Majima Tattoo Tutorial



To Start:


  1. Order inkjet tattoo paper off Amazon

                        The ones I use are THESE off Amazon



  1. Check printer ink levels


  1. Find & download the original tattoo sketches in the largest file size for highest detail


🔪Majima’s Back Tattoo

🔪Majima’s Front Tattoo

🐉Kiryu’s Back Tattoo (if anyone wants this)


Photoshopping the Tattoos:


  1. Open images in Photoshop and crop until the white spaces are gone and the tattoo takes up most of the image


  1. Edit the contrast / vibrancy / saturation until satisfied

  1. Flip the tattoo horizontally             

  2. Save images as jpeg (save the psd files in case you need to edit them


Setting them up for printing in Microsoft Paint


  1. Open the jpeg in Microsoft Paint


  1. Go to “File” ⇒ “Print” ⇒ “Page Setup”

This is where the layout depends on which tattoo you are printing. For the chest and arm piece, I selected “Orientation” ⇒“Landscape” and “Scaling” ⇒ “2 x 3”

For the back piece, I did “Orientation”⇒ “Portrait” and “Scaling” ⇒ “2 x 1”

For the “Chest Only” file, the orientation is “portrait” and 1×1 since it fits exactly onto one page.


➨These specifications were set for my own body, and the size I needed the tattoos to be in reference to that. They also incorporate the size of my images, which may differ from yours depending on how you cropped them. In order to find the right one, I had to test print the tattoos on regular paper at least three times. I suggest doing a test print before using the tattoo paper, just so you are sure. If you think you are the same size as I am and are using my jpegs (link below for those that just want to use my edits), feel free to follow my layouts but I would /still/ test print, because some printers are different. I’m using a Canon MG2920 for example, and it’s not the best but I’m in college, and it does the job so whatever ¯_(ツ)_/¯.


What mine looked like:


  1. After fiddling with the layout and doing a few test prints, you are satisfied with the results. Now it’s time to load the tattoo paper into the printer.


  1. Press “Print” and watch to make sure everything is going good. Remove each sheet as it comes out, and lay it out to dry.


  1. Now, you can follow the instructions on the packaging on how to place the plastic protective covering on.


  1. Grab a pair of sharp scissors, and carefully cut the tattoos out as close to the edge as possible. This way you have less clear pieces on your skin, which will look shiny.




  1. Once your tattoos have all been cut out, you can use your own judgement/ a friend’s opinion/ your body shape to cut the tattoos into smaller pieces to make it easier to apply. The shoulder and arms will be the most difficult because of how curved they are.




  1. Prepare your skin for tattoos. Clean the areas with a damp cloth, wet wipes, a shower, however you like as long as it removes dirt/makeup, which would prevent the tattoos from adhering properly. Pat the surface dry after.


  1. Taking your chosen tattoo piece, peel back the clear protective cover and carefully align it on yourself. Gently stick it down.


  1. Using a wet towel or cloth, saturate the entire tattoo with water, and press down gently in every area for 30 seconds to 1 minute. The edges should wrinkle up a bit, revealing the tattoo underneath to be completely stuck to your skin. Carefully peel the white paper off.


  1. Repeat this with every tattoo piece you wish to use. With some areas, you will need a friend’s help. If some pieces don’t align properly or get ruined, don’t stress! You can use eyeliner or sfx makeup to fill them in.


  1. Gently pat your tattoos dry and seal them with a generous coat of hairspray to help them last longer. Wait for them to air dry completely before the next step.


  1. Using a setting powder (mine is Ben Nye), sprinkle your tattoos and use a fluffy brush to distribute the powder. Repeat until the tattoos are matte enough for your taste.


  1. Now you are finished! 💕




Links to my edits of the tattoos:


🔪Majima Chest & Arm


🔪Majima Back Piece (will be re-edited in the future so until then, only the unedited at the top is linked. sorry!!)


🔪Chest Only (if you only want to print the chest pieces)


These are flipped and ready for printing!




Thank you for checking out my tutorial!

Knock em dead at the next con 💋

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