How A Smoother Shave Could Put 150 Bucks In Your Pockets In Less Than A Year.

If you’re using a razor with interchangeable cartridges, you’re losing big time. A regular cartridge with five blades costs around $0.71 per blade. With the Merkur 38C, you can buy any blades for as cheap as 4 cents per blade. That’s 17 times LESS than conventional razors! Big razor monopolies will only sell you razors that only work with THEIR blades. This means that they can charge you whatever they want — even if it means overcharging you! The Merkur 38C allows you to buy blades from many different suppliers at affordable prices.


Handle That Fits Your Hand

If you’ve ever shaved with a small handle that hardly fits the cusp of your hand, I feel your pain. A small handle puts your hand closer to your face, making it extremely hard to see what you’re doing. The Merkur 38C has a 3.75 inches long handle making it easy to grasp, reach around the corners of your face and gives you a clear view of what you’re doing.


No Pressure Needed

The Merkur 38C has a weight of four ounces. This weight allows you to use lighter pressure on your face, which means less irritation. If you’re prone to cuts and knicks while shaving, this razor was built for you.


Chrome Plated Finish

The chrome-plated finish on the Merkur 38C makes for an extremely durable and rust-resistant razor. It also gives it a sleek and elegant design that every gentleman should thrive for.


It’s Easy to Clean

Isn’t it annoying to look at your razor blade to see it stuffed with last week’s leftover beard? You won’t have to deal with this anymore… At any time, the Merkur 38C can easily be opened and cleaned in seconds.


Easy to Use

This razor is double-sided. This means that you can alternate on both sides of the razor giving you a consistent shave. It’s also built with a knob at the bottom of the handle that makes changing blades easier than ever.


What People Are Saying about the Merkur Razors


GymGiant from

Great quality, Great Shave

The quality of this product is outstanding. I’ve been using it for about 2 months now, I clean it with rubbing alcohol and it’s held up very well. If you are looking for a safety razor this is the one I recommend.”


Fab from

Truly the Best a Man Can Get!

“As many others here have done…. I’ve ditched the cartridge shavers! As I was down to my last Fusion Proglide cartridge, I ordered a 12 pack (about $50) from Amazon. Just seemed quite expensive, so did some online research on other options and came to realize there is, back to basics, simple double edge single blade razor. I quickly cancelled the cartridge order and ordered this Merkur 34C (which came with one blade).


This razor is a beauty (nice weight & finish). So far I’ve used it a few times (this is my first DE razor, have used cartridge style for 20+ years) and am very pleased with the outcome. A few minor knicks and a pretty close shave. Keep in mind I’m a novice and still using Fusion shave cream (not recommended).


[…] My favorite part of using this razor, is cleaning… The single blade design allows a quick rinse under running water and it’s done. That was my biggest issue with cartridges…. the more blades the harder to clean… I was rinsing, banging, blowing and still a few stubbles left behind. Not any more.


Thoreau from

Excellent Razor – Worth Every Penny!

“The Merkur 38C is similar to the Merkur 34C except that it has a longer handle and is heavier (100 grams). I absolutely love this razor. I’ve messed around with cheaper razors (mainly made in China), but the Merkur 38C offers precision and an extremely close shave. With cheaper razors, it’s difficult to find the right angle to get a close shave, but with the Merkur, this is not an issue. I use it with Astra Super Platinum blades and get a great shave. This razor is moderate in terms of its aggressiveness – it’s not the mildest razor I’ve used and not the most aggressive. Excellent for beginners and veterans alike. An excellent razor and worth every penny.”


Get Your Merkur Razor Here


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