Marvel Fandom Iceberg Chart

Lists of Random Parts of the Fandom that will be Categorized:


2.Avenger’s life at the tower fanfiction

3.Irondad fans

4.Iron Man Stans

5.Steve Haters

6.Wanda Haters

7.Hydra fanfictions(Ones about Bucky being tortured, I don’t know much about these, because they were deemed as to dark back in 2015 or something, back when I was 11 and knew nothing of the mcu lol, but if anyone could help me find these or something, that’ll be great.)

8.Mischarecterization of Steve(Making him be obsessed with gay pride right out of the ice for whatever reason)

9.Chill Stony shippers

10.Superfamily obsessed

A.Either Steve and Tony with Peter as their kid,

B Or Strange and Tony with Peter as their kid.


12.Woobifying Bucky

13.Woobifying Tony

14.Woobifying Loki(This is so prevalent)

15.Making Loki out to be the good guy, even though he murdered people.

16.Saying that Loki was controlled by the mind stone

17.Having everyone be on Loki’s side, forgetting the fact that they were fighting an hour ago.

18.Peter and Shuri friendship, also Bucky is with them too sometimes

19.Hatred of Howard Stark

A.Over exaggerating him being a bad dad

20.Hatred of Odin

B.Over exaggerating him being a bad dad

21.Self insert OC who is the daughter of Tony and is in a relationship with Peter(Mostly found on Wattpad)

22.Tony being a mutant

23.Team Delta origins with Natasha Romanoff

24.Magneto/Charles Xavier

25.Jean Gray hate(I was confused too, but it’s thing for whatever reason)

26.Quicksilver love

I could add more.  I need to get a life lol, the amount of time I’ve spent on MCU fanfics…

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