Count Stex’ Marsawarr Challenge Tracking

First Milestone

Tutorial 1

Tutorial 2

The Cursed Famer

Mad Wizard


Not Enough (1.00e14 Gold)

Free Time Gate

Chose B&G!

First Gold Chest Run (Level 50 Required)


Stunlock Master – Click 5.00e01 times

Seasoned Adventurer – Complete 4 Unique Adventures

Second Gold Chest Run (Level 75 Required)

Third Gold Chest Run (A Contest, You Say? Level 175! Required) 


Monster Masher (Kill 2.5e04 Monsters)

Treasure Chest opener (Open 5 Chests)

Equiped (Find 5 poeces of Gear)

Well Equipped (Find 20 pieces of Gear)

Epically Equipped (Find a piece of Epic Gear)

So Meta (Unlock 25 Achievements)

Had to fail the final run. With no ranged attackers in the field Magic and Melle both bottomed out to 0% damage and no one could make use of the +200% ranged damage.

Can’t see any way of completing this given my current Champions levels.

Beast Intentions


That’s One Tough Dwarf (Level Bruenor to 500)

Were-verpowerd (Variant to unlock Terror in the Dark)


Boss Grinder (Defeat 100 bosses)

Need More Gold (Earn 1.00e20 Gold)

Bossed Around (Defeat 1000 Bosses)

No Small Feat (Unlock a feat slot on a champion)

Get Some Rest (Bring B/G into the fight with the Ultimate with 1000+ Rests)

Double Completionist (Reach Area 100)

Friendly Imps (Variant to unlock Terror in the Dark)



Are Ya Chicken? (Variant to unlock Terror in the Dark)


Never a dull moment (Complete 7 Unique Adventure Variants)

Highharvetide Event

The Bandits Harvest (Farideh)

(Was tired and forgot to grab a screen shot 🙁 )

The Bandits Harvest (Pwent)

The Bandits Harvest (Torogar)

Asmodeus Is Watching

Underdark Reinforcements


The Most Particular Drow (Activated both boosts at the same time)

An Abyssal Mess


Freeplay (Totogar) – All variants showed as Deadly.


Went for the Eyes (Minsc killed 15 with his ultimate)

Run #2


Endless Harvest (Complete area 175 for the first time)

Achievement Hunter (Unlock 50 Achievements)

An Abyssal Harvest (Complete Area 175 on any Bandit’s Harvest Adventure)

Fully Prepared (Have a formation with 10 or more feats)

Run #3


Can’t Stop Earning (1.00e26 Gold)

All together now (Recruit 12 Champions)

Run #4

CONfirmed Sightings


Shielding Fury (50x Tyrils max health as a shield)

Mad Cow Disease

Free Time Gate Weekend

Avren would have been good, but think I?ll get more use out of Aila still since I?m so early and slot 12 is not getting used much yet…


Boss Idler (Kill 1.00e04 Bosses)

Monster Obliterator (7.50e05 Kills)

Terror in the Dark (Will require Variants completing)

Liar’s Night Event

Unearthed Evil

Escort to Waterdeep

Waterdeep Detours

Underdeep Cartography

Attempt Overdue Rendevous

Gem Spend


Gems Spent


The Cursed Farmer


Mage Hand

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