Mission #1: The Masonic Auction

Over the course of several months, you have all been receiving several abnormal letters and invitations to various events. You were formally invited to the President’s Ball, asked to attend the Oscars, and given tickets to the Olympic Games and the Super Bowl. None of the invitations have ever had explanations with them. They have been mysterious and for your various reasons, you ignored the invitations, passing them off as too strange, scams, or just accidental. 

However, when many of the events you were invited to wound up on the news for assaults, disappearances, strange power outages and technical failures, you finally decided to attend the next time you receive an invitation to investigate or just to be there when the news is made. After much time waiting, you receive a strange letter accompanied by a round trip plane ticket to Providence Rhode Island.

Dear [Player’s Name],

We are happy to invite you to an evening of fine dining and entertainment at the Renaissance Providence Hotel in Providence Rhode Island. With entertainment from comedian Stanley Dawes and a performance from the musical sensation Corporate Pogo, along with a complimentary room at the historic hotel, the night is sure to be memorable. In addition, the evening will feature a charity auction to help the American Cancer Society. With donated items such as a Hawaii vacation or your very own yacht, why miss a chance to help find a cure? We hope to see you there.

Amanda Kosiek, 

Director of Events

So with that you have decided to take a brief vacation. With everything paid for, all you needed to do was take the time out of your week to go. The game begins with all of you  boarding an airplane. Your tickets were for roundabout flights that brought you to the Chicago International Airport and transferred you to another flight to Rhode Island. Once seated, you notice the people seated next to you. There is an Adam Sandler movie playing on the in-flight theater. Nearby you is (have the players describe themselves). Let the players interact. If they don’t, add in… 

-Gus Sanders, a talkative fellow that is experiencing the same situation as the characters to incite conversation. He doesn’t fly much, but he really does like it. With his family back home he doesn’t get out much. He is happy to get out.

Eventually the plane lands and the players are let off into the Green Airport in Providence Rhode Island. Here they are confronted by a man holding a sign that has all of the players’ names on it (and Gus if he was added). The elderly black man who is driving the group to the hotel is…

-Eugene Brown, an old limo driver who is hired to take the group to the hotel. He knows nothing of the situation the players are in and says he was just payed to take them to the hotel tonight and back to the airport tomorrow. He loves his job because he gets to meet new people. He is a happy man.

Leaving the airport on the way to the hotel, the player’s notice that there are storm clouds brewing and a light rain. As they get closer to the hotel, the rain picks up and

When the players reach the hotel, Eugene lets them out of the limo and tells them that if they need him to find him in the lobby until around midnight when he will go to his room. The next morning he will be parked in front of the hotel waiting for them at 10:00 am.

Inside, the players are greeted by a woman at the front desk. She is cute, with long brown hair and a tag with her name on it…

-Taylor Royle, the overnight desk worker at the Renaissance Providence Hotel. She is a student at Providence College. She is devoutly Roman Catholic and is studying economics. She is a nice girl, not rude about her religion, just wears a small cross necklace, and is saving her virginity until marriage.

Taylor gives the players (and Gus) their room keys and tells them the event will be starting shortly. They should drop off their things in their rooms and meet in the China Room Lounge.

The rooms are large suites, all right next to each other connected by locked doors. The rooms are relatively uninteresting, only containing what would be expected from a high class hotel.

Here is where the campaign gets largely freeform. The China Room Lounge is populated by a large amount of people, all socializing. The players are open to talk to whomever and gather information, probably trying to figure out why they are here or uncover what is going to happen at this event that is the reason they were invited. 

The noticeable people in the hotel are as follows:

-Amanda Kosiek, the coordinator of the event who greets the players when they enter the China Room Lounge. She gives a brief tour of the hotel. The building was built by the Freemasons, or was started by them. Construction was halted during the Great Depression and the building wasn’t completed until 2007. In fact, the China Room Lounge is one of the only rooms that was fully finished by the masons. Who knows what kind of secrets it has?

-Donald Freelander, self made millionaire after founding a social media site that was quickly bought by facebook. Now he works for Facebook as a leader of the development team. He is an excitable man, bragging a lot. Generally make him come off as obnoxious.

-Ashley Summers, Donald’s girlfriend. They have been together for almost a year now. She is so excited and proud of her Donny. She is a dumb blonde.

-Patrice Catabridge, an elderly man who is always grumpy. He owns a line of truck manufacturers. He wants his steak cooked better, he wants his silverware cleaner, he wants wants to be treated like he should be. He has lived 83 years and people better damn well make everything easy for him.

-Gabriela Catabridge, an old woman who is kind and forgiving. She is married to Patrice and deals with him. He does need to calm down, or the doctor says he will have another heart attack.

-Michael Catabridge, the grandson of Patrice and Gabriela. 4 years old. Inquisitive, spends the entire night exploring the hotel. Energetic and happy.

-Frank O’Donnell, a man running for governor of Rhode Island. He is energetic and wants your vote. He is very excited to see you and hopes that you will understand what he wants to do in the state. He wants to make schooling better, help out public workers, lower the cost of education. 

-Walter Agares, gentlemanly Texan. Nobody at the event has heard of him before and people think he may not have been invited. Wears crocodile boots, big hat, has a pet hawk that just sits on his shoulder all the time named Phenex. Really fucking american. Mid 50s, white hair, big ass mustache. Also happens to be a demon here to collect a map for his master.

-Tony Herman, bassist for Corporate Pogo. Pretty chill, glad to see his friend back. Loves playing music. Doesn’t drink or do drugs.

-Brett Gilberts, guitarist for Corporate Pogo. More chill, basically always stoned. Has weed on him all day erry day. Glad to be playing again.

-J-Boy McCrowell, drummer for Corporate Pogo. Really fucking energetic. Probably on speed. Plays drums really fucking fast. Good. Pumped to drum for the band.

-Thomas King, vocalist for Corporate Pogo. Recently diagnosed with cancer. Went through chemo, making the band take a break. Recovered and now performing at the charity.

-Stanley Dawes, comedian hosting the charity auction. Pretty funny, Mexican, happy about life and enjoys stuff. Pretty cool dude.

-Lily Coyle, owner of the hotel. Proud to host the event. Knows a lot about the hotel’s history and the building itself. Does not recognize Walter but is happy to have him at the event when he donates $100,000 to the charity. Tries to keep everyone calm when shit goes down.

-Buck Jeffrey, maintenance worker for the hotel. Gruff, behind the scenes, but the one who will get things running again.

There are other guests, but these are the ones the group will talk to. The others are background characters, unimportant

Details on the rooms in the building:

-The China Room Lounge is a large room that is decorated with chinese themed tapestry and statuettes. There are several bookcases around the room and chairs and sofas that look extremely comfortable. There are two doors, one to the lobby and another to the ballroom.

-The Ballroom is the largest room in the hotel. It is mostly open, with a stage at one end and a dance floor taking up the majority of the room. On one end is a buffet for the guests.

 Now, these are the people and places, but what is going to happen?


The following events should take place at some point during the evening:

  • The players should speak to Walter, noticing the obscurity of him. At some point they can see his eyes are extremely bloodshot under his sunglasses. Also, the players think they hear the Hawk say something, “these must be them” sounding like a small child.

  • Donald should propose to Ashley before the auction.

  • Just as the auction is starting, there is a power outage. Lily tries to keep everyone calm and says that the power will come back soon. 


  • When the players make perception checks, the see shadows in the light coming in through the window from strikes of lightning. It appears as though the shadows aren’t from a source. 

  • After some time, Buck is told to go find out if he can get the power back on. A minute or two after leaving, he begins yelling for help.

  • In the lobby, Taylor is found dead outside the bathroom. Her throat is slashed open. (Intelligence+Investigation or Medicine)It appears to be claws or several serrated blades.

  • Someone calls for an ambulance, and dispatch sends one to the hotel. 0

  • Walter, the only one remaining calm, states that he is going to go rest in the China Room Lounge while this power outage runs it’s course. 

  • When the emergency vehicle arrives, police and EMTs are blocked out, the doors stuck.

  • When people on the inside try to open them, they are slashed by the invisible monsters.

  • There are multiple more killings and if the players see one, they notice that an invisible force is killing the people. 

  • Shining a flashlight on the invisible “creature” shows its shadow, a humanoid cloaked figure with a beak and claws. 

  • Excessive light, like emergency flares or flood lights hurt the creatures and cause them to panic. They leap out of windows or die if unable to reach a shadow.

  • If the players ever notice that Walter is not in the China Room and begins realizing that nobody ever saw him leave the room, they should begin puzzle 1.


Roll to Examine the Room with a Wits+Investigation Check, to uncover secrets about the room. This will probably be done several times, and all party members may add successes together. Insert the first puzzle: The Orb of the Dragon.

Dramatic Failure: You do notice that there are a lot of bookshelves in the room. Maybe they have something interesting about them.

Failure: You do not notice anything interesting about the room.

1-2 Successes: You notice behind one of the decorative curtains, the wall seems to be able to move, as if it is a hidden door. But what opens it?

3-4 Successes: You notice that the five dragon statues around the room each have a place that a spherical object might fit. In addition, there are five decorative orbs around the room, each of a different color.

Exceptional Success (5+ successes): The five dragon statues are clearly missing pieces. They 0 a spot for a spherical object and the room have five decorative gemstone orbs of different colors. Upon further inspection, the dragon statues are each labeled and they all seem to be unique, as if depicting different characters of Chinese Myth.. The name might correlate to the orb that belongs to it.

If Inspecting the Dragons (any successes): The statues are each labeled and they all seem to be unique, as if depicting different characters of Chinese Myth.

If Inspecting the Dragons (Dramatic Failure): The base of each statue is on a pedestal that is very solidly attached to the ground.

The Dragons are Named: Qinglong, Zhulong, Huanglong, Bailong, and Xuanlong. 

The Orbs are Colored: Onyx (Black), Amber (Yellow), Sapphire (Blue), Diamond (White), and Ruby (Red).

Solution Below.


Qinglong- The Azure (Blue) Dragon

Zhulong- The Vermillion (Red) Dragon

Huanglong- The Yellow Dragon

Bailong- The White Dragon

Xuanlong- The Black Dragon


When the orbs are placed into the correct dragon statues, the hidden door opens on the wall behind the curtain. It leads into an elaborate wooden staircase that descends to an area beneath the building. At the base of the stairs is a large emblem: a square and compass with the letter "G" in the center.

Through the doors on either side of the symbol is a small cozy room, dusty from disuse. Inside, the players find Walter looking around the room casually talking.

“The freemasons were always so elaborate. I like it. They are an odd bunch but I never held it against them.” Phenex responds in the voice of a child.

“Yes. I quite admire D.C. There are so many hidden places to find!”

The players have an interaction with Walter, and he claims that he is looking for part of a map. The freemasons had it stored here. At some point, Michael wanders down the stairs into the room. Walter takes this opportunity to hold the child hostage. Phenex grabs him and holds him in the air.

He then continues searching the room. If the players make no action, the demon continues to search the room and eventually finds a wall safe behind a painting.  “Much less fanciful than the last lock, isn’t it. He grabs the lock with his hand and tears it off in a molten fist. Inside is a small cube. If the players ever attempt to stop him, he tries to escape.

The room becomes dark and the players are required to make a Resolve+Stamina check. Anyone who fails goes unconscious. Each round for 2 rounds, after taking their actions, the players must make the check again until either the demon escapes or all of the players are unconscious.

If there is anyone still conscious when Walter has vanished, they should search for the map if he hadn’t found it already. It is in a wall safe behind a painting of the hotel being constructed, dated June, 1927. The combination is the date on the painting, 06/19/27.

If they all went unconscious, when they awaken, they are in their rooms lying in bed. Walter got the map, probably, and left.

The players have some time to interact with each other and NPCs. Police are everywhere, the hotel is a crime scene. The people still at the hotel are being interviewed.

Eugene is waiting for the party in the lobby. If the police are there, they talk to the party before they leave. The party is driven to the airport and fly back home, feeling different.

You go about your regular lives, thinking about what happened that night. You can’t wrap your head around it. What was killing all of those people? You saved that boy, but from what? What was that man, where did he go? And his bird, talking. What was the map for, why was it so important? Was it a dream or was it real? You feel like investigating the invitation left more questions than answers and there was no other option than to keep looking into it and hopefully something turns up.

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