games. Enjoy!

By /u/AgnateHeartstone over on the Dungeon World subreddit

Alchemist Ring0 weight

A ring made out of marble with platinum filigree inlaid around it in a complex pattern. Whenever you touch the ring, the inner band illuminates with a magical circle of turquoise light extending from the filigree inlay.

When you wear the Alchemist Ring and transmute a non-magical surface into a weapon, roll+INT. Any previously transmuted weapons disintegrate into a fine sand. ? On a 10+, the surface warps and twists into exactly the weapon you wanted. Choose 1 from below in addition to it's standard weapon tags. ? On a 7-9, the surface transmutes into a somewhat similar weapon but is strangely constructed. The GM will choose what special tag(s) it has based on its unusual qualities.

  • +2 piercing

  • messy, chaotic (acts wildly)

  • forceful, stun

  • thrown, near, boomerangs (returns to the wielder if thrown)

Alclaire’s Cast Iron Pan hand, forceful, stun, 2 weight

A very heavy cast iron pan from the famous chef, Alclaire. It looks like it can also be used as a weapon. Who knew, right?

When you Carouse and cook for everyone using the Alclaire's Cast Iron Pan, you may take an automatic 10+ on the Carouse roll.

When you make camp and use Alclaire's Cast Iron Pan to cook a hearty meal from fresh ingredients, roll+WIS. ? On a 10+, everyone who contributes an ingredient may choose 1 from below, and the meal is a culinary masterpiece. ? On a 7-9, same as above, but someone has an unforeseen reaction to the food. The GM will tell you who is affected and how.

  • Take +1 forward and refill a ration stack to 5 uses from the leftovers.

  • Heal 1d10 damage or remove 1 debility.

Cinder and Ash — Two axes (4 uses, close, 1 weight)

A pair of strikingly elegant hand axes. While not identical in design, it is clear they are a set forged by the same blacksmith. Both axes are branded with the symbol of a snake coiled around a horn and engulfed in flame.

You may expend 1 use to ignite Cinder and Ash, giving them +2 damage and fiery (contact creates fire). Cinder and Ash stay ignited until they light something on fire or something neutralizes their heat. Covering Cinder and Ash in the glowing embers of a strong fire restores them to 4 uses.

Delmonte’s Deck of Cards3 ammo, 1 weight

A standard box of playing cards with a full deck inside. Every card you remove has the signature of Orsen von Delmonte written on it in fresh, black ink. Even stranger is that it is never the same signature twice. You are not sure who this person was, but it is clear they relished a good game of cards.

When Delmonte’s Deck of Cards has ammo and you remove a joker, the joker is rigid with razor sharp edges (thrown, near, +1 damage, 1 weight). You may still remove a joker when there is no ammo left, but it will just be a regular joker playing card. There is always a joker in the box no matter how many you remove.

When you play a card game with someone using Delmonte's Deck of Cards, the deck refills with cards to supply the game and restores it to 3 ammo.

Effervescent Wand1 weight

A slender wand made of black wood with one end delicately twisted into a hollow oval. At the other end is a single, clear, glass bead that reminds you of the morning dew on the end of a twig.

When you blow into the Effervescent Wand, roll+INT. ? On a hit the wand releases 1d4+1 bubbles that float in the direction the wand is pointing and can change direction. Upon contact they burst for 3 damage each. ? On a 7-9 the bubbles float lazily but will reach their target… eventually. ? On a 10+ choose 1:

  • The bubbles move rapidly and can burst in midair on command.

  • The bubbles are bulbous and have an explosive burst. Add the close tag and 1 other: stun, forceful, messy

Upon using the wand the glass bead evaporates and it can no longer be used. Allowing the morning dew to settle on the wand rejuvenates the glass bead and restores its use.

Excalibur+2 damage, 1 piercing, 2 weight

The legendary sword of a long-dead king. Said to have been given to him from a woman in a lake, there's no question this blade holds many secrets.

When you tap into Excalibur's dormant power, choose 1 intent and roll appropriately. ? On a 10+, you have full control over Excalibur and bend it to your will. ? On a 7-9, you succumb to the ire of the woman in the lake and fumble. The GM will offer you a hard bargain, a worse outcome, or an ugly choice.

  • Harness the weight of the lake to crush your foe beneath Excalibur's blade, roll+STR. Intent: +4 damage, forceful

  • Feel your speed and senses enriched, extending your reach and sharpening your vision, roll+DEX. Intent: reach, +4 piercing

  • Feel the warmth of her embrace and soothe your wounds, roll+CON. Intent: heal 1d8+5 damage

  • Channel her magical power and blast forth a devastating wave of light, roll+INT. Intent: near, far, magical, messy

  • Hear her whispers and see the follies of those around you, roll+WIS. Intent: Learn a secret only Excalibur can exploit.

  • You are filled with the voice of a king chosen by the woman in the lake, roll+CHA. Intent: Command someone or something in your presence and illicit fear or devotion.

You may invoke Excalibur whenever you please, but you must complete your intent before you can invoke it again.

GM note: Excalibur's power is great and so, too, should be the consequences. The long-dead king may have died from his own unmaking rather than from age, so be exceptional during the partial successes and misses.

Incursio — Sword (close, 2 piercing, 3 weight)

An unusual short sword forged with many hard edges and machined surfaces. Making the sword quite heavy are flat plates of metal extending from the winged crossguard and a thick chain half-an-arm in length that is attached to the pommel. In the centre of the crossguard rests a bright, scarlet orb that was once the eye of a draconic beast named Tyrant.

When you carry the sword and yell “Incursio!”, roll+CON. A blinding flash erupts from around you, cladding you with full plate armor (3 armor, worn). ? On a 10+, hold 2 and you may summon the Neuntote spear (4 piercing, two-handed, reach, and forceful or precise). ? On a 7-9, same as above, but when the Incursio armor disappears, you notice a part of you has changed in the likeness of the draconic Tyrant. Take on a permanent feature which may include: scales, glowing/coloured eyes, horns, claws, fangs, forked tongue, aggressive, savage, or bloodthirsty. You may spend your hold, 1 for 1, to choose an option:

  • Vault high into the air.

  • Become invisible for a very short duration.

  • Force a foe into a tough spot.

  • Call Neuntote to you.

When you spend all of your hold, the Incursio armor and Neuntote disappear.

Key for Room 10 0 weight

A plain key with the number ten engraved in it, presumably for a room at an inn or tavern. Although plain looking, the design is very slender and flat making it obvious the blacksmith spent time and effort giving it this minimal yet sturdy construction. The only other feature that distinguishes it from a normal key is that it is indestructible.

When you use the key to open a door with a lock, the door opens into an extradimensional room. It is warm and immaculately clean inside, and the room is full of luxury the likes of which you have never experienced. If you try to open the window or break the walls, they will not yield. You can only enter and leave through the door.

The architecture and design of this room is like nothing you have ever witnessed. The furniture is machined and refined with immaculate precision, the floor is covered entirely in an expertly woven carpet and stuck to the floor seamlessly. The bed feels like a King’s, with a mattress that is the most comfortable you have ever slept on. The mattress seems to contain coils that give it firmness but without sacrifice plush comfort. Off to the side you see a sink with an odd device that has free flowing water when you twist the taps. The bathtub is the same, and both produce hot and cold water at your desire. Looking out the window you can see that it is a beautiful, bright, sunny afternoon. You also see a heavily traveled road and a vast desert beyond. There are no signs of life outside the window. (As players this looks like a modern hotel room somewhere in New Mexico, USA)

When you open the door to leave and think about a door you have seen before, roll+nothing. ? On a 10+, the door will open to whichever door you thought of. If you think of no door in particular, it opens to the door you originally entered from. ? On a 7-9, same as above, but the GM chooses 1.

  • You arrive but more or less time has passed than expected (hours, days, months, years).

  • You draw unwanted attention from the normal world or the space between dimensions.

  • You are confused, sick, weak, or shaky from the transition back to the normal world.

When you leave the room carrying the key and the door shuts behind you, anything you have left behind disappears and the room resets (the room is clean and the bed is made) as if you had never been there.

King’s Whistle1 weight

An ornate, heavy bronze whistle with an elk horn mouthpiece and embedded with tiny elk figures also carved from horn. You expect the horn to be smooth on your lips, but dozens of tiny burrs make it feel more like splinters. It’s quite unpleasant, actually.

When you blow the King's Whistle while staring at someone and with a single word in mind, roll+CHA. ? On a 10+ the whistle blows silent and that person is compelled to act on that word as best they can. Upon finishing they will know what they have done, but not who was responsible or how. ? On a 7-9 use the 10+ effect but choose one from below.

  • Your word is misinterpreted.

  • Your gaze shifted at the wrong moment, commanding someone else.

  • Someone realizes what you have done and how.

If the target is a PC and tries to Defy Danger to stop the whistle, they do so at a -2 and is aware of the whistler's location afterward. On a hit the PC defies the command and knows the whistler. On a miss the PC must perform the action to the best of their ability in addition to whatever the GM says.

Liquid Skin — Bottle (1 weight)

This vial contains a shiny, metallic liquid. It is so shiny, in fact, that it acts as a mirror. When you stare into the liquid, the reflection you see is of someone you have never seen before, but they move as you move. The shiver down your back indicates how uncanny it is.

When you pour the vial of Liquid Skin onto yourself, think of a humanoid form and roll+CHA. ? On a 10+, you assume the exact form you had in mind and some of the liquid travels down your throat making your voice mimic the form. ? On a 7-9, same as above, but choose 1 and something you had on you is consumed by the liquid.

  • Your voice is oddly pitched and not what you intended.

  • Your humanoid form is somewhat similar but not exact.

Touching the empty vial to the Liquid Skin causes the liquid to rapidly return into the vial.

Midas’ Skeletal Hand 1 weight

Despite historians having studied and pondered the ancient writings about Midas’ magical power, it seems they have misunderstood them. Midas turned everything he touched into silver, not gold. You know this because even his skeletal remains are cursed, evidenced by the unnatural silver veins sprawling out from beneath his bony remains. Many years have passed since Midas walked the lands and his curse appears to be weakening. At least you assume it is due to how slowly it takes for the transmutation to complete.

When you touch someone or something with Midas’ Skeletal Hand, roll+nothing. ? On a 10+, you turn the object into pure silver worth 4d4 x 100 coin (1 weight per 100 coin). ? On a 7-9, same as above, and choose 1.

  • You attract a lot of unwanted attention.

  • You accidentally touch something else nearby.

GM suggestion: ? On a 6-, you look down and Midas’ Skeletal Hand has replaced your own hand. Your hand now counts as Midas’ Skeletal Hand for the purposes of this move.

Obsidian Branding Rod 2 weight

This tool does not seem as though it was made for branding cattle. That is, until you realize that demons consider humans to be no more than livestock. It is said this branding rod was made for Kaust and that he prefers to meddle with humans, thoroughly enjoying the resulting turmoil. Why anyone would willingly converse with Kaust is beyond the comprehension of most scholars.

When you heat the Obsidian Branding Rod until it is bright red and willingly brand your own flesh, take b[2d8] damage and roll+CHA. Kaust the demon appears before you with a cheshire grin plastered across his handsome face. ? On a 10+, choose 1. ? On a 7-9, Kaust will present one of the options below. If you decline his offering, be prepared for the worst. Whatever happens, the brand stays seared in your skin until you pay his cost. You can only have one brand at any given time. While you are branded, Kaust can see and hear everything you do.

  • Kaust will offer you a quest, a reward, and a cost.

  • Kaust will trade you a piece of information at a cost.

  • Kaust will lend you a moment of his power at a cost.

Okaru's Paper 3 uses, 0 weight

Crisp, white sheets of paper draw your attention. Simultaneously you feel the urge to both draw on the paper and fold them. While you draw, you are enraptured by the quality of your work. Never have you been able to create such a masterful piece of art, but just as quickly as it's drawn, the paper absorbs the image and it disappears. The origami you fold, however, maintains its beautiful form with the strange likeness of that which you have sketched.

When you fold an origami animal from Okaru's Paper, roll+Int. ? On a 10+, hold 2 and the paper animal comes to life. Anything it sees will be mimicked on the remaining pieces of Okaru's Paper, folding and unfolding in rapid succession. ? On a 7-9, same as above, but hold 1 instead.

  • It follows a target discretely for a short duration.

  • It travels to a destination and relays a message by folding into a complex design.

  • It moves swiftly and avoids being hit.

You may gain 1 use of Okaru's Paper by sketching an animal onto a blank sheet. You never seem to run out of paper when you perform this task. After completing, the image is absorbed.

Ro’nassee Gauntlet — worn, hand, forceful, +1 armor, 3 weight

A gunmetal black gauntlet of Ro’nassee origin with a bright turquoise powerstone embedded in the palm. The Ro’nassee were rumoured to have mastery over stone and a Ro’nassee never leaves home without their gauntlet.

When you wear and activate the Ro’nassee Gauntlet, roll+STR. ? On a 10+, the stone around you assembles into a stone golem that you can control via the gauntlet. ? On a 7-9, only a portion of the stone golem assembles and is unstable. Choose which parts assemble correctly:

  • Legs and hips

  • Torso and arms

  • Head and hands

Shadow Scythereach, two-handed, messy, +2 damage, 3 weight

You hold in your hands a jet black scythe with a razor-sharp edge and a wicked blade. As you look it over, you realize this is not man-made nothing like this ever could be. As soon as you grasp its handle you feel a presence watching you from the shadows. You hope this uneasy feeling goes away when you try to sleep or it will be a very long, dark night.

When you impress your will upon the shadows, roll+WIS. ? On a 10+, the shadows rise, twist, and reform to your whim. Control the shadows as though they were a third hand, allowing you to move, carry, or manipulate objects up to 2 weight. ? On a 7-9, same as above, but choose 1.

  • The shadows resist your imposition causing the effect to only lasts for a few moments and only up to 1 weight.

  • You attract unwanted attention, possibly from the shadowy presence.

Skull of Uthrax 3 uses, near, far, ignores armor, sentient, 3 weight

The skull of a dragon whelp about the size of a large urn. Protuding from the base of the skull is a slightly curved, metal handle and trigger. Various metal cords are grafted to the skull and dangle from above the jaw. You are certain it is dead, but the eyes seem to be watching you eerily. For some reason the skin has not decayed but is instead petrified and hard to the touch.

When you squeeze the trigger inside the Skull of Uthrax, it opens its jaw as if to yawn, expends 1 use, and fires a large bone spike out of its mouth.

When you squeeze the trigger and twist the handle, sections of the skull separate and rearrange into a spiked mace (gains: close, messy, loses: near, far). If it is already a mace, it reconfigures back into a skull.

When you squeeze the trigger and Uthrax can smell bone within arms reach, roll+WIS. ? On a 10+, the skull’s mouth opens wide and crunches down hard on whatever bone it smelled. If it consumes any bone, restore 1 use. ? On a 7-9, same as above, but Uthrax's whispers entice you to further its consumption. Take -1 forward if you do not act on this temptation.

Stardust Tattoo

A great forest nymph agreed to perform this ritual on you. It involved many evenings in pitch darkness, plucking stardust from the night sky, mixing it with ink, and embedding it into your skin. The result was a mysterious magic symbolizing your newfound connection with the dark sky.

When you are in pitch darkness, your stardust tattoo glows with an ethereal glow that shines dim light around you.

When you whisper a question softly to the stardust tattoo, roll+CHA. ? On a 10+, the forest nymph answers the question to the best of its knowledge. ? On a 7-9, choose 1, and it withholds its knowledge until you do as chosen. You may not ask another question until you do so.

  • Perform a helpful deed for the forest closest to you.

  • Slay a mortal enemy of the forest closest to you.

Telika’s Shoesworn, 1 weight

Telika was the sensei of a martial arts school on the Ziya continent. She was revered as a goddess among her peers when she performed katas that seemed superhuman. It turns out she wore magical shoes and only her closest friends knew. That is, until someone stole them.

When you wear Telika’s Shoes and run along a vertical surface, roll+DEX. ? On a 10+, you traverse effortlessly for a short period of time. ? On a 7-9, you only take a few steps before losing your footing. Hopefully you end up where you intended.

Water Tendril2 weight

A slender, curved handle made from dark stone and covered in dried, purple algae. Several runes are etched down the front and illuminate a dim violet colour when touched. When you hold the handle, you can hear the faint humming of a young woman. The song is beautiful and makes your heart ache as though mourning the loss of a loved one. No matter how well you memorize the notes, though, you cannot reproduce it for others to hear.

When you activate the Water Tendril, a long whip of pure water extends 6 metres out of the handle (reach, precise). The tendril acts like a normal whip, but it can only be influenced from the handle. Slicing or grabbing the tendril has no effect. The water is safe to drink.

When you deactivate the Water Tendril, it must be submerged in water for a short duration before it can be reactivated.

When you use the Water Tendril to ensnare, choose a target and roll+DEX. ? On a 10+, you restrain your target as intended and may release the tendril at any time. ? On a 7-9, choose 1.

  • You push the limits of the Water Tendril and using all its remaining water. The target is restrained but the Water Tendril will deactivate at any moment.

  • You move to restrain the target putting yourself in danger of GM’s choice.

Yetiskin Teddy1 weight

An adorable, furry stuffed animal in the shape of a cuddly bear. You can tell it's been loved dearly by the gently worn seams and soft fur that can only have happened from years of tender care. I wonder who's lovely this was and why it's been forgotten?

When you hold the Yetiskin Teddy up to protect yourself, roll+CON. The Yetiskin Teddy's eyes come alive and it leaps up to aid you. After the Yetiskin Teddy finishes its effect, it begins to stitch itself back together and will require a full day of restitching before it can be used again. ? On a hit choose 1. ? On a 10+ the Yetiskin Teddy snags a patch of your clothing and will only require half a day to restitch itself.

  • It grows as large as you and absorbs the attack or spell aimed at you.

  • It wraps around your body, giving you +2 armour until it falls off.

Zubar’s Mummified Bandages1 weight

These ancient bandages are said to have belonged to the great Pharaoh Zubar. You can believe it, too, because they're musty, dirty, and you're convinced they should be burned. You might even consider it if you didn't sense a great presence of magic when holding them.

When you are wrapped in Zubar’s Mummified Bandages and are dealt a killing blow, roll+CHA. ? On a 10+, you've cheated death and cannot enter Death's realm while wrapped in the bandages, though you can still be reduced to 0 hp. ? On a 7-9, the Pharaoh Zubar prevents you from entering Death's realm and, for that, he demands repayment. You're able to move normally, but until your debt is repaid, you cannot remove the bandages, your hp stays at 0, you cannot be healed, and you begin to rot… it smells bad, too. Really bad.

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