Mausritter Hexcrawl

The Wood







1.1 anthill built on ancient ruins of a past civilisation (who built)

Ants have overrun a once great mouse kingdom. They are aggressive to any suggestion they do not belong here.

2.1 Apartment balcony – Hermit's hut (why shun society)

This human townhouses a great sage who has shunned Berrydale.

3.1 termite riddled tree – noblemouses castle 

The noble Orin Baiter, lives in the shadow of this termite fiefdom. He feeds info to the termite king in exchange for protection.

4.1 termite riddled tree – Friendly mouse roadhouse (what's in the basement?)

Cat’s Claw Lounge – termites

AS2: crazed termites swarm over the old grain house. They fight for food, but this food has infected watershed.

5.1 Ring of Stones – mining outpost

Rough and tumble rats still mine this place. They must protect themselves against termite incursions.

Pack tortoise is stuck They're much richer than they look


1.2 Hedge row completely lifeless (what disaster?)

Termites destroyed this place. It is dead, The cursed sunflower and sugar cult are now here.

2.2Termite riddled Tree Friendly mouse roadhouse The Oiled Tail- The cat lords daughter hides out in the basement. abused.

3.2 cold fresh spring – Mouse wizard's tower (creation?)

The wizard Abledon has harvested magic mold (turquoise) from 5.3. Will pay for more..

4.2 hollow tree stump – faerie ring

Can recharge one pip of a spell but always ask for a very large price. They are frivolous and party heaps.

5.2 cascading waterfalls natural caves (what is living there)

AS4: Wild snake – wants food. Faerie portal in cave


1.3 Huge flat rock regularly used by humans (picnic area)

Has faction which does not let outsiders scavenge.

2.3Sunken Hollow – Mining outpost (why abandoned)

AS3: CAT lord lives here. His daughter went to find a cure for the disease that they have upon but not returned

3.3 Hollow tree stump – natural feature, dangerous (how avoided)

Actually a water outlet which periodically bursts water forth. 1-2 on a D6 roll.

4.3 shopping trolley – mouse wizards tower

Cherry Butterball F – sells potions, has info on adjoining hexes but must be flattered.

5.3 massive fallen tree strange magical anomaly (why is it spreading)

Magical turquoise mold which sickens all creatures.


1.4 Old farmhouse is a noble mouses castle 

Duchess Dahlia Deerider has hired mercenaries to protect her jewels from the Blue Sparrows.

2.4 Bright clearing – Rat bandit hideout – The Blue Sparrows.

Want to assault Lord Solomon to take her followers.

3.4 bone white tree – SETTLEMENT  Berrydale.

A disease has come to the city. No one can find a cure. 

4.4 fallen tree crossing – Lonely Shrine ( who keeps it and what do they worship?)

Otters worship the river deity here. They are very formal.

5.4 abandoned car (repurposed human construction (how is it used)

A small village of mice called Friendshine. Ceremonially crop tails, Can actually get car to drive, lord demands


1.5 Steel bridge – repurposed human construction.

Brave hunters of big beasts. Mediative mushroom garden (tripping monks). A warband is forming to defeat a deutsch hound. Live off scraps.

2.5Tree lined footpath – Rat bandit hideout – Red Larch’s

Great business selling human goods to Berrydale. They are at war with the Blue Sparrows.

3.5 Anthill – Ancient bat cult temple (what was summoned?)

Ant queen was stuck with a human tracker. 

ANTs USE THE black sludge to get across the river.

4.5 twisted roots – Completely lifeless (disaster?)

Otters work to move weed from the roots, it is thick and black. Why has it come?

5.5 steep hill – Mouse graveyard – (what do the ghosts want?)

AS1: Ancient burial mound with ants and ghosts.



WEST – Bake delicious berry pies, 

EAST – make pungent cheese which is cured for years


WEST – Cow skull – repurposed as a guild hows (bakers) 

EAST – Comfortable, Well appointed inn – The Sword and Whisker


WEST An illness has struck

EAST – preparing for a grand seasonal feast

SIZE City 1000+ mice)


WEST – Ashglade Academy


EAST – The Rodent Review


Queen Odette Cloudbrand  – Brockhall Manor


The Silent Blades


The Emerald Conclave

? Wizard Tower arrives on tortoise back in 4.5.

ADV seeds

? Faerie envoy Want to kidnap a mouse A player mouse is their target\

? Tower of Magnolia, a mouse wizard. She has

almost finished the creation of a powerful spell, but needs a cat’s claw to finish it.

? Quest idea – Clear a ruin so it can be rebuilt and reoccupied.


HISTORY – Burial site of ancient Mice

RUINATION: A disastrous storm destroyed sacred things

INHABS: Infestation of ANTS and mouse ghosts fighting them off.

SEARCH FOR: A strange and powerful spell to remove the tracker from their Queen.

SECRET: forgotten grave of an ancient rat queen.


HISTORY: a Settlement;s grain mill

RUINATION: Age and Rot

INHABS: Original termites, strangely twisted, an owl who uses the termites to draw in larger prey.

PROTECTING: Last scraps in a picked over ruin.

SECRET: Signs of human experimentation, the food is poisoned with a brain altering toxin makes termites live longer (though go mad). The leader of the strange termites knows that the mage in the tower is the reason for the disease (same toxin) of the cats and Berrydale.


HISTORY: Deep Mine


INHABS: Cat Lord and their servants Solomon who plays cruel games with captives. Servants are sycophantic mice and rats.

SEARCH FOR: Daughter has run away – Gelda

SECRET: Preserved precursor beast. A specimen of a type of mouse long disappeared. Scholar's would pay A LOT to have this specimen for study.


HISTORY: Natural Cave

RUINATION:overrun by mold

INHABS: Foul-tempered snake and faeries who have to run the gauntlet to get past it.

PROTECTS: Rare alchemical shrooms

SECRET: Portal to the Faerie realm (feywild!)


? A vagrant wants to reach the mouse queen antagonist is a shape shifter.

? A swarm of midges have had all their food stolen and they have vital information.

? Ant Army officer experienced an unsettling omen, her queen is being tracked by a chip

? An unruly family has lost an ancient treasure but the antagonist had a good reason

? The burgermeister's home has been destroyed. A player' shireling / friend is responsible.


? There is a 3 way war between 2 rat bandit gangs and the cat lord Solomon.

? Termites are strong in the wood. They are also destructive. The Ants to the south are their ancestral enemy.

? There is a ring of ruinous faeries. They kidnap mice and when they release the mice, they are insane.

? The Ashglade Academy has interest in faerie matters and will pay handsomely.

? The disease in Berrydale has spread to the Cat Lord, the Emerald Coven wants to know why.




Human Town


Termites / ants

Termites / ants

















Cat (warband)





Dog (warband)




Carnivorous river fish (snake)

Human (mega warband)

Roll reaction table as well. Also dynamic encounter table.


The Faerie Coven – Mysterious order – Impulse – to cause strife and discord – Want to be entertained

The Cult of KlarvoldImpulse – to prove themselves worthy of Klarvold’s Embrace (enter Valhalla). The Great Insulter is a part of the cult.

The Sugar Cult – From the expansion.. Need to look into it.

The Emerald Conclave – Druidic Order – Impulse – To protect the wood from malevolent forces –  Searching for a rare cure

Blue Sparrows – Want to take over the territory of the Red Larchs. Driven by their leader Triple D. Want to assassinate a rival

Silent Bladesimpulse –  to protect the monarchy at all costs. Want to kidnap a mouse = Orin Baiter – termite info broker – worried about the termites.

Otter Brotherhood (colloquially known as the slippery skins) – allies of the Emerald Conclave. 

Ashglade AcademyImpulse –  to seek magical knowledge and power – they wish to harness the Fairy gate in the snake’s cave, but don't want to lose their members to do it. Want to retrieve a rare spell

Red Larchs – Happy of their position in town and their bountiful trade. Looking for help to steal and take from the town. Want to defend their territory from the Blue Sparrows. 

The Rodent Review – to expose the truth behind the denizens of the wood.

The AntsImpulse To grow strong, to drive their enemies before them. They wish the mice to be allies in their war. They disregard the sanctity of the river and the Otter Brotherhood.

The Termites – Hive mind – Impulse – to breed, to multiply and consume.

Cat Lord Solomon – Family member is missing, is protecting Vast horde of pips and rare precursor specimen.


Grand Mage Abledon – Braided fur, many pet insects, wants love. Moon – Mysterious

thrown out of the conclave and is now trying to concoct a deadly disease which will wipe out Berrydale. He needs the claw of a cat to finish his plans. (that is why he has infected the cat hideout). He has used the termites to experiment on. 

The termite king – Fears nothing, constantly searching for new places to grow the colony. 

Duchess Dahlia Deerider – secret leader of the Blue Sparrows. Want to steal from a rival

Gelda – 

Ant Queen – Once the tracker is off, she plans to attack the termite king

Faerie Princess – Looking for ‘the chosen one’.

Politician in Berrydale – Retrieve a stolen item from villains possession – perhaps the Cat’s Claw Lounge

A royal figure. – Queen’s brother has been kidnapped, wants the party to locate him and bring him back (info search town, talked about faeries, travel to stone circle, he is partying, must replace him with another or favour, travel back and protect).

Dramatis Personae

  • Duchess Dahlia Deerider – very young, outcast from home wants wealth. Wheel – industrious

  • Abledon – Braided fur, many pet insects wants love. Moon – Mysterious

  • Orin Baiter – very, very old, traveled and knowledgeable, wants fun. Storm Generous

  • Queen Odette Cloudbrand – Wreath of daisies  – Unreservedly honest – to protect

  • Mace Windblew – Squire to Whitacre Cloudbrand – Very high energy – Excitement

Some of the treasure should be:

  1. Obvious, easy to take (like a silver mirror left on a table by a fleeing mouse)

  2. Obvious, but dangerous to take (like several wheels of fine cheese protected by the settlement’s guard snake)

  3. Hidden (like silver toothpick wedged behind a throne)

  4. Annoying (like a large 4 slot statue made of gold at the bottom of a pond)

  5. Rewards given by other mice (use the tables in the back of the book for a guide)

  6. Practical (like a random spell or a useful item)

ENCUMBRANCE – more items than slots – No run and DADV on all saves.

USAGE – After fight roll D6 – 4-6 mark usage, Torch/ lanter 6 turns, gear If used in a harsh way GM call. Meal after eat. 

GOLD – 250 in pockets then 250 per  pouch (1 inv slot)

REST – short 1 turn – 1d6+1 HP, long 1 watch – all HP, if full HP – 1d6 to ABIL, Full rest week in safety everything and most conditions – 1 week is 20p.

TIME – round less than 1 min, turn 10 mins – a room and an action or two, length of a fight, watch 36 turns, 6 hours, 1 hex in a watch. 4 a day. 

DISTANCE – 1 hex – normal = 1, difficult terrain = 2

FORAGING – spend a watch foraging and get D3 rations.

REST ON THE ROAD – 1 watch per 24 hours or exhausted condition

WEATHER – 2d6 – bad weather (bold) must STR sve or gain exhaustion condition.

ENCOUNTERS – AS – per 3 turns (30 mins), overland travel – Morning / evening – D6 – 1 encounter – 2 Omen (sign of encounter) roll a D12 to see which hour it occurs.

REACTIONS – Roll on reactions table.

MORALE – WIL save or flee on – outmatched, crit damage for 1st time or an ally dies or flee.

GRIT – let’s you place a condition outside inventory.

CrawlingAdditional rules?

  • Max 2 hexes a day or STR save vs exhaustion

  • Lead the way (WIL), Scout (DEX), Forage (WIL), make camp (STR)

Forbidden Lands encounters

Big rat – Basically sees rodent folk being too meek, Has 2D6 pips, and his equipment (basic rat stat block).

The Cult of Klarvold

Night time after the faerie fight- 

A second snake lives in the cave, a mating pair (do they actually have that? ) who comes either before or after the party fight the snake inside.

Fearie camp

  1. See a ferret going towards the giant hollow stump. Flute music fills the air. The party can try and sneak in to look or they can just approach. They will find a gatekeeper , Bindi, who sees the wards and knows that these guys aren’t here for the usual stuff. She tries to shoo them off. 

  2. She eventually takes them to the Seargent Sarin who knows Mace (she has seen him in Whitacre’s dreams). She walks with them and answers questions. They see many other fairies with the thralls. They find The prince and he is enjoying himself. Eating Blueberry scones with strawberry jam. The prince doesn’t want to leave, the faeries don’t want to let him leave. They want the party to kill the snakes in the cave to the east. Do that, and they will return Whitacre to them with all of his sanity intact. 

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