Mike Morton

Mike Morton 


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Acrobat Introduction:

Mike Morton is the most popular guy in the traveling circus "Hullabaloo". After surviving the disaster, Mike Morton's only goal is to find the real killer who destroyed his home.

Bubbly Blonde hair, a lively spirit and clear blue eyes forever full of joy, Mike Morton was the most popular guy in Hullabaloo, the travelling circus. Hullabaloo was Mike's entire world, a world where slaughter should never have existed. Having survived from the tragedy, Mike would stop at nothing until he finds the one responsible for shattering his world.

This research analysis will include: a brief history of acrobatics, the relationship between Mike and another lesser known character – Bernard, the relationship between water, ammonium nitrate and camel dung, multiple bomb production methods, and Mike's relationship with joker and other characters.

Because the relationship between the Moonlit River Massacre and the circus is very complicated, the specific analysis of the full circus story arc will be discussed in another analysis.

*The tragedy is not only that Mike lost everything in an instant, but also that he was left behind by his "family" by chance


  1. The outfit 

The details of Mike's character design hold far more interesting details and secrets than you may initially think. All in all, let's start with the costumes.

Mike's body suit is a Harlequin outfit. The character of Harlequin – or ‘Arlecchino’ – originated in the Commedia dell’arte, the improvised theatre of 16th-century Italy. He was a wily and unscrupulous servant whose clothes were covered in patches. His face was covered with a black half-mask which also had a bushy moustache and whiskery beard. Through the centuries, Harlequin’s costume became increasingly stylised, and the tatty patches became a regular diamond pattern


 Now I will mention an interesting little point: Why are the clothes of the clown spotted? ——

As mentioned in the book "Devil's Cloth", spots and stripes are an aesthetic challenge and religious blasphemy for people in the Middle Age.  Leviticus 19:19 says, “Do not wear clothing woven of two kinds of material.” You may be confused as to why it's not continued today. To explain, this is regarded in most Christian denominations as ceremonial law – which belongs to the Old Testament and includes things like eating certain foods, marking one's body or cutting one's hair. Corinthians and Acts both explain that these laws have been set aside or annulled. However for the tradition at the time such designs were still considered taboo, so spots and stripes were generally worn by prisoners, lunatics, and troublemakers 


To put it simply, the dress of court jesters is a symbol of their madness and immorality in a sense.

  1.  Now for da hat

The origin of this kind of hat is very old. It can be traced back to the nomadic minority Phrygians living in what is now Turkey. They were then introduced into the Persian Empire.

Later, the Persians invaded Greece and brought this hat to the Greek area. Then it was introduced to Rome with the war between Greece and Rome. It flourished in the second and fourth centuries, and then gradually disappeared in the destruction of paganism by the Christian revival. Into the people.

Probably because of their dissatisfaction with Christianity's cleansing of dissidents, the former Mithras believers added the meaning of "freedom" to this little hat. Wearing this hat means yearning for freedom. By the time of the French Revolution, this little hat became a representative image of the working class, and its image can be seen in many oil paintings. This time it has a new name, called Bonnet hat, or Phrygia hat.

Later, with the development of the hat, it had evolved into a nightcap, a hat often worn by rural boys in literary images. Mike’s hat should be an image cap for performances (the modern polygonal clown hat did not evolve in that period, and the clown’s hat matching is still very free)


  1. Mike's juggling balls

One point is Mike's juggling material.

 juggling, is a special skill. There are also different types of throwing and catching balls. Mike's called Beanbags, which were the most common juggling balls at the time.

Juggling the balls is considered a special skill, furthermore, there are also different types of throwing and catching balls. The type Mike used are Beanbags, which are preferred by many jugglers because beanbags don't bounce or roll when dropped, are caught the most easily, and have reasonable pricing and availability. However they are mostly for beginners. Stage balls are often used during juggling performances. These ones have a polished outer shell, typically made of plastic or hard rubber, and are hollow. In the mid-19th century, Rubber was used for these sorts of things often, so it's interesting that Mike would opt for the bean bag instead. It is possible that he simply never wanted to upgrade to a more sophisticated prop, or it could be that you still saw himself as a beginner.


  1. Mike's Ears

now this detail is probably the most amazing and subtle

You probably never noticed but I implore you to compare his ear to other survivors. It looks very swollen. An analysis of every other survivor reveals that this is only present with him. This isn't just an unimportant detail either. There is a very strong possibility that Mike has what is known as a Cauliflower Ear. Cauliflower Ear is a deformity of the outer ear that may occur after injury to the ear. This may occur when blood that collects in the outer ear after an injury isn't drained properly or becomes infected. Common causes include injuries from sports, such as wrestling, boxing, or mixed martial arts. Mike may not have practiced fighting, but it's possible he stepped on a ball or harmed himself by falling, and he developed cauliflower ears during repeated practice. Concerning Mike seeked explosives in order to spice up his entertainment, it's not hard to believe that hard-working guy would push himself too far.


  1. What does it mean to be a Morton

Finally, let’s talk about the name Mike Morton

There's much to say for the name Mike, But there is some interesting background to the name Morton. The Morton family lived in Cheshire, but by the 12th century most of the family had moved to Dumfries in Scotland. Morton, or Moreton, comes from the Old English word, mor, which means marsh, fen or moor, and tune, which means village or settlement.

These residents basically belong to the Nordic race are often light haired, but not necessarily blonde, Nordic Men have particularly white skin (one of the whitest in Europe) and freckles are common. These physical features are similar to Mike, so he is likely to be a purebred Englishman instead of joining the circus from other places (for example, the dancer may be Dutch in terms of her surname and her childhood residence).



  1. Acrobatics background

In the nineteenth century, after the birth of the circus, acrobatics changed to magic, beast taming, and something other than the above: in most circuses, it refers specifically to juggling.

The meaning of acrobats in the Victorian era is very different from that of today: their job is to delay time between musical performances, and toss and catch the ball in front of the curtain when changing on stage. In other words, it is similar to the job of a circus clown.

As for large-scale performances such as sword swallowing and trapeze, it was not "Juggling" at that time, but "acrobatics"-the former special throwing and catching, on the Wiki and Chinese "Acrobatics" The terms are interlinked (that is, the acrobatic page switching language jumps to jump to juggling), the latter refers to "balance, agility and movement coordination ability of extraordinary people's performance", more similar to our rhythmic gymnastics.

In other words, the actor position Mike held in the circus at the time was not very important, and could even be described as ordinary. Of course, he is certainly not satisfied with this arrangement. From the design details that his ears are dumplings (multiple falls and friction can cause ear damage, which is common in boxers), it can be seen that he may have tried other types of performances. Circus, but did not get Bernard's permission; and from the deduction story, Mike also tried to change the mode of throwing and catching the ball to enhance the status of the juggler in the circus.


  1. Camel dung


So peeking into Mike's deductions we see his… odd… shopping list: 

      Shopping List: Nitre, camel dung, milk, eggs.

Okay so to decipher this let's first look at the ammonium nitrate. From the historical setting, there are two ways for Mike to obtain ammonium nitrate: 

1. Buy the industrially produced fertilizer at that time. 

2. Do it yourself.

Ammonium nitrate in the fertilizer is definitely limited, and from the deduction depicting "cold hands", caused by the reaction – the ammonium nitrate used by Mike was most likely high in purity.

At that time, the method of making ammonium nitrate was usually the reaction of sodium nitrate and ammonium sulfate, but considering the elements contained in camel manure, the equation for making ammonium nitrate by Mike might be this:


But this equation has a bigger problem, that is, where does the ammonia NH3 come from? After all, before the Haber method was proposed in 1903 and the Haber method high-pressure alloy steel reactor was born around 1910, the preparation of ammonia has always been a headache (N2(g) + 3H2(g) ? 2NH3(g) is reversible Reaction, catalyst can solve the problem, but the equipment cannot withstand it)


However, there is actually a (stinky) solution, that is, manure—animal organic matter generally has a higher nitrogen content than plant organic matter. At the same time, the nitrogen-containing organic matter in human and animal feces is very unstable and easily decomposes into ammonia (the smell is also produced). After a certain treatment, it can become ammonia nitrogen, which is in the form of free ammonia (NH3) and ammonium ions (NH4+) in the water. 


After obtaining the ammonia prepared by this special method, pour nitric acid directly into it to obtain ammonium nitrate. Although the process is a bit disgusting, it is indeed feasible. As for what ammonium nitrate is used for? Due to its water-absorbing and heat-absorbing properties, it may be used to make a cooling bomb in the game

Of course, the chemical path of camel dung may be much more than that-ammonium nitrate is also a material for ammonium nitrate explosives . Mixing with reducing agents, organic matter , flammable substances such as sulfur, phosphorus or metal powder can form explosive mixtures. In other words, camel dung and prepared ammonium nitrate may also be materials for making incendiary bombs. You most likely heard about the Beirut explosion on August 4th of this year. Lebanese authorities report that the death toll reached as high as 220 people, it left injured more than 5,000 and left an estimated 300,000 people homeless. This disaster was caused by 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate, accidentally catching fire. You've probably seen the videos online of just how intense the explosion was – This explosive substance is the same stuff Mike is using.


In the end, there are clay bombs…. It may be very simple to make. Mix the milk and eggs together, then add camel dung… well, a fresh clay bomb is ready…

Now all of this is just a speculation I'm assuming he's using everything on that shopping list – of course it could be that he just wants to make some sunny side up eggs in addition to his bombs. In terms of combustion methods, ammonium nitrate + other organic combustible materials (such as oil-soaked cloth) is more likely, and the Camel manure may only be involved in the preparation of ammonium nitrate.

As for why camel dung and not other animals, there may be the following reasons

Camels are a long-distance traveling, drought-tolerant animal. They tend to eat desert hay and as a result their feces are usually dry and tasteless. After a period of time, they will become white powder. It is easier to accept visually and easier to tolerate for the nose. It is true that camel dung is also contained in Chinese medicine, which can be used for external use to treat nosebleeds.

To sum up, there may be places selling this stuff in the circus or nearby. I mean if you have to choose dung then camel dung is probably the best you can get your hands on… 


Determining the time period

  1. Beard

So this may seem weird but hear me out – when Mike was adopted by Bernard, he mentioned an interesting point in the deduction:

  • A middle-aged man with a mustache is standing in front of the circus tent. holding a blond little boy, 

The Victorian period was a very special period for men's beards. During this period, growing beards became a trend among men. There were even a series of pamphlets and books that warned the Victorian public about the dangers of shaving—for example, greasy men who had turned their backs on religion, and shaving could cause cancer.

So it makes a lot of sense that we would see facial hair like this around the 1870s to 1890s.



  1. Rollercoaster

In 1885, Phillip Hinkle introduced the first complete-circuit coaster with a lift hill, the Gravity Pleasure Road, which became the most popular attraction at Coney Island. Not to be outdone, in 1886 LaMarcus Adna Thompson patented his design for a roller coaster


  1. Ammonium Nitrate Knowledge

After talking about the unreliable roller coaster, we have the most reliable clue for the time period: the generalization of ammonium nitrate knowledge. 

The substance was first made artificially in 1659 by the German chemist Johann Rudolf Glauber, but until the end of the 19th century, The explosive power of ammonium nitrate was not discovered until near the end of the first World War. Until 1914 natural nitrates were the most important source for the production of fertilizers and explosives. Beginning in 1883, the main nitrate reservoirs were controlled by Chile, which produced almost 80 percent of world nitrogen. The First World War spurred Germany to develop synthetic nitrogen, which ended Chile’s monopoly of world nitrates. 



Ammonium Nitrate can be great in producing fertilizers and other products, but these resources were held under a monopoly. The War of the Pacific, also known as the Saltpeter War, was a war between Chile and a Bolivian–Peruvian alliance from 1879 to 1884. It was fought over Chilean claims on nitrate rich coastal Bolivian territory. After the war – Peru was defeated, the Monopoly was ended, and Europe was able to obtain Chilean nitrates.

The war lasted from April 5, 1879 to August 20, 1883, and finally stopped completely in 1884, Essentially, only after 1884 did European countries (including the United Kingdom) obtain a stable source of Chilean saltpeter. Previously, in 1878, Bolivia had taken the British mining company stationed there by force, which prevented Britain from importing a large amount of cheap saltpeter.

After the Saltpeter War, through  industrialization, the knowledge about ammonium nitrate was widely dispersed (previously, most of the knowledge about ammonium nitrate was concentrated in teaching, but it was limited ) ( ← while Mike lived in a circus since he was a child, he may have learned to read and write from Bernard, but it's doubtful he would have gone to school)


In summary, the background age of Mike's story should be around 1883, and he may have been adopted by Bernard around 1868. Bernard was middle-aged in 1868 (around 35-50), and he died in the massacre at approximately (50-65).

The time inference here is of little significance to Mike’s deduction story, but it is very important for wilding's deduction and analysis and the circus’s overall story speculation (to be discussed in the specific follow-up analysis), for example, to speculate whether Mike was caught after the wilding escaped. Adopted, whether Mike knew Muro, Bernard’s mood change, etc.



Next, we enter the deduction story analysis:

1. Family

He's like a father; an ideal one

Photo 1: A middle-aged man with a moustache is carrying a boy with blonde hair in front of the circus tent.


We don't know exactly what Mike's life background is, but according to historical context  at that time, he is probably a child whose parents died when he was young, leaving him abandoned and left in the orphanage.

The formal child adoption bill in the United Kingdom was not introduced until the 1920s. Previously, as long as they had enough money and even status , it was a very simple matter to adopt an orphan. Unless the child has other relatives who are willing to adopt him, no one will think that adopting a child is inappropriate, and the head of the parish will have no objection to this.


Bernard’s purpose for adopting Mike at the beginning is unknown. It may be to train Mike into a profitable member of the circus (which is unlikely considering Bernard's in and later deductions), or it may be for other purposes. At the very least for Mike,  Bernard filled the hole in his heart where his 'father figure' would be.  As for the age at which Mike was adopted, from the memory and preliminary judgment of things, I assume between 6-8 years old. Growing up in a circus since childhood, it is no wonder Mike considers this place as his home.

As far as the circus tent is concerned, the Noisy Circus was already established at that time and should have a certain reputation. As mentioned in the Moon River background story, the Noisy Circus is a mobile circus, which was rather common at the time.



2. The secret of juggling

Throwing isn't just an interesting skill. It's what makes a juggler successful.

Diary 1: Bernard said that the size and shape of the bag, as well as the type of filling, are critical. He refused my request to fill the bag with stones, stating that it was "hazardous".


After Mike grew up a little bit, Bernard began to help Mike work as an actor, teaching him the skills of juggling, personally instructing Mike on its many intricacies, and constantly struggling to curb Mike’s dangerous tendencies. 

Mike's reputation as "the most likable guy" in his background story may have been developed around this time. He may just be a kid who showed up a few years ago but he's dedicated to his craft and shows a lot of potential.

We can also see the close relationship between Bernard and Mike reflected here: The Circus was established by Bernard, and as the manager of the circus, his position in it is basically sure to be the first. And he is willing to let go of his identity to personally teach Mike how to juggle, and takes extra caution to prevent Mike from hurting himself. 

Bernard has indeed devoted much of his time and attention to Mike, showing that he definitely has a favorable spot for him in his heart.

3. The form of art

Creativity is what ensures that the stage performances continue to improve.

Notebook: The properties of Nitre and some "Test Records" were recorded in detail.


As Mike grew older, he became interested in enhancing the form of his performance. At this time, he may be a few years away from full adulthood, but he should be old enough to take care of himself (about sixteen or seventeen)

In the process of growing up, Mike may have tried performances other than tossing, that didn't really stick with him that well. Based off of his appearance it's likely that he gained certain injuries (such as dumpling ears). Perhaps other performances were too dangerous and were stopped by Bernard, and Mike may not have been skilled in humor or other acts. So he served as an active acrobat between the scenes, though he gradually became dissatisfied with it.

It's important to understand that at the time, the position of acrobats in the circus was not important. And they were likely to be replaced at any time. Mike may have had Bernard's approval, But of course it's natural that he would be  uneasy about this, Mike began to experiment with ways to enhance his performance by thinking outside the box, he didn't want to be someone who just appeared in-between the acts but he wanted to BE the act (in short, he wanted to be a valuable part of the show)

As for why Mike had this idea, it is well understood in combination with his relationship with  Bernard: As a child adopted by the circus manager, the best way to make his adoptive father happy is to make himself appear in  the circus and to be "Important" and "useful" (somewhat similar to Violetta's approach).

But as far as the result is concerned, Mike's attempt failed, and may even be stopped by Bernard himself due to how dangerous it could be.      

This reduction also provides more insight into the relationship between Bernard and Mike.

Below is a small excerpt from the deductions of the wilding:

In the deduction of the wilding, Bernard played the role of a person who could torture his nephew for decades for the sake of money and fame, even at the expense of letting him continue to play the role of "savage". Therefore, it may be more reliable to consider his motives in terms of monetary benefits.

So, thinking about it from this perspective, Bernard adopted Mike for the money or fame he earned from acting-this thinking may be more in line with Bernard in the savage game.

But as far as the current situation is concerned, as Bernard’s adopted son, Mike has been playing an unimportant role for ten years or more. Mike is not  indispensable and doesn't bring in any extra money;

On the other hand, Bernard did not force Mike to conduct dangerous training. Instead, he allowed him to conduct costly chemical experiments-water and pure ammonium nitrate were very expensive at the time. It shouldn’t be in an acrobat's salary to afford these materials. In other words, Mike likely got extra money from Bernard, to get the financial resources to conduct his own research.

Bernard's current attitude towards Mike violates his concept of interest shown in the wilding's deduction. And as far as what he showed in Mike's deduction: He did treat Mike as his own child and care for him.

4. New faces

The circus is where people come and go. We always welcome new faces, and obviously, the beautiful ones.

Photo: A handsome red-haired young man is holding a beautiful girl with blonde hair.


At this point, Mike's story officially meets with Joker  and others.

Mike's age continued to grow, during which Sergi came to the circus with a dancer under the alias of Natalie. At this time, the dancer should still be a trainer, and  not very old.

The animal tamer is blonde, which corresponds to the saying of a blonde girl.

During this time and a little before this time, one of the most prominent acts in the circus would have been taken by Joker. The Circus is also more famous for his funny shows. However, with the passage of time, people have become a little tired of the aesthetics of comics, and Joker's popularity is not as high as before.

Perhaps out of  consideration for adding fresh blood, Bernard asked Sergi and Natalie to join the circus. And Mike also welcomes them to join—in fact, some of Mike’s values can be seen here: he is very interested in the new circus, but is not so concerned about the decline of the old circus.   

The Circus is home in Mike’s heart, but understands there are necessary rules: for example, old members who are losing popularity must give way to new members. For the circus, the collective is more important than the individual.


  • Of course, beautiful actors in the circus are generally popular (Mike is handsome himself (jose is still the hottest survivor though)). And it seems that the appearance gave Mike more of an affinity for Sergi and Natalie, but for Joker, who retired, Mike didn't notice as much.

5. "Dear"

How people call each other often reflects the degree to which the relationship has developed.

Diary 2: I love Nitre! As long as it's mixed with water, even a hot summer's day can become refreshing! Bernard's reaction was hilarious, and he even called me "Dear Mr. Mike Morton"! Oh, Bernard, I want to hear it again. Next time, I'll make sure to put my cold hands down your collar.


  • MICHAEL MORTON DOES NOT!!! DRINK THE AMMONIUM NITRATE!!! Ammonium nitrate and water is an overall endothermic reaction, meaning that the chemical mixture absorbs heat from the atmosphere, making it feel cold. By being nice and cool, Mike is just… mixing chemicals, and they absorb the heat from his hands, making them cold. THIS DEDUCTION DOES NOT MEAN MIKE DRINKS CHEMICALS.


There's a lot of stuff about this section of deduction, but for the seriousness of the analysis, I will leave it to the section of "Mike and Bernard Relationship" a little bit later on in this analysis.

Here Mike should be an adult, but he has not been recognized by his adoptive father in his career (to continue to serve as an acrobat). And he is obviously still a child in terms of his temperament and personality, so he would prank Bernard like this.

Of course, in addition to showing the extremely close relationship between Mike and Bernard, this section also has an interesting detail: Mike is very happy because Bernard calls him Mr.

Combining the previous deductions, we know that Mike Morton is a person who is extremely eager to be recognized by Bernard and has a childish personality. We can even say: He wants to be successful in the circus, study chemistry and many other behaviors for the sole purpose of getting approval from his adoptive father.

This may be the first time Bernard called him Mr. (because of his intimacy, he used to call him by his first name), and the title is only given for adults. Bernard agrees here Mike is already an adult. Although it was a very subtle recognition, it came from his adoptive father after all, so Mike was so happy and wrote:

"Oh, Bernard, I want to hear it again" ( ?° ?? ?°)

6, Downcast


Watching a sad face can sometimes bring us some dark pleasure.

Diary 3: Bernard sent his regards to my beloved little ones. He thought the wounds on Joker's face looked more like "corrosions". His suspicions really hurt me! Of course, I did lose a bottle of strong acid. Maybe I'll have to get another bottle before Bernard finds out about this "mismanagement".


While Mike was happy because of Bernard’s approval, the situation on Joker’s side has heated up. Judging from the content of Joker’s deduction, Joker was bullied by Sergi and discovered that Natalie was being abused privately by Sergi. He couldn’t bear it. He decided he was going to go confront Sergi about the situation.

They probably set up a time to meet, and before that, Sergi stole some of Mike's chemicals (due to Mike’s identity, the circus people should know that he has these things). He attacked Joker leaving and disfigured then set fire to the evidence.

Judging from the fact that sergi’s behavior was not exposed, Joker should have fallen into a certain degree of unconsciousness or for some of the reason was unable to communicate with others. During this period, Sergi twisted his meeting with Joker in front of Bernard and other members of the circus into a string of lies, which led to the circus to further exclude and alienate Joker.

Natalie – forced by Sergi's threats and well aware of what he was capable of – did not tell others the truth. And so, Joker was left behind by the circus during a hospitalized stay. He not only lost his face, but even lost his reputation and future.

However, while Ser   gi had deceived others, he did not trick Bernard. Bernard is not a good person based on his past experience – He has good times and bad times, But he definitely knows bad things when he sees them. He's run the circus for many years, and is well aware to be careful with trust. He went to visit the injured Joker, and found the corrosion marks caused by the acid on his face. Of course he thought this was odd.

Being well aware that Mike had this type of acid in his inventory Bernard decided to approach him asking him about the coincidence. Because of their relationship, Bernard might just suspect that Mike's things were being used without him knowing, so he came to check. But to Mike, who is a sensitive boi, Bernard's behavior is more like questioning his character and ability.

And Mike did lose his own things (losing a bottle of one of his more expensive and dangerous materials). That negligence would definitely disappoint Bernard if he found out about it. As I've mentioned it before: Mike is physically strong but emotionally he's a child. Perhaps out of some reflexive self-preservation, he lied about losing his materials.


He also schemed up a way to cover up his mistake. Which was to buy a new bottle before Bernard found out that he had lost it.

Whether or not this plan succeeded we don't know, but the two still had disputes. Potentially because Bernard may not have trusted Mike at this point. We don't know if Bernard is still supplementing Mike for his financial purposes, But I wouldn't doubt that if he is, Mike would be stupid enough to try to use his own money to cover his tracks without thinking that he would realize. All of this eventually led to Mike not participating in the carnival performance and taking advantage of the chaos to run out and buy more materials.

Talking about Mike's position in the Sergi incident, it's likely that Mike is not partial to either side, and he doesn't know the full story of Sergi and Joker, However, to a certain extent, he does have a some degree of jealousy towards Joker (as he was once a big name in the circus), and he may be more partial to what Sergi said without knowing the truth.

As analyzed before, Mike has a natural love for beautiful and novel things that make the circus better. Before knowing their nature, Sergi and Natalie did meet these conditions better than Joker.

Judging from the deduction, Joker is immersed in his own world, and is not so suitable for being a friend. In addition, Joker tends to do more humorous type acts focusing on self-deprecation, well Mike is more of a physical performer. They're very different and most likely rarely interacted. 

But Joker was once a very important member to the circus, having the role that Mike has always wanted to have. At first, his attitude towards Joker may be friendly, but as he grows older, he is very competitive, and there may not be too many close interactions between Joker and the circus members, Mike also unknowingly Began to alienate him – perhaps even growing jealous of him.

Then Sergi joined the circus. Judging from Joker's deduction, he did a lot of excessive actions against Joker, and made a lot of rumors about Joker in private. Although lies, people tend to believe the more talkative Sergi. Joker is also gradually alienated by the circus in the process and Sergi takes advantage 

Therefore, after Joker was injured and hospitalized, Mike may not have been so concerned. In  fact some of them even gloated in darkness (corresponding to the deduction "watching a sad face sometimes brings us a little dark pleasure")


As for the theory where Mike and Sergi jointly harmed Joker, I think this kind of situation is extremely unlikely as Mike is not really familiar with Sergi and doesn't care so much 

In Deduction 9 "Encore", Mike's address to Natalie and Sergi is: The strange new couple

(If he and Sergi had spoken in private, he would definitely call him by his first name. However, here, Mike may not even remember the names of the two of them very well, so gives them a title)

7. Carnival

Carnival usually means chaos, and chaos means opportunity.

Conclusion: Shopping list: Nitrate water, camel dung, milk, eggs


Combined with the previous analysis, Mike and Bernard may have an argument. After the quarrel, Mike may be angry and did not participate in the carnival performance (or was placed in the second and third day of the less important interlude, but from the list of programs he knew, he should have participated in rehearsals). On the one hand, he is thinking of ways to replenish the lack of water needed in his acts.

On the other hand, out of the child's mentality, he may recall when he used ammonium nitrate to prank Bernard before when he was called him Mr. Considering he's been on bad terms with him recently he thinks that this may help fix things a bit (or at least that's what I'm theorizing).  So Mike decided to frighten Bernard with his prank again, and used this as an opportunity to reconcile with the other party, and then ask his adoptive father for approval.

With this mentality, when the carnival started, Mike might have taken advantage of the chaos of the crowd and slipped out to buy things, so he could prepare to prank Bernard.

However, what Mike didn't expect was that the chaos not only brought him opportunities, but    also brought opportunities for someone else…

8, ending

It's all over

Newspaper Clipping: The carnival killer remains a mystery. The public feels that the local police did not do a good job and has called for further investigations.


I'll go more into the specifics of other character lore sections in their own analysis, but for now Joker tried to return to the circus again. But he soon learned that he was about to be expelled from the circus, Sergi had taken his place…

What happened that day was interpreted as an unknown fire.

Natalie did not reveal the truth, instead she continued to be with Sergi.

Under such pressure, he fell into a state of madness, and finally decided to enact revenge against Sergi, the circus, and everyone.

When Mike returns to the carnival with the things he bought,  the massacre is most likely over. He became the only (supposed) survivor of the circus because of his fight with Bernard. And all the remaining people died in the massacre.

Mike lost his place of residence, place of fate, and father figure in an instant.

Like the title here, the circus performance has ended.

9. Encore


Audiences often say this hoping that the performer will continue performing on the stage.

Diary 4: I scoured the city's mortuary and found everyone except the strange new couple. They were scheduled for the grand finale and couldn't sneak out.


Joker disappeared after the massacre, or in other words, he may not be a human anymore at this moment. The public was very dissatisfied with the unclear conclusion of the police murderer and requested further investigation.

Against this background, Mike, who suffered a major blow, may be asked by the police to go to the mortuary where the corpse was collected, one by one for identification. It includes crowds of people he doesn't know, as well as every circus member he can name and speak to; every person he considers to be a friend and family member; and, Bernard.

As mentioned in the background story of Moon River, The people were subjected to blazing fire most likely leaving their bodies badly damaged, even bloody. To see people you know become like this is definitely a life-changing shock for Mike.

However, perhaps it was a certain obsession. Relying on his familiarity with each member, he recognized their bodies and found that Sergi and Natalie were not among them.

10. Behind the scenes  

Call their names and make them return to the stage once again. 

Invitation: Enclosed is a photo of a dark-haired woman with a name on the back – Natalie 


  • Natalie is Margaretha’s name when she was in the circus. Natasha is her real name, and she took the name Margaretha after she left. She is the Female Dancer.


The follow-up of the investigation was definitely not satisfactory. But with no leads they eventually suspended the investigation, making it impossible to find the murderer.

As is mentioned in the background story of Moonlit River Park – it is officially known that there was a woman who jumped into the river and survived (that is, female dancer). However, as far as the result of the case is not closed, Natalie may have fled after being witnessed surviving, living incognito as a dancer, and finally going to the manor for I hope of winning money to make a living.

For such a result, Mike would certainly not be satisfied.

After learning that there was a woman surviving, Mike guessed that it was Natalie, the trainer, and began a continuous search. The search time may be long, long enough for him to grow from a simple child to a young man who wants revenge. After the loss of the circus, family and adoptive father, Mike’s life came to an abrupt end with this disaster. Perhaps for him, the rest of his life is only to find the truth and avenge the real murderer.

Until one day, he received an invitation letter from the manor and saw Natalie.


Story Background

Mike Morton is possibly an orphan. He was adopted by the circus manager Bernard when he was young and grew up in the circus. He regarded Bernard as his father, and with his permission, Mike began to work as an acrobat. In trying fame he didn't object to the fervor, but found great success, he was deeply entwined into attention, wanting to live forever through the laughter filling the circus.

He constantly seeked to improve upon his act, and In order to perfect his performance, Mike began to study chemicals to add a 'reactive' flare to his performance. After adulthood, with Bernard’s permission, Mike came into contact with the use and preparation methods of ammonium nitrate, bi   smuth water, and some other interesting chemicals, he used ammonium nitrate melt water to absorb heat to prank his adoptive father. The circus also welcomed new members: the red-haired smiling clown Sergi and the trainer Natalie. (Sergi being the chief culprit in the disfigurement of Joker)

The conflict between Sergi and Joker grows worse, and Mike continues to study his acrobatic tricks. During the period, Joker discovers the fact that Natalie has been abused and has a dispute with Sergi. Sergi stealthily stole Mike's water afterwards, used it to disfigure Joker, and set it on fire later, using the fire to explain why Joker's face was destroyed.

After the incident, Joker probably fell into a period of hospitalization where he could not communicate with others due to his injuries. Sergi most likely fabricated a lie to distort what happened that day, so that members of the circus began to exclude and alienate the injured Joker. As the person in charge, Bernard visited Joker and found that the injury on his face might be caused by strong acid. He believed that the cause of the matter was  not that simple and conducted a certain degree of investigation.

In order to further clarify the truth, he checked the chemicals in Mike's collection, and Mike believed that the man he trusted the most – Bernard –  did not trust him, and some small friction occurred. Perhaps because of this argument, Bernard did not let Mike participate in the performance on the first day of the Carnival although it is also possible that out of his own volition Mike did not go to the performance. Regardless as to why Mike left to go to the town to purchase some new materials. he was shocked to find out that upon returning the circus he loved was now in charred tatters. Mamed faces burned, screaming and agony, some of them familiar others unknown. If the world is a stage then his whole world is burning around him.

After the massacre, Mike lost the circus he considered his home, as well  as his family and adoptive father Bernard. After the incident, the people were dissatisfied with the official announcement that the murderer was unknown, and the people asked for further investigation. The police therefore asked Mike to claim the body of a circus member in the mortuary. He found that Sergi and Natalie were not among them, and he was suspicious. It may be that the situation was reported to the police but it was not taken seriously. After that, Mike continued to investigate on his own, trying to find the real murderer of the tragedy that day.

Until one day, an invitation letter was sent to him: there was a photo of Natasha with black hair. Maybe it was for revenge, maybe it was to find out the truth, regardless as to why Mike went to the manor.


Mike's relationship with Bernard (not pedo (I hope))

K so first-to put it bluntly, I don't think Mike's mental state is normal. When the massacre occurred, Mike was not fully mature mentally or even physically. It was the 

During this period, he suffered such a serious blow, not to mention the serious ptsd and psychological obstacles (especially he went to the scene to identify the corpses, and looked at each one. The truth is that his mental state should be a little wrong from there. …..), his psychological endurance and the second half of his life were ruined in some way. He may bear this kind of pain throughout his life, and there is no way to make up for it.

And the Mike in the game is indeed very excessive. For example, he started to use the ball used to entertain the audience as an attack method (and the truth is that it is really dangerous. Sodium nitrate is not good for self-defeating. It go booom), the smile on his face is always "sewn up", the traits show that he can't concentrate and so on.

In short, the Mike we know from the background story may no longer exist.

Mike Morton is the most likable guy in the "hustle and bustle" of the traveling circus. He has curly blond hair and a lively temperament. People will never see any sadness in his blue eyes.

The next topic that may be a bit sensitive is the relationship between Bernard and Mike.


5. "Dear"

How people call each other often reflects the degree to which the relationship has developed.

Diary 2: I love Nitre! As long as it's mixed with water, even a hot summer's day can become refreshing! Bernard's reaction was hilarious, and he even called me "Dear Mr. Mike Morton"! Oh, Bernard, I want to hear it again. Next time, I'll make sure to put my cold hands down your collar.


So in truth I have also seen many different discussions about what this could mean a lot of them have really creepy conclusions. now I have no idea why they decided to make the line about putting his hands down his shirt so… detailed (I mean like why does he have to do that?) ( ?° ?? ?°) but okay. When I see this, the truth is that there are many bad things in my brain.

We should try to address what this could mean in both contexts. The two possibilities that are morally most acceptable and the least acceptable.

  1. The most acceptable thing is: Bernard noticed his conscience after Muro fled, changed his mind and decided to be a new man, adopted the young Mike, and established a deep family relationship. The content mentioned in Deduction Wuli is only pure family interaction, reflecting the pure and beautiful relationship between Mike and Bernard.

  1. The most unacceptable thing is that Bernard is not only a bloodless person, but also a perverted pedophile. He adopted Mike for… nono reasons.  There is a kind of strange relationship between the two of them, that is as (and please forgive me It literally pains me to type this) lovers, and father and son, which would explain a lot of the sexual hints. For the love of goodness can we please just not can we not please? 

Proposed these two possibilities, we will analyze the feasibility from the actual situation:

First of all, Bernard adopted Mike in his middle age, when he had become the manager of the circus. Given that the Noisy Circus is a mobile circus, his daily work should be quite busy, and he may often travel to discuss business, find new members, and import exotic animals from foreign countries.

You can't have a child around when you do these types of things, Bernard first came to the circus when he was young, he might not spend much time with him in the circus, and in addition to discussing matters with important members, the time might be very little. During this time, Mike should still have more contact with other people in the circus, more so than Bernard.

At this time, Mike's feelings for Bernard should still be respect mixed with admiration. This can also be seen from his deduction 1 view of Bernard:

He is like a father, the ideal kind

Mike was adopted, so his impression of his father here should be based more on his own imagination, rather than reality. In other words, when he was young, his relationship with Bernard was not as deep as he had since then, and he didn't know Bernard.

They grow closer around the 2nd deduction

Bernard said that the size and shape of the bag, as well as the type of filling, are crucial. He refused my request to fill the bag with stones on the ground as it was "too unsafe"

Here Mike begins to call Bernard by his first name, which confirms the intimacy of their relationship (Although Mike has a childish personality, he lives in a circus and should be very sensible about class relations). Here Bernard began to instruct Mike's acrobatics skills.

This may be a period when their emotions have improved before, perhaps it was this period of time that got along with Mike that changed Bernard and made him start to treat Mike as his own child, rather than an ordinary member of the circus. As a result, Bernard will be willing to make a character setting contrary to his character in the wild man game, prevent the popular Mike from performing too dangerous performances, and post money to allow the other party to conduct chemical experiments.

Regardless of the motivation, at least from here, I think Bernard does have real affection for Mike-he will treat him as his own child, care about him, take care of him, and take care of him.

It’s also worth noting that none of Mike’s deductions are from Bernard’s perspective, all are from Mike’s perspective-in Mike’s perspective, he does not feel the danger from Bernard. And uneasy (and children are usually very sensitive to this), from the beginning to the end, Bernard was a good father to him.

As for what's going on in Fifth deductions… the space for imagination and discussion is really too big, personally I think it's just Mike being a childish idiot who never really grew up and Bernard is just interpreting it as humorous. You have to remember that the prank which makes the glass cold doesn't involve drinking the glass – it's based on feeling it with your hands. So Mike probably touched the glass and then touched him. Similar to how when you pick up an ice pack your hand gets cold and then you might touch someone else they feel cold too.

Mike obtains his own psychological satisfaction and recognition by showing the intimate relationship with Bernard, including but not limited to: hugging, touching, etc. For children, this behavior is quite normal. Just like most children when they are young, they have to be held by their parents before they go to bed. If they fall, they need a kiss from the parents to stop crying. Compared with the sexual aspect, this behavior is more similar to a social need and simulation.

Mike doesn't have parents, and Bernard is the only relative who treats him as family, Mike has an outgoing personality with a strong social desire and likes to interact with others-to put it bluntly: he's a stupid baby.

Therefore I really don't want to think that it's nono stuff. But please Netease could you like, calm down the description there a bit?

Mike's Character Day Letter:


A letter for Arthur Russell

Dear Mr Arthur Russell,

Thank you very much for the investigation report you sent last time, it was a big help.

Regarding the beast tamer Natalie, or Margaretha Zelle, I still want to understand her family, and what her life was like before joining Hullabaloo Circus.

I’ll be away for a while next week. The payment method for the reward will be the same as it was before. No need to mail out the investigation report, I’ll visit your residence to receive it later.

I await your reply.

Loyally yours,

Mike Morton


Here we see Mike's search for Natalie (aka Margaretha the Female Dancer). He appears to already be aware if her new identity and seems to have a detective of sorts looking for her, this man, Russell is also mentioned in Wilding's character letter (which is oddly enough a letter written from Mike):

Murro's Character Day Letter


A Letter to Sir Arthur Russell

Dear Sir Arthur Russell,

Due to some unexpected occurrences, the mission objective has been “crossed off the list” before your employee arrived.

It is a shame, but just as per our contract, under circumstances like these, I cannot pay the remaining reward.

After all, nobody could ever find a complete skull from that burnt pile of ash.

Best regards,

Your loyal client,

Mike Morton


Now this is just my personal opinion, but what I assume is that Mike has hired Russell to find out more about the people involved in the incident. Because he says "nobody could ever find a complete skull from that burnt pile of ash." I kind of assume that this could be talking about Joker – due to his facial disfigurement.

Acrobat could be saying that there's no point in looking for him because he's already torn apart and unrecognizable.

Another potential theory could be that this was the first letter sent and the other one was the second. And in this letter he's first contacting Russell but it's doubtful that he'll actually find anyone. The burnt pile of ash could just refer to anyone in the disaster, It would reveal that he is doubtful of trusting him. Although these two possibilities are both theories and are not 100%.

I will also mention some more information about Arthur Russell:

  • Arthur Russell has been mentioned before in Fiona’s Letter 2020. He wrote a letter to her about the suspicious religious activities in Lakeside that could potentially affect their later survey jobs, saying that their surveyor Volcker had written a report on it.

  • It is currently unknown what kind of organisation Arthur Russell belongs to exactly, just that they “survey” some places, and seem to consult Fiona with regards to religious activities. 

Accessories/skins YAAAAS QWEEEEN 


  • Bohea 


People's smiles always cheer him up, and a rowdy crowd always makes him forget his fears.

Here we can see Mike's deep love of the circus. The people are enjoyable to him and he thrives off their attention.

  • Lilac


It will be really boring if there is only one type of purple on the costume!

  • Scarlett


The brightest colour catches the most attention.

These both depict Mike's eccentric personality, wanting to be visible and vibrant, to stand out.


  • Trumpet


I don't really like playing the trumpet during days off.

Mike may not like the trumpet, but here we see him working for his dream of being a valuable member to the circus. This could also mean he tried out other stunts but ultimately realized juggling was what he enjoyed most and rather than do something else, he wanted to perfect it.

Is it fun tweet time? I think it's FUN TWEET TIME!!!!

Idv Twitter in Japan likes to post character responses to questions and statements posted by fans. These responses are written as the characters and can't reveal some personal character information. Pascal/uranatte provides these translations (link to his Twitter in description and his koi-fi so you can support is good work and translations if you'd like) I will only include a few that I think are related to the lore, But there's more So be sure to go check it out yourself




“Mike Morton… Become the pillar of Hullabaloo Circus……”

Pillar… Hey… You.

You know about Hullabaloo, don’t you.

No… What do you know?

(∴???∴)< … Could you tell me in a little more detail?

Mike Morton: Mike Morton-kun

I don’t know if this is relevant, but in official JP texts, Joker is called the central pillar (大黒柱 literally big black pillar) of Hullabaloo Circus.

Here we see Acrobat's obsession with his search for the culprit, even someone mentioning the circus intrigues him. Furthermore, after reading over a bunch of different theories and translations and stuff I can say with almost 100% confidence that the context pillar means the backbone of the circus, aka to be the most important act. Joker was the pillar then Sergi yeeted that position from him.

I see, you won’t do anything bad, huh.

Then maybe I should  drop by…

Nooot! You think I’d be tricked by that?!
That’s definitely something someone bad would say!

(∴???∴)< Too easy, too easy! You won’t get me like that!

Okay so the tweet that Mike is replying to is like, kind of shady and is basically implying that they want Mike to go to their house so they can… do… bad things… to him.

甘い甘い amai amai has a dual meaning of “sweet” and “naive”, as in, the person is naive for thinking that Mike would get tricked like that.

Mike… I’m calling the police… for real, if I see any of you people saying shit like this and I promise I will see it because I check for IDVJP’s replies every day… You know.

( ?° ?? ?°)( ?° ?? ?°)( ?° ?? ?°)( ?° ?? ?°)( ?° ?? ?°)( ?° ?? ?°)( ?° ?? ?°)( ?° ?? ?°)

I believe this is good evidence that Mike was NOT IN A PEDO RELATIONSHIP WITH BERNARD U HEAR ME!!!! Can't a guy put his hands down someone's shirt without it being instantly pedo, come on guys…  Ahem, essentially – Mike is not stupid about this stuff, he's a smart boi, so it's not likely he'd be unaware of being used like that

"Too easy, too easy! You won’t get me like that!"

K but how do we seduce u Mike?…. Asking for a friend.

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