There are currently 77 civilizations in lek mod. This includes the base game’s 43 civilizations, many of which have been changed to varying degrees, as well as 34 new civilizations. More may be added in future versions.

Here they are listed in alphabetical order. New Civilizations and changes to existing civilizations are marked BLUE.

America – Washington

  • UA: Manifest Destiny (unchanged)

  • UU1: Minuteman (unchanged)

  • UU2: Pioneer: Replaces Settler. Ignores Terrain cost. 8 combat strength

Arabia – Harun al-Rashid

  • UA: Ships of the Desert (unchanged)

  • UB: Camel Archer: 13 melee strength (from 17)

  • UU: Bazaar (unchanged)

Armenia – Artaxias I

  • UA: Splendor of the Caucasus: +1 Food, +2 Production and +1 Gold from Mountains (including Mountain natural wonders – i.e. Kilimanjaro, Uluru, Mt. Fuji, Mt. Sinai, Mt. Kailash, Rock of Gibraltar and Sri Pada). 

  • UU: Sparapet: Replaces Horseman. Requires 80 production and 2 horses, 17 combat strength, has Great General +15% combat to surrounding units (2 radius). Does not obsolete.

  • UB: Darbas: Replaces observatory. Provides +1 culture, +4 science base and +3 culture and +4 science on mountains. 

  • Hill Bias

Assyria – Ashurbanipal

  • UA: Siege Warfare: +1 movement for all siege units. Free Great Writer at Philosophy.

  • UB: Royal Library: +1 culture, +1 science

  • UU: Siege Tower (unchanged)

Australia – Edmund Barton

  • UA: Dreamtime: +5 Faith from Natural Wonders. 

  • UU: Ngangkari: Replaces Worker. Starts with Medic I and Medic II promotions. Constructs improvements 5% faster.

  • UB: Convict Penitentiary: Replaces Constabulary. Available at Machinery. Provides +1 gold, +1 production, +5% gold, and +5% production

Austria – Maria Theresa

  • UA: Diplomatic Marriage (unchanged)

  • UU: Hussar (unchanged)

  • UB: Coffee House: 50% cheaper than normal Windmill

Ayyubids – Saladin

  • UA: Justice of Saladin: All cities receive a free Burial Tomb upon capture. +25% Improvement construction rate.

  • UB: Madrasah: Replaces University. +2 Faith, +1 Science from Flood Plains, +2 Science from Oases.

  • UU: Mamluk: Replaces Knight. 20 Strength, +50% vs Melee units, +25% vs Gunpowder units.

  • Desert Bias

Aztecs – Montezuma

  • UA: Sacrificial Captives (unchanged)

  • UB: Floating Gardens: +10%Food, +1Food for each workedlake tile, +1Production, City must border fresh water

  • UU: Jaguar (unchanged)

Babylon – Nebuchadnezzar II

  • UA: Ingenuity: Receive a free Great Scientist when you discover Philosophy. Earn Great Scientists 33% faster. 

  • UB: Walls of Babylon (unchanged)

  • UU: Bowman (unchanged)

Belgium – Leopold II  

  • UA: Colonialist Riches: +1 Production from Plantations. +1 Gold from Strategic Resources.

  • UB: Stade: Replaces Zoo. +3 Happiness, +1 Culture, +1 Gold. Cheaper to construct.

  • UU: Force Publique: Replaces Great War Infantry. 51 strength, has Drill I and Charge.

Boers – Stephanus Johannes Paulus Kruger

  • UA: The Great Trek: +1 food from non-fresh water farms, +1 culture from farms after the discovery of Fertilizer

  • UB: Staatsmuseum: Replaces Opera House. +3 Culture, has a Great Artist Specialist.

  • UU: Voortrekker: Replaces Great War Infantry. 50 Strength, +25% strength defending, heals completely upon killing a unit. Can build 2 turn Farms.

Brazil – Pedro II

  • UA: Carnival: Tourism output is +100% during their Golden Ages. Earn Great Artists, Musicians, and Writers 100% faster during their Golden Ages. 

  • UU: Pracinha – 80 Strength and Foreign Lands bonus (+20% Combat Strength in foreign territory).

  • UI: Brazilwood Camp – Now available at Bronze Working (instead of Machinery). Provides +1 Production (instead of +2 Gold). Gains +2 Gold at Machinery and +2 Culture at Acoustics.

Bulgaria – Asparukh Khan

  • UA: Cyrillic Script: Writer Specialists yield +3 science, Scientist Specialists yield +1 culture

  • UU: Konnitsa – Replaces knight, performs a ranged attack before attacking, starts with Shock I

  • UB: Khambar – Replaces granary, in addition provides +1 gold from wheat and cow

Brunei – Bolkiah

  • UA: Austronesian Thalassocracy –  +1 Food and Gold from water tiles. Spawns with a free Nelayan.

  • UU: Nelayan – Replaces Work Boat. Has 10 Combat Strength. Can build Fishing Boats in 4 Turns and not be consumed, and Kampong Ayer in 4 Turns.

  • UI: Kampong Ayer – Requires Optics. Can be built on any coastal tile touching land. Provides +1 Culture and +1 Gold, doubling at Flight.

  • Coastal Bias

Burma – Anawrahta

  • UA: Yainkyaayymhu Aamwayaanhait: Only receive half as much Unhappiness from cities.

  • UU: Akyat Cannon: Replaces cannon, available at Gunpowder. Has the same stats as a trebuchet but 3 range. 

  • UB: Kyawwat: Replaces stoneworks, provides +1 happiness and +1 production. +1 production from salt, marble, stone, iron.  Does not require any resource to build.

Byzantium – Theodora

  • UA: Patriarchate of Constantinople (unchanged)

  • UB: Hippodrome – Replaces amphitheater. Provides +2 faith, +2 culture, +1 happiness. 

  • UU: Cataphract (unchanged)

  • No longer has a coastal bias

Canada – John A. MacDonald

  • UA: Canadian Fur Trade: +2 Gold from Camps, +2 Gold and +1 Culture from Lakes. 

  • UU: Combat Engineer: Replaces Rifleman. Available at Industrialization. 34 Strength, 3 Moves, can construct Roads, Railroads, Forts, and clear Forest, Jungle and Marsh. 

  • UB: Tim Horton’s: Replaces Stock Exchange. +2 Happiness. +1 gold on river tiles worked by this city. Marginally cheaper to construct.

Carthage – Dido

  • UA: Phoenecian Heritage: May enter mountains starting from turn 0

  • UB: Cothon: Replaces Lighthouse. +1 food, production and gold in addition to normal effects of a lighthouse

  • UU: African Forest Elephant (UU): No longer has increased production cost. If attacking from higher elevation (hills to flat land, mountain to non-mountain), gains +20% Combat Strength and knocks enemies back (Heavy Charge)

Celts – Boudicca

  • UA: Druidic Lore (unchanged)

  • UB: Ceilidh Hall: 2 culture, just like regular Opera House

  • UU: Pictish Warrior: +50% vs Mounted/Mounted ranged units

China – Wu Zetian

  • UA: Art of War (unchanged)

  • UB: Paper Maker (unchanged)

  • UU: Chu-Ko-Nu: 88 production (on Quick Speed)

Denmark – Harald Bluetooth

  • UA: Viking Fury (unchanged)

  • UU1: Berserker (unchanged)

  • UU2: Longship: Replaces Trireme. +2 movement, transfers movement to embarked units on the same tile

Egypt – Ramesses II

  • UA: Monument Builders: +15% Production when building Wonders

  • UB: Burial Tomb (unchanged)

  • UU: War Chariot (unchanged)

England – Elizabeth

  • UA: Sun Never Sets (unchanged)

  • UU1: Longbowman: 88 production (on Quick speed)

  • UU2: Ship of the Line: 30 Ranged Combat (from 35), 25 Melee (from 30)

Ethiopia – Haile Selassie

  • UA: Spirit of Adwa (unchanged)

  • UB: Stele (unchanged)

  • UU: Mehal Sefari (unchanged)

France – Napoleon

  • UA: City of Light: +1 Culture in the capital. +15 additional Culture in the capital after the discovery of Acoustics. Theming bonuses in capital doubled.

  • UI: Chateau (unchanged)

  • UU: Musketman (unchanged)

Franks – Charlemagne

  • UA: Holy Roman Empire: +1 Faith from Farms.

  • UB: Mead Hall: Replaces Colosseum. +3 Happiness, +1 Culture

  • UU: Seaxman: Replaces Longswordsman. Available at Chivalry. 22 Strength, Cover I, Amphibious.

Germany – Bismarck

  • UA: Furor Teutonicus: Chance to convert increased to 100%

  • UB: Hanse (unchanged)

  • UU: Panzer (unchanged)

Golden Horde – Batu Khan

  • UA: Golden Conquest – Enter a Golden Age and gain a free Worker upon completing a Jarliq in a city.

  • UU: Ulan – Replaces Pikeman. Mounted unit, costs horses, 16 strength, 4 movement, Ambush Formation I, no penalty against cities.

  • UB: Jarliq – Replaces Courthouse. Requires Writing. Additionally provides +3 gold and +3 science.

Goths – Alaric I

  • UA: Drauhtinon: Melee and gunpowder units heal 25 HP after killing an enemy unit.

  • UU: Gadrauht: Replaces Longswordsman. 22 Strength, slightly cheaper.

  • UI: Harjis: Available at Mining. May be built on top of any bonus or luxury resource and removes the resource that it is built on (luxuries get improved). Provides +1 Gold and +1 Production. Provides +1 Gold and +1 Production upon the discovery of Iron Working, Steel, and Dynamite. 

Greece – Pericles

  • UA: Hellenic League (unchanged)

  • UB: Odeon: +4 Culture, 1 Gold (replaces Amphitheater)

  • UU2: Hoplite (unchanged)

Hittites – Muwatallis

  • UA: Bronze and Iron: +1 Gold from Mines until the discovery of Chemistry. Starts with mining.

  • UB: Lion’s Gate: Replaces Walls. +2 Gold and +2 Culture.

  • UU: Heavy Chariot: Replaces Chariot Archer. 3 Movement, 10 Ranged Strength, 10 Melee. +20% strength while defending, requires horses.

Huns – Attila

  • UA: Scourge of God (unchanged)

  • UB: Qara U’y: replaces Stable. +1 faith from horses, provides +2 horses (like recycling center)

  • UU: Horse Archer: requires horses

Hungary – Ondrej II

  • UA: Verszerzodes: +1 production and culture from defensive buildings.

  • UU: Black Arquebusier: Replaces Musketman. 24 Melee and Ranged strength, can both melee and ranged attack, must set up to ranged attack. Starts with Accuracy 1.

  • UB: Orszaggyules: Replaces Palace. In addition to the regular effects of the palace, a second one may be constructed to move the capital, and the original can be sold and moved as well. The capital is located in the last city to build an Orszaggyules. Provides +25% great person generation, +10% production towards buildings, and +3 culture, food and production at Chivalry. Requires Mathematics to be constructed.

Inca – Pachacuti

  • UA: Great Andean Road (unchanged)

  • UI: Terrace Farm (unchanged)

  • UU: Slinger: 5 melee strength

India – Gandhi

  • UA: Population Growth (unchanged)

  • UB: Mughal Fort: +4 culture, +2 happiness, +2 tourism at Flight

  • UU: War Elephant (unchanged)

Indonesia – Gajah Mada

  • UA: Spice Islanders: Works for the first 3 coastal Cities (regardless of continent)

  • UB: Candi (unchanged)

  • UU: Kris Swordsman: 15 strength, removed bad outcomes

Iroquois – Hiawatha

  • UA: The Great Warpath (unchanged)

  • UB: Longhouse: +10% production (like regular Workshop), also provides +1 production from jungle tiles

  • UU: Mohawk Warrior: 15 strength

Italy – Vittorio Emmanuel III

  • UA: Rinascimento: +1 Culture from Specialists. +1 Happiness per 4 Policies.

  • UU: Pittore: Replaces Great Artist. Golden Ages started by them are 9 turns instead of 6 (on quick speed). Scales to 14 turns with Chichen Itza/Freedom 3, 19 with both. 

  • UB: Basilica: Replaces Museum. Available at Industrialization, +20% Great Person Rate, 2 Artist Specialist slots, +2 Great Artist points per turn.

Japan – Oda Nobunaga

  • UA: Bushido (unchanged)

  • UB: Dojo: Replaces Barracks. +2 science. +10% combat strength for land units built in this city

  • UU: Samurai (unchanged)

Jerusalem – Fulk V

  • UA: The Holy Land: +1 Faith from Luxury Resources. 

  • UU: Crusader: Replaces Longswordsman. 17 Strength, slightly cheaper to produce. Available at Theology. Receives Faith from kills and has a combat bonus in enemy lands.

  • UB: Outremer: Replaces Courthouse. +2 Culture, +2 Happiness, +2 Faith.

Kongo – Mvemba a Nzinga

  • UA: Heart of Africa: Borders grow 33% faster.

  • UU: Ngao Mbeba: Replaces Swordsman. 15 strength, 100% cover bonus. Cannot attack.

  • UB: Slave Market: Replaces Colosseum. Costs 80 production, subtracts 1 population from every city. Provides +5 production and +10 gold, with an additional +5 production at Industrialization. Does not provide any happiness. Requires 1 Slaves to build. Provides +1 Slaves. (The Kongolese Capital provides +3 Slaves)

Khmer – Suryavarman II

  • UA: Grand Baray of Angkor: Receive a free Baray in the capital.

  • UU: Ballista Elephant: Replaces crossbow, 17 ranged and melee strength, 2 moves 2 range, ranged unit, feared elephant promo

  • UB: Baray: Replaces Garden. In addition to usual effects: 10% of food is carried over after a new citizen is born, +2 faith +2 food at Drama and Poetry

Korea – Sejong

  • UA: Scholars of the Jade Hall: +1 Science from Specialists

  • UU1: H’wacha (unchanged)

  • UU2: Turtle Ship (unchanged)

Lithuania – Vytautas

  • UA: Baltic Mythology: Prophets are turned into Krivis, which cannot found a religion but can construct Sacred Groves. (Sacred Grove: Provides +1 food, production, culture, science and faith base, and an additional of each at Philosophy, Theology, Acoustics, Archaeology, Plastics, Computers and Internet (totals 8 yield of each)

  • UU: Pestininkas: Replaces pikeman, same stats but costs half the production.

  • UB: Grand Cathedral of Vilnius: Replaces Grand Temple. May be built without a Holy City. Spawns a special Krivis that can found a religion.

Macedon- Alexander

  • UA: Macedonian Discipline – Barracks and Armories provide +1 Food and +1 Happiness. All Land units receive the Quick Study promotion. Receive a free Hetairoi at Horseback Riding.

  • UU1: Hetairoi – Replaces Great General. 15 Combat Strength, requires 1 Horse, 5 Movement, General bonus provided to units with 2 Tiles. Receives Great Generals II, March, Charge and Heavy Charge promotions for free. Can upgrade to knight, but loses ability to make citadels

  • UU2: Sarissophoroi – Replaces Pikeman. Available at Philosophy instead of Civil Service. 14 Strength

Madagascar – Ralambo

  • UA: Sacred Hills of Imerina – +1 Faith from Hills, +5 Culture from Holy Sites.

  • UU: Mpiambina – Replaces Inquisitor. 1 Range Ranged Unit, 10 Strength melee and 14 Ranged. Receives 1 of these promotions after first combat: 

  • Kelimazala – 2 Attacks

  • Ramahavaly – 50% Defense, -50% Attack

  • Manjakatsiroa – 25% bonus in friendly territory

  • Rafantaka – 10 bonus HP Medic, March

  • Mosasa – 4 Vision and 4 Range

  • Rabehaza – Captures defeated enemies 

  • Ambohimanambola – General Bonus

  • Sehatra – Fully Heals from kills

  • Lambamena – 100% bonus vs cities

  • Famadiahona – Knockback and Retreat

  • Razana – 6 Movement, Confers movement to generals

  • Masina – 75% bonus vs wounded

  • UB: Rova – Replaces Walls. Provides an additional +1 Happiness and +3 Faith per turn.

Manchuria – Nurhaci

  • UA: Eight Banners: All Manchu mounted units receive the Volley promotion (+50% combat strength against fortified units and cities) and cost no maintenance.

  • UB: Canton Factory: Replaces Bank. +35% Gold, +2 Gold, 2 Merchant Specialists.

  • UU: Qianlong Cavalry: Replaces Cavalry. 34 Strength, 5 Movement, Great Generals I.

Maya – Pacal

  • UA: The Long Count (unchanged)

  • UB: Pyramid: +1 science

  • UU: Atlatlist (unchanged)

Mexico – Benito Juarez

  • UA: Encomienda System – Receives a free Worker at Pottery. City-States that are afraid of Mexico gain 10 Influence per turn when Mexico can tribute them but does not. 

  • UU: Ranchero – Replaces Settler. Does not stop growth to produce.

  • UB: Hacienda – Replaces Windmill. Provides +1 production on luxuries, +1 gold on bonus resources, and +1 food on strategic resources. 

Mongolia – Genghis Khan

  • UA: Mongol Terror: also applies to Armored Units

  • UU1: Khan (unchanged)

  • UU2: Keshik (unchanged)

Morocco – Ahmad al-Mansur

  • UA: Gateway To Africa – Each trading partner will grant an additional +1 Gold / +1 Culture per era (3/1 ancient, 4/2 classical, 5/3 medieval, etc, per partner).

  • UI: Kasbah: +2 food, +1 production, +1 gold

  • UU: Berber Cavalry (unchanged)

Netherlands – William

  • UA: Dutch East India Company: +1 Happiness per unique Luxury in the Empire and +1 Gold from Luxury resource tiles.

  • UI: Polder (unchanged)

  • UU: Sea Beggar (unchanged)

  • Wetlands Bias

Normandy – William the Conqueror

  • UA: Castle Builders: +10% combat strength outside of friendly territory. All cities receive +5 Defense.

  • UI: Motte and Bailey: Available at Engineering. +1 Food, +1 Production. +2 Culture at Flight. Cannot be built adjacent to each other. Must be next to a luxury resource. +25% Combat Strength on this tile. 

  • UU: Pedite: Replaces Swordsman. 15 Strength, Shock I, can construct Motte and Baileys.

Norway – Harald Hardrada

  • UA: Nordic Bounty: +2 Food and +1 Production from Snow. +1 Food from Tundra. +1 Gold from Sea Resources.

  • UU: Ski Infantry: Replaces Great War Infantry. 50 Strength, Drill I, II, and Ski Infantry Promotion.

  • UB: Stave Church: Replaces Temple. Cheaper to construct, requires no maintenance. +1 Faith from Tundra, Snow, and Fish. 

  • Coastal Bias

Nubia – Amanitore

  • UA: Ta-Seti: +20% Production towards ranged and recon units, +1 food from floodplains

  • UU: Apedemak’s Bow: Replaces scout, 5 ranged and 5 melee strength, has 3 range, is considered a recon unit, costs same as warrior

  • UB: Blast Furnace: Replaces forge, can be built anywhere, cheaper, additionally provides +2 culture from iron and gives Accuracy 1 to ranged, siege and recon units.

  • Desert Bias

Ottomans – Suleiman

  • UA: Millets: Each city gets +1 Happiness for each Religion in that city

  • UU1: Sipahi: Available at Gunpowder and costs 20% less Production to train.

  • UU2: Janissary: costs 20% less Production to train

  • No longer has Coastal Bias

Papal State – Urban II

  • UA: The Holy See – +1 of every yield from Holy Sites. Receives 2 free delegates

  • UU: Swiss Guard – Replaces Landsknecht. Does not require the Mercenary Army policy, but still must be purchased. Receives faith and gold from kills, and has Medic I and II promotions.

  • UB: St. Peter’s Basilica – Replaces Grand Temple – Additionally provides a free Cathedral and Great Prophet

Persia – Darius I

  • UA: Achaemenid Legacy: no 10% combat bonus in Golden Age

  • UB: Satrap’s Court (unchanged)

  • UU: Immortal (unchanged)

Poland – Casimir III

  • UA: Solidarity: 10% cheaper Social Policies

  • UB: Ducal Stable (unchanged)

  • UU: Winged Hussar (unchanged)

Polynesia – Kamehameha

  • UA: Wayfinding: All embarked units also have +1 movement and extra defense

  • UI: Moai (unchanged)

  • UU: Maori Warrior (unchanged)

Portugal – Maria I

  • UA: Mare Clausum (unchanged)

  • UB: Feitoria: Replaces Harbor. +2 Production, +15% Production for Naval Units. Slightly cheaper to build and doesn’t cost maintenance.

  • UU: Nau (unchanged)

Prussia – Frederick

  • UA: Army with a State – All Prussian trained land units receive Golden Age points from kills and may receive unique Prussian Promotions upon leveling up. 

  • UU1: Totenkopf Hussar – Replaces Cavalry. 35 Strength, 5 Movement, Heals 25 HP upon killing an enemy unit.

  • UU2: Landwehr – Replaces Rifleman. 35 Strength, available at Military Science, starts with Blitz and Quick Study.

  • Unique Promotions:

    • Tier 0 – Gehorsam: Golden Age Points from kills. (Units start with this)

    • Tier 1 – Disziplin: +10% Combat Strength.

    • Tier 2 – Fleiss: +25% bonus attacking, Tapferkeit: +25% bonus defending

    • Tier 3 – Zielstrebigkeit: Extra attack (requires Fleiss), H?rte: 50% Cover (requires Tapferkeit), Pünktlichkeit: +1 Move (requires either)

    • Tier 4 – Zuverl?ssigkeit: General Bonus and March (requires Zielstrebigkeit), Zurückhaltung: 30% bonus in friendly territory (requires H?rte), Pflichtbewusstsein: 50% vs Mounted and Armored, +1 Move (requires Pünktlichkeit)

Rome – Augustus Caesar

  • UA: The Glory of Rome (unchanged)

  • UU1: Ballista: Now has Indirect Fire

  • UU2: Legion (unchanged)

Russia – Catherine

  • UA: Siberian Riches (unchanged)

  • UB: Krepost (unchanged)

  • UU: Cossack (unchanged)

Shoshone – Pocatello

  • UA: Great Expanse: Founded cities start with 5 additional tiles (from 8). Units receive a 10% combat bonus (from 15%) when fighting within their own territory. 

  • UU1: Pathfinder (unchanged)

  • UU2: Comanche Riders (unchanged)

Siam – Ramkhamhaeng

  • UA: Father Governs Children (unchanged)

  • UB: Wat (unchanged)

  • UU: Naresuan’s Elephant (unchanged)

Sioux- Sitting Bull

  • UA: Dwellers of the Plains: +15% Combat Strength in Plains. 

  • UU: Buffalo Hunter: Replaces Composite Bowman. 8 Melee Strength, 13 Ranged Strength. Can construct Tipis.

  • UI: Tipi: Can only be constructed on flat plains or flatland deer/bison. Must be adjacent to luxuries. Provides +1 Food, +1 Faith. Bonus +1 Culture if adjacent to a city, +1 Gold if adjacent to a river. Provides +1 Food at Civil Service and +1 Faith at Theology. Requires Trapping.

  • Plains Bias

Songhai – Askia

  • UA: River Warlord: No longer provides War Canoes promotion. Instead, now also allows units to ignore terrain costs while moving along or across rivers.

  • UB: Mud Pyramid Mosque (unchanged)

  • UU: Mandekalu Cavalry (unchanged)

  • River Bias

Spain – Isabella

  • UA: Seven Cities of Gold: grants 100 gold per Natural Wonder discovered (down from 500 gold for first finder and 100 gold otherwise).

  • UB: Plaza de Toros: Replaces Circus. +2 culture, may also be built with an improved source of Cows

  • UU: Tercio (unchanged)

  • No longer has a coastal bias

Sumeria – Gilgamesh

  • UA: Cradle of Civilization: +2 Culture from every city upon the discovery of Drama and Poetry.

  • UB: Ziggurat: Replaces Temple. +2 Faith, +5% Science.

  • UU: Phalanx: Replaces Spearman. Available at Mining. 11 strength, +50% Flanking bonus, slightly cheaper to produce

Sweden – Gustavus Adolphus

  • UA: Nobel Prize: +20% Great Person points in all cities.

  • UU: Carolean: Replaces Musketman. 24 strength, free march promotion

  • UB: Falu Gruva: Replaces Ironworks. +1 production from hills in this city. 6 tourism at Flight

Tibet – Ngawang Lobsang Gyatso

  • UA: Eightfold Path to Nirvana: Cannot train settlers or conquistadors. All cities receive a free stupa that provides +1 Culture, Production, Science, Gold, and +2 Faith.

  • UU: Dalai Lama: Replaces Great Prophet. Can found cities, has no vision penalty and can spread 1 extra time.

  • UI: Monastery: Can only be built on hills. Provides +2 Faith, +1 additional Faith at Theology. +1 Culture for each adjacent mountain. Can be built on forest and jungle without removing them.

Timurids – Timur

  • UA: Ulugh Beg’s Observatory: +5 Combat Strength, +10% Science, Production, Gold and Culture in the original capital. These bonuses are terminated if the original capital is lost.

  • UU: Marathi Rider: Medieval Air unit, available at Chivalry. Replaces Lancer. Requires 1 horse, has 3 range, and 21 combat strength. Uses air mechanics and promotions. 

  • UB: Serai: Replaces Caravansary. +1 gold per 3 pop, allows units to airlift between cities with Serais and increases air unit capacity by 1.

Ukraine – Yaroslav I

  • UA: Principalities of the Rus: +2 Gold per turn from City Connections. +1 Gold from Specialists.

  • UU: Tachanka: Replaces Gatling Gun. 30 Melee Strength, 30 Ranged Strength, 2 Range, 4 Moves. Requires Horses, is considered a Mounted Ranged unit. Loses all movement upon entering rough terrain. 

  • UB: Knyaz Court: Replaces Market. +2 Gold, +25% gold, Receive 20 Gold per Knyaz Court when a Great Person is consumed. 

Venice – Enrico Dandolo

  • UA: Serenissima – 50% increased number of trade routes. Receive a free Great Merchant upon the discovery of Compass. Cannot train Conquistadors.

  • UU: Imprenditore – Replaces Settler. Can Sell Exotic Goods and can only settle cities on continents other than that of the Capital city. May embark without Optics.

  • UB: Grand Canal – Replaces East India Company. Provides +2 Trade Routes, +25% Gold and +4 Gold. Provides increased gold from trade routes.

Vietnam – Hai Ba Trung

  • UA: Tam Giao: +2 Food, +1 Production from Marsh. +1 Faith from Jungle.

  • UU: Viet Cong: Replaces Infantry. 70 Strength, is Invisible except to adjacent units and can traverse mountains, taking regular damage if they end turn on them. 

  • Note – Viet Cong sometimes glitch when taking cities, recommended to use other units.

  • UB: Vo Khi: Replaces Armory. Available at Metal Casting, +1 Food, +1 Culture and +1 Production from Marsh. +1 Culture from Jungle. All melee units trained in a city with a Vo Khi receive the Woodsman promotion. 

  • Wetlands Bias

Zulu – Shaka

  • UA: Iklwa (unchanged)

  • UB: Ikanda (unchanged)

  • UU: Impi (unchanged)

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