Mile End – Team Planning & Notes

Planning & Notes

On the counter, six pages have been taped together to make enough space for a sprawling mind-map. A small but colourful collection of pens, lip liner pencils and other writing implements has been scrounged and placed together in a coffee mug which serves as a paperweight. Collected books, tracts and Mr Martin’s notes are arrayed around it, as well as a few handwritten notes and some sheets of spare paper.

Who’s Who 

  • Tara

  • Bobby

  • Sherry

  • Gail


  • Claim council, swear oaths of loyalty

  • Sherry got books, stronger – help get stuff for her protective totems?

  • Get BUFFR from Adler house?

  • Leverage Ritual Info on Five’s Weaknesses

  • Just finished the Alabaster notes, says you can request wishes/gifts, and it’s adept at protection. Worth looking into, maybe as a place to stash our living family who aren’t tangled in this yet.

  • Research codes maybe for Mr. ESC…

    • I’m not particularly concerned about being able to solve ESC, I’m concerned trying to solve him is part of the trap

  • Whose houses should we prioritize first?

    • June – Enhanced Weapons sounds good, but it seemed like you only had a limited amount. No clue how the practice works or whether it’d mesh with our current practices even. 

    • Bobby – I don’t particularly like my brothers. I think it’ll be more hassle than we could handle safely atm. 

    • Tara – “Dodging Death”, Blood, and Nightmares sounds handy. Idk, we’d need an explanation of their practice. 

    • Gail – I make clear the Neumann House should be a priority later in the document. See below. Maybe. Notes below.

  • Essentials talks about the three big rituals, but doesn’t have many details – or the requirements of the rituals themselves. While we’re searching for books, ones that talk about Familiars, Implements and/or Demesnes would be good

Stop the Five

  1. Widower ( / Rings / Pale Man)

    • Preys on loneliness

    • Maybe same as one of the others? Possessor? Pale? Box-Head?

      1. I have a strong suspicion it’s the Crack Arm from the Adler House. No one else is pale enough. X

    • They’re weak, very weak. 

    • Good at targeting pursuers. 

    • Was Newest item. (There are several crossed out purple scribbles here) ?

    • Knows his way around and poses Unique complications?

    • Shy around the others or is being kept from them by Possessor? 

    • I didn’t see him, did he look like the policeman? Human enough to pass? It’s kinda weird that the policeman didn’t use any magic shit so maybe it’s him because he’s so weak

      1. I don’t remember seeing any rings. Or him being supernaturally pale. I don’t think it’s the officer.

    • I’m getting “ghost” vibes? While we’re thinking about origins.

  2. The Self-Inserts

    • Can claim identities, names, connections, bodies, maybe minds

    • Police officer from Neumann House?

    • Seems to be the Leader and recruited the Others.

    • Wields a Knife, a cursed item that Mr. Martin ‘Neutered’.

    • If still possessing Tilly Metcalfe, we’ll have to contend with ‘one of the most dangerous people in the city’. We don’t know if she has access to Ms. Metcalfe’s practice. Scourge details below, just in case.

    • “Neighbor’ to Stitched lips and has gotten old in some way. 

    • Had a grudge against Martin, likely SI?

    • Can harm viewers of Lore Practices and See them. 

    • Who was the policeman? Our best guess?

      1. I think it’s obviously this one. I don’t think the others can transform or possess others.   

    • The Self-Inserts were once shoe inserts. Nathan got possessed when he put his boots on. Be careful around unattended footwear, checking people’s shoes might help check if they’re possessed.

  3. Girl with Stitched Lips

    • “Do you like children?”

    • Talkative, more involved in planning than Tilly?

    • Knows Possessor? Seemed to be old friends almost.

    • Knowledgeable about the others? 

    • Can harm viewers of Lore Practices?’

    • Hate to be a debbie downer, but the black nails pulled out of nowhere and stabbed into eyes has some mirrors to Gale’s apparent practice. Thoughts?

    • Theory: The Girl’s abilities may be dimensionally-based. My practice has similar stuff, so appearance similarities make sense. 

      1. Evidence: seemed she went through the street before while harassing. Nail also likely crossed dimensions in order to reach Bobby.

      2. Possible outcome: material practices may not be as effective. Physical attacks likely won’t work. Need to use abstract or conceptual techniques, or use the absolute, something that would affect all potential dimensions

      3. Refuted by Crane, but a good theory

    • Used to be a local Spirit

    • We apparently already have materials useful for solving her word puzzle thing

      1. Petitioners? A spirit who asks questions?

      2. Guardian Spirits? Seems less-likely, but maybe?

  4. Mr. ESC

    • Mr. ESC most likely. 

    • Gremlin artifact? 

    • Dangerous by possessor’s admission. 

    • Very dangerous. Possibly the most dangerous of the Five, if in a group.

    • Able to create puzzles and trap-rooms from >100 ft away.

    • Creations spread, expand, and are extremely durable. Best worked around

    • Has goblin army. Some were killed.

    • Has traps on person. Potential weapons, likely very painful.

    • High-priority target, zoning and area-denial can be lethal if combined with others. 

    • Should be targeted, isolated, and destroyed as soon as possible.

    • May be weaker without structures to take over.

    • Crane says something in his “true history” is key to defeating him.

  5. Fifth

    • Abyssal in nature? Yes. Details below (Double-confirmed by Crane)

      1. Paper man? Don’t think he really matches the picture spelled out in the tract

    • Over 6ft tall 

    • Messy dark hair 

    • Hurts to look at. 

    • Causes red and black lines to spread. 

    • Obscures images and strong enough to push down heavy wooden shelves. 

    • I didn’t watch the vision super closely but, dark cracks that spread and was brought with possessor? How is this NOT the thing we fought at my house?

    • Possessor said she got “here” using him when Stitches was confused how she was here? Did I hear that right

    • They are the ‘disturbance’ that made all of this possible.

Cover Up

  • What are we doing with Mr Martin’s body?

    • I can try warding away spirits of rot and decay for a bit, at least throw off the time of death when the police eventually do figure it out.

    • Or we could, y’know, just have Gail cut him up and bag him in separate garbage bags. No reason to keep the dead body around. I’m not planning to resurrect him anytime soon. It’s going to be hard to explain the dead body if people come into the shop. 

    • I can send bodies to a place where they will almost certainly not be found. We will likely be unable to recover them as well, though.

  • If Logan turns up on Monday Tuesday, what’s the plan?

    • He can be an heir to the Sanctuary, so bringing him in could be an option.

  • The Neumann house needs to be taken care of, as it’s the biggest potential leak. Maybe not anymore. The Justafort house is now part ruins and part escape room.

    • I can ward away the innocent, and stack a bunch of other wards on for enemies. I don’t know if I have a limit on how many I can draw for one area or something yet.

    • Need time to figure out the more complex ones, maybe get help from Jojo drawing/designing them.

      • I’m accepting any help I can get. I’d prefer a Third if we can get it. Gail would be a smart choice here, but there’s complications with her. Any takers?

      • Do not go without me. I certainly wasn’t planning on it

  • I’m worried the instagram is either tied into my parents’ wards or into the Buffer thing on the computer in the panic room. I think I need to upkeep that… Have experience, can help if needed.

  • We need a plan of attack for the potential murder rap we’re running from at my house. 

    • We have potential ties to the mayor. Could be useful for that.

Take Over

  • Need to not make so many enemies that even if we beat 5 we die right after. NO PISSING OFF LORDS

  • Go to school still? Other obligations? Can’t just ruin our whole lives.

    • Please do not send me back to St. Mary’s.

      • Noted.

  • Allies?

    • Leaflight I guess. Theo’s apparently an Uber Fan One of the founding 20.

    • What about that girl from the party? Looking back, pretty sure she was Awake or at least Aware and did a bitch job of warning us what was going to happen. She’s might be an enemy. Mentioned the Duchamps that were mentioned in the Dramatis Personae

      • She knew about the academy, but we’ve got no way of meeting her without going to the Neumann House. My best guess is that I could take another peek back into time, but the Neumann House would be a dangerous look. 

    • Smegburger apparently owes my family a favor.

      • It’s an all hands on deck situation, but we also never met a goblin. No clue if the guy’s an opportunist that’d take advantage of the late Senior Wardens being dead. Something to look into.  

  • Participants in the Active Assault so far: Bobby, Sherry, Jojo, and June. 

    • Research and prep Items. 

      • Sherry Totems. Jojo Dolls, June glamours knife? Bobby researches?

    • Go to June’s House

    • Ward and get stuff. 

    • Fight and maim one of the Five?

    • I can fight too.

Each of the following sections is a separate note, either paperclipped to their corresponding document or sitting loose on the counter. 

General Notices

I thought it would be useful to have somewhere to leave messages for one another, so we don’t have to fully debrief the whole team every few hours. Use the same colour as you pick for the mind-map.

  • Just in case the Negative Camera’s still in there, please don’t take anything reflective into the Back Room

  • It should go without saying, but DO NOT pick up the black phone if it rings.

  • Jojo, if you interview another item, could you record it on your phone? Wording matters, easy to miss stuff in the moment, etc.

  • If anyone can get pictures of the Five or other enemies we might face, I could use them. Jojo, I could use sketches – not perfect, just good enough that a rando would agree it’s them.

    •  You’re welcome – Bobby. Now I just need access to a printer.

  • I’ll talk with Jojo and Gail later. 

  • If anyone needs to get to the back office, please ask me. I have practices that can either get through or make the wreck safer.

  • Watch your shoes! Self-Inserts use them to possess people

Paper Men
Though mostly written in black ink in Tara’s small, scratchy handwriting, annotations in red are squashed between lines and meander into the margins.

Angry/confused 2D and/or hollow (maybe with stuff inside empty eyes) people (usually). Created when a disaster destroys everything but a person’s shape: usually Practice (usually Harbinger), nuke. Maybe Pompeii?

Vestiges but durable, and know they’re fading. Seek out and consume what they lack (life, dreams, identities, memories) or energy sources: disasters, Practices (attack/drain Wards)(SUPER :/). Will make own disasters to eat. ‘Crack open’ people for their insides. Fill area with power based on their origin blast: fire/gas/flood/bees/etc. Leave messages in ‘static’: radio, wall stains, dreams. Once burnt out, become an inert shadow/voice/image until reawakened by attention or nearby Practice.

Couple of practices (detecting, attracting, very weak deflect) – Tara may test

DO NOT: Pay attention (strengthens), fight directly (too tough), try to bind/command (too stubborn) Burnt out ones can be ‘translated’ for later use – ‘containment measures’ hypothetical only, no method

DO: Run away (slow), deflect (easily tempted), starve out (everything costs them)

Last Gasp

Unpleasant and costly. Tara potentially willing to utilise. Ask if you want details.

Gail’s Note re: Jessica Forte

According to Mr. Sanctuary:

Book -> Forte = Jessica Forte = Notes -> Jessica

Mr. Martin’s godchild, not “fuck buddy”

Jessica’s Dad = Mr. Martin’s “fuck buddy”, divorced, Jessica mad at first.

Jessica, Jessica’s Dad, Mr. Martin all kinda friends later. 

Mr. Martin = Jessica tutor, eventually

Something happened. Jessica hurt, rebelled. Boys, crime, drinking.

Book locked. Arrangements made. Jessica still rebelled.

Found out she would have to wait. 

Took stuff, ran, released Bad Stuff on the way.

Bad Stuff killed Jessica’s Dad. More Bad Stuff killed Jessica later.

Probably started Mr. Martin’s therapy stuff. 

Probably made our parents avoid awakening us before.

Also, Mr. Martin’s Assistant, Logan, could be heir. 

Plans to make him an apprentice were considered.

Comes in on Monday, usually, but Buffer might change things.

Pass this along please.

Draft Oath of Loyalty
This document is clearly a work in progress, featuring several scribbled-out lines, phrases inserted mid-sentence by arrows, and an explicit comment at the top of the page, reading: “The following work is a draft and should not be considered binding.”

  • Loyalty

    • I, [name], by right of inheritance from [parent’s name], my [relationship (mother, aunt, etc.)], claim my seat on the Council of Mile End.

    • I swear loyalty to the Council of Mile End, as it consists of the six youths swearing this oath [list of names (signatures? Written contract vs verbal oath?)].

    • I swear that I will not subvert, undermine or otherwise work to the detriment of other council members for my own benefit. Instead, I will work towards our collective success.

    • I will not withhold information I have gleaned for the purpose of securing my own position, instead sharing as appropriate.

  • Cautious Use of Dangerous Materials

    • Concerning the use of the cursed items from the Back Room of Martin Antiquities:

      • I swear not to intentionally conceal their use from other councillors

      • I swear not to intentionally use these items without another councillor present and in agreement with the implementation.

    • Should, in the course of the Practice, I knowingly take possession of any other items or entities of comparable danger, I will obey the same rules.

  • Additional Clauses:

    • This oath of loyalty supersedes and overrides prior oaths of loyalty between council members.

    • This oath of loyalty explicitly does not extend to council members being impersonated, possessed or otherwise spoofed by malicious entities.

    • Following the defeat (or other resolution) of the entities known to us as The Five, I swear to reconvene with the remaining members of the Council of Mile End. At this time, any who do not wish to continue as a council member shall be released from this oath of loyalty. They shall be free to leave with no ill will, taking appropriate resources following a good-faith negotiation.

Shopping List

Feel free to add to this. Just stuff we could use, not necessarily from shops.

  • /Changes of clothes

  • Phone chargers (At outdoor store, $49-65 for a solar charger)

  • Deodorant (!)

  • Toiletries (toiletry kits available for $20 each)

  • Hair Gel

  • Food

    • Stuff to stash in the antique’s shop

    • Also portable stuff to take with us.

  • Whiteboard/Markers

    • Honestly variety of drawing stuff so we can draw on multiple surfaces

  • Clear glass containers (e.g. mason jars) (seconded – Sherry)

  • Clear Packing Tape

  • Cigarettes

  • /Matches$5

  • Lightbulb w/ filament OR unique, expensive artwork to burn slowly (latter stronger)

  • Monster Energy Drink

  • Salt bags

  • Bottles of Fiji Water

  • Spray bottle

  • Small Plastic Jars

  • Chalk – $5

  • Backpacks/bags – $40-200

  • /Bike locks $20-200

  • Stuff for totems

    • Candles, lots of different sizes/shapes means more variety for the shape of totems. (Mice skulls might need tiny candles to fit in them for example) – $5

    • Skulls, can be any size, maybe some small ones for portability big ones for more oomf

    • Jars mentioned above

    • Feathers (can probably pull out of pillows) – $10

    • Blood so we don’t have to use our own every time a spell calls for it

      • … Does it need to be living blood? The Native Americans used every part of the buffalo. We’ve got a big hunk of usable stuff there if you want. Just says “draw a circle in blood” can probably be ANIMAL blood. I’m sure someone else’s magic would love some dead human blood but I don’t think mine REQUIRES it. Can confirm that coagulated blood no longer holds the same meaning as fresh.

    • Teeth

      • No worries there. We have 32 just lying inside Mr. Martin.

      • It summons animals. An animal tooth might do better.

    • Doll/small statue/carving (somewhat niche totem)

    • Spiderwebs (even more niche totem.)

  • Sand, or any large amount of particulate matter.

  • /Floodlights/flashlights. – $15-200

  • Painting supplies, and spray cans (Jojo)

  • /Thermos (or equivalent – for keeping ice water. Ideally can fit hand inside) $20-40

Sherry’s Ward/Totem list

Arranging my own thoughts, if you really want/need something or have a request, write it here under my own notes. We can discuss it. Starting off in general importance/order but obviously as they get done and we add new stuff that might fall apart.


  • Make vault

  • Re-draw the ward for the Antiques shop to remove the invitation we accidentally gave the Possessor (follow instructions in book)

    • Maybe add on a password/oath type thing we can use? I have no idea what I’m doing

  • Ward Bobby’s eyepatch

    • ward facing out vs connections perhaps, good place for eyes added in

    • ward facing in vs… decay? infection? corruption?

    • The incident struck me more as a once-off injury than a lingering influence. If you interpreted it differently that’s fine but this feels lower-priority to me than, for example, Nate who is known to be vulnerable.

  • Ward Nate from possession Test warding a body on self first. Hand-ward vs spirts of cold should be easily testable, could maybe help us in running around in snow too

    • If easier or more convenient, I am happy to play guinea pig

  • Ward Nate from possession

  • Neumann house Wards

    • Diffuse if I can draw it right- discomfort retaliation 

      • moon makes it stronger at night, discuss that with others

    • Facing out – Conundrum, might help confuse police who push through discomfort, should delay the Five breaking through. Can draw a hand one specifically for police.

    • Facing out – standard one vs others, moon, add in eyes, blackout retaliation

    • Facing out – hand versus spirits of suspicion for police investigation? Don’t know what to draw to represent those. Question mark? Magnifying glass? 

    • Facing in – maybe a hand ward vs abyssal stuff if we’re worried about them having magic stuff escape. Doom retaliation

  • For the attack

    • If we’re baiting them, perhaps a hungry ward in general for the outside, easy chink in the armor might tempt them to break in, should give us a starting advantage and help control which direction they come in from. Add in eyes. Amnesia or Doom retaliation.

      • Controlling which entrance they come from would be invaluable, yes. Reinforcement in other areas might help dissuade a multi-angle attack as well. 

    • Smaller wards around the house, blinding and doom retaliations mostly. To push them into.

      • Is it something that could be used against us?

        • I can make wards only react to specific creatures, can make them not react to us probably…

    • Facing in- Do we want to set up a ward to keep them in the kill zone?

      • Unless one of us has a magical ranged attack, it might do us more harm than good if we need to do melee. 

    • Totems

      • A few jar totems in rooms, skull lanterns (moving totems) for us to carry and place as battle needs. Not sure whether bloody or feather is better. Winter seems like it’d be better for the rooms but perhaps tooth for the ones we carry.

        • Up to you how to handle the totems. 

      • Skulls above ways out of house (not tuned to us of course) feather, tooth.

      • If they get away, could be useful to try to plant doll totem where they can’t see it?

  • Lanterns for everyone to carry with them when we travel.

The Abyss and Related Matters

The Place

  • Change and weakness, the eroding power of the universe itself.

  • In some ways a space, overlapping and below our own.

  • Think Hell.

  • Has slasher killers and monsters, usually called “bogeymen”

  • Very destructive, focuses on darkness and pain, sharper edges and corrosion.

  • Warning – it’s very possible my house has become similar. My father dealt with bad things, and those bad things might not be contained or managed if he’s gone now. Worst case scenario, I expect the house to be infested at this point.

The People

  • Bogeymen – “the slasher killers and the monsters under the bed, the powers and entities that were lost or discarded and tossed in a ditch.”

  • Monstrous, strong, and tenacious. Notable for being able to claw their way back from things and places.

  • May be enhanced by fear, night, and darkness.

  • Likely weak to light, humanity, and daytime.

    • This almost certainly applies to the Fifth. Chandelier weakened it before, according to Sherry. 

    • Recommend floodlights, preferably enchanted or enhanced with practice.

    • Stay in daylight if fighting it, if possible.

    • Humanity is more of an abstract and Abyss(place) thing. Not sure if it can be really distilled or used, but my book describes how warmth, humanity, and whistling or humming help you traverse the Abyss.

  • Scourges – Those who tamper with the Abyss.

  • “Aggressive and vicious, their strictly offensive powers tend to be one-shot, requiring conditions to be lined up while proving devastating if they are.  They summon things and especially alter the world around them to create these conditions, but the created spaces and the things they summon operate by strict rules that they do not always outline clearly.  Scourges and ruin go hand in hand.”

  • If the Imposter has Tilly’s abilities, then expect a few things:

    • High mobility, including the capability of entering the Abyss and going around defenses through dimensional means.

    • Area effects, turning places into ruins that favor them and the Abyssal while hindering enemies.

    • Bogeymen, summons and allies. Could be dangerous to Tilly as well, but she will likely have a better idea of how to use them than us.

    • Transformations. May become part bogeyman, or gain strength and tenacity by drawing from the Abyss.

    • Destruction. My fissures are a basic practice. Expect her to have much, much worse.

The Things

  • Taint is the essence of the Abyss.

  • Erodes and stains, subtler destruction.

  • Weakens and hurts targets, lowers durability of things.

  • “Bleeds into the workings of others like black ink might into water.”

  • Alters objects into “crooked” things, don’t know much more beyond that.

  • For Nathan: try purifying things. Clean water, light, etc. Purifying practices would be good too.

  • Might not be as active without contact. Not sure, though.

  • I tried to use it to infect and bleed into Nathan’s possession. Might have worked, but again, not sure.

  • Is there a symbol or symbols that might represent the abyss, it’s denizens or the taint? Might be able to work it into warding then.

    • Change and weakness, eroding power of the universe. The lost and discarded. At a guess, a crack or ditch may work. Or maybe a toxic symbol. Depths, Death, discarded toys, or maybe the symbols used in the Death part of the awakening ritual. Maybe pitchfork if intonations of hell are drawn on.

    • When working against it, I suggest using the Light symbols from the awakening ritual. Humans (maybe a stick figure), civilization, progress, anything good. Maybe even a cross.

(There are a couple more scribbles after this. Most of them are thoroughly crossed out, but the rough shape of the words “sorry” or “apologize” can be made out at the edges of the mess.)

Next Door: The Spirit World

None of us are Shamans, or anything like it really – yet, anyway. The Spirits reached out to us, and want a more active relationship. So far, they’re allies – let’s try to keep it that way.

The Place

  • Freaking awesome. Colourful graffiti, populated by awesome spirit-folk, feels both more and less real than the real world. Don’t know if there are unseen dangers yet (given everything we know about magic, probably), but what we have seen is super dope.

  • Gail’s puppy (Alfie) was anthropomorphised into a puppy-boy! Insanely adorbs, but also maybe useful? 

  • To get there, either follow a Spirit who invites you, or use the following ‘trick’: Take a piece of string and tie it to any front door in Montreal, then draw it out as you walk to the next door over.

    • This time we were invited guests – next time we go, it’d probably be polite to bring a gift.

    • Would it be a bad idea to try and mix the string technique with a different kind of doorway?

The Inhabitants

  • Overview

    • Diverse, but all relatively polite and friendly. No-one trying to outright kill us, which was a nice change of pace

    • Not a fan of names – we can give them nicknames, but they won’t stick. If they get names, they’re somehow weakened – no longer on the spirit council?

    • Hard to drive out (like the air in a room), made of ideas (unconscious, dream), can be banished at a price, do their work from the sidelines

    • Want Shamanism on our council. Our parents made promises, didn’t follow up.

    • Know lots of stuff – how many of us there are, where we are/what we’re doing, that we haven’t been committing to digging through the back room.

  • Centipede

    • The Boss

    • Androgynous human torso on an infinite giant centipede body. Like, really big. Made rainbow-sized arches out of his body.

    • “The urban and industrial” – not the spirit of the city itself, but city-ness?

    • Let his underlings do the talking, but was the one to shake our hand on the deal. Reserved, dignified, powerful.

    • Named?

  • Crane

    • Crane-headed woman – head somehow always in profile (hieroglyph?)

    • A spirit of visions and clarity – prefers giving clues to outright answers.

    • Gentle, polite, curious. A pleasure to speak with. Seems to like playing tutor.

  • Antlers

    • A woman with antlers, freckles and tattoos

    • Domain unclear – worth finding out

    • Softly spoken, but not shy

  • Scales

    • A child of ambiguous gender, wearing a lizard hoodie

    • Spirit of Reptiles (probably other, metaphorical things too)

    • Diminished to kid status in winter. Snarky, impatient, but subservient to the others and not overtly aggressive. Unleashed pet-store reptiles on jerk potential customers.

  • Cash Money

    • Dude with $$$ print business jacket, gold teeth, the works

    • Spirit of Money, presumably – maybe more?

    • Predictably, spoke in economics metaphor. Bought Gail’s puppy on our behalf at Scales’ request.

  • Pinwheel Girl

    • Young girl with a pinwheel in her hand and an off-center forehead horn. Musical voice.

    • Not a spirit (great catch, Gail) – an “enemy of Practitionerkind”. Similar enough to a Spirit that they might qualify for the deal (see below)

    • Despite her alleged alignment, seemed relatively friendly? Might have been trying to catch Gail in a trap (daring her to call someone forsworn), brought up selling us out, but didn’t overtly work against us. Suspiciously casual. Very interesting.

The Deal

  • The Five went to them first, wanting to secure their support. The Spirits (very graciously) invited us to make a counter offer. In exchange for them refusing the Five’s deals and offering them no aid ‘insofar as is possible’, we swore:

    • A permanent (heirs, etc.) position on the Mile End Council, to be filled by one who works with spirits, accepted by them, unrelated to us by blood or name, to be nominated and appointed at a time after the Five are dealt with.


  • Before the Five are dealt with,

    • Learning and using six Spirit-related Practices or summons between us


  • One of us taking a Spirit as a Familiar

  • We don’t have to choose which option we go with yet

  • They will offer us trial runs with various Spirits to assess compatibility (maybe this evening)

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