Megaman III: solitary

Megaman III: solitary card game

by Pablo Grande

Megaman III: solitary card game is a card game for one player that takes about 10 minutes per game. You only need 50 cards that you can print here. Those cards are:

  • 10 Megaman ability cards

  • 5 advanced Megaman ability cards

  • 8 final boss cards

  • 2 life cards 

  • 1 Megaman card

  • 24 screen cards


  1. Pick the Megaman card and put it in the center of the table.

Megaman card

  1. Pick the 8 final boss cards, you’ll recognize them because they have a (x2) icon in their upper left corner, shuffle them and put them face down around Megaman card, so there are 3 rows and 3 columns, with Megaman card in the center.

Final boss setup (they should be randomly placed and face down).

  1. Pick two of the life cards, those with a big Megaman head, and place them face up near you. Shuffle the 10 Megaman ability cards and create a deck with them (face down). These are the cards with Megaman shooting (x4), double shooting (x1), jumping (x2), running (x2) and wild (x1, works as shooting, running or jumping). Put the advanced Megaman abilities face up near you. These cards have a Megaman helmet on their upper left corner.

Life card

Megaman ability card

Advanced Megaman abilty card

  1. The other 24 cards are screen cards (they include some Life cards too). Shuffle them and place 3, face down, on top of each final boss card.

Screen card (item)

Screen card (monster)

  1. The final set up should be: Megaman card in the middle, surrounded by 8 stacks of 4 cards (3 screen cards and 1 final boss card), 2 life cards, creating your life pool, a 10 card deck with Megaman abilities and 5 advanced Megaman abilities cards face up.

Set up

  1. Reveal the top card of each screen (group of 3 screen cards and 1 boss card), and you are ready to play!

The round of game

Megaman III: solitary card game is played in several rounds in which you’ll repeat the following steps until you either win or lose:

  1. Draw the top 5 cards from the Megaman abilities deck.

  2. Play the following actions as many times as you can or want (explained later):

    1. Move.

    2. Fight.

    3. Pick an item.

  3. Discard any number of Megaman ability cards you didn’t play.


Here there are the actions explained:

  1. Move

    1. If Megaman is on the middle, you can freely move him to any screen. Just set him nearby that screen (so you know in which screen he is).

    2. If Megaman is not on the middle, you may discard a running card or a jumping card to move one position horizontally or vertically, respectively. If you would move to an empty screen (including the middle one), ignore it. You can only move if you finish your movement on a screen.

Running card

Jumping card

  1. Fight

    1. If Megaman is on a screen which top card is a final boss or a monster (those with life bars on the upper right corner), you can fight. Both final bosses and monsters are considered enemies

    2. To fight, follow these steps:

      1. Enemies that attack first: if the enemy has the attacking first symbol (), they attack during this phase. 

      2. Megaman attack: Megaman may discard a shooting card.

      3. Enemies that don’t attack first: if the enemy doesn’t have the attacking first symbol, they attack during this phase.

      4. Repeat these phases until Megaman or the enemy have been defeated.

    3. When an enemy attacks, Megaman may discard a running or a jumping card, depending on the symbol(s) on the lower part of the enemy card, to dodge the attack. If he doesn’t he loses a life. Remove from the game one of your life cards. There is one kind of enemy with no dodging symbols, that’s because that enemy is not going to attack, because it doesn’t attack first and dies with only one shooting card.

Megaman may jump or run to dodge this attack.

Megaman can only run to dodge this attack.

Megaman doesn’t need to dodge this weak guy.

  1. When Megaman attacks, you check if the number of shots that Megaman has used against this enemy during this combat is equal or greater than their life bars. If that is the case, the enemy is removed from the game and the next screen card is revealed. Some shooting cards are worth x2 (look at the picture).

  2. When you defeat a final boss, since there are no more cards on that screen, return to the middle. Also, when you defeat a final boss you gain its power, which means Megaman will deal double damage against the corresponding boss showing on the upper left corner. So, when you defeat a final boss, keep it near as a reminder.

If you defeat Magnetman, you’ll deal double damage to Sparkman!

  1. Pick an item.

    1. If the top card of the screen where Megaman is standing is an item (those that are not enemies or monsters) Megaman can pick it for free. The items are:

      1. Energy tanks: pick as many ability cards from your discard pile as the number of energy tank icons showing on the item card and place them into your hand. Then, remove that card from the game and reveal the next screen card. You may end up with more than 5 cards in hand thanks to energy tanks.

      2. Life: add that life card to your life pool. Then, reveal the next screen card.

      3. Protoman: look at the final boss on any screen. Then, remove Protoman card from the game and reveal the next screen card.

Two energy tanks, you lucky!

A life. They are the same as the initial ones.

Protoman is bringing information about your enemies.

Winning or losing

To win the game, you need to defeat all 8 final bosses, so you will have to go through each screen deck. If you lose all your lives before that happens, you lose! 

Advanced abilities and exhaustion

At the beginning of a round, if there are no cards left in your deck (this will happen after you play two 5 card hands), do the following: choose one card from the discard pile and remove it from the game, then, add a Megaman advanced ability of your choice to the discard pile, shuffle it, and put it face down. That will be your deck now, slightly better than your initial deck. If you don’t have Megaman advanced abilities left, just shuffle your discard pile. Your deck should always be 10 cards.

Also, every time you do this, you lose a life card from your life pool. Time is not infinite!

There is always an option

Every time you want, you may discard any two cards to do one of the following: running, jumping or shooting(x1). Use it wisely, in case you were going to waste those cards!

Double cards and wild cards

Some Megaman abilities allow you to do an action twice, those are called double cards. Double cards don’t count as two cards to use the “There is always an option” rule. The wild cards allows you to run, jump or shoot(x1). 

This card as two running cards. You may use it to dodge twice a corresponding enemy attack, or to move twice horizontally.

This card counts as two shots.

These card counts as a run, jump or shoot(x1), but not all of them at the same time.

Switching difficulty

If you think these rules make the game too easy or too hard, try this:

  1. Easy mode: Megaman starts with advanced Megaman abilities already in his deck, substitute as many as you want to adjust difficulty.

  2. Hard mode: 

    1. In extremis: after the setup phase, lose a life card.

    2. Hello darkness my old friend: the top card of each screen remains hidden until Megaman is on that screen.

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